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Easiest Cell Phones for Seniors to Use

Our team researched and tested the simplest cell phones on the market to find our top five picks for the easiest to use cell phones for seniors

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TCL FLIP Go from T-Mobile
Verve Snap from Consumer Cellular
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Jitterbug Flip2 from Lively
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  • Learning how to use a new cell phone can feel overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of easy-to-use cell phones on the market.
  • We reviewed the industry’s leading cell phones to find the easiest cell phones for seniors to use.
  • Before choosing a new phone, it’s important to set your budget and consider what features you actually need. Our cell phones for seniors buyer’s guide has everything you need to know about how to choose a phone that meets your needs before making a purchase.

Cell phones keep seniors connected and safe, but only if they’re easy to use and accessible to all. If you’re looking to join the 91 percent of seniors age 65+ who own cell phones1 or just want an upgrade, let us help! We’ve compiled a list of the easiest to use cell phones for seniors.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: Want a senior-friendly phone plan to go with your new cell phone? Check out our list of the best phone plans for seniors.

  • 1. TCL FLIP Go from T-Mobile

    Why It Made the Cut

    If you want some of the useful features of a smartphone without the frills of an actual smartphone, the TCL FLIP Go may be just what you’re looking for. This pocket-sized flip phone has some high-tech features such as mobile hotspot and email capabilities. But, it is still great for older adults who are new to mobile devices, thanks to its large buttons, simple menu, and intuitive design. This balance of simplicity and modern technology at a great price is why the TCL FLIP Go from T-Mobile debuted at the top of this list.

    We can’t mention T-Mobile without acknowledging T-Mobile’s competitive pricing and unique 55+ plans. That’s right, T-Mobile designed these plans specifically with the budgets and lifestyles of older adults in mind! With plans starting at $40 a month for one line and nationwide availability, we’re impressed with the provider’s effort to serve seniors with extra perks and affordable plans. Read our full review of T-Mobile’s 55+ plans for more details.



    Overview of Offerings

    Camera quality 2MP
    Device cost $96
    Monthly rates starting at $40 per month (for one line)
    Cellular network T-Mobile
    Hearing aid compatibility M4/T4 rating
    Contracts No long-term contracts
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    • Affordable flip phone
    • Internal and external display
    • Large keypad
    • M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility
    • Bluetooth compatibility
    • Mobile hotspot
    • 14 hours of talk time
    • Low-end 2MP camera
    • Limited features

    Who Is TCL FLIP Go Best For?

    • Seniors who want a flip phone with some modern capabilities
    • Older adults on a budget
    • Couples who want the benefits of T-Mobile’s 55+ plans
    • Seniors with diminished eyesight
    • Those who will mainly use their mobile phone for texting and calling

    What to Know Before Purchasing

    We have to say, the TCL FLIP Go doesn’t have the best high-resolution camera. You’ll still be able to take photos of your sweet grandkids or furry friends, but they won’t be super high quality. For seniors planning to use their mobile device for texting and phone calls primarily, the TCL FLIP Go will be sufficient.

    To get the most bang for your buck with any T-Mobile phone, we recommend adding an extra line to your plan. T-Mobile gives a significant discount when you add a second line. We love a good discount! One line is $40 per month, while two lines cost $55 per month ($27.50 per line). T-Mobile does charge some extra taxes and fees, so factor that in when you’re considering monthly charges.

    Did You Know?

    Did You Know? When choosing the best cell phone for you, we recommend reading our guide to choosing a senior-friendly cell phone.

  • 2. Verve Snap From Consumer Cellular

    Why It Made the Cut

    Consumer Cellular had simplicity and usability in mind when designing the Verve Snap flip phone retailing at an affordable price point of $69. It fits nicely in a purse or pocket and comes in classic black or a fun cherry red color. We’re big fans of this phone’s long-lasting battery, which is key in our book, especially if you have a hard time remembering to charge your phone like we do! A single charge lasts for 16 days on standby or 14 hours of talk time. Older adults who wear hearing aids will be pleased to know that Verve Snap is compatible with most hearing aids and includes Bluetooth. For older adults who still get behind the wheel, you can quickly answer the phone through your hearing aids hands-free.


    FYI: You can save up to $700 on a new phone from Consumer Cellular with an eligible smartphone trade-in.

    Verve Snap

    Verve Snap

    Overview of Offerings

    Camera quality 2MP
    Device cost $69
    Monthly rates starting at* $20 for talk, text, and 1 GB of data
    Built-in health and safety features None
    Cellular network Consumer Cellular
    Hearing aid compatibility M3/T3 rating
    Contracts No long-term contracts

    *Rates listed are for one line. Rates per line decrease as you add more lines to your plan.

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    • Affordable
    • Bluetooth compatible
    • Large keypad
    • Simple functionality
    • Internal and external display
    • Discount for AARP members
    • One-touch speed dialing
    • Consumer Cellular service required
    • Low-end 5MP camera

    Who Is Verve Snap Best For?

    • Seniors looking for a simple phone at an affordable price
    • Those on a budget who want unlimited talk and text
    • Older adults who just want a basic flip phone without a medical alert system
    • Seniors who currently wear hearing aids or expect to need hearing aids

    What to Know Before Purchasing

    For talk, text, and data, Consumer Cellular’s monthly rates per line decrease as you add more lines. If you want to have just one line on your plan, you’ll pay slightly higher rates per line. If possible, we recommend adding one or two other people to your plan for the most savings. However, rates for one line with Consumer Cellular are still affordable when compared to other major carriers. Check out our review of the best cell phones for seniors for the full details.

  • 3. Jitterbug Flip2 by Lively

    Why It Made the Cut

    Lively’s Jitterbug Flip2 phone has everything we were looking for in an easy-to-use flip phone with urgent response capabilities. It features a long-lasting battery, a powerful speaker, big buttons, a large screen, and a magnifier with a flashlight for starters. That means it’s excellent for older ears, eyes, and fingers. Plus, if you have a hard time remembering to charge your devices, the battery life will come in handy; just plug in your Jitterbug Flip2 every night before bed, and you’ll be set. Older adults also enjoy voice control with the built-in Amazon Alexa assistant and the 8MP camera that’s perfect for taking memorable photos of grandkids and family. Sending long texts to the family will be a cinch using just the sound of your voice!

    Plus, we love that this flip phone doubles as an easy-to-use personal safety device. The Basic Health & Safety Package ($24.99 per month) provides access to Urgent Response if you need help during an emergency. Just press the big red Urgent Response button to connect with an IAED-Certified Response Agent.

    Lively often runs seasonal promotions that could help you save on their mobile devices, so be on the lookout!

    Jitterbug Flip2

    Jitterbug Flip2

    Overview of Offerings

    Camera quality Main camera: 8MP; Front camera: 2MP
    Device cost $99.99
    Monthly rates starting at $19.99 (talk and text)
    Health & Safety Packages $24.99 to $34.99 per month
    Cellular network Verizon
    Hearing aid compatibility M4/T4 rating
    Contracts No long-term contracts
    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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    • Simple and easy to use
    • Amazon Alexa capable
    • Powerful speaker
    • Hearing aid compatibility
    • Urgent Response and Lyft connections
    • Variety of health and safety packages
    • Free Shipping
    • No internet connectivity
    • Extra fee for health and safety packages
    • Activation Fees

    Who Is Jitterbug Flip2 Best For?

    • Seniors who don’t want a smartphone
    • Older adults who need extra safety features
    • Families who want the Lively Link app to keep track of their loved one
    • Seniors who want to keep the same phone number
    • Those looking for voice control

    What to Know Before Purchasing

    Lively uses the Verizon network, so don’t go with this option if you don’t have reliable Verizon service in your area. Make sure you explore all of the Lively plans and pricing so you don’t pay for more than you need. The Jitterbug Flip2 offers one  phone plan, and it comes with unlimited talk and text for $19.99 per month. Take some time to consider how much you plan to use the phone and what you will use it for. Keep in mind, the Health & Safety Packages that are available with the Jitterbug Flip2 and Jitterbug Smart3 are optional and cost an additional monthly fee. If you’re uninterested in these features, you can use your Lively phone to simply text, call, and have monthly data.

  • 4. Jitterbug Smart3

    Why It Made the Cut

    Did you know that smartphones are now more popular among seniors than regular cell phones? It’s all thanks to smartphones like the Jitterbug Smart3, aka “the simplest smartphone ever.” Its large 6.2-inch screen features a simple, list-based menu with a powerful speaker and long-lasting battery. Older adults can easily navigate between email, maps and directions, camera, text messages, and more. A front-facing speaker and camera make video chatting simple. No more awkward video calls where you see your grandkids, but they only see your carpet. The Jitterbug Smart3 is excellent for older adults who want to dip their toes in smartphone tech for the first time without being overwhelmed by complicated features. With a powerful speaker and built-in brain games to keep older adults stimulated, this smartphone provides both simple and advanced features.

    The Jitterbug Smart3 offers the same Health & Safety Packages as the Jitterbug Flip2, so it’s great for those who want to stay connected and protected with one sleek device. After in-depth research and testing, we awarded Lively five out of five stars. Check out our Lively phone review for the inside scoop.

    Jitterbug Smart3

    Jitterbug Smart3

    Overview of Offerings

    Camera quality 13MP with flash
    Device cost $149.99
    Monthly rates starting at $19.99 (unlimited talk and text); $5 (1 GB data)
    Health & Safety Packages $24.99 to $34.99 per month
    Cellular network Verizon
    Hearing aid compatibility M4/T4 Rating
    Contracts No long-term contracts
    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • Large 6.2-inch screen
    • Voice typing
    • Video chat capabilities
    • 13MP camera for clearer photos
    • 5Start Urgent Response
    • Internet access
    • Simple list-style menu
    • Free shipping
    • Urgent Response and safety packages cost extra
    • $35 additional activation fee

    Who Is Jitterbug Smart3 Best For?

    • Seniors looking for an easy-to-use smartphone
    • Older adults who drive and need mobile directions
    • Seniors who want a hybrid phone and personal safety device
    • Families who want the Lively Link app to keep an eye on their loved one
    • Older adults who want video call functionality
    • Older adults that want internet access and voice typing capabilities

    What to Know Before Purchasing

    Before you choose the Jitterbug Smart3, check Verizon coverage in your area, as Lively uses Verizon’s cell towers. Also, make sure a touchscreen smartphone is really what you want. The smartphone costs more than the Jitterbug Flip2 and could be a big jump for seniors who’ve never used a touch screen device before. Plus, if using your mobile phone exclusively for texting and calling is more your style, there’s no need to spend the extra money on a smartphone with features you won’t find useful.

  • 5. Consumer Cellular GrandPad

    Why It Made the Cut

    Consumer Cellular’s GrandPad, the only tablet to make our list, merges modern technology with senior-friendly features, like a large screen, stylus, large icons, and apps that keep families connected. It also features a camera, video calls, and email. This senior-friendly tablet is a great option for those who spend a fair amount of time at home and get frustrated with small phone buttons and screens. Since older adults can call or video chat with approved contacts on the tablet, it makes staying connected via technology easy and safe.

    What makes the GrandPad stand out from other tablets is the GrandPad Central app, designed specifically for seniors and their families. One member acts as an administrator, controlling who can connect with the GrandPad. Invited family members and friends can also download the app to upload photos to the GrandPad, send messages, and video chat. Plus, the GrandPad is easy to grip for older hands, and the large screen is perfect for those with vision loss. If your loved one isn’t satisfied, they have 30 days to cancel.

    Consumer Cellular GrandPad

    Consumer Cellular GrandPad

    Overview of Offerings

    Camera quality Rear: 5 MP; front: 5 MP
    Device cost $149
    Monthly rates starting at* $40 per month
    Built-in health and safety features Secure network for online safety
    Cellular network Consumer Cellular
    Contracts No long-term contracts
    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Above Average Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.

    Who Is GrandPad Best For?

    • Users who want a senior-friendly tablet
    • Those who want to video chat with friends and family
    • Older adults who spend a lot of time at home
    • Families concerned about internet safety for seniors
    • Seniors who feel isolated and are looking for a way to stay connected with family

    What to Know Before Purchasing

    The GrandPad isn’t a cell phone; it’s a tablet. You can’t use it to make calls to phone numbers that aren’t in your approved contact list or send SMS messages. With the GrandPad, you just get unlimited data use, ad-free music streaming, video calling, secure internet browsing, and mobile access with the smartphone app. If you just want to communicate with close friends and family, this won’t be an issue, but it’s still important to note.

    Wondering how Consumer Cellular ranks as a carrier? Our Consumer Cellular review covers the important details.

  • 6. Snapfon ez4G

    Why It Made the Cut

    The Snapfon ez4G offers a simple yet functional design with large keys and streamlined menus. Using just the buttons (without any extra navigating), you can access a calculator, take pictures, send texts, turn on the flashlight, and make calls. The phone even has some smartphone applications you can use like Facebook, email, and the weather.

    Snapfon ez4G comes with straightforward safety features too. Seniors who purchase the sosPlus plan can call for help by pressing the phone’s red SOS button. This puts you in touch with a trained agent who will assist you, connect you with emergency services, and notify your family and friends that there’s an emergency. The phone even comes with built-in fall detection capabilities, which is pretty rare for a cell phone. It’s a great choice for those who want a simple phone with powerful medical alert features. Keep in mind that this phone does require a Snapfon Network Plan, meaning it can’t be paired with a plan from another carrier.

    Snapfon ez4G

    Snapfon ez4G

    Overview of Offerings

    Camera quality Main camera: 5MP; Front camera: 2MP
    Device cost $99.95 *Snapfon Network Plan required
    Monthly rates starting at* $10 (talk and text); $2.49 (data)
    Built-in health and safety features sosPlus ($19.99 per month): mobile monitoring service and fall detection
    Cellular network SnapMobile
    Hearing aid compatibility T3/M3 rating
    Contracts No long-term contracts
    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Average Above Average Average
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • Fall detection available
    • SOS button
    • Hearing aid-compatible
    • Simple design and navigation
    • Speech-to-text capabilities
    • Internet access
    • GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities
    • Speed dial keys
    • Small internal memory
    • Not available in all areas; check availability first
    • Snapfon network plan required

    Who Is Snapfon ez4G Best For?

    • Seniors looking for a compact, easy-to-use cell phone
    • Older adults on a tight budget
    • Those who wear hearing aids
    • Older adults who want mobile apps
    • Those who are looking for fall detection and speed dial keys for emergencies
    • Seniors who are looking for GPS capabilities and a big button keypad

    What to Know Before Purchasing

    The Snapfon ez4G gives older adults extra features like GPS and mobile apps while still keeping things simple. In addition to the phone’s preloaded apps, the ez4G makes it easy to download apps like the best cell phone apps for older adults. Don’t expect to take any award-winning photographs with its 5MP camera or video chat with your loved ones on this device. However, that shouldn’t matter if you’re just looking for something with a few advanced features that’s still easy to use. We’re big fans of this phone’s easy navigation system and big-button keypad for those with dexterity problems or limited vision.

    Inside Tip:

    Inside Tip: Trying to decide between Snapfon and Lively? We have you covered! Check out our Lively vs. Snapfon review.

How We Chose the Easiest to Use Phones for Seniors

After hours of research and testing, our team created a list of the top six easiest to use cell phones for older adults. We evaluated each phone’s usability, size, quality, plan options, and other senior-friendly features to create our ranked results. Our final list includes several different phone styles, but all five are simple for seniors to use.
Some of the most important metrics we considered were:

  • Senior-friendly features: Every phone on our list is designed to meet the needs of older adults. They have bigger buttons and icons, larger and brighter screens, adjustable speakers, optional safety features, and easy-to-grip designs.
  • Usability: We only included phones with simple interfaces that are easy to navigate. In our book, the more straightforward a phone is, the better!
  • No long-term contracts: All of the phones listed give month-to-month options for flexibility. Seniors who become more comfortable with technology can switch to a more advanced phone without costly cancellation fees. Talk about no strings attached.

Senior-Friendly Features To Look For in a Cell Phone

Shopping for a cell phone can feel overwhelming, especially with all of the different options and features on the market. But not to worry! We’ve compiled all of our favorite senior-friendly cell phone features so that you can narrow down your options. While evaluating different cell phones, consider the following:

  • Hearing aid compatibility: If you are in the process of choosing hearing aids or already have hearing aids, look for a phone that’s hearing aid compatible with a high rating. This will make it much easier to make calls and stream music and other entertainment directly to your hearing aids.
  • Simple navigation: The simpler the navigation menu, the better. If the phone is easy to navigate, you or your loved one will be more likely to use it. We love phones with list-style menus, large and clear icons, and intuitive layouts.
  • Large screen and font: Larger screens and font options are easier on seniors’ aging eyes.
  • Large buttons: As you age, dexterity declines, so look for phones with large buttons or large touch screen icons that are easy to press.
  • Powerful speaker: A loud, adjustable speaker is a must, especially if you’ve already been diagnosed with hearing loss.
  • Easy-to-grip design: For those with arthritis or other dexterity issues, it’s essential that the phone is easy to grip and won’t be easily dropped, which could damage the device. Plus, if you drop your phone, you’ll need to bend down to pick it up. This can put you at risk of falling. Prioritize phones with an easy-to-grip design or add a grippy case.
  • Safety features: Whether it is an urgent response button, fall detection, or GPS capability, these safety features can be extremely beneficial if you find yourself in an unsafe situation. Plus, the extra layer of protection provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind.
Money-Saving Tip:

Money-Saving Tip: Snag some extra savings on senior cell phones and plans by becoming an AARP member! Learn more by reading our guide to AARP membership.

FAQs About Cell Phones for Seniors

  • Why should seniors have a cell phone?

    Seniors need cell phones for medical emergencies, staying connected with friends and family, and staying safe in and outside of the home. For older adults who live alone and plan to age in place, a cell phone can be a means of socialization and safety.

  • What are the different types of cell phones for seniors?

    Companies make flip phones, smartphones, bar or brick phones, and tablets for seniors. Seniors can also choose between a phone-only mobile device or one that doubles as a personal safety device.

  • Are big button phones good for seniors?

    Yes, phones with big buttons make it easier for seniors to navigate their phone. This is especially true if the senior has limited dexterity.

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  1. Pew Research Center. (2020). Mobile Fact Sheet.