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Cellular phones are not a mere convenience for senior citizens, they are a safety line to the outside world. They provide the ability to call for assistance in the event of an emergency which allows older adults the freedom to leave the safety of their homes and live full active lives.

Jitterbug cell phones are designed specifically for older adults. Part of GreatCall Personal Emergency Alert systems, Jitterbug phones provide features and options that are geared towards the older user.

Features for Seniors

Jitterbug offers features on their equipment and options within their packages that are ideally developed with the senior in mind.

Equipment – in this case, Jitterbug phones – features include larger than average buttons, a large easy to read screen, and a powerful speaker. All this adds up to a phone that is easy to use, easy to see, and easy to hear … all features that top most older adults’ lists.

In addition, options such as calling, texting, and data usage can be customized for the individual with multiple levels of service available from which to choose. This makes Jitterbug easy to fit into nearly any fixed budget.


Getting started with Jitterbug is as simple as making a few choices. First, there are two phones to choose from – Jitterbug Smart2 and Jitterbug Flip. Next, there are multiple Talk, Text, & Data plans to choose from and set up the perfect service for each customer’s individual needs. Finally, Jitterbug offers Health & Safety Service plans from which you can choose.

Phone Costs

As previously stated, there are two Jitterbug phones from which to choose. Both come with a free car charger and require an activation fee and monthly plan in addition to the cost of the phone itself. Furthermore, both phones include a 5 Star Urgent Response Button that allows customers to be immediately connected to a highly-trained urgent response agent to get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Jitterbug Flip $99.99 + activation fee

  • Large well-lit easy to read screen
  • Big Buttons for easy dialing
  • Powerful speaker
  • 2.0-megapixel camera
  • Magnifier with Flashlight
  • Simple Menu
  • Voice Dial
  • Available in Red or Graphite (Dark Grey)

Jitterbug Smart2 $149.99 + activation

  • Extra-large 5.5” touchscreen
  • Simplified menu for easy access to features
  • Clearer conversations with a front facing speaker
  • 13-megapixel camera with automatic flash
  • Voice typing makes texting simple
  • Extended battery life
  • Mobile Internet access and directions

Monthly Service Plans

Jitterbug offers an a la carte type set up for choosing Talk, Text, and Data Plans. Each plan includes call waiting, Caller ID, long distance, and roaming. In addition to the options below, Jitterbug also offers Unlimited Talk & Text with 100 megabytes of data for $49.99 per month.

Monthly Talk

  • 200 minutes for $14.99
  • 600 minutes for $19.99
  • 1500 minutes for $29.99
  • 3000 minutes for $39.99

Monthly Texts

  • 300 for $3
  • 700 for $6
  • 1250 for $10
  • 2500 for $15

Monthly Data

  • 40 megabytes for $2.49
  • 100 megabytes for $5
  • 200 megabytes for $10
  • 500 megabytes for $15
  • 1 gigabyte for $20
  • 2.5 gigabytes for $30

Unlike most other phone services, Jitterbug also offers Health & Safety Services to their customers. These services are offered via two unlimited plans: Unlimited Talk & Text Plan for $20 per month (requires the additional purchase of a monthly data plan) and Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data $40 per month. These plans provide personal emergency response and other services designed for seniors.

Basic $19.99 per month

  • 5 Star Urgent Response: Highly-trained agents are here to help you anytime
  • Med Coach: Stay on schedule with medication and refill reminders
  • The Wellness Call: One call per week from a wellness expert
  • Daily Health Tips: Lifestyle tips from the American Heart Association (AHA)
  • Check in Call: Daily automated calls to check in with you
  • Brain Games: Improve your memory and sharpen your focus

Preferred $24.99 per month

  • All of the basic features PLUS
  • Urgent Care: 24/7/365 access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors
  • GreatCall Link: Easily stay connected with family and friends

Ultimate $34.99 per month

  • All of the basic & preferred features PLUS
  • Personal Operator: Friendly unlimited assistance with daily tasks
  • Product Replacement: Free replacement if your phone is lost, stolen or broken

Senior Discounts

Jitterbug service plans are already priced with the senior citizen in mind. They do not offer any discounts that are exclusive to seniors but do have a history of limited time sales and deals throughout the year. It is worth keeping an eye on their website for the next great deal.


Jitterbug is unique in that it is offered by a company that is focused on personal security services. They are focused on the needs of older adults and provide unique products and services because of this. Their prices are easily adjusted to provide coverage that fits into nearly any budget and their a la carte pricing is specifically for use with the fixed income and tight budget of retired consumers. All in all, Jitterbug offers a top-notch product at an easily affordable monthly cost which can help seniors to live independent active lives. Read our full review of GreatCall's Jitterbug here.

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