Best Medicare Supplement Plans in 2023

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Best online enrollment process
  • Easy to compare plans and prices
  • Also offers Part D, dental, and vision plans
  • 6% discount for enrolling online
Call for best price: Call to Order: 855-844-3779
Best competitive pricing
  • Offers Plans A, G, N, and F (may vary by location)
  • More dental coverage and benefits than other carriers
  • Comes with a free SilverSneakers fitness membership
Call for best price: Call to Order: 877-565-6296
Best customer service
  • Household discounts available
  • 5% discount for enrolling online
  • Healthy Rewards program for savings on health and wellness products and services
Call for best price: Call to Order: 877-566-2921
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Did you know that roughly 20 percent of Medicare beneficiaries also have a Medigap plan?1 Medigap plans, also known as Medicare supplemental insurance, are optional plans provided by private insurance companies to help lower health care costs, including deductibles, coinsurance, and copays. As its name suggests, Medigap helps fill the gaps in Original Medicare coverage. If you’re looking for a Medigap plan, you know it can feel overwhelming. We’ve compared the top Medigap carriers to help simplify and narrow down your search so you can save on medical bills and services.

How We Chose the Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Coverage matters. A lot. Unfortunately, finding the right coverage for your needs that doesn’t break the bank can frustrate even the most patient older adults. So we looked at important factors like plans and pricing, signup process, customer service, flexibility, and more to make the search easier. Our list is the result of our in-depth research.

Plans considered
Experts consulted
Plans selected
Hours of research
  • 1. Humana


    Humana offers a large variety of Medigap plans in many areas. Navigating Humana’s website to get an online quote is simple. Its interactive comparison tool is noteworthy, since you can explore Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D plans and prices at a glance. It’s useful if you don’t know what plan you’re looking for. The company offers Medicare Part D prescription drug, dental, and vision plans, so you can receive all your coverage in one place.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • Offers a straightforward online process to get covered
    • Offers a small discount for online-only enrollments
    • Quotes include preferred and standard rates by age and gender
    • Additional coverage is available in many areas for Part D, dental, and vision
    • Offers a 6 percent discount when you enroll online
    • Free SilverSneakers fitness program
    • Some ZIP codes have limited plan choices or no choices at all
    • Attained-age pricing may not appeal to some seniors
    • Discounts not available in certain areas


    Humana uses attained-age pricing, which means prices will increase as you get older. The company offers competitive rates and makes it easy to compare all of your options in one place, which we appreciate. You can receive a no-obligation quote on their website. Humana even offers a 6 percent discount in most areas (not available in CA, CT, or OH) just by enrolling online, which is unique.

    The Bottom Line

    Humana makes enrolling online very easy, and getting additional help is stress-free if you need it. Contact a licensed Humana sales agent Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., or request to schedule a call when it’s convenient for you. With medical, prescription, dental, and vision plans, Humana earned high marks for its range of health-care offerings. If Humana offers the plan you want in your ZIP code, it’s worth serious consideration.

    For more information, read our latest Humana Medigap review.


    FYI: Consider adding a vision plan to your Medigap coverage. Check out vision plans for seniors (including Humana) before making your final choice.

  • 2. Anthem


    Anthem lets you compare the rates for Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and prescription drug plans all in one place for one-stop shopping. You can also view rates for dental and vision coverage and decide if you want to add either to your plan. The carrier offers Medigap plans A, G, and N, along with Plan F for those who first became eligible for Medicare before 2020.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • Offers a 5 percent household discount
    • Offers a small discount for monthly electronic funds transfer or if you pay your premium for the entire year
    • Various other discounts may be available in your area
    • Downloadable PDFs show rates for tobacco users and rates broken down by age and gender
    • Plan choices are limited in some areas
    • Attained-age pricing means older seniors might find better prices with community-rated plans


    Anthem recalculates your age each year and adjusts your premium accordingly. Like typical insurers, it also considers factors such as ZIP code, gender, tobacco use, and whether it is your open-enrollment period. The company also offers several discounts, including a household and annual payment discount, so there are ways to save.

    The Bottom Line

    Anthem gives a wealth of information on their Medigap plans to help you make a decision. The company also offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, vision, and dental plans, so you can receive all of your coverage in one place. We appreciate that the company offers many different discounts to help older adults save on their Medigap plans.

  • 3. Cigna


    Cigna is a Fortune 500 company that offers competitive Medigap insurance rates. If seniors or other Medicare beneficiaries would like coverage for prescription drugs, they can also purchase a separate Medicare Part D plan through Cigna and streamline the number of insurers they work with.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • They offer a 7 percent household discount in most states when more than one person in your household enrolls in Medigap insurance
    • A 5 percent discount is offered when you enroll online
    • Customer service is based in the U.S., available via phone 24/7, 365 days a year
    • Enrollment in Cigna’s Healthy Rewards program is free and offers additional savings in areas such as weight management, massages, and wellness products
    • Not all plans are available in all states
    • Pricing methods differ from region to region
    • Only offers Plans A, G, and N*
    • The process of getting online quotes can be challenging, depending on your state

    *For individuals first eligible for Medicare before 2020, Plan F and High-Deductible Plan F are also available.


    Cigna’s rates are competitive, but its pricing approach depends on state law. For example, Washington state law mandates community-rated pricing for all Medigap policies. In other words, everyone on Cigna Medigap Plan A in a certain area or ZIP code generally pays the same monthly premium regardless of their age (differences do occur due to factors such as tobacco use).

    Prices may be determined differently in other areas. For example, in parts of Virginia, Cigna uses attained age-related pricing for Plan A. That means the younger you are, the less you pay for your plan.

    Did You Know?

    Did You Know? You must be enrolled in Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) to qualify for a Medigap plan. If you’re eligible for Medicare this year, be sure to explore our annual Medicare enrollment guide.

    The Bottom Line 

    Cigna has a good reputation and an extensive reach. It offers a decent choice of Medigap plans in a wide range of locations, and beneficiaries can pair plans with a prescription drug plan if they want. Older adults can’t really go wrong with this company, although the process of getting specific information online isn’t the best. Visit our Cigna Medigap review to learn more about this company’s plans.

  • 4. Aetna


    Aetna is another reputable insurer offering Medigap plans, and the process of getting quotes online is a breeze. You just need to fill out a simple form with your state, ZIP code, date of birth, gender, and plan start date. You submit it, and, presto, the quotes for all available plans are listed.

    Aetna makes things even easier by including both regular rates and household-discount rates. You can also see what each plan covers at a glance. However, tobacco users should expect to pay more than these quotes, as the fine print states. The quotes also only apply during open enrollment or guaranteed-issue periods. And if you’re looking to bundle coverage, check out Aetna’s dental options (their plans made it onto our best dental plans for seniors).

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • Offers Plans A, B, D, G, and N*
    • Available in most states
    • Chart shows beneficiaries how much their premiums could go up as they age
    • The process of getting online quotes is simple
    • A 7 percent household discount is offered in most areas if your spouse or partner also enrolls in a plan
    • Older seniors may not like the attained-age pricing model
    • Medigap medical plans are not offered in Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Washington state, and Washington D.C.

    *For individuals first eligible for Medicare before 2020, Plan C, Plan F, and High Deductible Plan F are also available.


    Aetna typically uses attained-age pricing. Using Aetna’s simple online quote tool, we compared rates for women living in Virginia (ZIP code 24016) at different ages to give you an idea of how prices change. If a 65-year-old female enrolled during open enrollment or guaranteed issue times to get the preferred rate, she would pay about $111 per month for Plan G, while a 75-year-old female would pay around $139 per month. Just remember: Prices will vary by age, location, gender, and other factors such as tobacco use and household discount.

    The Bottom Line

    Aetna gives consumers a lot of information online, reducing the time they must spend on the phone. The company’s attained-age pricing may mean that seniors end up paying significantly more as they age, but this practice is comparable with many insurers. The main takeaway is to get an idea of what you’ll pay not just for the next year but for 10 or even 20 years from now.

    Read our review of Aetna’s Medigap plans for more information.

  • 5. Mutual of Omaha


    Mutual of Omaha, like Aetna, has a very easy process for getting quotes online. All you need to do is fill out your information, and you’ll immediately get the rates for available plans. Rates are competitive, and Mutual of Omaha has a good reputation. It has offered Medicare supplemental insurance since 1966 — when Medicare started.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • Easy online process to get quotes
    • Offers a household discount of up to 12 percent
    • Ninety-eight percent of Medicare claims are paid within 12 hours, according to the company
    • Plans offered in all states except Massachusetts
    • Offers other insurance options, including long-term care insurance
    • Not available in every state


    Mutual of Omaha generally uses attained-age rated pricing. This means that prices will increase as you age. Mutual of Omaha’s online quote tool makes it simple to compare prices, so you can get an idea of how much your premiums will increase as you get older. Overall, the company offers low premiums and transparent pricing, which we appreciate.

    The Bottom Line

    Mutual of Omaha offers affordable rates, especially if you qualify for the 12 percent household discount. This insurer has been in the Medicare supplemental business since 1966 and has made a name for itself as a company that looks out for its customers rather than Wall Street. It is owned by its policyholders.

    Want to learn more? Check out our latest Mutual of Omaha Medigap review.

    Pro Tip:

    Pro Tip: Knowledge is power! Our comprehensive insurance guide shares the important facts on everything from medical and dental insurance to life and long-term care coverage.

  • 6. Americo


    With over 100 years of experience in the insurance industry, Americo is currently one of the largest, independent, privately-held insurance companies in the United States. Americo goes above and beyond in offering full-service health and financial solutions. In addition to Medigap plans, Americo provides vision and life insurance (term, universal, and whole) along with retirement annuities.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • Affordable premiums
    • Instant plan pricing available online
    • Option to bundle Medigap, life, vision, and retirement plans
    • Financial Stability Rating of “A” for Excellent by A.M. Best
    • Household discount of up to 10 percent
    • Americo is not available in all states
    • Offers only Plans A, G, and N*
    • No Medicare Part D plans available
    • Online application process can be confusing

    *For individuals first eligible for Medicare before 2020, Plan F and High-Deductible Plan F are also available.


    Americo offers affordable Medigap plan pricing. Keep in mind that factors such as age, gender, where you reside, and tobacco use may affect plan premiums. If your spouse or partner is also looking for a Medigap plan, Americo offers up to a 10 percent household discount. In comparison, UnitedHealthcare’s and Blue Cross Blue Shield’s household discount is only 5 percent.

    The Bottom Line

    With budget-friendly premiums, instant plan pricing, and an impressive household discount, Americo delivers value for your money. Americo is a solid carrier for comprehensive health and financial needs if you’re looking to bundle other insurance options.

    Ready to learn more about Americo’s Medigap plans? Head to our Americo Medigap review for additional details on this company.

  • 7. AARP


    AARP offers Medigap plans through UnitedHealthcare. To get rate estimates for an AARP Medigap plan, all you have to do is type in your ZIP code. For example, eight plans show up for ZIP code 24016, and the rates assume you are turning 65 in the month shown and do not use tobacco products. In many areas, older adults can get plans such as K and L that other insurers may not offer.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • They offer a large selection of plans, including A, B, D, G, K, L, and N*
    • You can apply to join AARP at the same time you apply for a Medigap supplement plan
    • You have more flexibility to switch to another Medigap plan if you qualify
    • An enrollment discount is offered in many states of up to 30 percent starting at age 65 and decreasing 3 percent thereafter
    • A 5 percent household discount is offered in most states
    • Free gym membership through Renew Active
    • Premiums may be a bit pricier than at other insurers due to the community-pricing model
    • AARP membership is required

    *For individuals first eligible for Medicare before 2020, Plan F and Plan C may also be available.


    AARP plans can be a bit pricier than other plans. The company uses a community-rated pricing model, meaning that a 65-year-old would theoretically pay the same as a 75-year-old for the same plan in the same area. However, many AARP customers get discounts when they enroll, although the amount of the discount decreases as they age. In this respect, the pricing model is similar to age attainment. If you’re not an AARP member, check out our guide to AARP memberships to learn more.

    To access AARP plans, you must be an AARP member, and the yearly fee is $16. Your spouse or partner can receive free membership with yours, and AARP membership gets you a wide variety of discounts on movie tickets, car rentals, eyewear, and much more.

    The Bottom Line

    Many seniors trust AARP, and its UnitedHealthcare plans are very popular. The community pricing model means that premiums for some younger seniors may be a bit more than what they’d pay with another company, but age-related discounts could help offset that. Furthermore, many insurers do not offer less-popular plans such as K or L, so if you’re looking for one of these plans, AARP Medigap plans are a great option.


    FYI: There have been several changes to Medicare that you should know about in 2023. Read our guide highlighting everything you need about Medicare this year.

  • 8. Colonial Penn


    Colonial Penn has been in business since 1879. While it is a financially strong company, its premiums tend to cost more than those offered by other insurers. It’s also quite challenging to gather adequate information online on your own. For example, to get quotes from Colonial Penn online, you will be prompted to fill out a form, and an agent will contact you. You aren’t able to easily view and compare quotes online like you can with other companies. Alternatively, you can call the company directly to receive a quote and learn more.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • Offers all Medigap plans, but not in all areas: A, B, D, G, High-Deductible Plan G, K, L, M, and N*
    • You may be able to meet in person with a Bankers Life agent to discuss your options (Colonial Penn underwrites Medigap policies for Bankers Life)
    • Medicare Part D (prescription) plans are not offered
    • Rates are often higher than at other insurers
    • No electronic application

    *For individuals first eligible for Medicare before 2020, Plan C, Plan F, and High-Deductible Plan F are also available.


    Colonial Penn’s prices are typically higher than competitors, and the company uses attained-age pricing. The younger you are, the less you pay. Because this insurer’s rates are already somewhat high, seniors may find themselves priced out at some point as they age.

    The Bottom Line

    Colonial Penn is not a bad Medigap insurance company by any means. It is financially sound, and it offers all of the available Medigap plans. Depending on where you live and your preferences, you may also be able to meet in person with an agent to discuss plans. That in-person support can be invaluable for some older adults. On the other hand, Colonial Penn does charge higher premiums.

    Find out how Colonial Penn Medigap plans stack up against other carriers by checking out our in-depth review of Colonial Penn’s Medicare supplement plans.

  • 9. Blue Cross Blue Shield


    Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is a network of many smaller companies spread out across the country. Customers purchase Medigap policies from these smaller companies, and the process is not always easy. Finding a local carrier and information about available Medigap plans can be confusing.

    However, the company is very reputable and offers several types of insurance. This is perfect for seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries who want to stick to one carrier for all of their health care needs. Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers a 5 percent household discount in many areas, making it a solid choice for couples or spouses.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • A 5 percent household discount is offered in many places
    • Smaller discounts for annual lump-sum payments and automatic bank withdrawal payments
    • You can often buy extra coverage such as vision or dental through the same company at the same time you purchase Medigap
    • Offers a variety of plans available in some areas
    • Online process can be confusing due to the number of local Blue Cross Blue Shield companies
    • Their variety of plans may be limited in some areas


    Ask your local Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers how they approach pricing, as pricing models and costs will vary by local carrier. To receive an accurate quote, it’s best to fill out an online form or call the company. In general, Blue Cross Blue Shield pricing is fairly competitive.

    The Bottom Line

    If you’ve had good experiences with your local Blue Cross Blue Shield company and use it for other types of insurance, then enrolling with the company again for Medigap insurance may make sense.

    If you’re new to Blue Cross Blue Shield, finding a local company for Medigap may be confusing. If you do find a company, the process of exploring your options online should be straightforward.

    Visit our Blue Cross Blue Shield Medigap review for an inside look at this company.

  • 10. UnitedHealthcare


    UnitedHealthcare is the same company that offers the AARP plans. In fact, when you go to the UnitedHealthcare Medicare plan website and input your ZIP code, the results open under the AARP/UnitedHealthcare banner.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • Rate estimates are easy to get — just enter in your ZIP code
    • Variety of plans should be available in your area
    • Offers an enrollment discount in many states of up to 30 percent starting at age 65 and decreasing 3 percent every year thereafter
    • Offers a 5 percent household discount in most states
    • Renew Active program that includes a free gym membership
    • Dental, vision, hearing, and driver-safety discounts
    • Process may be confusing for seniors who don’t realize the AARP connection
    • Premiums may be a bit pricier, but the community-rated model does offer a measure of protection against rate hikes
    • Prices are competitive in some geographical areas, not in others


    UnitedHealthcare uses a community-rated pricing model. Its prices can be competitive, depending on where you live. Compare quotes from other insurers to see just how comparable they are.

    The Bottom Line

    UnitedHealthcare Medigap insurance is the same as AARP Medigap insurance. These plans are popular, and enrollment is easy. The insurer gets high marks for a hassle-free process, but if the price is your main consideration, compare quotes from other insurers to see how competitive UnitedHealthcare’s premiums are in your area.

    Check out our UnitedHealthcare Medigap review to learn more about this carrier’s plans.

  • 11. State Farm


    If you already have a relationship with a State Farm agent for other insurance policies, you may prefer to stay with this insurer. Fortunately, you can get Medigap quotes online even if you’re not a current customer. Select your state under the State Farm “Get a Health Quote” bar, and fill out the small form.

    The rates can be a bit pricey, but you can easily access quotes online to compare rates. If you decide to enroll in a State Farm Medigap plan after viewing your quote, you can fill out a contact form, and a State Farm agent will get in touch with you shortly. You can also find an agent in your area and call to initiate the process.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
    • Agents can assist you in person, online, or via phone
    • Other insurance policies are available, including life, homeowners, small business, renters, and vehicle insurance
    • A variety of plans are available, including A, C, D, N, and G
    • No prescription drug, vision, or dental plans available
    • Medigap plan prices can be somewhat higher


    Ask your agent which pricing method the local office uses. In many areas, attained-age pricing is used, so rates will increase as you age. State Farm may be more expensive than other options, but it’s best to receive a quote before making a decision.

    The Bottom Line

    If you already have a State Farm agent you enjoy working with, then it could be a good idea to get your Medigap policy from this insurer. We recommend that you still get quotes from at least two other insurers to ensure you’re satisfied with the premium prices you’ll pay. State Farm Medigap rates tend to be a bit pricier than those from many other insurers, so you must decide whether having a history and in-person support is worth it. Find out why State Farm made it onto our list of the best life insurance policies.

What Is Medigap?

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) covers most — but not all — the costs of approved health-care services and supplies. After you meet your deductible, you pay your share of the expenses as you get them. There’s no limit to what you’ll pay out of pocket in a year unless you have other coverage, such as Medigap.2 Medigap fills in the potentially costly gaps of Original Medicare — and provides some much-needed peace of mind.

To sign up for a Medigap plan, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B. Then you’re set to start Medigap shopping! Ten Medigap insurance plans are each assigned a letter of the alphabet (although Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Massachusetts do things slightly differently). Each Medigap plan is standardized, which means, for example, the basic benefits you receive under Medigap Plan G are the same in Kentucky as in California.

Want to learn more about different Medigap plans and what benefits they offer? Visit our 2023 guide to Medigap.

What Does Medigap Cover?

As you explore Medigap plans, it’s crucial to consider which benefits are most important to your health and wellness. The 10 Medigap plans (A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N) all offer varying levels of coverage. Key factors include:

  • Part A deductible
  • Part A hospice care copayment or coinsurance
  • Part B deductible, excess charges, copayment, or coinsurance
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
  • Blood transfusions
  • Foreign travel emergencies
  • Out-of-pocket limits

Use the Medigap policy search to find the companies selling the plan of your choice in your ZIP code. From there, compare the premium prices and other factors important to you. For example, you may want to consider customer support, in-person agents, whether you already have policies with the company, or whether you can purchase additional policies such as a Part D plan or dental insurance. It can be tricky to change your Medigap plan once you enroll, so choose carefully and think about potential rising premium costs down the road.

Are Medigap and Medicare Advantage the Same?

Although the names sound similar, Medicare Supplemental plans are not Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage plans (also known as Medicare Part C) are ways to get Medicare benefits, while a Medigap policy only supplements Original Medicare. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, it’s illegal for anyone to sell you a Medigap policy unless you’re switching back to Original Medicare.3


FYI: Some Medicare Advantage plans may cover dental, vision, and prescriptions. If you’re deciding between Medigap and Medicare Advantage, visit our Medigap and Medicare Advantage comparison guide.

Why Should Seniors Consider Medigap Plans?

The reality is that original Medicare pays only about 80 percent of your hospitalization and medical office costs. Medigap plans help keep your costs predictable.

Seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries should consider Medigap plans for these reasons:

  • They’re guaranteed renewable as long as you pay your premiums on time and don’t misrepresent information on your application.
  • They lower the cost of copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and other charges.
  • You have more flexibility to travel out of the country and have medical costs covered under certain plans.
  • You can choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare.

How Much Do Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans Cost?

Medigap plan costs depend on several factors, such as:

  • Whether it is your open-enrollment period.
  • Whether you’ve paid your premiums on time.
  • The particular insurer.
  • Your age, gender, tobacco use in the past 12 months, and ZIP code.
  • The plan itself. Generally, the more things a Medigap policy covers, the higher the premium.

If you’re unsure how these factors will affect your finances, we have you covered! Let’s take a closer look at a few of the key components mentioned above that impact Medicare Supplemental Insurance pricing. As you shop for a Medigap plan, consider how these will positively (or negatively) affect your monthly premium.

Medigap Enrollment

Pay close attention to the calendar as you near your Medicare eligibility window. Your six-month Medigap open-enrollment period begins the month you turn 65 and enroll in Medicare. If you choose to sign up for Medigap outside the open-enrollment period, you may incur a late penalty or higher rates, or be denied coverage altogether. There are certain exceptions to that rule, however, which we’ll cover below in greater detail.

Medigap Insurance Carrier

To protect consumers, every Medigap policy is standardized. That means no matter which state you live in, the basic Medigap plan benefits will be the same across the board.4 Unfortunately, Medigap pricing is not standardized, which makes it critical to compare costs to ensure you select a policy that meets your medical and budgetary needs.


Your ZIP code plays a major role in Medigap rates because of cost-of-living variations and clusters of senior citizen communities. If you live in Miami, for example, you’ll pay significantly more than if you live in Fort Worth, Texas. You may save money by going with a Medicare Advantage (Part C) Plan instead of getting Medigap insurance.

If you live in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, or New York, your Medigap options also come with an extra level of security. These states must offer all Medicare beneficiaries ages 65 and older either continuous or annual guaranteed open enrollment. That means you can’t be denied coverage due to your medical history.5


As you research Medigap plans, it’s crucial to ask how the company rates its policies. Insurers in many states use attained-age policies: The younger you are, the less you pay. Some insurers, however, such as AARP from UnitedHealthcare, use a community-based approach. Whether you’re 65 or 85, the premium will be the same. Keep in mind, even community-based premiums can still increase from year to year due to factors such as inflation.

In eight states — Arkansas, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, and Washington — insurers must use community ratings. These insurers can still charge different rates depending on tobacco use, ZIP code, and other factors, but they cannot charge more for someone who is older or has more health issues. If you or your partner are shopping for Medigap plans, you can inquire about possible household discounts through the carrier.

When Is the Best Time to Enroll in Medigap?

Open enrollment is typically the best time to get a plan. This six-month period automatically starts the first month you have Medicare Part B (medical insurance) and are 65 or older. During this period, you get what insurers call the “preferred” rate regardless of any pre-existing conditions you may have. Enroll outside this period and you may have to pay “standard” rates. It’s also possible for your application to be rejected if you seek Medigap outside the open-enrollment period.

There are, however, special enrollment exceptions, and you may still qualify for Medigap without incurring hefty penalties. In these situations, an insurance company can’t deny you a Medigap policy, place conditions or exclusions for pre-existing conditions, or charge you more for a Medigap policy because of a past or present health problem.6

Suppose you’re waiting to enroll in Medicare Part B and Medigap because you (or your spouse) are currently working and have group health insurance coverage. In that case, you still have a penalty-free Medigap open-enrollment period past your 65th birthday since open enrollment begins when the employer’s coverage ends — when you retire, for example.

Guaranteed issue rights (also called Medigap protections) are rights you have in certain situations even if your open-enrollment period ends. You have a guaranteed issue right if you’re currently in a Medicare Advantage plan that is leaving Medicare or stops giving care in your area, for example. You’re guaranteed the right to buy a Medigap plan sold by any insurance company in your state.

Medicare Supplement Plans for Every Need

We know that insurance plans aren’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we’ve put together our top picks for different needs and lifestyles:

Learn More About Medicare and Medigap Coverage

If you are looking to learn more about Medicare and Medigap coverage, check out the video below for an Introduction to Medicare from the Senior Living YouTube channel. Here, you will find information about different plan types and Medigap, as well as alternative sources for Medicare information.

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