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Eargo Review

3 Style Options
$1,850 Starting Price
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10 Years in Business
30 Min. Fast Charging
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When it comes to hearing aids, there are many different ones on the market. If hearing aids are new to you, you may assume they are all the same and it’s just a matter of picking your favorite. But, that is certainly not the case. Each hearing aid comes with its own features that make it stand out. Let’s take a look at the Eargo products so you can decide if they’re right for you.


Eargo is fairly new to the hearing aid business as it was established in 2010. It is made up of ENT surgeons and industry professionals who are seeking to help people hear better with revolutionary products.

Eargo does not offer many different products compared to other hearing aid companies. Its products are aimed to help those who have mild to moderate hearing loss. Eargo doesn’t work with insurance companies for reimbursement. Most of its products are purchased through the website although there are showrooms located around the country if you want to see the Eargo products in person. The company handles claims directly with FEHB (federal employee health benefits) insurance plans making it possible for qualified customers to easily receive the product at no out of pocket cost to them. There is a 20% discount on Eargo Neo and Eargo Max hearing aids for all active military service members and veterans.


Eargo offers three main types of hearing aid products as well as accessories.

Eargo Neo

This product features Flexi Palms which make it more comfortable to place the hearing aid in your ear. It also features a silicone design which makes it more breathable for your ear. The design of this hearing aid also allows for the amplification of mid and high frequencies.

The Eargo Neo comes with a charging case, hearing aids for each ear as well as two large Flexi Palms and two regular Flexi Palms, wax guard, USB C Cable, USB plug, and a cleaning brush. The Eargo Neo costs $2,350, which can be split up in monthly payments.

Eargo Max

The Eargo Max comes with flexi fibers that make the hearing aid more comfortable to wear around the ear. It also uses a silicone design to make the hearing aid more breathable. The Eargo Max, like other Eargo products, amplifies sound within your range of sight so you can concentrate on what is around you.

The Eargo Max comes with a charging case, hearing aids for each ear as well as two large Flexi Palms, six regular Flexi Palms, two large Flexi Domes, wax guard, USB C Cable, USB plug, and a cleaning brush. The Eargo Max costs $1,850, which can be split up in monthly payments.

Eargo Neo HiFi

The best sound fidelity comes from the Eargo Neo HiFi. These hearing aids also include a 2 year warranty, lifetime support and a personalized app. This Eargo Neo HiFi is the best offering from the company and costs $2,650 (or as low as $111.00 a month).


Extra Flexi Palms, chargers, and wax guards are all available to be purchased as accessories.

Technology & Features

All Eargo devices have four different sound profiles. You simply need to tap on your ear to switch in between them. When you find one that suits you, Eargo will remember your selection.

Eargo cases also act as charging devices. Once charged, your hearing aid can last up to one week before needing to be recharged. If you need fast charging, simply charge for 30 minutes to receive a few hours of use.

There is also an app you can use or the desktop website to fine-tune your hearing experience.

Customer Service

Every Eargo customer is paired with a personal hearing professional who will provide you with lifetime support. You will receive a welcome call when you first get your hearing aid so that all hearing aid functions can be explained to you. You can also reach out to this person for however long you have the hearing aid. Consultations and hearing checks are done remotely from the safety of your home.

There are video tutorials available online 24/7 as well as a customer service line that is staffed Monday-Friday from 9AM – 9PM EST.

All hearing aids come with a 45-Day Easy Return policy if you're not 100% satisfied.


Although Eargo doesn’t offer many different types of hearing aids, the ones it does offer are high-quality and easy to use. The company also has a high standard of customer service with its welcome calls and lifetime support.

The technology and features make it easy to customize your hearing aid experience. Although Eargo doesn’t work with insurance companies, it does offer monthly payment plans to make its products affordable.