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It’s official: Seniors have joined the smartphone revolution.1 But that doesn’t mean the “smart” transition is a piece of cake. There’s plenty to get used to, like emailing, video chatting, and making appointments by phone. Settings aren’t always easy to find. And for high-end models that have the gadgetry older folks want these days, prices can be prohibitive.

Going with an Android cell phone will solve most of those problems for seniors. Android phones are generally easy to use and have price points for practically every budget (from $35 to $399), which is a big plus for golden-agers on fixed incomes. Even if you’re not totally on board with the idea of using a smartphone yet, Androids come in a bunch of basic models that keep the tricky stuff to a minimum.

And that’s the only catch. Because there are so many Android phones out there, finding the one that will make you happy isn’t as easy as using an Android! Our Android buyer’s guide will be a big help in that direction, with quick breakdowns of the top Android cell phones for seniors, their standout features, and the best carriers to pair them with.

FYI: Taking your first steps in the cell phone market? Our seniors cell phone buyer’s guide offers an inside look at the best cell phones and cell phone plans for seniors around.

Our Top 5 Android Phones for Seniors

We’ve tested the whole gamut of Android phones geared toward seniors, and there are quite a few out there! Here’s our top five faves for older folks. Each top model is the best in its class at one thing.

Our list starts at the tech-savvy end of the spectrum and makes its way down to more basic models. So if you’re looking for something really simple and practical, start with Consumer Cellular’s Link II at the bottom of our list.

Did You Know: Androids aren’t the only cell phones seniors are using. Plenty of older folks swear by Apple’s stylish but generally more pricey iPhones. Check out our guide to the best iPhones for seniors for tips on finding an iPhone to fit your budget.

How We Chose the Best Android Phones for Seniors

We didn’t pick our top Android cell phones out of a hat. We were looking for specific criteria.

  • Designed for seniors: To make the cut, our Android phones had to either be designed specifically for seniors or come equipped with features suited to older adults. Accessibility features are obviously important here, but so are durability, battery life, and, in some cases, the apps that keep older folks connected on the go.
  • Best value for money: Affordability is high on our list, but when we chose our top Androids, quality was just as important.
  • Flexible payment options: Many older adults are looking for contract-free plans, installment options, and the ability to choose their carriers. With the exception of a few phones that can only be used with specific carriers, our top Android phones offer that flexibility.
  • Tried and tested: We don’t just write about the phones we recommend to you; we test them thoroughly. And we don’t just report our experiences either. We talk to the seniors who depend on them every day to stay connected.

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