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What Drives Us

Family is at the heart of everything we do at SeniorLiving.org. Every member of our team has a loved one who is aging, just like you. That means we care about helping them stay safe, healthy, and happy, just like you! Whether it's our parents, grandparents, friends, or neighbors, giving our aging loved ones the best resources possible is what drives us. Because the topics that we cover are personal to us, we are only willing to give you the most accurate, useful, and comprehensive guides possible. If we wouldn't recommend the information to our own loved ones, we won't publish it!

Why Trust Us?

As we walk alongside the seniors in our lives, we're constantly asking ourselves: how can we make their lives better? What can we do to support them? Questions like these are the backbone of our research. From senior housing and money management to medical alert systems and healthcare, we're always on the hunt for the latest studies and technologies that will be useful to seniors and their loved ones. You'll find that our guides and recommendations rely on senior care experts, government resources, and authoritative studies. We'll only present you with information that has been thoroughly fact-checked and reviewed by our research team. Every time you leave SeniorLiving.org, you'll be armed with the facts to make important life decisions for yourself or an aging loved one.

While having a wealth of information at your fingertips on the web can be a blessing, it can also be dangerous, especially for seniors. With all that information, how can you know who to trust? We're not here to take advantage of aging adults and their circumstances. Our team understands that seniors are some of the most vulnerable members of our population, and we've made it our mission to support them. You'll never have to wonder if we're being honest with you. At SeniorLiving.org, we are always unbiased; you can count on us to give it to you straight!

About Our Editorial Team

Our award-winning team of writers, editors, and research specialists has decades' worth of hands-on experience working with and advocating for seniors. We strive to create accessible, honest content that provides seniors and their loved ones with the resources they need to live healthy and successful lives. From Harvard graduates and hospice social workers to Emmy nominees and TV news producers, we come from a variety of backgrounds to build the best senior guides possible.

Jeff Hoyt
Jeff Hoyt
Editor in Chief
Since graduating from Harvard with an honors degree in Statistics, Jeff has been creating content in print, online, and on television. Much of his work has been dedicated to informing seniors on how to live better lives. Learn more about Jeff →
taylor shuman
Taylor Shuman
Senior Tech Expert & Editor
For over five years, Taylor has been writing, editing, and researching products and services covering topics such as senior care and technology, Internet and the digital divide, TV, and entertainment, and education. Her research on media consumption and consumer behavior has been cited by publications such as Forbes and Healthline. Learn more about Taylor →
Morgan Redding
Writer and Editor
With five years of experience in the senior living industry and a heart for seniors, Morgan enjoys serving older adults and empowering them to live independently. As the former Director of Communications for a non-profit retirement community, she provides insight into the needs of seniors. Learn more about Morgan →
Monica Dyer
Monica Dyer
Writer and Copy Editor
Monica brings over two decades of writing and editing experience to SeniorLiving.org. She has worked on topics ranging from business and insurance to senior care and housing. Learn more about Monica →
Sarah Goldy-Brown
Writer & Researcher
Sarah has over eight years of experience writing and researching a variety of senior living topics, from senior lifestyle topics to Medicare and Medicaid guides. She is passionate about meeting the evolving needs of older adults as they enter new stages of life. Learn more about Sarah →
Maureen Stanley
Maureen Stanley
Writer & Editor
Maureen comes to SeniorLiving.org with over a decade of experience writing health, lifestyle, and nutrition content for premium brands like General Mills, Westinghouse, and Bristol Myers Squibb. Learn more about Maureen →
Kelly Short
Research & Data Specialist
Kelly is a former award-winning newspaper copy editor and designer. She has over 10 years of experience researching and writing for seniors and their loved ones. And with a Bachelor's in English and a Master's degree in Deaf Education, she has the education to support her real-life experience of serving the elderly. Learn more about Kelly →
Leah Lerner headshot
Leah Lerner
Writer & Editor
Leah Lerner has written and managed content over the past two decades for many brands, including Disney, AT&T, Amazon, and Netflix. Thanks to her work for MYMOVE.com and EHE Health, she also brings expertise in senior relocation and health care resources. Learn more about Leah →
Ann Volkwein
Ann Volkwein
Writer and researcher
Ann has worked in digital marketing for a variety of brands, such as Food Network, Target, and AOL, over the past decade. She brings her expertise on various topics to the table, including lifestyle, media, and sustainable tech. Learn more about Ann →