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Learn About Senior Living Options

With thousands of photos, reviews, and information for elder care communities,
you can't find a more complete senior care resource. Follow our 3 step approach to find the best senior care and living options.

Step 1

Consider Level of Care

If you don't understand the different levels of senior care and lifestyles available, check out our graphic representation of all the senior living options.

Our resources will help you better understand a variety of creative retirement options, outside of traditional retirement homes. From moving abroad for less expensive care to buying into a CCRC for high-end care or communities with an emphasis on Active Living.

Senior Living is a broad term that includes some of the following options:

Independent Living
Assisted Living
Memory Care
Nursing Homes
Personal Care
Memory Support
Skilled Nursing Care
Independent Living
Assisted Living
Memory Care
Nursing Homes
Step 2

Determine Financial Needs

Once you know what type of care you want or need, it is time to think about paying for it. First, think if you might qualify as part of a special interest or special needs group. Do you have special needs and potentially special services available to you?

If you qualify to be part of one of these programs, they can have a big impact on the cost of care and the level of service.

These can include:

There are also some other financial factors that can have a major impact on selecting the best care. Here are some other articles to help you think about your options.

Step 3

Find Local Options

Once you understand your care options and financial position, it is time identify an area you’d prefer to reside. A large majority of folks end up living locally or within miles of a relative. To find living options in your desired location, enter your zip code below.

Find Care in Your Area:

Senior Resources & Guides

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