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Best Walk-In Tubs for Seniors in 2021

Our experts have researched 22 walk-in bathtub brands and recommend 10 of the best options for seniors.

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Top 10 Highest Ranked Walk in Bathtubs for 2021

Walk in tubs often make bathing easier for seniors and for individuals with limited mobility. There are a variety of sizes of walk in tubs, each with its own style and features.

Pricing varies, based on several potential factors, including the manufacturer, the company that installs the tub, size and optional features, and other possible factors that you and the representatives of the companies discuss when you talk to them about installing a walk-in tub.

The advantages of having a walk-in tub installed possibly means the difference between falling or experiencing another injury in the bathroom and feeling safer getting into and out of a tub. Seniors and others that need a tub with wheelchair or other mobility aid accessibility have options with today’s walk in bathtubs.

Discover why these top 10 highest ranked walk-in bathtubs for 2021 made the list and decide which is best for you or your senior loved one.

How We Chose Our Top List

Shopping for a walk-in tub? It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the styles, features and tech, etc. So our experts rolled up their sleeves and got to work researching walk-in tubs from top to bottom. Our top 10 list covers everything from ease-of-use, equipment, service and response, pricing, you name it. You’re one step closer to stepping into the perfect tub for you or your loved one.

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  • 1. American Standard


    American Standard explains that walk in tubs from this company combines the highest-quality safety features with a variety of luxury options. The company offers a diverse selection in models, including accessible walk in tubs. There is a variety of installation configurations available with American Standard walk-in tubs.

    Choose one of the walk-in Air Bath options and enjoy thousands of tiny air bubbles with adjustable massage strength, the ADA compliant soaking tubs, combo massage tubs or whirlpool walk in tubs.

    American Standard considers the company a trusted name with a proud legacy.

    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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      • Offers extensive variety of walk-in tubs with outstanding product and optional features
      • Adjustable strength and adjustable massage on some walk-in tubs
      • Has extensive industry experience
      • Features the largest number of single network of walk in tub installers across the U.S. and Canada
      • Recognized in media numerous times for designing bathrooms meeting needs of individuals with mobility issues and other physical challenges
      • Provides no information regarding price differences among various types of walk-in tubs
      • Although company boasts 215 quick drain walk in tubs, only eight models come with Minute Drain feature
      • Warranties vary from one walk in tub to another model, with additional parts of the same walk in tub varying in warranties
      • Has A FAQs link, yet clicking the link directs site user to call the company for any questions
      • Returns only accepted within first 30 days and only upon company approval


    Pricing varies among the different types and sizes of walk in tubs offered by American Standard. American Standard offers a free estimate for seniors or their loved ones considering a walk-in tub.

    The Bottom Line

    American Standard has the benefit of having extensive experience in the industry, providing a variety of products, including walk in tubs, that helps seniors and those with mobility limitations feel more independent.

    The outstanding variety of models and features likely offer a luxury-type bath experience.

  • 2. Kohler


    Kohler indicates that each of its walk-in tubs blend the important features of comfort, affordability and safety. Safety grips and extra-wide doors allow seniors, including those that use mobility aids, the opportunity to enjoy a spa-like bath that massages the whole body.

    Kohler boasts the lowest step-in of any other company in the industry. Featuring a three-inch step-in, this features likely helps improve the safety of seniors that have difficulty getting into or out of the tub.

    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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      • Features ultra-low step in
      • Fits bathrooms of any size, within space of standard bathtub
      • Turn on the Bask heated neck and back surface before bathing and stay warm while walk in tub fills
      • Comes with adjustable hand shower for greater ease in bathing
      • Warranty only applies to Belay walk in tubs
      • Seems to be only one model, although installers custom-fit it to your bath design
      • Company provides list of recommended products to clean tub and fixtures yet states it cannot guarantee effectiveness on Kohler walk in tub
      • Does not serve all areas
      • Does not appear to have options for wheelchairs or other mobility aids


    Speak with your Kohler representative to learn about pricing. The price varies with each tub model, along with optional features.

    The Bottom Line

    Kohler has a long history of providing quality products, including walk-in tubs. The features provide soothing therapeutic benefits that likely provides a comforting, safe bath for seniors.

    Some potential customers likely find that fitting in their normal bathtub space is an acceptable option, while those that need wider spaces possibly look to a manufacturer that meets those needs.

  • 3. Jacuzzi


    Jacuzzi is a well-recognized name in the industry that designed its bathtubs to provide hydrotherapy after a family member developed rheumatoid arthritis. Improvements in design eventually led to the spa experience many Jacuzzi users likely feel today. There is exclusive technology in its pump systems and other features, including design.

    Seniors likely find that they do not have to worry about safety with a Jacuzzi walk-in tub, which features a wide opening, slip resistant floor, secure grab bars, and low, safe step. Ergonomically placed hydrotherapy jets provide healing hydrotherapy while inside the Jacuzzi walk-in tub.

    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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      • Fast fill and fast drain technology
      • Features hydro massage jets that target different muscle groups
      • Features savings opportunity on walk in tubs
      • Offers both new construction walk in tubs along with remodel and replacement walk-in tubs for existing bathtub space
      • Company calls its walk-in tubs “Ideal” for seniors, with large focus on safety
      • Only certain Jacuzzi models come with limited lifetime warranty
      • Lack of variety in models and features
      • Does not indicate step-in height
      • Tall tub walls that offer neck-deep immersion may not appeal to some seniors


    Jacuzzi offers no pricing information on its site. Determining pricing depends on whether you choose a walk-in tub for a newly constructed home or bathroom, the features and other factors.

    There is an opportunity to save $1500 with your new Jacuzzi walk in tub listed on the site.

    The Bottom Line

    Jacuzzi is likely the most widely recognized name for walk in tubs. Seniors that want the ease of relaxing in a walk-in tub with exclusive technology, fast fill and drain features and a savings opportunity possibly consider Jacuzzi their ideal choice in a walk-in tub.

  • 4. Safe Step


    Safe Step proudly boasts that it is an American company that uses American-made parts. A minimum of 50 employees work on the manufacturing of each walk-in tub, making sure it meets the highest quality standards in the industry.

    The company urges seniors and individuals to contact them for a free quote and consultation so that seniors, others with mobility issues and their loved ones never have to worry about safety getting into the bathtub, while in the tub or getting out of a tub again.

    Safe Step offers a lifetime guarantee on its walk-in tubs.

    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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      • Anti-slip tub, seat and floor
      • Allows for spa comfort
      • Member of the Arthritis Foundation and recognized by several organizations
      • Multiple therapeutic features, including Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System, Hydro Jet Therapy
      • Features anti-scald technology
      • No pricing available on site
      • Upfront fees possibly required before construction begins
      • Some customers discover they have to have a walk-in shower due to limited space
      • Must have good credit for financing if not paying upfront
      • Large number of ‘Learn More’ tabs often force site users to open multiple pages to find detailed information


    Safe Step does not offer pricing information for walk in tubs on their website. Contacting the company provides seniors or their loved ones with exact pricing information after a free quote and consultation.

    Safe Step offers a rebate that the company calls “Helping Hands,” providing purchasers with a rebate of up to $1500 on their Safe Step walk in tub purchase.

    The Bottom Line

    Safe Step offers a variety of walk in tubs, including wheelchair accessible options. Optional features offer the likely feeling of a luxurious spa-like bath.

    Some information is only available upon an in-home consultation.

  • 5. Endurance


    Endurance walk in tubs are manufactured for Lowe’s.

    There are several models and a nice variety of features available with an Endurance walk in tub. There are also a variety of soaking depth options available, allowing users to purchase the right tub for their preferred depth.

    Most Endurance tubs are ADA compliant.

    The fact that Lowe’s sells Endurance tubs provides seniors or their loved ones the opportunity to go to the store, possibly see actual tubs and speak to a representative. Compare this to some manufacturers that require entering your personal information on their website or calling for a representative to come to your home.

    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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      • Outstanding variety of features with various walk in tub designs
      • Built in safety grab bars
      • By buying from Lowes, there are often savings available
      • Meets North American quality standards and regulations
      • Selection potentially limited when purchasing from retail store
      • Lowe’s does not provide installation of walk in tubs, adding to customer expense
      • Endurance website offers very limited information
      • No warranty information provided


    When purchasing your Endurance walk-in tub, you buy it at Lowe’s, which possibly allows for savings opportunities. The price of Endurance walk in tubs varies, depending on the model and features.

    There is an added expense of hiring an installer. When you add the cost of installation to the purchase price, there is the possibility that overall costs compare to that of companies that both sell and install walk in tubs.

    The Bottom Line

    Endurance tubs are manufactured exclusively for Lowe’s. There is no warranty information on the Endurance website so ask the Lowe’s representative about warranty information.

    Seniors possibly like the idea of visiting the retailer and having the opportunity to view walk in tubs and speak to a salesperson.

  • 6. Universal


    This company manufactures its walk-in tubs in the U.S., exclusively for The Home Depot. Universal walk in tubs come in several sizes, models and designs.

    The company designs all walk-in tubs with safety and independence in mind, and offers some wheelchair accessible models. Certain models have heated seats, adding additional comfort.

    The fact that The Home Depot sells this brand of walk in tubs in its stores means that seniors and their loved ones have the opportunity to shop for the ideal walk in tub and speak with a salesperson in person instead of communicating by email or telephone.

    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
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      • Sold at retailer providing opportunity to see actual walk in tub models and designs
      • Sales at The Home Depot possibly lowers price
      • The Home Depot offers installation of walk in tubs by its professional installers for additional costs
      • Universal walk in tubs come in variety of colors, finishes, and features
      • Free home delivery of walk in tub
      • Curbside-only delivery
      • Installation is not included
      • Limited customization options


    Pricing varies among the different models and features of each Universal walk in tub.

    The fact that a reputable retailer sells this brand of walk in tubs potentially appeals to seniors that prefer to shop in person. There are regular in-store sales, providing possible savings, of particular interest to seniors on a fixed budget.

    The Bottom Line

    Universal walk in tub options vary and come with a variety of features that likely meet the needs of seniors looking for a walk-in tub that provides safety, durability and a relaxing bath.

    Delivery is to curbside only, requiring the purchaser to arrange for moving the walk-in tub inside the home.

    Although installation is not included, when seniors add the cost of installation, there is the possibility that the overall price is still within range of other walk in tubs.

  • 7. Homeward Bath


    Homeward Bath is a newer company that designs its own products, and has a professional sales team that guides seniors through the process of purchasing their walk-in tub. Customers choose from several walk-in tub options, including a choice of inward or outward open designs, a step-in model with glass door, sit-in models or easy transfer walk in tubs.

    The website indicates that Homeward Bath offers a prime line of high-end products that the company brings directly to consumers. The company provides the commitment of unmatched quality and workmanship, and being an industry leader.

    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
      • Offers outstanding line of walk in tub models and designs
      • Exceptional choice for consumers with mobility and weight concerns
      • Convenient, easy to reach controls
      • All Homeward Bath walk in tubs made of high-quality materials, providing outstanding strength and easy-to-clean finish
      • Ships walk in tubs directly to home with no installation included
      • Some descriptions on site possibly written in too technical terms
      • Limited warranties on products, with varying warranties on different parts
      • Some Homeward Bath features that are basic features by other walk in tub manufacturers are potentially an add-on, customizable feature at additional cost


    There is no pricing information available on the site. Cost of a Homeward Bath walk in tub depends on specific model, whether you opt for a wider walk-in tub, and other potential variables.

    Seniors apparently pay for their own installation, as there is no information about installation provided by the company.

    The Bottom Line

    Homeward Bath touts itself as a manufacturer of high-end walk in tubs, and other products. The company provides several options, allowing seniors to choose among some designs not always offered by some other manufacturers.

    It is important that seniors get a clear understanding of delivery in case carriers do not bring the walk-in tub inside. Make sure you understand your total costs.

  • 8. Ariel


    Ariel walk in tubs manufactures each walk-in tub with attention to detail, using designer materials, with varying styles and features. Choose from soaker tubs, air bath walk in tubs and other options.

    Ariel ships directly to your home when you choose your new walk-in tub from its website. Customers possibly have the opportunity to purchase the Ariel walk in bathtub that appeals to them most by checking for that particular product at retail stores such as The Home Depot or Lowe‘s.

    The company states that if you are not satisfied with your walk-in tub, there is a hassle free return policy.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
      • Offers a variety of models and styles
      • Committed to manufacturing and selling high-quality walk in tubs
      • Offers no hassle return policy
      • Free shipping anywhere in the continental United States
      • Does not provide installation
      • Provides warranty for just one year, which only covers replacement of defective parts
      • No ADA compliance listed on website
      • Offers same basic description of every walk-in tub on site


    Pricing depends on the specific Ariel walk in tub that you purchase. When a senior has a limited budget, purchasing an Ariel walk in tub at a retailer rather than directly from the website offers potential savings. This is because retailers often have sales that include walk in tubs.

    Prices do not include installation, which is an added cost, due to necessity of hiring a professional installer.

    The Bottom Line

    Ariel makes a variety of walk-in tubs and ships them free across the U.S. The company does not provide installation, making this an added cost for seniors.

    Several Ariel walk in bathtubs are basic walk in tubs, allowing seniors that want a basic walk in tub to make the purchase without many optional costs added on to the price.

  • 9. Ella


    Ella’s Bubbles manufactures the Ella brand of walk in tubs and offers a large variety of models and styles that likely meets the needs of most seniors. The company manufactures every walk-in tub with quality engineering techniques and its customers’ needs in mind.

    The walk-in tubs features an acrylic shell with high gloss finish, and custom-made brushed stainless steel. Choose from common options such as inward or outward swing door, or outstanding wheelchair accessible models. The Ella walk-in tubs come in a variety of shapes, including a U-shaped walk in tub, S-shape and L-shape options. There is one option not found at some other walk in tub manufacturer sites, which is the two-seat walk in tub.

    Seniors purchasing an Ella walk in tub have the opportunity to purchase optional accessories on the site or when speaking with a representative.

    The company offers a limited lifetime warranty, and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
      • Offers variety of walk in tub models and style options
      • Features therapeutic benefits on various models, including air massage jetting, hydro massage jetting, chromatherapy and aromatherapy
      • Manufactures several wheelchair accessible walk in tub models that accommodate seniors in a wheelchair, or larger individuals
      • Features comprehensive explanation of walk in tubs on website
      • Dual Drain Technology features two floor drains, two-inches each that operate independently with stainless steel cables, allowing for quick and easy drainage
      • Although company works with network of installers, there is no mention of covered installation costs
      • Takes 10 minutes or more to fill the walk-in tub
      • Requires that potential customer contact company to locate dealers that sell and install Ella walk in tubs
      • Not every model has ADA compliance listed in description


    Pricing of each Ella walk in tub requires that seniors request price information of each walk-in tub that interests them. Potentially limit the notion of having to request multiple prices by contacting the company and speaking to a representative about your specific walk in tub needs and desired optional features.

    The Bottom Line

    Ella walk in tubs feature a variety of great features, including Dual Drain Technology, walk in tub styles not offered by every other company, and a limited lifetime warranty.

    Seniors likely appreciate the A+ BBB rating, providing them with more confidence when considering the purchase of an Ella walk-in tub.

    The lack of information about where to buy Ella walk in tubs on the site, requiring that the potential customer request information for every tub the consumer wants information about is a potential turn-off for some seniors.

  • 10. Empava


    Empava walk in tubs feature an ultra-low step in threshold allowing for extra safety when entering and exiting your bath. The company uses high-grade industrial quality materials in the manufacture of each Empava walk in tub.

    ADA complaint features likely makes the Empava walk in tubs a nice option for seniors, particularly seniors with mobility concerns.

    Seniors have a variety of options when seeking a retailer that sells Empava walk in tubs, including Sears,, Houzz, The Home Depot, and Amazon.

    Ease of use Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
    Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Please scroll to the right for more info.
      • Walk in tubs meets ADA compliance
      • Purchases over $99 ships free
      • 24/7 online support
      • Features extra wide door with easy turn handle
      • Offers only two walk in tub options
      • Very limited information about walk in tubs on website
      • Company is actually an appliance manufacturer so possibly does not have extensive expertise of some other companies specializing in the manufacture of walk in tubs
      • Warranty and return policy conflict, with stated warranty listed as two years, yet money-back guarantee is for only 30 days


    Although the company lists the price of its two walk in tub models on the website, there is no information about dealers or installers of the walk-in tubs, likely leaving the consumer to find a professional installer on their own and at their own cost.

    Purchase an Empava walk in tub at a retailer and possibly save money if the retailer has a sale on Empava walk in tubs.

    The Bottom Line

    Empava offers two walk in tub models at reasonable cost. The company indicates an understanding of the needs of seniors searching for a walk-in tub and does provide some nice features, such as an extra wide door.

    The company primarily manufactures appliances such as gas ranges and many not have the same level of expertise as some companies that focus solely on walk in tubs or other products designed specifically with the safety and well-being of seniors in mind.

What Are Walk-In Bathtubs?

Walk in bath tubs are tubs that an individual walks into and closes a door behind them, rather than stepping over the entire height of the bathtub when getting into and out of the tub. There are a large variety of walk in tub models with an exceptional array of features, depending on the manufacturer, model and optional features.

The airtight entrance door allows the senior to relax in a walk-in tub and not worry about water leaking onto the floor, potentially causing a slip or fall injury. The senior enjoys soothing, therapeutic benefits such as hydrotherapy and chromatherapy, while seated in their tub, which often meets ADA compliance standards.

Important safety features like grab bars, textured floors, and anti-scald valve increase the comfort and confidence of seniors when bathing, while increasing independence.

If I Buy a Walk-In Tub, Will It Be Shipped and Installed?

Some companies manufacture and ship their own walk in tubs and have specific professional installers that they use when an individual purchases a walk-in tub. Some other walk in tub manufacturers sell their products exclusively at retailers, likely leaving delivery arrangements and hiring an installer to the customer.

When a company ships the walk-in tub, seniors need to make sure they understand the company’s delivery policy. Some shippers possibly bring the walk-in tub inside the home, while others leave it at the curb, meaning the senior has the responsibility of moving it into the home.

Why Should Seniors Consider a Walk-In Tub?

Seniors need a walk-in tub for several reasons. Walk in tubs increase independence, reduce the risk of falls and other injuries and provide a therapeutic, soothing bath experience.

Walk in tubs typically take up no more space than a traditional tub. When a senior that uses mobility aids or decides to purchase a wheelchair accessible walk in bath tub for other reasons, the tub itself, along with additional safety features likely provide the ability to bathe in comfort not otherwise enjoyed prior to the walk-in tub purchase.

When you want improved independence, a spa-like bath experience at every bath and important safety features, a walk-in tub is potentially a life-changing purchase.

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