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We all know someone who is aging — whether it’s a friend, family member, spouse, or partner. And we have seen the challenges and hardships they face. If you have a loved one who is aging, it’s especially difficult to watch time take its toll. So you deserve to have access to better products, services, and experiences that lessen the burden of aging. Thankfully, we live in exciting times. Enterprise is forging ahead, solving the most pressing problems that seniors face. Companies are inventing new products, and innovating safer and better ways to age.

The problem is, you almost wouldn’t know! There are very few resources out there that are geared toward aging adults. There are few resources that discuss, review, or share the products and services that are improving lives. That’s why more seniors and caregivers are turning to SeniorLiving.org.

We know that demand is high for accurate information and quality advice on the resources available to seniors. From senior housing options to medical alert systems, to home modifications, money matters, and so much more. The need for these products and services will only increase over the next 5 to 10 years. And that’s what drives us. We’re just doing our part to improve lives and make these golden years shine as bright as possible. This is our “why.”


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SeniorLiving.org has the most comprehensive directory of senior living options, hands down. From senior housing to health & care, safety, money management, and more — our mission is to help seniors age with ease. Our articles and guides are written by senior care experts. Many of our articles reference government sites and senior care studies, with real facts and figures to back up our advice and recommendations. Sure, we’re known as a compassionate resource for senior living articles, reviews, guides, and more. But we never compromise on publishing objective, unbiased information. After all, you and your loved ones deserve to live with independence and dignity.

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  • SeniorLiving.org is a family-oriented website, not a corporate conglomerate. This means you get quality resources created by people who truly care.
  • We are intricately woven into the online senior community. Over the years we have become a trusted source on topics of senior care and senior living.
  • Our site is constantly updated to reflect the latest senior living resources. Everything you read on our website is fresh, accurate, and helps to solve real problems of aging.
  • We have a highly-qualified team of senior care experts who keep you updated with great articles, reviews, and guides.
  • We publish something for everyone. You’ll find resources related to religious senior care, corporate senior care, living on a budget, and countless other niche topics.
  • It’s data… but it’s fun! Our resources often include neat infographics, as we’re always looking for new ways to “storytell” our data.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Our panel of experts has over 100 collective years of experience in senior care. With their guidance and recommendations for all SeniorLiving.org content, readers can be assured that they are receiving the best possible information and advice for seniors. Our team has hands-on experience researching, reviewing, and testing everything from medical alert systems to senior living options. It’s our goal to present the most unbiased, up-to-date, and useful senior resources possible, and our team of experts plays a vital role in making that goal a reality.

Sarah Goldy-Brown

Writer & Researcher

Eric Olsen, Esq.

Senior Financial Law Expert

Maureen Stanley

Writer & Editor

Jessica Harder, M.D.


Morgan Redding

Writer and Editor

Sharon Boyd, MA, RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

Taylor Shuman

Senior Tech Expert & Editor

Abby Altman, Ph.D.

Geropsychologist/Senior Mental Health Expert

Brad Ingrao, Au.D.

Hearing Aid Expert

Linda Schlenker, M.S., M.A., O.T.R.

Fall Prevention & Senior Safety Expert

Scott Witt

Elder Home Care Expert

Lloyd Maliner, M.D.

Elder Care Expert

Nina Radcliff, M.D.

Elder Care Expert

Brenda Avadian, M.A.

Elder Care Expert

Richard Address, Rabbi, D. Min

Elder Care Expert

Ken Teegardin

Elder Care Expert

Jeff Hoyt

Editor in Chief

Tim Davis

Lead Engineer

Kelly Short, M.S.

Research & Data Specialist

Donna Hicks

Health & Care Specialist

Stephanie Lawrence

Housing Specialist

Kristina Cappetta

Safety Specialist