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AT&T has long been a name associated with quality phone service for decades. Their cellular phone offerings follow that long history of excellence. They continue to be one of the biggest names in telecommunications today.

The cellular industry – as a whole – does not focus on the needs of their senior customers. Rarely do they produce phones designed with features that older adults find useful and – at times – necessary. These features include things like brighter lighting of buttons and screens, enhanced speaker ability, and larger screens and buttons.

Features for Seniors

AT&T offers a plan for adults 65 years of age and older, Senior Nation. This basic plan allows older adults to have reliable cellular service at a more affordable price. However, it only provides calling services and nothing more. If a senior citizen would like to have texting or internet services on their cell phone, this plan would not be for them.

Additional considerations that often are important to senior customers include reliability, ease of use, and affordability. Cell phone features such as those described above – larger, brighter, louder – assist with ease of use. AT&T does not offer any specially designed phones – like those carried by competitors such as Jitterbug – but they do offer all of the largest names in cellular technology including Apple, LG, Samsung, etc.


The costs for cellular service include the purchase of a phone and the fee for monthly service. Each of these areas comes with its own avenues for savings.

Phone Cost

As is the case with many major cellular providers, the AT&T Senior Nation plan can be used with any cellular phone – including phones that are not smartphones. Phones can be bought outright through AT&T or purchased through a monthly charge added to the customer’s monthly service bill. In addition, if a customer already has a phone that they like, it can be used with this service. This enables seniors of all income and technological levels to find the phone that works best for them.

Monthly Service Plans

The AT&T Senior Nation plan is available for $29.99 per month; plus $1.95 per month for a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge that covers fees and surcharges. It is only available for basic phones and is not able to be used with smartphones or tablets. It should be noted that this plan is unavailable online and must be purchased through a phone representative or at an AT&T retailer location.

The plan only has calling services. It includes features and services such as:

  • 200 Anytime minutes – additional minutes are charged at a rate of $0.45 per minute
  • Unlimited calling to other AT&T customers (this is a “Promotional Offer” and thus, is subject to end at AT&T’s discretion)
  • 500 Night & Weekend minutes: Nights are considered as being from 9 pm to 5:59 am Monday through Friday and weekends are from 9 pm on Friday through 5:59 am on the following Monday.
  • Nationwide long distance and roaming
  • Call forwarding
  • Conference calling
  • Voicemail
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID

Senior Discounts

Verizon offers seniors who are members of AARP a discount with their Signature Program. This discount waives the activation and upgrade fees as well as providing 10 percent off the AT&T Mobile Share Plus plan – which comes out to be a $5 savings. It also provides 15 percent off of eligible accessories. However, this discount is not available for those who choose to take advantage of the AT&T Senior Nation plan.

The AT&T Senior Nation plan itself provides savings for older adults. It gives customers roughly $20 off their lowest plan rate. However, that rate is for AT&T’s most basic plan that includes texting and data services which are not included in the Senior Nation plan. So, while it appears to be savings, it is actually a reduction of services deemed unnecessary by AT&T for senior citizens.


Based in Atlanta Georgia, AT&T Mobility started in 1983 and was incorporated in 2000. During the last two-plus decades, they have upheld the reputation for excellent telecommunications services that AT&T has been building since 1885 when it was Bell Telephone Company. This history of excellence dating back to the invention of the telephone provides proven dependability and a solid reputation.

AT&T Senior Nation provides basic cell phone service to seniors. It requires that customers be older than its competitors’ plans do; 65 when most are 55. It also does not provide data and text services like the vast majority of the competition does.

While the monthly cost is lower than that of AT&T’s competitors, their senior-focused service seems to be lacking when compared to the competition. However, if all that a potential customer is looking for is the ability to make a phone call while away from home, then AT&T Senior Nation is one of the most affordable options on the market. Read our full review of the AT&T senior plan here.