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Recently, AT&T has debuted a wide variety of phone plans to address the needs of the many different types of seniors in the U.S., from the active, smartphone users with a Facebook account to the elder that just wants to make phone calls. As the world's largest telecommunications company,1 AT&T is embracing our senior generation by making cell phones that are easier to use and offering special plans that better fit the senior lifestyle.

AT&T offers a bare-bones senior citizen plan, Senior Nation Plan, for just $29.99 per month that provides users aged 65 and older with talk time to stay connected without charging for unnecessary services like text messages or data. Unlike T-Mobile, who offers contract-free options with their senior plans, AT&T requires a 2-year contract commitment to activate their Senior Nation Plan. However, with monthly rates that are at least $10 cheaper than most cell phone plans specific to aging crowds, it may be the best all-around deal—saving you money in the long run.

Typical cell phone plans cost $50 – $100+ per line and are loaded with extra conveniences that most older adults may not use — only 20% over the age of 60 access the internet on their mobile phones.2 In addition to the Senior Nation Plan, AT&T also offers a few other mobile plans that are not exclusive to seniors but are tailored to the needs of the older generation. Let's take a closer look at the pricing, overall value, and offerings from AT&T's cell phone plans for seniors to ensure that you're connected with your loved ones in all the ways that meet your needs!

The Best AT&T Mobile Phone Plans for Seniors

As mentioned earlier, AT&T has a few great options for senior citizen customers. Some plans have specific restrictions, but if you qualify for the plan they can offer tremendous savings over traditional cell phone plans.

AT&T Plan Monthly Price (per line) Features Best Use Restrictions
AT&T Senior Nation Plan $29.99 200 Anytime Minutes

500 Night and Weekend Minutes

Unlimited AT&T Mobile-to-Mobile

Best for seniors who want a basic phone plan to make occasional calls only Age 65+
Only available on basic phones (no data)
AT&T Lifeline3 Discount Varies Not a plan, but a special wireless phone discount available to income-eligible households Best for seniors on a fixed income or government assistance Eligibility based on income, but those living on SSI or who use Medicaid may be eligible
AT&T Unlimited 55 & Over $30 – $80 Unlimited talk, text, and data

Compatible with smartphones and basic phones

Standard definition streaming

Best for technology-savvy seniors who live in Florida Age 55+

Restricted to no more than 2 lines (wearables and hotspots not eligible)

Restricted to Florida residents

AT&T Unlimited Starter $35 – $65 depending on the number of lines Unlimited talk, text, and data

Compatible with smartphones and basic phones

Standard definition streaming

Best for technology-savvy seniors who want to stay connected and maintain multiple phone lines (at least 4) Best price requires multiple phone lines

When deciding if you should go for a traditional ‘senior citizen' phone plan or an economically-priced unlimited plan, the biggest factor to consider is how you will use your phone. If you only make phone calls, then a basic phone plan is sufficient. However, if you want to share photos of the grandkids or get on Facebook, then an unlimited plan is more appropriate.

The AT&T Senior Nation Plan

AT&T is one of the few cell phone companies that still offers a basic, call-only cell phone plan. Many of the other telecom companies—like Verizon—have either forced their senior users to buy smartphones or else paid little attention to their needs. This basic phone plan from AT&T is great because it offers unlimited mobile-to-mobile for calling your family and 200 anytime minutes for making landline calls to doctor’s offices and businesses. There is no fancy smartphone requirement which means that you can get a low-cost flip phone for about $60 and pay just $29.99 monthly to keep the plan. If you are a veteran or AARP member, you may be able to get an additional discount on top of that.

How this plan compares to other networks:

  • Verizon no longer offers a senior citizen call-only plan.
  • During our T-Mobile phone review, we found the provider offers an unlimited talk and text plan for $20 per month, but a smartphone is required and their coverage is not available in all areas.
  • Lively, a phone provider we’ve tested, offers a comparable call-only plan for just $14.99 per month, but their lowest cost flip phone is $100.

AT&T Unlimited 55 & Over

A new player to the game is recognizing senior citizens who want to do more with their phones than just make calls. With monthly rates per line ranging between $35 – $80, AT&T now offers an unlimited plan for the 55 & over crowd that covers talk, text, and data so that you can check in on Facebook, search for local businesses, and receive pictures of the grandkids.

Buyer’s Tip: AT&T gives a 10% discount on standard unlimited plans for AARP members.

While currently only available to Florida residents, we hope this program is successful and can be expanded soon. Like other AT&T Unlimited plans, consumers are rewarded for having multiple lines so the price that you pay is based on the number of lines that you have on your account.

How this plan compares to other networks:

  • T-Mobile offers the essentials with its 55+ plan for $27.50 per line and a minimum of 2 lines required. At face value, this seems like a good deal, but you should know that data speeds are significantly slowed on this plan. Users must pay the monthly rate of $45 to get full network speeds.
  • Verizon offers unlimited talk, text, and data plan for users that are 55 & Over, and like the AT&T plan, it seems to be restricted to residents in Florida.

AT&T Unlimited Starter Plan

Maybe the above plan sounds perfect, but there is just one little problem—you don't live in Florida. Unless you are planning to snowbird, it probably doesn't make sense to pick up and move just to save a few dollars on a cell phone. Instead, choose a basic unlimited plan and a senior-friendly smartphone. Unlimited plans are usually priced based on the services offered like additional streaming channels or extra speed. For basic web and email usage, you will not need anything fancy and the AT&T Unlimited Starter Plan is great. Plus, you can still apply an extra discount on the plan price with your AARP membership or veterans discount.

A Heads Up: This plan is priced based on the number of lines on your account. With at least 4 lines, you can get this plan for as low as $35 per month. For a single line account, users will pay $70 per month before any discounts.

How this plan compares to other networks:

  • T-Mobile offers a very basic version of this plan (minus any guarantee of high-speed internet) for $30 per month.
  • Verizon offers a comparable plan with a similar pricing structure averaging $35-70 per line.

The Best AT&T Cell Phones for Seniors

80% of cell phone users over the age of 60 prefer to use a traditional flip phone4 because there is no new technology or big learning curve to use the device. In many ways, they operate the same as landline phones with a prominent keypad to dial phone numbers and make calls. We did a little digging to find the best senior-friendly cell phones currently offered by AT&T:

Cingular Flip IV

Cingular Flip IV

Cingular Flip IV

This phone is about as basic as you can get in 2021. It is a basic flip phone that is compatible with the AT&T Senior Nation Plan for 65 & over. The keypad and toggle menu is clearly labeled and prominently located inside the flip phone. There are no monthly installments and the phone comes at what we feel is an affordable price of $62.99.

Benefits for Senior Users:

  • Large numbers on the keypad
  • Equipped with Google Voice Assistant so you can speak commands to it
  • Up to 18 hours of standby battery time (requires charging infrequently)
  • Traditional flip-phone design is easier to use

The Cingular IV is not the only flip phone that AT&T offers. Even flip phones come with enhanced technology which might make them more suitable for aging users, particularly those who wear hearing aids.

Sonim XP3 Flip Phone

Sonim XP3 from AT&T

Sonim XP3 from AT&T

Outfitted with a more rugged exterior and gorilla glass display, the XP3 is likely to take a lot more abuse than other flip phone models. This is good news for anyone who might be prone to dropping their phone. It is equipped with voice commands for dialing and basic voice searches. And, it has modern technology to pair well with hearing aids so there will be no feedback or buzzing. This phone currently retails for $189.99 on the AT&T website.

Benefits for Senior Users:

  • Hearing aid compatibility
  • Accessible keypad for dialing phone numbers
  • Long battery life, up to 21 hours
  • Durable build

Apple iPhone XR Smartphone

Apple iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR

For seniors who are looking for a little more connectivity, the iPhone XR is a great entry point into a smartphone plan. The iPhone XR has a large, clear display so seeing the phone is not made more difficult by small icons and hard to read the text. It is also equipped with an easy-to-use camera for taking good pictures. Plus, apple products are popular in the world of smartphones and this model is by far the most affordable and easiest to use.

Benefits for Senior Users:

  • Large display with the vibrant Apple retina LCD technology.
  • Affordable price tag compared to other models.
  • Great for seniors who are already familiar with Apple products.

Important Note: Smartphones are usually priced in installments and added as $5, $10, or $20 per month to your bill. Be careful in choosing your plan and find out if you are buying or renting the phone and how many installments are required.

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The good thing about Samsung is that the user interface for Galaxy models is really easy to use. If you are not opposed to learning how to use a smartphone, Samsung is more beginner-friendly. It is a good-sized display that is easy to read and it is very responsive. That means when you press a button on the touchscreen, the phone responds.

Benefits for Senior Users:

  • Wireless charging means no difficulty plugging in small adapters.
  • Equipped with Easy Mode for a simplified interface with larger icons and text.
  • The price tag is more affordable than the iPhone, but it is still a smartphone.

How Does AT&T Measure Up to the Competition for Senior Cell Phones?

Some seniors are adamantly against owning or using a cellular phone. Other seniors are happy to have a cellular phone but are not ready to embrace a smartphone. And yet still some seniors have joyfully embraced the digital world and want to use their mobile devices to stay connected with their families.

AT&T Logo

AT&T Logo

AT&T still offers both types of phone plans, a basic call-only plan that works best with a flip phone and a senior citizens unlimited plan for smartphones or regular unlimited plans with an AARP discount. AT&T outperforms the competition in this category. Verizon, the second-largest cell phone company has done away with their senior citizen call-only plan and they no longer offer generalized senior citizen discounts. In this way, Verizon is trying to push the older generation into smartphone use—which they may not be ready for.

Phone Provider AT&T Verizon Sprint & T-Mobile
Basic Phones with a Call-only Plan Available Yes

Senior citizen plan starts at $29.99 monthly

No No, but a very basic unlimited plan with a smartphone is about $30/line.
Unlimited Plan for Seniors with a Smartphone Yes

Limited to Florida residents


Limited to Florida residents


No regional limit, but data speeds may not be fast enough to use all services and coverage areas are not as widely available

Discounts for Senior Citizens on Traditional Plans Yes – 10% discount for AARP members No No

The most significant benefit that AT&T offers senior citizens is the flexibility to choose the service, phone, and plan that they need. While other carriers are trying to herd our older generation into getting on board with smartphones by removing any other option, AT&T has embraced the needs of senior citizens by offering terrific options on both sides of the fence.

Perhaps you have seen other cellular phone services that cater to senior citizens and you are wondering how AT&T measures up to the likes of Lively. The answer is simple. AT&T owns its networks. They are one of the oldest telecommunications services in the world and they are currently the largest which means that your cell phone will work anywhere that you go. By comparison, Lively does not own a network. They currently use the Verizon network, but that agreement is subject to change as business changes.

The Takeaway on Choosing the Best Cell Phones for Seniors

There are a lot of moving pieces when trying to compare one phone plan to another. One carrier might offer a terrific monthly price, but have limitations on the phones available or a smaller network. Similarly, another carrier might charge a little more but offer measurable value over the others.

Don't Sign up for More than you Need

If you are only interested in a talk-only flip phone, do not allow a pushy salesperson to let you believe that you have no choice but to sign up for the latest smartphone plan. Carriers like AT&T are still offering basic flip phones with call-only plans.

Compare Coverage Areas

AT&T5 and Verizon6 are both large carriers and have not faced any significant coverage lapses in recent years. If you look at a picture of their coverage map, there might only be a few specs of no coverage areas located deep in the mountains. Don't be fooled by ultra-low pricing from smaller networks or discount carriers because what you save in costs you will pay for in frustration.

Look for Flexibility

Carriers like AT&T that offer a variety of ways for senior citizens to use phones and save are not trying to pigeonhole you into fitting their service. They understand that seniors have different needs and they try to meet those needs which is an indication of the excellent customer service that you will receive when you sign up. When signing up for a new service, take the company at its word. If they are trying to push you to conform with a plan that is not a good fit, you can only expect more of the same once you sign up.

Good deals on cell phones are still out there for senior citizens. While the landscape in the mobile phone arena is undeniably changing, there are still companies willing to cater to the older generation.

The Bottom Line

The most straightforward senior citizen plan that AT&T offers is a call-only plan for anyone 65 years and older. This plan runs for $29.99 per month and includes 200 minutes of anytime talk, plus additional minutes on nights and weekends or when talking to other AT&T mobile users. AT&T is one of the only carriers still offering a basic call-only plan using a basic phone, which is good for the majority of senior citizens who do not use or need a smartphone.

For those that do, seniors can either take advantage of an AARP discount or a new Senior Citizen Unlimited plan (currently restricted to Florida residents). AT&T unlimited plans are priced based on the number of lines on the account, ranging anywhere from $35 – $70 per line. All in all, AT&T is a great provider option as they offer a diverse range of senior-friendly cell phones and mobile plans for the older generation to choose from.