Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids Review 2024

Jabra Enhance offers advanced over-the-counter hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss with excellent ongoing support.

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SeniorLiving.org Rating:
4.8 of 5
$995 Starting Price
3-Year Audiology Support
100-Day Free Trial
3-Year Warranty

SeniorLiving.org is supported by commissions from providers listed on our site. Read our Editorial Guidelines

SeniorLiving.org Rating:
4.8 of 5
Brad Ingrao Jeff Hoyt
Dr. Brad Ingrao, Audiologist Jeff Hoyt, Editor in Chief

Jabra Enhance sells behind-the-ear hearing aids online, directly to consumers. Like all over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, these FDA-compliant devices are designed for people over 18 with mild to moderate hearing loss. Jabra Enhance OTC hearing aids have solid technology behind them, provide excellent sound quality, and offer online support from hearing pros. They’re a great choice for those with mild hearing loss purchasing hearing aids for the first time.

Jabra Enhance behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are made by GN Hearing, a company that also manufactures ReSound hearing aids. ReSound’s underlying hearing aid technology has an excellent reputation, so Jabra Enhance’s decision to offer it at a lower price point is a major win for hearing aid users. I gave Jabra Enhance a 4.8-star rating and a spot on our best hearing aids list thanks to its value for money, long-term support from audiologists, useful mobile app, and excellent features for mild or moderate hearing loss. Read on as I detail my personal experience with Jabra Enhance hearing aids!

Charging Jabra Enhance Select 300 hearing aids

Charging Jabra Enhance Select 300 hearing aids

The Online Buying Process

Compared to traditional hearing aids that need to be purchased in person, Jabra Enhance’s buying process is very accessible and convenient. You can do everything from the comfort of your own home without the need for multiple office visits. Plus, the Jabra Enhance audiology care team is available seven days a week to answer any questions you have.

When I visited the Jabra Enhance website to purchase hearing aids, I started by taking a comprehensive hearing and lifestyle questionnaire. Then, I took a basic online hearing test designed by Jabra Enhance’s head of audiology research, Harvey Abrams.

Jabra Enhance also offers the option to upload a scanned audiogram, which is a printout you get after a hearing screening in a doctor’s office.

I wanted to see how accurate Jabra Enhance’s online testing platform is, so I tried it for myself. The test itself is pretty straightforward. You shouldn’t have difficulty with it, even if you’re not all that tech savvy. Most importantly, it’s accurate. I received results very similar to what I know my hearing to be.

Jabra Enhance hearing test

Jabra Enhance hearing test

The results page is not a typical audiogram but rather a functional descriptor of hearing. I like this though. One of the things I spend a lot of time doing in clinical practice is explaining audiogram graphs to my patients. The functional descriptor is much more user-friendly.

Finally, I can click on a video about my hearing loss type and pattern, and Jabra Enhance’s head of audiology explains my results. Even though this isn’t an individualized explanation, it’s very helpful. Jabra Enhance also gets a thumbs-up for open captioning their videos.


FYI: Near the end of 2022, Lively teamed up with fellow hearing aid company Jabra and rebranded to Jabra Enhance. Together, the two brands hope to make hearing aids more affordable and accessible for those experiencing hearing loss.

Working With a Jabra Audiologist

Purchasing the Premium package for any Jabra Enhance hearing aid gets you unlimited, virtual support from an audiologist. I think the level of care is worth the extra $200 the Premium package costs. You’ll need to have Zoom set up on your phone or computer to have these meetings. You can also get input by posting questions through the Jabra Enhance app.

Scheduling an appointment with a Jabra Enhance audiologist

Scheduling an appointment with a Jabra Enhance audiologist

During my first consultation, an audiologist looked at the hearing aids in my ears to determine if they fit well and were inserted properly. She helped me change my connection wires to ensure the best possible fit. She also worked with me on programming my hearing aids, both on the devices themselves and through the app. If you need help installing the Jabra Enhance app on your phone, they’ll help with that, too.

One of the nice things about this level of hands-on support is your ability to always request sessions with the same audiologist, if you choose. This type of care may not be the same thing as seeing someone in person, but it’s as close as you can get with an OTC hearing aid.

Of course, Zoom calls don’t take the place of medical examinations, so you should absolutely consider in-person appointments if your hearing changes, or you suddenly have issues with balance or dizziness.

Jabra Enhance Pricing

To ease the pocketbook, Jabra Enhance offers its hearing aids at a pretty significant discount compared to the ReSound-branded version you get through a local dispenser or audiologist. They also provide affordable financing options, which is great for older adults who prefer not to fork over the full amount upfront.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? According to Jabra Enhance, more than 95 percent of customers report better hearing after wearing Jabra Enhance hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance prices range between $995 to $1,995 per pair. If you have an HSA or FSA account, you’ll most likely be able to use it to pay for your hearing aids.

For people on a tight budget, this price range may be difficult to access. There are OTC hearing aids that cost less, such as MDHearing. But these may not offer as much support or technological advancement as Jabra hearing aids do.

When thinking about cost, remember how expensive prescription hearing aids are. Some cost $8,000 per pair. The important thing is to minimize the impact of cost on your hearing abilities. Life is simply better when you can engage fully. Hearing well helps you to do that.

When buying Jabra Enhance hearing aids, you’ll have your choice of a Basic or Premium package with the hearing aid model you choose. The Premium package costs $200 more than the Basic option for each model. For the extra $200, you’ll receive three years of unlimited online support with a remote audiology care team, a three-year warranty, three years of loss and damage protection, and hearing aids programmed to your personal hearing test results.

If you go with the Basic package, you won’t receive any follow-up care, and the warranty and loss and damage protections are shortened to one year. Hearing aids in the Basic package are preprogrammed for common types of hearing loss; they aren’t customized to your hearing test results either. For all of these reasons, I recommend the Premium package. The $200 is well worth the level of care you receive.

The long-term support and customization are very valuable, especially since hearing can change over time. You also get a 100-day risk-free trial to try the devices with any package. This is a major plus when you consider that it can take time to adjust to hearing aids.

For more pricing information and how to get the best deal with Jabra Enhance, visit our Jabra Enhance hearing aid pricing guide.

Jabra Enhance offers the most bang for your buck

Jabra Enhance provides a 100-day free trial, three years of follow-up care, and excellent value for money, making them one of our top picks for hearing aids.

4.8 of 5

Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids at a Glance

Hearing aid model Price Battery life Hands-free calling Style Other features
Enhance Select 50R $995 – $1,195 Up to 24 hours No RIE Bluetooth
Enhance Select 300 $1,495 – $1,695 Up to 24 hours Yes, for iPhone 11 or newer BTE Advanced acoustics, best hearing in noise, Bluetooth
Enhance Select 500 $1,795-$1,995 Up to 24 hours Yes, for iPhone 11 or newer, and compatible Android devices BTE Soundscape technology, tap control, and Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast connectivity

Jabra Enhance offers three RIE (receiver in ear) hearing aid models: Enhance Select 50R, Enhance Select 300, and Enhance Select 500. Their hearing aid models feature directional microphones for noise reduction, automatic and manual programs, and feedback control. They also have enough adjustment channels to allow Jabra Enhance audiologists to expertly match the shape and severity of your hearing loss, from mild to moderate.

Jabra Enhance’s nearly invisible hearing aids also feature direct stereo streaming with Apple devices and most Android devices. That means you can stream calls, music, audio from Netflix shows, and more directly to your hearing aids. It’s a great feature, especially for older adults who enjoy listening to music or podcasts while they exercise or commute.


FYI: Check out Jabra Enhance’s handy chart, which makes checking hearing aid compatibility with your phone a breeze.

Below, we’ll take a brief look at Jabra Enhance’s hearing aid models.

Enhance Select 50R

Jabra Enhance Select 50R

Jabra Enhance Select 50R


The Enhance Select 50R is a rechargeable hearing aid. It provides good speech clarity and noise reduction, so the devices are great for everyday listening. I would rank the Enhance Select 50R at the bottom of the list for Lively’s three hearing aids when it comes to features. However, it is an excellent choice for those on a budget.


At only $1,195 per pair for the Premium package or $995 for the Basic option, the Enhance Select 50R is the company’s most affordable hearing aid. Pay as little as $39 per month with a financing plan for the Premium package or $33 per month with the Basic package. Similar to Jabra Enhance’s other models, these hearing aids come with a charging case and 100-day risk-free trial. The Basic package offers a one-year warranty and one-year of loss and damage protection. The Premium package ups those numbers to three years and also includes three years of follow-up care.

Enhance Select 300

Jabra Enhance Select 300 hearing aids

Jabra Enhance Select 300 hearing aids


Jabra Enhance’s mid-tier hearing aid, the Enhance Select 300, features the company’s most advanced technology for natural sound and effortless listening. Of all of Jabra’s offerings, the 300s are your best option for reducing wind and road noise. If you’re chatting with a friend while walking, outdoor noises won’t get in your way.

I took the Enhance Select 300s for a “test drive” on a relatively windy day. I was able to use the noise filter to drown out extraneous sounds; I could listen to a conversation without difficulty.

The 300s also provide the crispest sound quality, including for human speech. With these hearing aids, I could hone in on face-to-face conversations with relative ease, even in noisy environments.

Working with a Jabra audiologist elevated my experience of buying OTC hearing aids. If you’re new to hearing aids, working with a hearing professional can be a game-changer. The audiologist I met with, via Zoom, helped me fit and program my hearing aids. This type of support ensured I had the best listening experience possible.

Premium features include a “Music Mode” that improves the quality of live and streamed music, hands-free calling for most iOS and Android phones, and automatic volume control. I tested out the hands-free feature by making a call while wearing my hearing aids. The sound quality was natural, to me. Buzzing, humming, and feedback were not a problem. This model is a “mini” design, built for all-day comfort and discretion.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for an iPhone that offers hearing aid compatibility, check out our guide for the best made-for-iPhone hearing aids.


Enhance Select 300 hearing aids cost $1,695 per pair for the Premium package, or $55 per month, with financing options. You can bring the price down to $1,495 per pair ($49 per month with financing) for the Basic package. The purchase price includes a charging case, cleaning tools, and a large selection of domes.

My Jabra Enhance Select 300 came with a wide variety of domes.

My Jabra Enhance Select 300 came with a wide variety of domes.

Enhance Select 500

Enhance Select 500

Enhance Select 500


The Enhance Select 500s are Jabra’s smallest hearing aids to date. They include the same next-level features that set the 300s apart from the pack, such as Soundscape technology. This technological breakthrough enables natural sound quality that requires less straining in noise, wind, and other types of challenging listening environments. The 500s also enable increased awareness of sounds generated in back and to the sides of the listener.

Like the 300s, the Enhance Select 500s connect to Jabra’s easy-to-use app that lets you control your own settings for volume and program changes, including music mode. In addition, the 500s have tap control that enables you to answer phone calls by tapping on your hearing aid or ear. This is a useful feature that other Jabra Enhance hearing aids don’t offer that we’ve seen on a few other OTC hearing aids on the market, like the Eargo 7.

If you purchase the Premium, rather than the Basic package, you have unlimited access to professional audiological support, both through the app, on the phone, and via Zoom for three years.

Another major difference between the 500s and Jabra Enhance’s other offerings is streaming connectivity through Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast technology for Android phones and devices that support it. This next-generation technology, while not widely available now, will soon become a highly-popular option. Auracast improves connectivity, audio quality, and battery life.


Jabra Enhance Select 500 hearing aids cost $1,995 for the Premium package, and $1,795 for the Basic package. If you qualify, financing is available for both options.

The cost of the Premium package includes:

  • Custom-programmed hearing aids
  • Charger case, charger, and accessories
  • Three years of professional hearing care
  • Three-year warranty

The cost of the Basic package includes:

  • Pre-programmed hearing aids
  • Charger case, charger, and accessories
  • One-year warranty

Smartphone Apps and Accessories

I installed the Jabra Enhance Select app on my phone and found it easy to use, although screen freezing did occur on occasion. I told my Jabra Enhance audiologist about this, and she recommended I force-close and reopen the app, which helped.

Using the Jabra Enhance mobile app

Using the Jabra Enhance mobile app

Using the mobile app, I was able to alter the volume of my hearing aids. I could also make adjustments by using the noise filter and speech clarity function in these programs:

  • All-Around: For daily use at home, at work, and during everyday activities
  • Restaurant: For noisier environments
  • Music: For listening to live or streamed media
  • Outdoors: For use outside in windy or noisy environments

The Music program also lets you boost or lower bass, medium, or treble notes to your liking.

Making adjustments using the Jabra Enhance mobile app

Making adjustments using the Jabra Enhance mobile app

On the hearing aid accessory side, Jabra Enhance offers ReSound’s devices. ReSound’s most popular wireless are the TV Streamer for $299, MultiMic for $275, and Phone Clip+ for $199.

All of these accessories use 2.4 GHz wireless technology. They enable users to hear and understand speech more accurately even when there’s background noise. Even when the source, (e.g., a TV) is beyond the ideal sweet spot for hearing aids (6 feet), the sound is still clearer.

Jabra accessories are easy to configure and use. They are, in my clinical experience, quite durable and provide a lot of benefits. Plus, the accessory prices are in the average range as hearing aid accessories go. You won’t need to break the bank to get some extra hearing support, should you need it.

Lively Accessories

Jabra Enhance Accessories

Jabra Enhance vs. Other Hearing Aid Brands

If you’re new to hearing aids, I strongly suggest shopping around prior to purchase. You may wish to look at prescription hearing aids, as well as other OTC brands, before you make your choice.

Jabra vs. Other OTC Hearing Aid Brands

Jabra Hearing aids are in the moderate price range when compared to other OTC brands, such as MDHearing, Eargo, and Lexie. So, how do they compare?

If you’re looking for a nearly invisible hearing aid, MDHearing may be a better choice than Jabra Enhance. The company’s NEO XS model has a completely-in-the-canal (CIC) design, so it’s virtually undetectable. Still, I felt my Jabra Enhance devices were quite discreet.

Like Jabra Enhance, MDHearing offers superior background noise reduction and a comfortable, all-day wearing experience. They also offer free lifetime support (longer than Jabra Enhance’s three years) and a 100 percent money-back guarantee. MDHearing’s prices are comparable to Jabra Enhance, but their sales offer steep discounts. You can check out our MDHearing review to learn more.

Eargo hearing aids are also practically invisible. Plus, they have a unique petal-dome designed for comfort, though our team has found they’re not as comfortable for small ears. Eargos are also known for producing rich, full, and crisp sound. These devices come with lifetime support from hearing professionals. Read our Eargo review for more information.

Lexie offers a budget-priced, behind-the-ear hearing aid with a self-fitting option that is comparable to the Jabra 50R. However, Lexie hearing aid features aren’t quite as advanced as Jabra Enhance.

All of these OTC hearing aid brands have mobile apps you can use to make hearing adjustments. Hearing professionals can be reached through each brand’s apps.

Jabra vs. Prescription Hearing Aid Brands

If you have severe or profound hearing loss, you won’t be a viable candidate for any brand of OTC hearing aid. More powerful hearing aids for severe hearing loss are available from brands like Phonak and Oticon. You can read our Phonak review and Oticon review to learn more.

Many people also find that working in-person with an audiologist on their hearing aid choice and maintenance is essential for providing the best level of care. Prescription hearing aids may also be better for you if you have one-sided hearing loss or need a sound library for tinnitus masking.

However, prescription hearing aids are much more expensive than OTC hearing aids. If you’re on a tight budget and have mild to moderate hearing loss, Jabra Enhance’s OTC hearing aids may be your best bet.

Need Help Finding the Right Hearing Aid?

Answer a few easy questions to find the hearing aid that’s right for you.

Final Thoughts on Jabra Enhance

If you have mild to moderate hearing loss and are thinking about diving in with your first hearing aid, I recommend checking out Jabra Enhance. The company’s advanced hearing aid technology and accessories will help you field phone calls, communicate in noisy restaurants, and go about day-to-day life with more confidence and comfort. Jabra Enhance sets itself apart by including three years of online support with a remote audiologist for Premium packages.

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