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Best Invisible Hearing Aids for 2021

Our experts researched and reviewed 10 invisible hearing aids and narrowed the list to their top 5 recommendations.

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Top 5 Highest Ranked Invisible Hearing Aids

Ever since invisible hearing aids were introduced, they have been preferred by many because of the inconspicuous nature. Because they are so discreet, users are able to go about their everyday lives without worrying about a hearing aid getting in the way. Hearing aids are designed to enhance hearing, and not be a burden! While the choices are ample these days, invisible hearing aids are definitely not created equal. To help you make a confident purchase, we have ranked the top 5 invisible hearing aids, and will discuss a few specific models from each brand that are highly recommended. Our picks are as follows:

Here are the Best Invisible Hearing Aids for 2021

How We Chose the Best Invisible Hearing Aids

To help you select the best invisible hearing aid for your lifestyle, we have narrowed down to the top 5 based on several criteria. Durability, ease of use, sound quality, and size are some factors we took into consideration when ranking the best invisible hearing aids in the market. Explore these top-of-the-line devices.

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  • 1. Widex


    The Widex IIC is a small hearing aid that can be placed very deep inside the ear canal, making it invisible. Widex, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids, is known for its stellar sound quality and technology. Widex IIC is a great choice for those looking for a hearing aid that cannot be seen.

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    • Extremely durable
    • No hard edges provide optimal comfort
    • Can be worn in all listening situations
    • Good localization
    • Custom-made for a comfortable fit
    • Only fits certain dimensions of the ear canal
    • Not ideal for ears that produce a lot of wax
    • Not the best fit for people with perforated eardrums


    Widex does not present pricing details on its IIC hearing aid online. To find out more about the cost, visit your local hearing center to speak with a professional or audiologist. He or she should also be able to address any questions you may have about this model, as well as help you weigh out other invisible hearing aid options that may best suit your needs.

    Bottom Line

    While the Widex IIC is not made with the newest technology compared to its competitors’ invisible hearing aids, it still is a practical choice for those looking for one that can be easily integrated with their smartphones via Bluetooth. The sound quality is great, and the company also offers a plethora of apps to help customize the use of their hearing aids. Last but not least, Widex is always happy to help customers whenever needed, through the phone.

  • 2. Signia


    Signia hearing devices are applauded for its phenomenal sound quality, comfort, and ease of use. The company offers a variety of innovative features to help enhance people’s hearing experiences. As far as invisible hearing aids go, Signia carries a couple different models to choose from: Insio Nx IIC and Insio Silk X.

    Insio Nx IIC is also a stellar hearing aid available in three levels of technology including the 7px, 5px, and the 3px. It is extremely small though, so unlike the rest of the Nx range that connected directly via Bluetooth, this model doesn’t have that feature.

    Last but not least, Insio Silk X is another small hearing aid that can be invisible depending on your ear canal size. Otherwise, it’s almost invisible and ready to wear. This model is designed to fit up to 80 percent of all ear canals. It is a modular type of hearing aid that utilizes a flexible Click Sleeve to provide an immediate, snug, and comfortable fit. If you are looking to walk into your hearing test and walk out with hearing aids perfectly fitted into your ears, then this would be a solid choice!

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    • People with severe hearing loss can use this brand
    • Variety of options to choose from
    • Made with innovative technology
    • Instant fit IIC if you go with Insio Silk Nx
    • Three technology levels to suit everyone’s needs
    • Insio Silk X, while offers an instant fit for many, may not be compatible with all ear canals
    • Insio Nx IIC is too small to have Bluetooth connectivity feature


    Signia’s pricing varies greatly depending on where you shop and purchase their hearing aids, as well as the specific features and design you choose. To find out whether any of these Signia models fit within your invisible hearing aid budget, visit your local hearing aid center to learn more.

    Bottom Line

    Signia is continually integrating new technology into their hearing aids to meet the needs of people who are hearing-impaired. It can often be difficult for someone with severe hearing loss to find a reliable invisible hearing aid, but Signia does take into consideration all hearing loss levels, and even boasts three technology levels to suit everyone’s needs! The company website is filled with useful information which can be helpful for those who are keen on possibly getting their questions and concerns addressed without needing to call and talk to someone.

  • 3. Eargo


    If you are in the market for a newer hearing aid brand, then Eargo may be a great fit. Though they are newer, they are certainly becoming one of the most sought after brands when it comes to invisible hearing aids. Eargo boasts high-quality, natural sound and a sleek design that many love. The company carries three hearing aid products as well as accessories. The models are Eargo Neo HiFI, Eargo Neo, and Eargo Max. Accessories like extra Flexi Palms, wax guards, and chargers are available for purchase as well.

    Eargo Max

    The Eargo Max is designed to be an affordable, “entry level” device for people with mild to moderate, mostly high frequency hearing loss. Because it was designed for this type of loss, there is very little low frequency (bass) response. The design also allows for the amplification of mid and high frequencies. This seems like a negative, but in my opinion, it’s actually OK. As long as the pre-fitting interview and test correctly identify the client’s hearing loss shape, there is no reason that this frequency response will be a limiting factor. That said, the major downside to this hard limit is that it doesn’t allow for any significant changes in hearing over time. If we look at the typical trajectory of hearing loss, where low and mid speech frequency (500 Hz to 2000 Hz) change faster for males than higher frequencies, this may limit the useful life of the Eargo Max.

    Eargo Max comes with a charging case, hearing aids for each ear as well as two large Flexi Palms, six regular Flexi Palms, two large Flexi Domes, wax guard, USB C Cable, USB plug, and a cleaning brush. The Eargo Max costs $1,850, which can be split up in monthly payments.

    Eargo Neo

    The Eargo Neo is the “mid-range” product in the lineup. The physical form factor is essentially the same as the Max, but the digital amplifier is newer and allows for more fine tuning, and it’s compatible with the Eargo mobile app.

    The Eargo Neo comes with a charging case, hearing aids for each ear as well as two large Flexi Palms and two regular Flexi Palms, wax guard, USB C Cable, USB plug, and a cleaning brush. Two Eargo Neo hearing aids cost $2,350, which can be split up in monthly payments.

    Eargo Neo HiFi

    The top tier Eargo is the Neo HiFi. Like the Neo, it uses the newer internal circuit and is compatible with the mobile app, but it also offers a wider frequency response, allowing it to fit people with more hearing loss in the very high frequencies. The Eargo Neo HiFi costs $2,950 per set.

    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
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    • Sells their invisible hearing aids outside of traditional prescription models
    • Lower price as they are more accessible
    • Entire product line is invisible if not nearly invisible (depending on individual ear type/shape)
    • Cases act as charging devices, so there’s no need to purchase a separate “charger”
    • Each customer is paired with a personal hearing professional who provides lifetime support
    • Not designed for those with profound hearing loss
    • Does not work with insurance companies


    One great thing about Eargo is that unlike competing brands, the company is pretty transparent with their pricing. In fact, you can easily find pricing information online. Currently, Eargo Neo HiFi costs $2,950, Eargo Neo costs $2,350 and Eargo Max costs $1,850. It is possible to split the cost into monthly payments for those looking for such an option.

    Bottom Line

    With Eargo’s superior customer support, reasonable prices, and quality products, it’s hard to not keep them at the top of the list when narrowing down the choices while shopping for an invisible hearing aid. The technology used in their devices make it a breeze to customize the hearing experience to suit individual needs. With their monthly payment plans, more people can afford Eargo devices without stretching their budgets too far.

  • 4. Phonak


    Phonak is the manufacturer of the world’s first and only 100 percent invisible extended wear hearing device that delivers natural sound, called Lyric. Its unique placement in the ear canal allows it to stay fully hidden, while users are able to capture sound from the outside world naturally and experience exceptional sound quality, even in very noisy listening environments. Since it is 100 percent invisible, wearers essentially can forget about their hearing loss and start focusing on enjoying life. Those who purchase this invisible hearing aid will also get a Lyric subscription free for one year, which covers servicing on the device and technology updates when they become available.

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    • Extended-wear technology
    • Long-lasting battery
    • Moisture protection
    • Exceptional sound quality
    • Wear it for months at a time
    • Only available under a subscription model, which can be costly over time
    • Older technology using the analog style (vs. digital, which would then have digital speech processing)
    • Needs to be professionally inserted by a hearing professional, which can become inconvenient if say, you want to take the hearing aid out while you sleep or go swimming


    The cost of Phonak’s Lyric model varies with location. If you are interested in finding out whether or not this device is within your budget, visit your local hearing provider for more information.

    Bottom Line

    Looking for a 100 percent invisible hearing aid that can operate for months at a time without removal? Phonak’s Lyric may be worth considering, if the pricing is right with your budget over time. Since it is only sold under a subscription model, you would have to bear in mind that in the long run, this option might be on the pricier end compared to these other invisible hearing aid models we’ve discussed so far.

  • 5. Starkey


    Many independent audiologists recommend Starkey‘s Picasso II when it comes to invisible hearing aids. This model is a small device that sits deep within the ear canal to support the way our ears naturally pick up sounds, and to let the wearer use most standard earpieces with no problem. It is packed with advanced features for speech understanding in noise. Sit back and watch Starkey Picasso automatically adjust to the world around you!

    Picasso is compatible with the full line of Surflink wireless accessories including remote controls, Bluetooth streamers, and remote microphones.

    Ease of use Equipment Service & Response Features & Tech Pricing
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    • 30-day trial available
    • Very real and natural sound
    • Custom-fit for optimal comfort
    • Ear-to-ear streaming of phone calls
    • Control the device from a mobile phone using a corresponding free app
    • Uses a small battery that needs to be changed every 5-7 days which may be too often and inconvenient
    • Recommended for those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, so those with profound hearing loss may not be a good fit


    Starkey does not sell any hearing aids through the company website directly. Starkey products are available for purchase through a network of distributors and audiology centers. Those interested in pricing and other details should contact their local hearing facility to learn more. Be sure to inquire about financing plans available, and check to see if your healthcare insurance covers any part of a hearing aid purchase.

    Bottom Line

    Starkey is an independent and family-owned hearing aid business. They have a long history of innovation and success in the hearing aid industry, making their invisible hearing aids a smart choice for those looking to improve their hearing and enjoy the sounds of the world clearly.

Important Features in an Invisible Hearing Aid

Invisibility is important to many people who are hard of hearing, simply because it’s nice to have hearing aids that enhance hearing without getting in the way. In addition to this important feature, below are other functions to look out for in an invisible hearing aid:

Background Noise Reduction & Speech Enhancement

Most hearing aids today offer background noise reduction and speech enhancement as standard features that go hand-in-hand. They come in really handy when you find yourself in noisy situations, having a hard time focusing on hearing people or sounds that you need to hear. Verify with your hearing provider that the model(s) you are interested in do offer these features.

Caveat: Because all invisible hearing aids only have one microphone, there will be limitations to how well they can separate speech from background noise. If you are interested in an invisible hearing aid, it is advisable to request Speech in Noise testing during your hearing test to determine if a remote microphone is warranted.

Feedback Cancellation

No hearing aid will completely eliminate feedback, however, the good ones will significantly suppress it to make it more comfortable for you to hear. When shopping for an invisible hearing aid that’s right for you, it’s important to ask your hearing provider for hearing aids that have advanced feedback cancellation if you are sensitive to feedback.

Multiple Hearing Aid Channels

Your doctor will ultimately determine whether your level of hearing loss will require multiple hearing channels for best hearing results, but it’s good to consider this. A multi-channel hearing aid isn’t necessarily better, but it helps the hearing aid divide sounds into more frequency sections for separate analysis. Having more channels may be beneficial if you have complex hearing loss.

Telephone Features

Being able to communicate with others on the phone easily is important. See whether your potential invisible hearing aid offers Bluetooth streaming or some other form of easy phone use like a specific program in your hearing aid that your provider may set up. Hearing aids and phones do not always work together seamlessly, so be sure to inquire your hearing provider about the different set-up options out there.


Some invisible hearing aids are “smart” enough to “learn” the wearer. By this, we mean that they can internally record the number of hours the hearing aids are worn, volume preferences, and the nature of the wearer’s usual sound environments, for example. This feature can be practical for users to fine-tune their hearing experience, and provide audiologists a way to identify and resolve certain types of hearing issues experienced.

Tinnitus Masking

If you experience ringing in the ears, you will need an invisible hearing aid that boasts Tinnitus masking as a feature. These hearing aids have sound generators that produce various sounds to offset the perceived loudness of Tinnitus. While it’s a relatively new feature, it has proven to be useful, and definitely worth looking into if it’s a concern for your individual lifestyle!

Final Thoughts

With so many many different hearing aid brands and models out there, and endless features to consider, it may be a daunting task to decide on which invisible hearing aid is best for you and your lifestyle. Consult with a hearing professional or audiologist who can better analyze your listening needs and help you evaluate which features are essential.

As a practicing audiologist since the 1990’s, Brad Ingrao, AuD has fitted thousands of hearing aids to seniors and people of all ages. Brad is the Official Audiologist for the International Committee on Sports for the Deaf and a well-known speaker. Dr…. Learn More About Brad Ingrao