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Signia Hearing Aid Reviews

13+ Style Options
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4.5 of 5
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If you’ve been looking around for a hearing aid, you’ve noticed that there are so many companies to choose from that it can become overwhelming at times. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what each company offers so that you can find the right hearing aid for you.

Signia hearing aids are part of the Sivantos Group which has been in the hearing aid business since 1913. Signia is the latest to join the Sivantos group. It aims to provide hearing innovations that center around the customer’s needs while delivering the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

To that end, Signia offers a large variety of hearing aid styles to fit everyone’s needs. It also offers the latest technology to help stream sound from other devices right to your hearing aid.


Signia offers several different hearing aid models, with the latest being the Styletto.


The Styletto hearing aid is not only the newest, but also the sleekest model when it comes to design. It boasts the world’s first slim receiver-in-the canal hearing aid. It can last all day when it’s fully charged. You can also get direct streaming from your smartphone, television, and audio services. The Styletto model also uses Own Voice Processing to help give you the clearest hearing possible. It is best for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Motion Charge & Go Nx

Like the Styletto model, this model also uses Own Voice Processing which eliminates the complaint many hearing aid users have that their own voice sounds too loud or unnatural. It also makes all other sounds pleasing. The 3D Classifier provides advanced automatic control to give you the highest hearing performance. With Sound Clarity you’ll get the most natural sound in every listening situation. There is also Speech Quality which allows you to hear speech clearly even in noisy environments. The Motion Charge is good for people with all levels of hearing loss.

Insio Nx ITC/ICE

The Insio model provides direct streaming from Bluetooth audio, as well as television and other equipment. It also comes with a push button so you can change your hearing programs or volume manually. The Insio model also has all of the benefits of the Motion Charge model such as Speech Quality, Sound Clarity and Own Voice Processing. The Insio Nx is good for people with all levels of hearing loss.

Insio Nx (ICC/CIC)

This Insio model is small in size and is tailor-made to suit the shape of your ear. It carries all of the features of the other Insio models above.

Pure Charge & Go Nx

The Pure Charge can be fully charged while you sleep so it’s ready to go for the entire day when you wake up. It uses a lithium ion battery which is often preferred because it lasts longer. It comes with an inductive charger that charges automatically when you place it in the charger and turns on automatically when you take it out. It has a sleek design which is appealing to many users. You can enjoy high quality hearing while taking advantage of all of the benefits of the Insio model as well. It can be controlled remotely or with a push button which is on the hearing aid. The Pure Charge is good for people with all levels of hearing loss.

Pure 10 Nx and Other Pure Models

Signia offers several models of the Pure hearing aid besides the ones mentioned above. These hearing aids are small and fit discreetly behind your ear. The Pure 10 Nx is good for people with all levels of hearing loss and is fully automatic, so there are no manually adjustments needed. There is also the Pure, the Pure 312 Nx and Pure 13 Nx models.

Pure 13BT

This model allows you to connect directly to your iPhone without the need for any other device. It also provides excellent hearing capability in noisy environments. You can also stream TV and other devices right to your hearing aid.

Cros Pure Nx and Other Cros Hearing Aids

These types of hearing aids are best for those with hearing loss in one ear. With its discreet design, you still get Bluetooth connectivity as well as the technology to help you understand what people are saying in the noisiest situations.


This is the smallest behind the ear hearing aid that Signia offers. You can control it from your smartphone. It has an advanced speech function which singles out the dominant speaker so you can focus more easily on a conversation. It also has the capability to drown out extraneous background noise.


The Carat hearing aid is good for people with all levels of hearing loss and fits inside the ear canal. It has directional microphones to help you better understand conversations and has a rocker switch to adjust the volume. You can also activate tinnitus therapy sounds.


These hearing aids use high-capacity lithium power cell that gives you two days of use on just one charge. It can be controlled by a push button on the hearing aid or through the app. This model also has tinnitus therapy sounds and wireless connectivity options.


As one of the smaller designs in the Signia group, this hearing aid provides exceptional sound quality. It also has technology to send sounds from one hearing aid to the other. The microphone helps to focus on the speaker in the front while drowning out the noise in the back.

Intuis 3

There are several Intuis models that either sit behind the ear or inside the ear for comfort and reliability. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy clear sound and the option to control your hearing aid manually or from your smartphone.

It’s important to note that Signia does offer many of its hearing aid models to veterans through the Veterans Administration to those who are eligible for VA services and benefits. Contact your local VA to see if you qualify.


Besides hearing aids, Signia also offers many accessories for its hearing aids.

Streamline Mic

The streamline mic gives you hands-free audio streaming of phone calls and music with any Bluetooth device.

Streamline TV

Get audio from your television streaming directly to your hearing aids with this device.

easyPocket Remote Control

Control features of your hearing aid with this remote control.

miniPocket Remote Control

This remote control fits easily on your key chain so that you can have control anywhere you are when you’re on-the-go.


This device recharges and refreshes your hearing aids overnight so that you wake hearing perfectly. There’s also a car adapter available for the charger.

Technology & Features

Much of the technology that Signia offers with its hearing aids comes with its apps.

myControl App

With this app you can control setting and preferences right from your phone. It is available for iOS and Android phones.

myHearing App

This app provides all the support tools you need to get the best hearing experience. From user guides to listening exercises, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

easyTek App

With the easyTek app, you can see the status of your hearing aid right on your smartphone.

Touchcontrol App

This app allows you to control the volume, bass, and treble of your hearing aid from your smartphone.

Hearing Test App

Test the level of your hearing easily with this app. The hearing test will determine how well you detect words with background noise.

Other features Signia offers with its hearing aids are mentioned above, such as its Own Voice Processing technology that helps users hear their own voices clearly. With Sound Clarity you’ll get the most natural sound in every listening situation. There is also Speech Quality which allows you to hear speech clearly even in noisy environments.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Signia offers several how-to videos on its website as well as numerous FAQ to help answer common questions. There is also an online form to fill out if you have specific questions that are not covered online. The various apps also aim to answer questions.


In summary, Signia offers an immense line of hearing aid models. With so many to choose from, there is bound to be one for everybody. With its hearing aids, Signia offers many features to help drown out background noise and help the user focus on the speaker in conversations. There are also many apps available to help people to use their hearing aids. While this may be helpful for those who have smartphones and are tech savvy, it may become a roadblock for others. This is something to keep in mind as you search for the right hearing aid. The company also relies heavily on its website to give information, which may be helpful for some while leaving others at a disadvantage.