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One of the newest brands of hearing aids to hit the market is also fast becoming one of the most sought after. Eargo is a significantly different hearing aid than other models available today, which is why it has received a lot of positive reviews from hearing professionals. Consumers find it to be a reliable and quality solution for both hearing quality and comfort.

Eargo sells hearing aids outside of traditional prescription models. Because of a change in the laws through the 2017 Reauthorization Act, it is now possible to purchase hearing aids without having a formal prescription for them. Eargo seized that opportunity to be these more advanced and innovative products in consumers’ hands. Eargo hearing aids are not designed for profound hearing loss and may not meet the needs of some individuals with severe forms of hearing loss.

Because the Eargo model allows the company to sell directly to consumers, it is able to charge a lower price for the hearing aids, making them more accessible to seniors and others who may be at the beginning of hearing loss. The company’s products are comparative in terms of quality sound production as most other products, but there are a few things that help this product to stand out.

Eargo offers several hearing aid models from which you can choose. This includes the Eargo Max is a mid-level model and one of the most commonly used. It offers better amplification and active noise cancellation. It also features Flexi Fibers, though you can update to Flexi Palms. The final option is Eargo Neo, which is one of the latest models related by the company. It has some of the most advanced technology in it, including outstanding sound amplification. It comes with Flexi Palms (more on these features later).


Eargo, which offers several models for consumers to choose from, delivers high-quality sound. It is also virtually impossible to see hearing aid – which is one of the features many people seek out. Consider these features that make the Eargo product line so sought-after.

  • Flexi Dome: The Eargo Flexi Dome is the portion of the device that fits into the ear to hold it in place. Then, each model comes with either Flexi Fibers or Flexi Palms. Both are types of silicone flanges that are very flexible. These are placed behind the dome. This keeps the hearing aid securely in place but also helps to keep it comfortable. Flexi Palms are considered the more advanced solution because they adjust to the movement of the ear more fully.
  • Natural Sound: There are four different sound profiles available. To change them, you just need to double tap on your ear. This allows them to toggle between them, allowing you to find the right level for your needs. Also important, while most hearing aids amplify sound from behind you, Eargo’s amplifies sound in front of you, creating a more natural sound for you.
  • Rechargeable: The hearing aids are rechargeable, which means all you need to do is to take them out, place them in the included charging case, and pull them back out when you need them. This helps to minimize trips for battery replacements.
  • App: The hearing aid is designed for your ears. To do this, the company’s mobile or web-based app is used to fine-tune the hearing aid, allowing it to be matched to your lifestyle. You’ll work with a Personal Hearing Professional to get this hearing just right.
  • Invisible: One of the best features for many people is that it is hard for anyone to know you have the hearing aid in unless you tell them it is there. It is very sleek and designed to be as close to invisible as possible.


There are a lot of things to appreciate about the Eargo line of products. One of them is the clarity on pricing. The Eargo Max is priced at $1,850, the Eargo Neo is priced at $2,350 and the Eargo Neo HiFi is priced at $2,550. Financing options are available from the company. They even offer discount codes and free trials at times.

In addition to this, users can also purchase accessories if they would like to. For example, it is possible to purchase additional Flexi Palms, Flexi Fibers, and Flexi Domes. Each set costs $25. A Wax Guard replacement tool is also $25. You can also purchase the charger bundle, which includes a charger, USB cord, and USB plug for $395.


The Eargo technology helps to make this a must-have device for many people. You will find it is very reliable and offers excellent sound quality overall. It’s lower costs than prescription models, and ease in obtaining it also makes it an excellent choice for many people. Read some Eargo reviews here to learn more about this hearing aid offering.