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Hearing loss is a common problem that many people experience with age. It affects nearly 1 in 3 adults over 65, and 1 in 2 adults over 75 in the United States.1 Traditional hearing aids can be a pain to place inside your ear as they are typically large and clunky in design. Fortunately, Eargo, a California-based hearing aid manufacturer, uses state-of-the-art engineering to provide optimal hearing experiences by creating sleek, rechargeable hearing aid devices that are virtually invisible.

Eargo offers three hearing aid options—Eargo Max, Eargo Neo, and Eargo Neo HiFi—that provide a variety of hearing enhancing features for those experiencing early-onset hearing loss. When we tested out the products for this year's Eargo review, we found that the company is ideal for first-time hearing aid users with early-onset hearing loss. If you're not sure what level of hearing loss you have, Eargo recommends taking their hearing assessment, or in more advanced cases, they can use a formal hearing evaluation from an audiologist.

Eargo Hearing Aids

Eargo Hearing Aids

With prices ranging from $1,800-$2,650 per pair, Eargo's pricing is significantly cheaper than companies like Widex and ReSound which can cost upwards of $5,000 per device. Along with the pricing, we love that Eargo offers on-demand support from licensed hearing professionals with options to personalize the hearing care journey. Below, we'll break down the offerings of each Eargo device as well as their pricing and overall value—let's get to it!

The Lineup of Eargo Hearing Aids

Eargo's lineup consists of three types of hearing aids, each with varying levels of technological function and features. All of Eargo's devices are rechargeable and designed with Flexi Fibers made of medical-grade silicone that provides airflow into the ear canal which permits natural low frequencies—creating a complete sound experience for the wearer. They also include free shipping and access to their team of licensed professionals for all of their hearing aid devices. Let's dive into the pricing details, differences, and expectations below.

Eargo Packaging

Eargo Packaging


Priced at $1,850 per pair, the Eargo MAX is the ultimate budget-friendly option that provides all of the essential core features: invisibility, comfort, hearing health, professional support, and a one-year warranty. It's no surprise that the Eargo Max was listed as the “Best Invention” in 2018 by Time Magazine2 as it is a great choice for first-time users with mild to moderate hearing loss. This pair features Eargo's standard sound amplification, dynamic feedback reduction, and active noise cancellation. The sound amplification helps increase the volume of sounds while the feedback reduction limits other vibration and frequency interference. The noise cancellation ensures that you only hear the frequency of sound that you need to.

Unboxing the Eargo Max:

  • Two Eargo Devices (left and right)
  • Charger
  • Micro USB Cable
  • USB Plug
  • Two large Flexi Fibers and Six Regular Flexi Fibers
  • Two large Flexi Domes ($125 value)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Wax Guard
Eargo App Notification to Charge

Eargo App Notification to Charge


The Eargo Neo is an upgrade from the Eargo Max and costs $2,350. It comes with higher quality amplification—a larger range of volume—and feedback reduction, as well as top-of-the-line noise cancellation. Essentially, the Eargo Max is better equipped to recognize and filter out background noise and frequencies that may interfere with clear sounds.

Worried About Sizing?: You can request a pair of non-working devices to make sure that the fit and comfort is just right for your needs.

The Eargo Neo is compatible with the Eargo Mobile App, which is great for seniors with smartphones who prefer to be more hands-on in managing and personalizing their hearing experience. With the tap of a finger, the enhanced audio control allows you to change between different sound profiles—and it automatically saves your selections.

Like the rest of their products, the Eargo Neo is ergonomically designed with silicone Flexi Palms which allows the device to “float” in the ear for maximum comfort and permits lower frequencies to enter the ear for a more natural sound.

Unboxing the Eargo Neo:

  • Two Eargo Devices (left and right)
  • Charger
  • USB-C Cable
  • USB Plug
  • Two large Flexi Palms and Six Regular Flexi Palms ($100 value)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Wax Guard
Eargo App Charger Connection

Eargo App Charger Connection


The Eargo Neo HiFi is the most advanced hearing aid option out of the group—costing $2,950 which is still reasonable compared to other brands in the industry. By broadening the frequency response to suit people with higher levels of hearing loss (mild to moderate-to-severe), the Eargo Neo HiFi offers all of the core audio features but fine-tuned to provide a more natural listening experience.

Deal Alert: For a limited time, Eargo is currently offering $300 off the price of the Eargo Neo HiFi. Take advantage of this deal while it's available!

The Neo HiFi also includes wind noise reduction for clearer sound outdoors. This is a great feature for seniors who enjoy outdoor activities, such as attending a baseball game or playing golf with some buddies. Like the Eargo Neo, the Neo HiFi is supported by the Eargo app and can be personalized using the help of your hearing professional and enhanced audio controls on the device. The Neo HiFi is designed with Tetra Palms which provide additional comfort, as featured in the Eargo Neo. It also comes with an upgraded two-year warranty!

Unboxing the Eargo Neo HiFI:

  • Two Eargo Devices, Left and Right
  • Charger
  • USB-C Cable
  • USB Plug
  • Two large Flexi Tetrapalms, Two regular Flexi Tetrapalms, Two Flexi Fibers ($75 value)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Wax Guard

Are Eargo Hearing Aids Worth the Cost?

Medical grade hearing aids on the market can range anywhere from $599 to $5,000—per device, meaning each earpiece is sold separately! Eargo's product line provides value in featuring their devices as a pair. Their highest priced pair comes out to $2,650, which can be hundreds or thousands of dollars less than the price of just one device from other leading manufacturers.

Buyer's Tip: Eargo provides financing options and a variety of discounts for personnel in the military, medical, and federal fields to make their technology accessible to many people.

For instance, Widex has devices with similar capabilities to Eargo, but they cost up to $3,000 per device or up to $6,000 for two devices. Miracle Ear is one of the oldest and most popular hearing aid providers, and while they provide high-quality devices, you can expect to pay around $4,000-$10,000 for a pair of hearing aids.

We've compared Eargo to other leading In-the-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aid providers in the same class. Here is how they held up to the competition in terms of price, ease of use, customer support, and warranties.

Company Price Range Visibility Free Online Hearing Test Lifetime Warranty Range
Eargo $1,850 – $2,950 per pair Virtually Invisible Yes 1-2 years
Widex $750 – $3,000 per device Low Visibility No 3 years
Embrace Hearing $799+ per device Virtually Invisible Yes 2-3 years
Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids $1,000 – $5,000 per device Low Visibility Yes 3 years
ReSound $1,149 per device Low Visibility No 1-2 years

To top it off, Eargo's customers receive lifetime support from a group of hearing specialists. That alone is worth thousands of dollars in saved time and energy hassling with appointments and call centers to fix issues or ask questions. They even supply you with extra replacement accessories in every package to guarantee that you get the longest use of their product before you have to pay for replacements—customer care at its finest!

Are Eargo Hearing Aids Right for Me?

The FDA classifies Eargo's devices as Class II Medical Grade Hearing Aids. They are best for seniors experiencing mild to moderate high-frequency hearing loss.3 They do not recommend their devices for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss as their hearing aids provide an increase in sound clarity versus volume.

Eargo's hearing aids are class one medical devices, the same class as those that you find in doctor's offices and hearing aid retailers.

An Important Note: Medicare does not currently cover the cost of any hearing aids.

Eargo hearing aids are engineered to provide amplification as well as feedback reduction and noise cancellation. Feedback reduction is helpful for seniors who enjoy the use of other devices such as cell phones or tablets for entertainment like listening to music and watching movies. Noise cancellation can help make conversations with friends and family more clear during large gatherings and in public spaces.

In addition to the state-of-the-art hearing technology, Eargo also provides its clients with lifetime support from their team of licensed audiologists and hearing professionals. These professionals assist you in setting up your device and personalizing your hearing experience. Lifetime support means that even if your preferences and needs change, your hearing professional will assist you to make certain that your device meets your needs along the way.

How Do I Purchase an Eargo Hearing Device?

Eargo prides itself on making the buying process simple, efficient, and safe. In today's COVID-19 climate, going into a clinic can be dangerous for seniors. With Eargo, you never have to make an appointment with an audiologist for an audiogram. The experts at Eargo will work with you to understand your hearing needs and help you find the best solution to meet them. The whole process takes three simple steps:

Eargo Hearing Test

Eargo Hearing Test

Step 1: Contact Eargo and Take a Quick Hearing Assessment

If you are interested in purchasing, Eargo encourages their new customers to speak with their certified specialists over the phone to determine which device works best for their hearing situation. They have a quick and comprehensive hearing assessment that you can take online to help you understand your hearing needs.

Step 2: Order your Eargo Device

Once you determine your ear needs, you can choose between Eargos three devices that best fit your situation. Ordering your Eargos is quick and easy. Eargo provides you with the option to order online directly from their website, or over the phone by calling their support line. Eargos arrive between 2-3 days to your doorstep after your order.

Eargo Hearing Aids

Eargo Hearing Aids

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Listening Experience

Once you receive your Eargos, you can use them directly out of the box. Eargo provides you with a Welcome Call via phone or video chat, in which you speak with a licensed professional to set up your listening preferences and make Eargo work best for you.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, Eargo's hearing aids are a great option for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. We love that their earpieces are optimally designed to fit into the ear canal with the utmost discretion and provide optimal comfort. As mentioned throughout, it's important to remember that Eargo hearing aids are not a viable solution for those with very severe hearing loss. If Eargo doesn't seem like the right fit, check out our list of this year's best hearing aids recommended by audiologists for more options.

Starting at $1,850 per pair, they are an affordable option with many financing opportunities. Not only are you getting high-quality devices, but you will also be supported by Eargo's team of licensed hearing professionals to guide and support you for a lifetime. Eargo continues to revolutionize the hearing aid space with sophisticated technology engineered to work for you and your lifestyle. It's safe to say that you (and your ears) are in good hands!

Frequently Asked Questions About Eargo

  • Does Eargo only sell devices in pairs?

    Yes, currently Eargo products are only sold in pairs.

  • Do I need to be tech-savvy to use Eargos?

    Technologically advanced devices like Eargo can be intimidating. However, Eargo provides support from the very beginning and can guide you through the process of setting up and using your new devices. Eargo offers the Eargo Max which does not need a smartphone or apps in case you want to ease into your technology usage.

  • What is Eargo’s return policy?

    Eargo allows returns within 45 days of delivery for a full refund.

  • How can I pay for Eargo hearing devices?

    There are several options to pay for Eargos. You can see if your insurance or a Health Savings Account (HSA) covers Eargo hearing aids. You can also finance your devices online with 12- and 24-month plans, or pay for them upfront over the phone. If you are a federal employee, Eargos may be eligible through the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB program).

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