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MDHearingAid Hearing Aids

10+ Years in Business
3 Style Options
Overall Rating:
4.0 of 5
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90-day Warranty
$399 Starting Price
Questions? Speak with a MDHearingAid Specialist: (800) 422-9380

What's New?: On Oct. 1, MDHearingAid will launch the all-new QuietTV Wireless Headphones. These wireless TV headphones feature crystal clear sound quality and adjustable volume, so you'll never fight over the volume with your family again! Check back next month for our in-depth review of these devices.

Senior citizens aged 60-69 years old are among the fastest-growing group with hearing loss.1 With shrinking social security benefits and rising healthcare costs, it is one more burden added to the plates of our aging seniors. With many unable to afford expensive devices, a growing number of senior citizens are choosing to live in silence with hearing loss.



In recent years, direct-to-consumer hearing aid manufacturers like MDHearingAids have been changing things up for the better—both in quality and price—by making hearing aids more accessible at a fraction of the cost. With prices ranging from $799.99 to $1599.99 per pair, MDHearingAids offers three different types of behind-the-ear, high-quality hearing aid devices for pennies on the dollar, especially when compared to other hearing aids on the market, like Starkey Hearing’s devices, which can cost upwards of $2,500 per device (multiply that by two for a pair).

While MDHearingAids is a cost-friendly option for the majority of those who have hearing loss, they don't offer customizable earpiece solutions—like Eargo and Oticon—which means their hearing aids may not be the perfect fit for your ears. The company adopts a one-size-fits-most model and comes equipped with comfortTIP technology. On the plus side, there's a 100 percent money-back guarantee if their hearing aids don't meet your expectations so you might as well give them a try! Scroll on to see if MDHearingAids is the right solution for you and your ears.

FYI: If you're worried about insurance coverage for hearing aids, you're in luck with MDHearingAid. The company recently launched a specialized Insurance Team to help navigate your insurance plan, find out exactly what's covered, and file claims on your behalf. It doesn't get much easier!

What Sets MDHearingAid Apart From the Rest

Many hearing aid manufacturers we’ve reviewed, like Miracle-Ear, sell their devices through retail clinics and doctor's offices. This third-party business model inherently drives up the cost of devices into the thousands because they have to pay for labor and storefronts. By contrast, MDHearingAids cuts out the middleman and uses the technology of the internet to eliminate the need for clinics and storefronts, which is one of our favorite things about the company.

MDHearingAid serves the aging community in two unique ways. First, they remove the cost barrier by making the devices affordable for anyone on any budget. Because MDHearingAid partners with their own hearing experts and you're able to take a hearing test and purchase your products online, you eliminate the cost of visiting a hearing clinic. Since they don't have physical stores, MDHearingAid is able to cut costs without cutting quality. With a range of analog and digital devices, MDHearingAid provides models that are sure to fit most needs.

FYI: Some individuals, like those with severe hearing loss, may benefit from consulting a doctor for an in-person hearing assessment. If you are worried that your hearing loss is tied to an underlying issue or you want to know the root cause of your hearing loss, we'd highly recommend visiting an audiologist or ENT physician as an online test can't provide that level of detail.

The average cost of a pair of hearing aids can range anywhere from $4000 to $8000. MDHearingAids understands that this is simply not affordable for many older adults. Their promise is to provide medical-grade hearing aids for 90 percent less than the cost of traditional providers, meaning you can save up to a few thousand dollars! They even offer a payment plan for as low as $33 per month.

Pro Tip: If you're on a tight budget or fixed income, visit our guide to free and discounted hearing aids to learn how you can save.

Second, MDHearingAid offers non-invasive hearing tests online, which means customers can receive guidance from the comfort of their own home. As mentioned earlier, their comfortable easy-to-fit earpieces do not require custom fittings. Cutting out these extra steps is another great way MDHearingAids is able to save consumers big money. To ensure that their devices are fitted to your ear needs and lifestyle, MDHearingAid offers a 45-day in-home trial period, meaning you can test them out within your routine before you make the purchase.

Hearing Aid Products and Pricing from MDHearingAids

MDHearingAid's product lineup includes three behind-the-ear hearing aids with prices ranging from $799.99 to $1599.99 per pair. From a basic digital model with replaceable batteries to high-tech and app compatible devices, there are several options available and can easily be purchased online. They also offer a monthly payment plan with zero percent interest for the first year, with prices starting as low as $33 per month. Below we'll take a look at the pricing and features for each of MDHearingAid's models.

Pair of MDHearingAids

Pair of MDHearingAids

MDHearingAid AIR — Classic Behind-the-Ear Design

The AIR is a high-quality hearing aid at a fraction of the price. It aims to remove the affordability barrier that keeps many senior citizens from pursuing a digital hearing aid device. For just $399 per device, this model is affordable for most budgets.

Money Saver Alert: MDHearingAid is currently running a promotion on their AIR hearing aid model, along with the other two digital models, that gives you two hearing aids for the price of one! You can save up to $600 with this offer.

The AIR model uses the classic ‘behind the ear' design and is equipped with high-end features like noise cancellation to limit feedback from other frequencies and to perform well in all noise-level situations. That means your hearing aids will work seamlessly in all kinds of environments, whether you're walking along a busy street, having dinner at a noisy restaurant, or just spending time at home with family.

At this time, MDHearingAids only offers the ‘behind-ear' style of hearing aid devices. If you prefer an in-ear device, there are plenty of options available from other manufacturers. However, MDHearingAids models are very small and fit well behind the ear so that they are comfortable and unnoticeable. This model's design is great for minimalists and those who wear glasses, as it's about as narrow as a pencil.

MDHearingAid VOLT+ — Rechargeable Batteries

The VOLT+ is the same great quality hearing aid as the AIR, but it offers a convenient rechargeable battery. Priced at $599 per device, this model comes with a charger for easy overnight docking and batteries that last all day in between charges.

You will also get the same comfortable fit and minimal design as the AIR with the VOLT+, plus it is equipped with all of MDHearingAids hearing device technology, including adaptive noise reduction and feedback cancellation, along with four different audio settings to adapt to your individual hearing needs. These features work together to reduce surrounding sounds so you can focus on what you're supposed to be hearing, and they also reduce feedback (ringing and buzzing) caused by interaction with other devices.

The best thing about having a rechargeable hearing aid device is that you don't have to continually replace batteries. As small as these devices are, the button batteries are even smaller. Every time that you change them, it is a challenge. Instead of dealing with the tiny batteries, this model can easily be recharged in as little as three hours.

The downside to a rechargeable model is that everything has an expiration. Eventually, the batteries will wear down and charge less effectively. You may notice that your device requires more frequent charging and that can become problematic, leaving you without the use of your hearing device and needing to pony up for a new hearing aid. However, it's still a great option for those who struggle with grip or have a hard time remembering to replace batteries.

MDHearingAid CORE — Smart Device Compatibility

In a world seemingly driven by technology, hearing aid devices are not left out. If the ability to control your device from your smartphone is appealing then the CORE is the best option for you. Priced at $1599 per pair, this model offers the discreet and functional benefits of any state-of-the-art MDHearingAid device with the ability to adjust settings and monitor performance from a smartphone.

The app has been specifically designed with seniors in mind. There is no need to be very good with technology, as it is very user friendly. And, if you do happen to get stuck, the support staff is available to assist. Smart device compatible hearing aids offer a level of customization that is unmatched by regular hearing aid devices. You can easily adjust and tweak your settings to get the best performance possible.

Additional Accessories and Add-Ons

The hearing aid product is the biggest expense involved. However, there are a few additional accessories that can help with the maintenance of your device. Proper cleaning and maintenance are important to prolonging the life of the device.

Add on Function Price
UV Clean and Dry Box Optional $74.99
Hearing Aid Air Blower Optional $5.95
Hearing Aid Storage Case Optional $11.95
Ear Wax Removal Kit Optional $12.99
Hearing Aid Cleaning Tool Optional $6.95
Replacement Tips and Tubes Required as needed Starting at $16.95 per set
Replacement Batteries Required for some models $28.99
Battery Charger Required for some models $39.99
MDShield Protection Plans Optional, but highly recommended $9.99 per month
Hearing Aid Wraps (for added comfort) Optional $19.95

How to Buy a Hearing Aid with MDHearingAids

If you have never been fitted for a hearing aid, the process of adding another doctor and appointment to your list can be overwhelming. From an easy, non-invasive online hearing test to receiving your device in the mail for a risk-free trial period, MDHearingAids does a good job of keeping it simple.

  • Get a Hearing Test: Until you receive the results of your hearing test, any potential problems are just a guess, so taking a test is the first step. MDHearingAids offers a quick and effective diagnostic test that anyone can do online—and it takes just eight minutes!
  • Understanding your Audiogram: An audiogram is a fancy term for the results of your hearing test. When you go to a doctor, these results are usually buried in a lot of scientific jargon. With MDHearingAids, you don't need a doctor to decipher the results. They use plain English and clear diagrams that depict your results so you can easily tell if your hearing is within normal ranges. If you do live with some degree of hearing loss, there are more detailed explanations available. Overall, the information is very well laid out so that you can see the information that you need at a glance.
  • Shopping for an MDHearingAid Device: MDHearingAid offers four different models of behind-the-ear devices that can be purchased online. All of the devices use digital technology which has certain advantages, but each comes with its own set of benefits.

How MDHearingAid Measures up to the Competition

MDHearingAid Starkey Hearing Direct
Price Range $799.99 – $1599.99 per pair $1800 – $2500 each $199 – $599 each
Hearing Test Yes Yes No
FDA Approval Yes Yes No (UK-based company)
Take-Home Trial Period 45 days 30 days 30 days
Customer Support Phone, email and chat Phone and email Phone or live chat staffed 9am – 5pm
Hearing Aid Style 3 behind-the-ear models Both styles available: behind-the-ear and in-ear Choice of in-ear or behind-ear styles


MDHearingAid checks all of the boxes when it comes to finding an affordable hearing aid backed by well-proven technology and hearing experts. Anyone looking for an alternative to the pricey hearing aid centers will be pleased with the products and services offered by MDHearingAid.

They offer three competitive models of FDA-compliant hearing aid devices for those that are experiencing mild to moderately severe hearing loss, so you can buy with confidence that what you are purchasing is safe and effective. Starting at just $399 per device, pricing for MDHearingAid is far more competitive than traditional hearing aid devices and often beats out similar competitors in the direct-to-consumer market.

After taking the online hearing test and speaking with their knowledgeable instrument specialists in our MDHearingAid review, we were very impressed with the level of service that is offered by the company. Although we wish they offered different hearing aid designs (like in-the-ear options), they make up for the lack of customization with great prices and attentive service paired with a money-back guarantee. MDHearingAid continues to be a strong choice for hearing aid solutions. Addressing your hearing loss has never been easier!

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