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A little bit over a year old, Lively dedicates itself to revolutionizing the way hearing aids are designed, sold, and serviced. Based in the heart of New York City, the Lively experience all starts with a clean, modern website and one model of hearing aid, and then continues with a network of audiology and medical experts ready to assist virtually and in real-time. Ultimately, the company has removed the middle man to increase convenience and affordability.

Born out of Redesign Health, Lively saw a gap in the hearing-aid world and chose to shake up the industry with advanced telemedical capabilities. This in turn grants patients with the support and advice they need to actually get a hearing aid that’s not only stylish and high-quality but one that adapts to their needs along the way. With a simple visit to Lively’s app, seniors get this personalized attention to go with their cutting-edge device which promises advanced voice recognition and decreased noise interference.

Often compared to Warby Parker’s business model, Lively’s holistic approach and constant mission to destigmatize the use of hearing aids comes in the form of a sleek, almond-sized device that you can barely see. It is also offered in seven color options to ensure it’s camouflaged with hair color. Have a question? Need an adjustment or a repair? There’s no need to set foot in an office; book an online appointment with one of the company’s globally recognized audiologists or medical experts.


Because of the combination of discreet looks and service, Lively has been able to help more seniors use hearing aids without embarrassment or hassle, therefore improving their quality of life. One of the company’s globally recognized audiologists will first conduct a hearing test to determine the right programming for you. From there, you’ll pick out the color that best matches your hair color. Upon purchasing, you’ll be enrolled in Lively’s audiology care program for the next two years to receive advice and maintenance tips right from the comfort of your own home.

The Lively Bundle

The sole option on the website includes a pair of high-tech hearing aids, two years of remote audiology care, ongoing customer support, app access, one-year battery supply, cleaning kit, a two-year warranty, and a two-year loss and damage protection. Manufactured in partnership with Denmark-based ReSound, the device comes equipped with iPhone technology (MFi) to allow streaming and calls from select IOS devices.

Additional Technology

  • Noise Blocker: With more people on cell phones than ever, this feature is vital. It works to eliminate a greater amount of background noise, allowing for better comprehension in places like restaurants, theatres, sports arenas, and more.
  • Directional Mix: This feature redirects outside, distracting sounds in noisy environments to focus only on direct speech.
  • Complimentary App: Users can pair their hearing aids at any time with the Lively smartphone app to easily adjust settings or volume.

Cost and Pricing

The starting-price structure is very simple; either pay $1650 upfront or $69 per month. This is about 1/3 of the national average hearing-aid price.


Based on all the buzz surrounding Lively, the company looks like it’s genuinely paving the way for a better, chicer future in hearing aids. The comprehensive, economical package (even though there’s only one) makes for an easy purchase and a clear understanding that you’re getting the latest for less money and fuss.