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Senior Housing & Assisted Living in Pennsylvania

Ready to retire, but want to stay active and engaged? Pennsylvania could be the right place for you. It's quiet, green, and filled with beautiful nature, but at the same time is not a far commute to big cities and main travel spots like New York City and New Jersey. If you have grandkids in the surrounding area, everyone will be able to commute in and out of Pennsylvania without a problem to see each other. Weather is nice and moderate in this state, so you can stay comfortable year-round.

Before committing to retirement in Pennsylvania, you may want to know more about the senior living costs, facilities, and benefits of the state. Find out more about The Quaker State's senior living options, along with the various support systems and amenities that each has to offer here. If you already have an idea of where in the state you'd like to retire, feel free to click any city below to discover the closest senior living options available to you.

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Top Senior Living Communities in Pennsylvania

Finding the best living facility for yourself or an aging loved one can be a long and tedious process. Luckily, there are plenty of living options to consider in Pennsylvania. Browse through our list of the top senior living communities in the state below.

Arbour Square

type of care

Independent Living

Traditions of Hanover

type of care

Independent Living

Juniper Village at Mount Joy

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living

Heritage Hill Senior Community

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Juniper Village at Forest Hills

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Brookdale Mt. Lebanon

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living

Spring Village at Pocono

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Chestnut Knoll

type of care

Assisted Living, Memory Care

Traditions of Hershey

type of care

Assisted Living, Independent Living

Juniper Village at Meadville

type of care

Assisted Living

Pennsylvania's Senior Living Costs

Pennsylvania has a housing index of 96.60, which means that it is cheaper than average to retire here. You can get a one bedroom apartment in this state for an average of $759 a month (compared to the US average of $825 a month), or a two bedroom apartment for an average of $941 a month (compared to the US average of $1,027 a month).

Let's take a look at the monthly costs of living in Pennsylvania for seniors. The average home health care costs are approximately $4,195 a month. Home health care services allow elderly people to live comfortably in their own homes while receiving help with housekeeping, completing everyday errands, and meal prepping.

Adult day care costs an average of $1,343 a month in Pennsylvania. This fee allows seniors to stay at a supervised facility during the day while their caregivers are busy tending to their other obligations. Adult day care does not include skilled nursing care, so it's perfect for those who are mostly independent but could use some social activities to keep them busy, and therapeutic and health services as needed.

Pennsylvania has assisted living facilities scattered throughout the state, including Allegheny and Montgomery County, to serve elders requiring more help with their everyday tasks. For an average of $3,450 a month, seniors can get personal care and health services they need to thrive and live comfortably.

Those who need round the clock care and supervision will benefit from staying at a nursing home in Pennsylvania. The cost for a semi-private room is roughly $9,277 a month, while a private room is about $10,007 a month. While this is the costliest form of living, it also offers plenty more for seniors. This is especially the case if they are not able to take care of themselves and don't have caregivers at home to supervise them. Personal care, medication, housing, supervision, skilled nursing care 24/7, and therapies and rehabilitation are just some of the many things that seniors get at a nursing home.

Advantages of Retiring in Pennsylvania

Wondering what the perks of retiring in Pennsylvania are? Some positive features that the state offers to its retirees include the following:

Senior Friendly Extracurricular Activities

There is plenty to appreciate in Pennsylvania, including historic sites, the art scene, beautiful mountains, and more. The state is filled with world-class museums and historic theatres, especially in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas. Seniors who are avid hikers or love camping outdoors may enjoy The Poconos in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The mountains there are absolutely breathtaking, and there are no shortage of opportunities for outdoor adventures for the entire family.

Senior Tax Benefits

Pennsylvania is a very tax-friendly state for retirees. Have a Social Security, pension, or 401K income that you want to make the most of? Make your retirement income go further in Pennsylvania. The Keystone State has the lowest flat tax rate in the country at a mere 3.07%. Also, if you are over 65 years of age, you may be eligible for a rebate on your housing costs, whether you rent or own.

High Quality Medical Care

Pennsylvania has top-notch hospitals and medical care facilities. For example, Central Pennsylvania is home to Penn State Hershey Medical Center, which is one of the best medical facilities. Having access to high quality medical care is so important especially as you get older and may need check-ups more often for both non-serious and serious issues.

Living Options for Senior Pennsylvanians

Pennsylvanian retirees have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to living options. Seniors can opt for independent living, assisted living, memory care, or nursing home care depending on individual needs. Learn more about each option below and determine which one suits you best.

Independent Living

Pennsylvania is home to more than 700 independent living facilities. Seniors who are active, healthy, and don't require 24/7 nursing care are suitable for independent living. It costs anywhere from $508 to $4,222 a month to stay at an independent living facility in Pennsylvania.

The state also offers a plethora of apartment choices for seniors 55+ or 65+. Typically, residents of active senior communities are able to take advantage of useful amenities like fitness centers, walking trails, meeting rooms, pools and jacuzzis, and more.

Assisted Living

860 assisted living facilities operate in Pennsylvania to provide seniors with attentive caregivers, healthcare, and access to local activities and social opportunities. At an assisted living facility, seniors can expect to get assistance with housekeeping duties, laundry, transportation, meal services, and 24-hour safety surveillance.

It costs anywhere from $925 to $7,677 a month to stay at an assisted living facility in Pennsylvania. It is cheapest in the East Stroudsburg area, and priciest in the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington city areas.

Memory Care

Life is tough when you have trouble remembering. Pennsylvania has more than 600 memory care facilities throughout the state to help seniors dealing with Alzheimer's, dementia, and other memory-related ailments. Patients of memory care facilities can expect to have their individual issues assessed and customized care provided accordingly. This way, they are able to get through each day without too much frustration brought on from memory loss. These facilities are also monitored 24/7 to prevent patients from getting lost, and then breaking down as a result of it. The average cost of memory care in this state ranges anywhere from $1,341 to $11,131 a month.

Nursing Homes

Observing state trends, Pennsylvania's population is getting older each year. Since year 2010, the state's 65+ population has grown by 8.9%. As a result, Pennsylvania offers a wide range of adult day care centers, hospices, and respite care provided by more than 1,900 senior living providers.

There are more than 120 adult day care facilities in Pennsylvania that operate to keep seniors engaged physically, mentally, and emotionally. At day care centers, the elderly can expect to take part in activities such as daily walks, challenging puzzles, art therapy, aquatics, and more. It costs anywhere from $900 to $5,130 a month to be enrolled at an adult day care center in this state.

Seniors who are terminally ill and approaching the end of their lives will need extensive care, counseling, and medications to manage their physical and emotional pain. Hospices in Pennsylvania exist to do just that, and even provide counseling services to families before and after a patient's death. The state is home to more than 570 hospices and it costs anywhere from $3,330 to $6,000 a month. The fees are either fully or partially covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance.

It's only natural for caregivers to feel exhausted every now and then when caring for and supervising an aging loved one. Enlisting the help of a respite care facility can help a lot for both the caregiver and the senior. Respite care facilities provide tender loving care for the elderly while caregivers take a break and recharge. There are more than 790 respite care facilities in Pennsylvania, with monthly costs ranging from $6,960 to $19,575.

Resources for Seniors in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Department of Aging – This website includes a useful PDF that details the benefits and rights, and aging services available for older Pennsylvanians.

Pennsylvania Insurance Department – If you don't know where to start when it comes to health insurance, this extensive guide will likely answer most if not all of your questions.

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue – Some older Pennsylvanians may be eligible for the property tax/rent rebate program that the state offers. Learn more about this program here, and review the eligibility requirements to see if you qualify.

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