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Did you know there are free senior care advisors?

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  • How It Works
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  • 100% Free Senior Housing Advice
    There’s no hidden fees or payment of any kind!
  • Save Time Researching
    Local advisors have easy access to details like pricing, availability, and amenities for almost every community in their area. There’s no need to browse dozens of websites for community information.
  • Get Answers to Your Senior Housing Questions
    Local advisors will help you make the decisions you need to make. Consider preparing your questions before calling.
  • Personalized Recommendations
    Based on your wants, needs and financial situation you’ll get a list of senior housing options that are great for you.
  1. Call to Connect With an Advisor
    If you request a callback, be sure to have your phone nearby.
  2. Describe Your Situation
    Understanding your care needs, preferences and financial situation are important for matching you with the right community.
  3. The Advisor Will Present Your Best Options
    You can also request an emailed copy of their recommendations after the call.
  4. Schedule Tours
    The advisor can help you schedule tours at the communities that you are most excited about.

This free service is best for:

  • Seniors looking for independent living or retirement communities
  • Seniors with medical conditions that require personalized care
  • Younger people who are looking to evaluate options for a parent or grandparent
  • Spouses that are looking for options for their spouse
  • Anyone looking to save time researching different senior housing options

Here’s what a few recent users have said about this free service:

“My advisor Karen was so friendly and helpful. Speaking with her saved me countless hours of research and tours. I only went on 3 tours and I’m moving into one of them in February. I’m really glad I found this service.”

– Daniel G., San Diego, CA>

“What a lovely experience! My advisor (I forgot her name!) was so kind and very knowledgeable. I wouldn’t have found the detailed information she had about these communities. It really helped narrow down independent living options for me. I hope I like what I see on my tours next week.”

– Diane K, Minneapolis MN

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