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MobileHelp is a long-standing reputable company that offers high-quality medical alert systems and US based monitoring services for both landline and cellular customers. This reliable provider has more medical alert device models to choose from than most competitors with innovative features that are leading the industry. Having access to such all-encompassing coverage with MobileHelp can bring seniors and their families considerable peace of mind knowing that emergency help is only a touch of a button away.

MobileHelp offers basic systems as well as more modern options for tech savvy seniors and those on the go. Fall detection is available on all models at a moderate price, and their GPS location technology is state-of-the-art. There is no equipment to buy up front, as devices are included with the medical alert monitoring fees. While no long-term contracts are required, agreeing to one will reduce the overall cost of monitoring fees. Take a closer look at the key features of these potentially lifesaving devices.

MobileHelp’s Features for Seniors

MobileHelp stands out above more well-known competitors with easy-to-use systems that offer medication reminders, two pendants with every system, free lockboxes, touchscreen options, ambient temp/time/date on the base and much more. Their cellular services utilize AT&T’s 4G network and highly accurate GPS targeting for customers on the move. Just one button connects users to the 24/7 emergency call center, and some models will also contact doctors, neighbors and family members if customers desire.

MobileHelp is one of the first companies in this industry to make a two-in-one system—the MobileHelp DUO. This innovative medical alert device operates on both cellular service and landlines, and is ideal for couples or two-party households. There is also a Mobile DUO, that provides two cellular-based devices that can also be use by anyone in the same household at no additional cost. While MobileHelp offers both waterproof pendants and wristband alert modules, they also have an ultra-discrete smart watch that serves as a standalone medical alert device.

MobileHelp Costs

MobileHelp provides free equipment for all packages, and they throw in some freebies such as free lockboxes with every order. Customers will not own the equipment, but rather it is simply leased from MobileHelp for the duration of the contract period. However, equipment can be outright purchased at reasonable prices. Upon termination, leased equipment must be returned. MobileHelp offers free activation on most devices unless a home visit is required. Customers often can enjoy free shipping deals. Most customers ultimately only pay for monitoring costs on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.


MobileHelp has several mobile alert device packages that will suit the needs of seniors while at home, about town and even while traveling. Each package boasts the standard medical alert features such as a call button and two-way communication, and there are upgraded models with attractive modern features that are simple to use. Here are the top six packages from MobileHelp.

MobileHelp Classic

The MobileHelp Classic package is the most basic system the company offers, and fall detection is available with this device. The system is a cellular based in-home alert base with two water-resistant pendants or bracelets included. The Classic’s base station has an impressive 30-hour backup, and a generous range of around 600 feet. Medication reminders may also be programed into the MobileHelp Classic.

  • Free lockbox included
  • Lit base station display
  • Base station displays date, time and room temperature
  • Two-way voice options on base

For its modest features and simple interface, the MobileHelp Classic is an excellent solution for seniors on a budget or for those who don’t leave home often without a companion. Operating on a reliable 4-G network, families can feel secure even though this is an introductory model.

MobileHelp Touch

Seniors who want a sleek, modernized in-home mobile alert system in addition to portable buttons will find the MobileHelp Touch to be an attractive option. With an 8-inch touchscreen that is customizable and easy to read, the handheld Touch tablet leverages best-in-class technology without a cluttered and complicated interface. Users can simply do more than get emergency help with the 4G LTE compatible MobileHelp Touch, as just a few of its applications and impressive features include:

  • Tele-health access for video consultations with care providers
  • Medication management reminders
  • Brain games on the tablet
  • Bluetooth and WiFi enabled
  • Picture gallery that scrolls

The appeal of MobileHelp Touch for seniors is that they can press a soft touch key on the screen or by using their companion help button. Modern technology allows this device to do more than call for help, and can serve as a ‘health companion’ that keeps one in touch with medical providers and caregivers as a connection hub. Furthermore, seniors will appreciate the device’s fun, brain stimulating apps and reminders.

MobileHelp Duo

The innovative MobileHelp DUO is in a class of its own and allows users to enjoy 24/7 emergency assistance whether they are on the move or at home. This two-in-one device is a combination of the cellular in-home MobileHelp Classic and a mobile device that functions anywhere there is cell coverage when one is outside their home. Mobile Help DUO also allows for two-way communications within the home at no additional cost. Other perks of the system include:

  • Works for two individuals in the same household
  • Fall detection enabled
  • Medication reminders
  • Coverage anywhere with cellular service
  • Carrying pouch for travel included

Seniors wanting to have access to immediate emergency dispatch services will appreciate the flexibility of the MobileHelp DUO. There is also a model known as Mobile DUO, that consists of two mobile devices. As the industry’s first bundled GPS medical alert system, the MobileHelp DUO boast top-not technology with nationwide coverage to offer all-encompassing peace of mind anywhere.

MobileHelp Solo

The MobileHelp Solo boasts the same options and features as the MobileHelp DUO minus the home base unit. As with all of the company’s units, the Solo is compatible with their patented MobileHelp Fall Button. Seniors like this model because it is lightweight and discrete, and it gives them a greater sense of peace of mind both in and out of the home. Backed with GPS technology, MobileHelp solo lets users know they are protected anywhere in the nation there is cellular coverage. Other benefits of the MobileHelp Solo include:

  • Long lasting cellular battery
  • 600-foot in-home range
  • Two-way in home communication capabilities
  • Fall detection enabled
  • Patented GPS pinpoint technology

Those wanting the best of both worlds but only desire a singular device will find the Solo to be the perfect comprehensive medical alert system to support an active lifestyle. Whether at home or traveling, MobileHelp’s reliable 24/7 monitoring services have users covered. This device is easy to set up and use and comes with a free lockbox that allows responders to access a key to enter the home in emergencies.

MobileHelp Smart

Seniors seeking a sleek, discreet and reliable medical alert device find the convenience of the Mobile Help Smart to be a top choice. This stylish smartwatch serves as more than a watch. Users with 24/7 monitoring will have access to service anywhere there is a cellular signal. The MobileHelp Smart is the result of a combination effort using Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch and Mobile Help’s reliable monitoring technology. However, there is much more to the Smart, as it offers an array of useful features not available on traditional devices. A few of these include:

  • Health focused applications
  • Vital signs sensors and activity tracking
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Set and track fitness goals
  • Weather app built in

The MobileHelp Smart is changing the game amid the medical alert system and monitoring industry. Seniors can get emergency help with the press of a button and communicate with the monitoring center all from this discreet and trendy watch. Fall detection is also available with this smartwatch that currently costs $349.95 plus monitoring costs. MobileHelp offers financing plans that allow customers to pay off the unit in installments.

MobileHelp Wired Home

Seniors who live in a rural area or one without cellular coverage will want to check out MobileHelp Wired Home. This landline-based device offers an extensive in-home range of 1300-feet, which is rather impressive compared to standard medical alert models. Users can feel safe around the home while tending to outdoor duties, knowing that help is just a click away. Fall detection services is optional with MobileHelp Wired Home for $10 additional. Features of MobileHelp Wired include:

  • Two pendants or wristbands
  • Two-way in-home communication
  • Water-resistant for use when bathing or swimming
  • Free lockbox included
  • No cellular signal required

With MobileHelp’s Wired Home medical alert device, seniors don’t have to feel all alone even if they reside in a more secluded environment without cell service. The device can be connected through a landline by one of MobileHelp’s technicians if necessary for a nominal installation charge, which may be waived during specials. However, most users have no problems with the straightforward self-installation process. Anyone looking for an easy to use alert system with 24/7 monitoring via landline should choose Wired Home.

Monthly Monitoring Costs

MobileHelp leads the industry with no less than a half dozen impressive device packages designed for convenience and ease of use while keeping users under monitoring 24/7. While there are no up-front equipment costs with exception to the MobileHelp Smart watch device, monthly monitoring costs will vary depending on the package one chooses. Upgrades such as extra lockboxes and fall detection will incur additional charges. Currently, the monthly rates for MobileHelp’s most popular medical alert systems are:

  • MobileHelp Classic – $19.95 per month
  • Mobile Help Touch – $299.70 semi-annually / $599.40 annually
  • MobileHelp DUO – $41.95 per month
  • MobileHelp Solo – $37.95 per month
  • MobileHelp Smart – $24.95 per month
  • MobileHelp Wired – $24.95 per month
  • Fall Detection costs an additional $10 per month, per device for 24/7 monitoring.

Senior Discounts

Currently, MobileHelp doesn’t offer customers senior discounts, but as you can see, their monitoring rates are right on par with other companies that offer fewer services and less reliability. Occasionally, there are offers that can be found online for a free month or a percentage off of an annual subscription for monitoring. MobileHelp does typically offer free lockboxes with every order, free shipping, free activation and a 30-day free trial for new customers.


Those looking for a highly reliable mobile alert device with 24/7 US based monitoring will find MobileHelp to be a good choice. With six distinctive packages, seniors are certain to find a device and monitoring plan to meet all of their needs both in the home and on-the-go—even when traveling domestically. All models feature waterproof pendants or wristbands, and two alert buttons are provided with all packages except the MobileHelp Solo. With features such as GPS location, medication reminders, two-way voice and free lockboxes, MobileHelp is very popular with seniors who want to live independently with complete confidence.

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