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As one of the nation's most successful medical alert system suppliers with yearly revenues of $28 million,1 MobileHelp is an industry-leading provider of at-home and on-the-go medical alert systems. Founded in 2006, the company is best known for affordable spouse monitoring, as they offer several two-in-one systems built for two users. Backed by a US-based Rapid Response monitoring center that earned the 2016 CSAA Central Station of the Year award2 and UL-certified equipment,3 MobileHelp offers six different alert systems with reliable 24/7 protection. With prices ranging from $19.95 to $49.95 per month, no contracts, and no hidden fees, there's something for most budgets and needs with MobileHelp. From pricing to product value, we'll cover everything you need to know about MobileHelp's products.

Our Editor Jeff Hoyt Testing Out MobileHelp

Our Editor Jeff Hoyt Testing Out MobileHelp

Pros Cons
  • No hidden fees
  • Large in-home range (up to 1,400 feet)
  • Two-for-the-price-of-one systems
  • Affordable systems
  • No long-term contracts
  • Landline and cellular options
  • Mobile app for location and activity tracking
  • 24/7 US-based professional monitoring
  • UL-certified equipment
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Mobile systems don't come with built-in fall detection included; requires an extra pendant
  • Limited add-on accessories
  • Monitoring center run by a third party

MobileHelp Packages and Pricing

MobileHelp offers a wide variety of at-home, on-the-go, and hybrid systems to meet the needs and price points of different users. Their least expensive system, the MobileHelp Classic, starts at just $19.95 per month, which is really affordable compared to the competition. They also offer two options for spouse monitoring, the Mobile Duo and MobileHelp Duo, if you want protection for multiple users. You can add automatic fall detection to any package for $10 per month, which is a standard price across the industry. Read on for a breakdown of every MobileHelp system!

In-Home Systems

In-Home Systems Prices as Low as Connection Type Signal Range Best for
MobileHelp Classic $19.95 per month Cellular 1,400 feet – At-home use
– Those with solid AT&T coverage
MobileHelp Wired Home $24.95 per month Landline 1,300 feet – At-home users
– Those in areas with poor cell reception

MobileHelp Classic

MobileHelp Base Unit

MobileHelp Base Unit

Starting at just $19.95 per month, this is the most affordable package MobileHelp offers, and it's $5 cheaper than the in-home landline option. This actually surprised us, as it runs on a cellular connection, and cellular systems are typically $5 to $10 more expensive per month than landline systems. MobileHelp Classic comes with a base unit with a built-in two-way speaker and a wearable help button. During an emergency, users can call for help by pressing either the button on the base station or pendant. They'll be connected to the 24/7 monitoring center and a live operator will be there to send the help they need. The Classic system has a very impressive in-home range of around 1,400 feet which blows the coverage areas of other in-home systems from companies like Philips Lifeline (400 feet) and Medical Alert (600 feet) out of the water. You won't have to worry about a dropped call during an emergency due to insufficient signal range. If you live in an area with solid AT&T coverage and you're looking for a reliable in-home system that doesn't require a landline connection, MobileHelp Classic is a great choice.

MobileHelp Wired Home

MobileHelp Wired Home, the company's in-home landline system, starts at $24.95 per month. It operates just like MobileHelp Classic, except it needs to be connected to a phone jack. If you're a homebody living in an area with poor cell reception, the Wired Home system will provide a reliable connection at a great value. Its base unit is also a bit smaller and less colorful than the Classic system, so it won't stand out as much if you're concerned about aesthetics. Its signal range from base station to wearable help button is a full 1,300 feet, so you'll be covered throughout the house, no problem.

On-the-Go Systems

On-the-Go Systems Prices as Low as Connection Type Signal Range* Best for
MobileHelp Solo $37.95 per month Cellular 600 feet – One on-the-go user
– Those who don't want a bulky base station
Mobile Duo $44.95 per month Cellular 600 feet – Two on-the-go users
– Users who want an all-in-one system

* The signal range from the mobile device to the wearable wrist or neck button

MobileHelp Solo

MobileHelp On-The-Go Wrist Pendant

MobileHelp On-The-Go Wrist Pendant

MobileHelp Solo is MobileHelp's most affordable on-the-go option, starting at $37.95 per month. This all-on-one system can be worn like a necklace, so you can take it with you wherever there's reliable AT&T service. It also comes with a small pendant help button, so if you don't want to wear the larger system, you can throw it in a pocket and put on the pendant. If the user needs help, they'll just need to press the help button to call the 24/7 monitoring center and use the built-in speaker to let the operator know what's wrong. Thanks to its GPS tracking technology, help can be sent straight to you no matter where you are. The battery life for this mobile unit lasts for 24 hours. Other companies like Alert1 offer mobile systems with a battery that lasts up to 30 days, so MobileHelp is a bit shorter than the industry average. But as long as you charge the system every night, you'll be set.

Mobile Duo

In our opinion, Mobile Duo offers the most bang for your buck of all MobileHelp's offerings. This system comes with two of the same all-in-one systems and wearable help buttons as MobileHelp Solo. At $44.95 per month, it only costs $7 more than the MobileHelp Solo package, and offers on-the-go monitoring for two people. Whether you need a second system for a spouse or roommate, Mobile Duo lets you both stay protected at the same time, even when you're apart. Unlike many companies that require users to purchase two separate systems at full price for spouse monitoring, you'll only have to pay one affordable monthly rate for the Mobile Duo. If we break it down it's around $22 per person with this system, which is quite the deal.

In-Home & On-the-Go Systems Prices as Low as Connection Type Signal Range Best for
MobileHelp Duo $41.95 per month Cellular In-home: 1,400 feet
On-the-go: 600 feet*
– Two users who spend a lot of time apart
– One user who wants a hybrid system for at-home and on-the-go use
MobileHelp Touch $299.70 semi-annually or $599.40 annually** Cellular In-home: 1,400 feet
On-the-go: 600 feet*
– Those who want advanced features
– Families who want to keep a close eye on the user

* The signal range from the mobile device to the wearable wrist or neck button
** Can't be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis

MobileHelp Duo

MobileHelp Duo, which costs $41.95 per month, comes with the same base station and help pendant as MobileHelp Classic and the all-in-one MobileHelp Solo unit. If you were to purchase these two systems separately, it would cost a total of $63 per month, so you'll be saving around $20 per month with the MobileHelp Duo bundle. Whether you want this system to monitor two users or you just want a system built for both in-home and on-the-go use, it's a bundle that packs a lot of value. The equipment that comes with MobileHelp Duo operates exactly like the MobileHelp Classic and MobileHelp Solo systems. Just keep in mind that if you're considering this system for two users, only one person will be able to use it outside the home at a time, as it only comes with one mobile unit.

MobileHelp Touch

MobileHelp Touch is a high-tech touchscreen system bundled with a MobileHelp Solo unit. This system can only be paid for on a semi-annual or annual basis, but if we break it down it costs $49.95 per month. While this is a bit pricier than the rest of MobileHelp's systems, it also offers the most advanced features. The in-home touchscreen system can be used to set medication reminders, play brain games, call for help, and it's even Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. When you leave the house, just throw on the mobile unit and you'll be good to go. Just like MobileHelp Duo, this system is an option for one or two users. For those that need more health and safety features or just want a sleeker, high-tech system, MobileHelp Touch is a solid choice.

Best Value: If you're looking for the best value, we'd recommend one of MobileHelp's bundle options: Mobile Duo, MobileHelp Duo, or MobileHelp Touch. You can save anywhere from $20 to $30 per month with a bundle when compared to purchasing both systems separately.

Extra Features and Accessories

MobileHelp offers a few accessories and features that can be added to any package. If you're looking for a company that has more add ons like jewelry pendants or smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring, you may want to consider LifeFone or Medical Guardian. However, we've found that MobileHelp covers the most essential add ons, and their rates are very affordable compared to other companies.

MobileHelp Wall Button

MobileHelp Wall Button

Add on Features Price
Fall Detection Pendant – Automatically detects falls
– Waterproof pendant with help button
– Connects to monitoring center after falls
$10 per month
Lockbox – Gives first responders access to the door during an emergency Included in every package
Waterproof Wall Button – Waterproof help button
– Sticks to any well
– Great for high-risk areas like the bathroom
$2.95 per month
MobileHelp Connect Premium – Suite of online tools and mobile app
– Discounts on extra equipment
– Covers replacements for lost or damaged equipment
– Locks in monthly rates for life
$5 per month

Ways to Save with MobileHelp

MobileHelp's systems are already affordable, but here are a few extra things you can consider to help you save even more:

  • Get MobileHelp Connect Premium: This add-on feature costs just $5 per month and comes with a boatload of perks. You'll receive discounts on extra equipment, and you won't have to pay for any replacements for lost or damaged equipment, which would typically cost up to a few hundred dollars. Connect Premium also locks in your monthly rates for life, so you'll never have to worry about a surprise on the next bill.
  • Opt for the Cellular In-Home Package: If you're looking for an in-home system and you live in an area with reliable AT&T coverage, go with the MobileHelp Classic system. It's $5 cheaper per month than the Wired Home system. While that doesn't sound like a lot, you'll save $60 per year, which adds up over time.
  • Enjoy the Free Perks: MobileHelp's packages come with a lot of perks like free shipping, a free lockbox, and free activation. If you don't see this advertised online, make sure to ask a representative about it before ordering!
MobileHelp System

MobileHelp System

Current Deal: MobileHelp has an ongoing promotion that offers a free lockbox and waives all extra fees, including shipping and activation, for most plans. That adds up to savings of nearly $150. Talk about a deal!

Do I Need a MobileHelp Alert System?

With over three million seniors in the U.S. owning a medical alert system,4 it's pretty clear that these devices are a popular way for older adults to stay protected. But you might be wondering, is MobileHelp the right company for me? In this year's review of MobileHelp, we found that the company offers affordable and reliable systems, a diverse product lineup with plenty of options, and industry-leading spouse monitoring service. While there are several types of seniors we'd recommend MobileHelp for, it's our top pick for those who need a system built for two users. As we talked about earlier, MobileHelp's two-for-one systems are much more affordable when compared to other companies, like Alert1 and Philips Lifeline, that either charge an additional monthly fee for a spouse or require you to purchase two separate systems at full price. In addition to spouses and roommates, we'd also recommend MobileHelp for:

  • Users looking to bundle two systems
  • Those who live in an area with reliable AT&T service
  • Seniors who need an affordable at-home system
  • Older adults who want a high-tech touchscreen alert system
  • Active seniors who spend a lot of time away from home

FYI: As we've mentioned, MobileHelp doesn't offer a lot of extra add-on features, and the battery life for their on-the-go systems is shorter than the competition.

MobileHelp Overall Value

MobileHelp offers affordable protection and spouse monitoring, which is why the company is one of our top 10 providers of the year. More than half of all American seniors live with a partner,5 so spouse monitoring is an essential feature in our book, which is why we love that MobileHelp has multiple two for the price of one options that won't break the bank. Spouse monitoring is an area that we think many companies need to improve upon, so to see that MobileHelp is staying ahead of the game is a big plus. With no extra fees and a 30-day money-back guarantee, MobileHelp makes it easy to test out their systems without any risk. While the company doesn't offer a long list of add-on accessories, they focus on what really matters, which is keeping your aging family members safe. Starting at just $19.95 per month, MobileHelp is a solid option if you're looking for inexpensive, reliable protection and high-quality equipment.


  • How much does MobileHelp cost?

    MobileHelp costs anywhere from $19.95 per month to $49.95 per month depending on the package you choose.

  • How does MobileHelp work?

    MobileHelp systems come with a base station and wearable pendant. During an emergency, the user can press the help button on either piece of equipment. They’ll be connected to MobileHelp’s 24/7 monitoring center and a live operator will send them the help that they need.

  • What is MobileHelp’s return policy?

    You can return your MobileHelp system at any time, no questions asked. You’ll just need to call MobileHelp’s customer service team and let them know. After you return all of your equipment and it’s received and processed by MobileHelp, they will officially cancel your service.

  • Does MobileHelp require customers to sign long-term contracts?

    No, MobileHelp never requires customers to sign a long-term contract. All packages are paid for monthly, and you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee to test out the equipment.

  • Do I need to have an AT&T plan to get MobileHelp?

    No, you don’t need to be an AT&T customer to use MobileHelp’s cellular systems. MobileHelp will provide the cellular service for your devices, so you’ll just need to make sure that there is reliable AT&T coverage in your area.

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