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100% Cellular Service
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17 Second Avg. Response Time
$19.95 Starting Price

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What's New with MobileHelp: MobileHelp is currently offering a deal for new customers! If you order your system over the phone, you'll receive one free month of service on an annual plan and a 50 percent discount on fall detection.

Founded in 2006 and based in Boca Raton, Florida, MobileHelp offers a diverse lineup of medical alert systems to meet the needs of those who are aging in place, from in-home and on-the-go units to systems designed for two users.

After testing the MobileHelp Duo system with automatic fall detection, I found that MobileHelp's systems are competitively priced (especially for spouses) with some great add-on features. The main downside is the buying process, since it was initially challenging to differentiate between their product offerings. However, as you'll see below, with a few questions for customer service, I landed on the right products to test and was happy with the results. Read on as I cover everything you need to know about MobileHelp, from choosing a package that's right for you to testing your new system!

What We Like About MobileHelp

  • Variety of options: With eight medical alert systems to choose from, you will likely find something to meet your needs.
  • 30-day, money-back guarantee: MobileHelp lets you give their systems a test-drive for a month without any risk, which is a must-have.
  • Options for multiple users: I was happy to find that MobileHelp offers affordable systems built for two users. It eliminates paying double for a two-person household.
  • Advanced features: With a mobile app, medication reminders, a touch screen system, and GPS options, MobileHelp offers various high-tech features for users.
  • Competitive pricing: MobileHelp has cheaper starting rates than most of the competition, including Lifeline’s prices. For anyone on a tight budget, MobileHelp has affordable in-home and on-the-go options.
  • Coverage range: Both of MobileHelp's at-home systems have excellent in-home range, from 600 to 1,400 feet.
  • Telehealth assistance: MobileHelp offers MDLive, a telehealth platform that provides board-certified medical advice remotely. You can add the service to any MobileHelp plan for an additional $9.95 per month.

Things to Keep in Mind About MobileHelp

  • Smartwatch discontinued: Unfortunately, MobileHelp discontinued its smartwatch, a more discreet option with a built-in alert system for active users. If you're set on a smartwatch, check out our review of Medical Guardian for a look at their MGMove smartwatch system.
  • Activation fees: The one-time fees are between $49.99 and $99.95 for select systems. Sure, you can get them waived by using a payment plan, but I would rather they not be included at all.
  • Landline In-home system doesn't offer fall detection: MobileHelp's landline option, MobileHelp Wired Home, doesn't have the option to add automatic fall detection. This is pretty unusual for the industry. Since falls are most common in the home, it's an important drawback to consider./li>

Overview of MobileHelp

The Buying Experience

MobileHelp's product line can be difficult to navigate, in part because the names aren't self-explanatory. I'd recommend that you call the company for help with choosing a system, as speaking with a representative is an easy way to clear up any confusion and find the best deal. When I called, the representative let me know there was a monthly discount if I paid quarterly, semiannually, or annually instead of monthly.

Quick Fact: When I tested MobileHelp's medical alert systems, I found that the average response time was around 17 seconds. The industry average is between 15-45 seconds, so MobileHelp is fast.

During my call, the representative explained each system's features and helped me choose which one fit my needs. I wanted to test a cellular system designed for at-home and on-the-go use, so she recommended I try the MobileHelp Duo, which comes with an in-home base station and mobile unit. Overall, I was satisfied with my customer service experience, and all of my questions were answered.

Setting up My System

My MobileHelp Duo package came with a base station, two wearable pendants, a mobile help button, and a charging cradle. All I had to do was plug the base station into an outlet, charge the mobile unit, and put on the pendant. From start to finish, I was set up in under five minutes.

You'll need to test both the base station and the mobile unit. To test the base station, I simply pressed the “Test” button. The base station prompted me to press the button on my pendant or the emergency button on the base station itself. If you hear “User autotest completed,” you know that the base station and pendant are working properly. You can also do this after unplugging the base station to make sure the backup battery is working.

FYI: MobileHelp recommends testing your system once per month to ensure that your equipment is working properly.

To test the mobile unit, simply hold down the mobile help button for two seconds and release it. It will connect to the emergency response center, and you'll communicate through the mobile device itself (like a walkie-talkie) to an agent. The U.S.-based monitoring center answered my call and asked if I needed help. I let them know that I was running a test, and that was it!

Contracts and Warranty

MobileHelp's plans come with a lifetime warranty, so whether you're a customer for two or 20 years, you'll be set. Like most medical alert system warranties, the protection covers normal wear and tear. MobileHelp offers Connect Premium, a protection plan that costs $6 per month for equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged. In addition to this protection, Connect Premium provides discounts on extra products and services, and also locks in your monthly rates for two years.

Buyer's Tip: If you cancel your service, MobileHelp will issue a prorated refund for any unused service for quarterly, semiannual, and annual payment plans.

It is good to know that MobileHelp doesn't require long-term contracts. However, they encourage you to choose a quarterly, semiannual, or annual payment plan by waiving the activation fee and offering discounted rates. The activation fee is $49.95 for the MobileHelp Classic and $99.95 for the MobileHelp Touch Classic and MobileHelp Touch Duo. In addition, when paying quarterly, the monthly payment drops $3 per month. When paying semiannually or annually, it drops $5 per month.

Our Editor Jeff Hoyt Testing Out MobileHelp

Our Editor Jeff Hoyt Testing Out MobileHelp

MobileHelp's Equipment at a Glance

MobileHelp product Monthly price Features Cellular or landline
MobileHelp Classic $19.95 per month – Two-way communication base unit
– Waterproof help pendant
– 30-hour backup battery
– 1400-foot coverage area for in-home use
MobileHelp Wired Home $24.95 per month – Two-way communication base unit
– 1300-foot coverage area for in-home use
– Waterproof help pendant
– 30-hour backup battery
MobileHelp Touch Classic $54.95 per month -Tablet at-home system
-Includes entertainment features like a picture gallery and cognitive games
-8-inch touchscreen display
-Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled
MobileHelp Solo $37.95 per month – Mobile alert device
– Waterproof help pendant
– Device charger
– GPS location detection
– 24-hour battery life
MobileHelp Micro $39.95 -Weighs 1.8 ounces
-Comes with detachable lanyard and charging station
-GPS location detection
-Mobile alert device
Mobile Duo $44.95 per month – Two mobile alert devices
– Two help pendants
– GPS location detection
– 24-hour battery life
MobileHelp Duo $41.95 per month – At-home base station with 30-hour backup battery
– On-the-go device with 24-hour battery life
– Waterproof help pendant
– Two-way communication
MobileHelp Touch Duo $54.95 – Hand-held, touch screen tablet
– Medication reminders, games, and picture features
– Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth enabled
– Mobile alert device with two-way talk and GPS location detection
– Help pendant

MobileHelp System and Product Details

MobileHelp Classic

MobileHelp Classic Base Unit

MobileHelp Classic Base Unit


The MobileHelp Classic is my pick for those who are on a budget, as it's MobileHelp's least-expensive system. The monthly fee starts at $19.95 (a real bargain), but keep in mind that it requires a one-time processing fee of $49.95 if you opt for a monthly payment plan. For comparison, Bay Alarm Medical's prices for in-home systems start at $24.95 per month, while Medical Guardian's monthly costs $29.95 per month.


This at-home cellular system comes with a base station that includes two-way talk and your choice of a waterproof help pendant worn on a lanyard, black wristband, or white wristband. Whether you're a master chef in the kitchen or you have a green thumb and spend most of the day in the garden, you'll be covered anywhere within 1,400 feet of the base station. During an emergency, press the help button on either the pendant or the base station, and you'll be connected to MobileHelp's response center in a matter of seconds. In a power outage, the base unit includes a backup battery that lasts up to 30 hours.

Service and Monitoring

MobileHelp Classic is great for those who rarely leave home and live in an area with solid AT&T coverage. In addition to 24/7 monitoring, MobileHelp offers fall detection through a wearable neck pendant. This pendant can detect falls and alert the monitoring center, even when you're unable to press your help button. This service costs an additional $11 per month. One other service available is medication reminders that can be scheduled through MobileHelp Connect, the company's online portal.

MobileHelp Wired Home


MobileHelp Wired Home is $5 more expensive than the MobileHelp Classic. However, at $24.95 per month, it is still a cost-effective system compared to many other at-home systems. You can also save a few bucks per month when you opt for a payment plan other than the month-to-month option.


MobileHelp Wired Home is an in-home system best for people who spend most of their time in the house. Except for the connection type, the MobileHelp Wired Home works exactly like the MobileHelp Classic. It, too, has a 30-hour backup battery. The range is a tad smaller but still covers 1,300 feet – one of the best at-home ranges in the industry. The base unit comes with a waterproof help button worn on the wrist or as a lanyard.

FYI: If you live in an area with poor AT&T service, check out our Lively review. This company's systems run on Verizon's network.

Service and Monitoring

If you live in an area with spotty cellular coverage, MobileHelp Wired Home is a good option. This baby runs on a landline connection, so you won't have to worry about poor coverage during an emergency. One thing to note with the landline system is that fall detection is not available. Unfortunately, you can't add automatic fall detection to this system. If you're concerned about falls and looking for an in-home system, I'd recommend the MobileHelp Touch Classic.

MobileHelp Touch Classic


MobileHelp Touch Classic costs $54.95 per month. Although this is one of the highest monthly fees that we have seen, the Touch Classic has additional features not found on many other systems. And it features a sleek touchscreen tablet, which does not require an additional equipment cost.


The Touch Classic, which has an eight-inch touchscreen, will arrive at your doorstep with a complimentary lock box. The system also includes a help button that comes with a lanyard or a wristband in either black or white. Other optional accessories include a waterproof wall button and fall detection pendant. This is a great product for older adults who are somewhat tech-savvy, want a few additional features, and don't mind paying a little extra for it.

Service and Monitoring

This advanced alert system operates off of the provider's cellular network, AT&T 4G LTE. In addition, it is WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled, which allows you to do things like connect with other Bluetooth-enabled health devices. You can also add fall detection for $11 per month.

MobileHelp Duo


The MobileHelp Duo provides thorough protection at a great price. Considering that many on-the-go systems cost between $37 and $40 per month, $41.95 for a hybrid system is a good deal. It can provide coverage for one person who wants the best protection possible or for couples. You can use the in-home system and mobile alert device simultaneously. Keep in mind, there's just one mobile device, so only one person can use the system outside the home at a time.


This is the system I tested, and it comes with an in-home base station, two waterproof pendants, a mobile alert device (which functions as a second base station on the go), and a charger for the mobile device.

FYI: Each of MobileHelp's systems comes with a free lockbox, roughly valued at $30. This protects your property if you have an emergency. Without a lockbox, first responders may have to break down your door if you cannot answer it.

I set up the base station in the living room, a central location, and made a test call from the bedroom to confirm it was within range. Later, I took the mobile unit on a walk around the block, and it worked just as seamlessly. Both provide two-way communication to MobileHelp's response center in case of an emergency. The battery life of the mobile unit is 24 hours. Mobile units from other providers have battery lives ranging from one to five days, so this is decent. I'd recommend charging your unit every night when you go to bed. The extra help pendants are lightweight and don't require a new battery for up to five years.

Service and Monitoring

Both the at-home and mobile systems use AT&T cellular. When traveling with the on-the-go system, you're able to use your mobile device, as long as the area you're visiting has AT&T coverage. A fall-detection pendant is available for an additional $11 per month. And like with the MobileHelp Classic, a medication reminder service is available. It can be scheduled through MobileHelp Connect, the company's online portal.

Mobile Duo


At $44.95 per month, you are basically getting two on-the-go systems for nearly the price of one. Like MobileHelp's other systems, discounts are available with select payment plans.

Pro Tip: For a closer look at cost and getting the best deal with MobileHelp, visit our MobileHelp pricing page.


Mobile Duo is an excellent fit for couples or roommates who are active and spend most of the day away from home. I love the flexibility that this system offers; if you go fishing with your buddies around the same time your wife goes to her book club or bunco group, you'll both be covered. The system comes with two of the same mobile units that come with MobileHelp Duo and two help buttons and chargers. Unlike MobileHelp Duo, Mobile Duo doesn't come with an in-home base unit, but you can easily use your mobile unit at home.

Service and Monitoring

The mobile devices use AT&T coverage, one of the most widely used cellular services in the industry. The mobile devices offer GPS location detection, and you can add fall detection (which costs an additional $11 per month) through a separate pendant.

MobileHelp Solo


At $37.95 per month, the MobileHelp Solo is right in line with the price of other on-the-go brands. There are discounts available if you choose a payment plan other than the monthly option.


MobileHelp Solo is my pick for single users who spend time out on the town, whether it's shopping, hiking, or catching up with friends. MobileHelp Solo works like Mobile Duo; it just comes with one mobile help button instead of two. This system can also be used in the house. I don't know about you, but I hate clutter. MobileHelp Solo is small and wearable, so you don't have a bulky base station taking up precious counter space. Even if you spend a lot of time at home, it's still a great choice. The system comes with a charger and a help button.

Pro Tip: Each MobileHelp system comes with access to MobileHelp Connect, an online portal that offers both standard (free) and premium (with an additional charge) features. Standard features include caregiver alerts, location detection for caregivers, and a MobileVitals section to store important health information.

Service and Monitoring

With MobileHelp Solo, you are able to access two-way talk, GPS location detection, and optional fall detection through a separate pendant. Just like MobileHelp's other on-the-go systems, it runs on AT&T's network.

MobileHelp Micro


In line with the cost of other advanced on-the-go systems, the monthly monitoring fee for the MobileHelp Micro is $39.95. The system doesn't have an activation or equipment fee, and you can add Connect Premium for $6 per month to protect your equipment from damage or theft.


The MobileHelp Micro is MobileHelp's newest system. It's a sleek and discreet little number, weighing in at under two ounces. The system comes with two-way talk, GPS location detection, and optional fall detection. The Micro will arrive with a detachable lanyard, charging station, and free lockbox. Simply throw on your Micro like a necklace and take it with you wherever you go for 24/7 protection.

Service and Monitoring

With AT&T cellular service, you can travel just about anywhere you like and still be protected. No cellular contract is required on your part; this device will operate using MobileHelp's cellular plan.

MobileHelp Touch Duo


At $54.95 per month, this system is for older adults or caregivers who want advanced technology and don't mind paying for it. It comes with a steep one-time $99.95 activation charge, which is waived if you choose an other-than-monthly payment plan.


MobileHelp Touch is great for tech lovers, those with caregivers, or users who want more personalized features. This system takes medical alert systems to the next level with a touch screen base station. When I read up on all of its features, there were lots of “oohs” and “aahs.” With the touch screen base, you can do everything, from setting medication reminders to playing brain games to personalizing your emergency responses. MobileHelp Touch also comes with a wearable pendant and mobile alert device and charger.

Service and Monitoring

This system is cellular, and it's enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, so it can connect to smartphones, smart speakers, or wireless health monitoring devices. Fall detection is available for an additional $11 monthly fee, and medication reminders are also offered.

Add-on Features and Accessories

Fall-Detection Pendant

Fall detection is the most important add-on in my book. Falls can easily 1happen in the shower, on the porch steps, or anywhere else in the home. MobileHelp offers fall detection for an extra $11 per month with any system except the Wired Home, which is a pretty standard price across the industry.

Wall Buttons

MobileHelp Wall Button

MobileHelp Wall Button

Wall buttons can stick anywhere – in the bathroom, at the bottom of a staircase, or by the bed. All you need to do is press the help button, and it will connect to your base station to call for help. A standard wall button costs an additional $2 per month, and a waterproof wall button costs $2.95 per month.

MobileHelp Connect Premium

MobileHelp Connect Premium offers online tools and discounts for subscribers and their families. You can set up medication reminders for any system and track the user's activity and location online or through the mobile app. This add-on also includes discounts on extra equipment, a warranty that covers any lost or damaged equipment, and it lets you lock in your monthly rates for two years. MobileHelp Connect Premium is $6 per month.

MD Live

MDLive provides 24/7 access to a licensed doctor or nurse through video, phone, or an app. No copay or insurance is required for this supplementary health service. It costs an additional $9.95 per month.

The Bottom Line on MobileHelp

Overall, I was more than satisfied with MobileHelp's alert systems. As I interacted with the company, I could see that they take pride in caring for older adults. All of the equipment was light, durable, and worked as expected. I appreciate that MobileHelp has advanced features for loved ones and caregivers, like the MobileHelp Touch tablet, the mobile app, medication reminders, and activity tracking. Overall, MobileHelp offers well-made and affordable alert systems with the flexibility to use at home and on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MobileHelp

  • How much does MobileHelp cost per month?

    MobileHelp’s medical alert systems can cost anywhere from $19.95 to $54.95 per month, depending on the package you choose.

  • What is the return policy for MobileHelp?

    MobileHelp never requires long-term contracts so you can return your MobileHelp system at any time without penalty. After MobileHelp receives and processes your equipment, they will officially cancel your service and issue a prorated refund for unused service. You do, however, need to pay for return shipping.

  • How much does MobileHelp fall detection cost?

    You can add MobileHelp’s fall detection to most systems for $11 per month.

  • Where is MobileHelp located?

    MobileHelp’s headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida. All of their 24/7 monitoring centers are located in the U.S., servicing all 50 states. Rating:
3.5 of 5
Are you sure MobileHelp is right for you?
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