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MobileHelp Review

100% Cellular Service
240+ Languages Supported
Overall Rating:
5 of 5
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17 Second Avg. Response Time
$19.95 Starting Price
Questions? Speak with a MobileHelp Specialist: 800-764-1095


Getting the help you or a loved one needs in the case of an emergency is of the utmost importance. That’s why having a company and equipment you can trust is vital. With so many different companies to choose from, it can become overwhelming.

MobileHelp is one company to look into if you’re searching for this type of service. As you’re looking around you should take into consideration the cost, type of equipment available as well as any added features.

Let’s take a look at what the MobileHelp's medical alert system has to offer.

MobileHelp is located in Boca Raton, Florida. MobileHelp devices are all FCC, PTCRN, and UL certified.

MobileHelp partners with Rapid Response, an emergency response service company that has been in business for 25 years. Their average response time is 17 seconds once a medical alert is received. With two call centers, one in Syracuse, NY and one in Corona, CA, there is always a center available if one should go offline for any reason.

While English and Spanish are the primary languages supported through MobileHelp, there is interpreter service available which covers more than 240 additional languages.


MobileHelp works to make its plains affordable for its customers. Price varies depending on the equipment and service you choose. Here’s a breakdown of the average costs:

MobileHelp Classic

  • $19.95/month (a one-time setup fee of $49.95 may be added on)
  • Covers in-home medical alert monitoring

MobileHelp Wired Home

  • $24.95/month
  • 24/7 emergency monitoring service
  • 1,300 foot coverage area
  • Landline connection with 2-way speaker

MobileHelp Solo

  • $37.95/month
  • All-in-one mobile medical device
  • Communicate with operator
  • Acts as a mobile GPS to guide emergency responders to your exact location

MobileHelp Duo

  • $41.95/month
  • Includes classic equipment & Solo mobile medical alert device
  • In-home & mobile devices

MobileHelp Touch

  • $599.40/year
  • 24/7 emergency monitoring service
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & 4G LTE Compatible
  • Front facing camera

If you choose the wearable plan, you will need to buy equipment up front. The device costs $349.95 and the monthly plan is $24.95. It comes equipped with smart watch features.

When you choose MobileHelp you will receive a 30-day money back guarantee. There is free shipping on all equipment as well as free activation.


The equipment you need for the MobileHelp Medical Alert System will depend on the type of plan you choose. Here is a look at the equipment available:

Cellular Base Station

This unit stays in your home and works with a medical-alert button. The button can be worn as a lanyard or around your wrist. You can also use the unit itself to call for help. It does not require a landline and has a 600-foot range. The base station can run up to 30 hours on a battery backup.

Mobile GPS Device

This device requires a small mobile-friendly base station that fits right in your pocket. It will work as long as you are within 350 feet of the unit. It is also waterproof.

MobileHelp Smart Watch

Wear this as you would any other watch. It has GPS location tracking so emergency responders can find you when you need help. There is also a two-way communicator. Besides these features, the smart watch also has the Samsung Health app which monitors your activity. You can keep track of the number of steps you take daily as well as your heart rate. There is also the option to set fitness and diet goals and check your local forecast!

Additional Equipment

Besides the standard equipment, MobileHelp also offers add-on equipment as an option. This includes:

  • Mobile Fall Button – This is an upgrade to the medical alert button. It will detect a fall and report it immediately to emergency responders. The cost is $10/month.
  • Charging Cradle – You can charge your mobile devices with the charging cradle for an additional $2/month.
  • Medication Reminders – You can get reminders so you don’t forget to take your medicine. The cost for this service is $5/month.
  • Wall Mount Button – If you don’t want to wear a medical alert device in the shower or in bed, a wall mount button is an option. It works just as the medical alert device. There is a charge of $2/month for this option.
  • Lock Box – Caregivers and emergency responders can get access to your home in case the door is locked and you can’t get up. This comes with a cost of $29.95.
  • LED Flashlight – Don’t be left in the dark with this pocket-sized LED flashlight. It costs $14.95.
  • Leather Carrying Pouch – Carry your mobile GPS unit with this pouch for $9.95.
  • Beaded Lanyard – Add a beaded lanyard to your medical alert device to make a fashion statement. The cost is $19.95.


Besides medication reminders, there are other features the MobileHelp Medical Alert System offers.

Activity Tracking

Besides tracking your daily activity, this feature also alerts caregivers if there are unusual inactive periods. You get weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. This service is an additional $5/month.

Mobile GPS

Whether you have the mobile medical alert device or the smart watch, GPS technology is in use to help emergency responders locate you at all times.

MobileHelp Connect

There are two options for this service. The free MobileHelp Connect feature includes system status alerts, emergency alerts, non-emergency alerts and up to 30 location requests per month. If you go over the 30 requests, there is an addition $5 charge per every 30 requests.

MobileHelp Connect Premium

This service gives you protection against damaged or lost equipment. In many cases you will pay a small deductible rather than the full cost. This is available for $5/month. As long as you keep the Premium service active you also get a lifetime price guarantee. Add-on services and equipment also have discounted rates for Premium members. You save anywhere from 25 to 50 percent off the original price. If you want to upgrade or replace your equipment in the future, you no longer need to pay service fees.


MobileHelp offers affordable plans with the options of many different add-on features. This allows you to customize your medical alert system to fit your needs. With an average 17 second response time, many users find peace of mind choosing MobileHelp.

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