ADT Medical Alert Systems, Tested and Reviewed

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$29.99/mo. Starting Price is supported by commissions from providers listed on our site. Read our Editorial Guidelines Rating:
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Linda Schlenker Jeff Hoyt
Linda Schlenker, Occupational Therapist Jeff Hoyt, Editor in Chief

Almost 150 years ago, Edward Callahan founded ADT, the first residential security system network to prevent home break-ins. Since then, ADT has expanded beyond home security into the health technology space with a line of medical alert systems.

Now, ADT Health offers medical alert systems for use at home or on the go. We found that the company provides uncomplicated, reliable systems during our latest ADT Health review. However, they are slightly more expensive than other similar systems, with prices starting at $29.99 per month. The company offers seasonal promotions and discounts for paying annually to help you save. Let’s dive right into ADT Health’s packages, pricing, and why the company is one of our top picks for the best medical alert systems.

Current Deal:

Current Deal: ADT Health currently offers a promotion specifically for new customers who can score 50 percent off fall detection monitoring, free shipping, and free activation.

ADT Health at a Glance

  • Landline and cellular systems
  • No equipment fees
  • GPS location detection
  • Optional fall detection with multiple systems
  • Cellular coverage through AT&T
  • Low prices on at-home systems for spouses
  • Discounts for online orders

The Fast Facts: ADT Health’s Equipment and Pricing

ADT Health Medical Alert Basic Medical Alert Plus On-The-Go
Monthly prices $29.99 $37.99 $39.99
Designed for In the home In the home and yard At home and on the go
Range 300 feet 600 feet 100 feet
Connection Landline Cellular Cellular
Fall detection No $11 per month $11 per month
Home temperature monitoring Yes Yes No

A Closer Look at ADT Health’s Systems and Value

Medical Alert Basic

Medical Alert Basic is ADT Health’s most affordable system, starting at $29.99 per month. Although there are some cheaper options for at-home systems on the market, ADT’s prices aren’t outrageous. For comparison, Medical Alert’s prices start at $27.95 per month, while Alert1’s monthly costs start at around $29 per month.

ADT Health's Medical Alert Basic system

ADT Health’s Medical Alert Basic system

This package includes an in-home base unit and a waterproof pendant or wristband. The system has a 300-foot range and runs on a landline connection. As long as you’re in range of the base station, you only need to press the wearable help button to connect to ADT’s 24/7 monitoring center. An operator will be there to send help in under a minute.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: For the Basic and Plus systems, a light on the base unit will turn on every 30 days to remind you to make a test call and check your equipment. We appreciate that ADT Health takes this extra step to ensure that you are always protected and that their equipment is working properly.

While fall detection is not available with the Basic plan, home temperature monitoring and two-way talk are included. Since over 1,100 older adults die each year from fire-related incidents — the temperature monitoring is a plus that adds value.1

Medical Alert Plus

The Medical Alert Plus system is a step up from the Basic plan. For $37.99 per month, you’ll receive a 600-foot coverage range and cellular connection, which means you won’t need a landline. This gives you more flexibility to place the system in the spot that works best in your home, as you won’t need to plug the base unit into a phone jack. While the 600-foot range is still relatively small, it doubles the range of the Medical Alert Basic and allows for outside activities, such as gardening. If you’re looking for an in-home system, we recommend upgrading from the Medical Alert Basic to this model, as the system offers more value for just $8 extra per month.

Setting up my Medical Alert Plus ADT Health system

Setting up my Medical Alert Plus ADT Health system

The most useful element of this system, in our opinion, is the ability to add an automatic fall-detection pendant for $11 per month. With this feature, you can instantly connect with emergency personnel after a fall, even if you cannot press the help button. This plan also offers temperature monitoring. With its added features and versatility, we think the Plus plan offers the better deal of the two in-home packages.


At $39.99 per month, the price for the On-The-Go system sits just $2 above the Plus plan. While it’s not the least expensive mobile system on the market, it’s comparable to Medical Guardian’s prices for similar options. With this wearable mobile system, you can use it anywhere in the U.S. that has AT&T cellular coverage.2 This system also has built-in GPS technology to track your location in case of an emergency. ADT Health’s On-The-Go is the most practical plan for older adults who travel regularly, whether around town or for vacation.

Charging my On-The-Go Emergency Response ADT Health system

Charging my On-The-Go Emergency Response ADT Health system

In addition to the unlimited range (because the unit travels with you) and GPS technology, the main benefit of this plan is the portable unit’s built-in help button and two-way speaker. These allow you to easily call for help in an emergency. ADT also offers fall detection for $11 per month with this package, but it’s not programmed right into the mobile device. Instead, it is included with a separate neck pendant, so you’ll need to remember to wear the pendant and carry the mobile device with you.


FYI: The base units for both the Basic and Plus systems have a backup battery that lasts up to 20 hours, and the On-The-Go device has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 40 hours. That means you won’t have to worry about being unprotected during a power outage.

Add-On Accessories: Pricing and Features

ADT Health offers a few basic add-ons to customize your medical alert system. Aside from fall detection, which we think is well worth the extra money spent, an extra wristband or neck pendant is a valuable add-on to consider for couples or roommates.

Product Features Price
Wristband or neck pendant Extra black or white help button $14.99 one-time charge;

$5 monthly monitoring fee

ADT lockbox Stores key to prevent damage to property in case of emergency $29.99 one-time charge; free with annual payment plan
Automatic fall detection Neck pendant for either cellular system that detects falls automatically $11 per month
Waterproof wall mount button Extra protection when a button is not being worn $2.99 per month per button

How To Get the Best Deal With ADT Health

Here are a few of our tips to get the best bargain with ADT Health:

  • Buy online: You’ll save a few bucks each month if you order your system online. We always recommend calling customer service to ask questions and ensure that you understand what you’re buying, but place your order online. (Or ask customer service if they will give you the same price over the phone.) ADT typically offers deals and discounts for new online customers.
  • Ask questions: As we’ve mentioned, ask lots of questions, and be sure that you understand the fine print before purchasing. Unfortunately, ADT Health doesn’t offer a free trial period like many other providers. However, they will reimburse any unused days in the monthly billing cycle upon the return of the equipment. They also send a prepaid mailing label to return the devices.
  • Add a spouse: By spending an extra $5 per month on an additional help button, spouses can both use one ADT Health at-home system. When you do the math for two users, the monthly fee for an ADT system breaks down to between about $17 and $22 per person. That’s cheaper than buying two separate systems!

Is ADT Health Right for Me?

With so many medical alert systems out there, it can be hard to know which company is the right fit for your needs. Considering the following statistic may help you decide.

ADT Health's Medical Alert Basic system

Testing out Medical Alert Basic

In 2019, falls were the leading cause of injury death in adults 65 or older3. Many older adults could benefit from medical alert systems, particularly devices that include fall detection. ADT Health doesn’t have many bells and whistles with their packages, but they offer basic systems along with essential add-on features, like fall detection. With simple, easy-to-use systems and a long history of protecting households across America, ADT is a good option for keeping you or your aging family members protected.

Final Thoughts on Pricing and Value for ADT Health

For those who like simplicity, ADT has a system for you. Keep in mind that ADT Health offers limited add-ons. For example, it doesn’t have a mobile app with services for caregivers, as some other providers do. But the few extras it does offer are the essentials, like fall detection.

Of the three systems, we think On-The-Go provides the greatest value; it’s in the same price range as other top cellular GPS systems and includes two-way talk, GPS location detection, and optional fall detection. On the other hand, Medical Alert Basic and Medical Alert Plus are barebones systems with a shorter range at a higher price point than many other at-home systems. But with online ordering incentives and inexpensive monitoring for spouses, ADT is a solid option.

You can learn more about our experience trying out ADT by watching our video review below!

Chief Editor, Jeff Hoyt provides all the information you need regarding the ADT Medical Alert Systems

Frequently Asked Questions About ADT Health

  • How do I purchase my ADT device?

    To purchase your ADT device, you can make a call to customer service or order online. We recommend speaking to a customer service agent before ordering.

  • How do the ADT medical alert systems work?

    To get in touch with an emergency monitoring professional, simply press the button on your ADT wristband or pendant. A caring professional will confirm over your two-way intercom if you need assistance. If there is an emergency, ADT emergency personnel can dispatch the appropriate responder to your location.

  • Do I need a landline to use ADT’s services?

    A traditional landline is necessary for ADT Health’s Basic package. However, the Plus and On-The-Go systems are wireless and do not require a landline.

  • Are the wearable devices waterproof?

    While the help pendants are waterproof, the mobile device is water-resistant. This means that it can be used in the shower but should not be submerged in water.

  • Do ADT Health medical alert systems come with a warranty?

    Yes, a lifetime warranty covers parts, labor, and service for normal wear and tear. Damaged units can also be replaced for a small deductible.

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