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Alert1 Medical Alert System Brand 2023 is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews. Rating:
4.0 of 5
$16.95/mo. Starting Price
20-45 Connection Time (in Seconds)
5 Package Options
10 Help Buttons Supported is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews. Rating:
4.0 of 5

Alert1, founded in 1988, offers affordable medical alert systems with packages starting at just $19.95 per month with no equipment costs. Their diverse offerings keep seniors covered at home and on the go. Alert1 also understands that older adults need flexibility, which is why they allow you to cancel at any time for a prorated refund.

Alert1 offers six system options, including two in-home systems, three mobile units, and one bundle. All six are backed by 24/7 U.S.-based monitoring centers that support almost 200 languages plus nonverbal protocol for deaf users or those with hearing loss, ensuring you’re always understood. Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Alert1’s systems, including a breakdown of cost and value, system overviews, and, of course, ways to save.

Alert1 at a Glance

  • Landline and cellular options
  • Cellular coverage through AT&T and Verizon
  • 24/7 professional monitoring included in all packages
  • Free equipment use
  • Custom emergency response plans
  • Anytime cancellation with prorated refunds available
  • Six different systems to fit most needs
  • Fall detection available
  • Water-resistant, shower-safe pendants

Alert1 Versus Other Medical Alert Brands

Alert1 offers affordable and high-quality medical alert systems for seniors. If you just want to try Alert1 out for a while, the company lets you cancel at any time with prorated refunds. That said, if you want more advanced plans with all the bells and whistles, Alert1 can get a little expensive. If you prefer to look for more affordable medical alert system providers or high-tech solutions, be sure to check out our top-rated brands below. Rating:
4.8 of 5
Call for best price: Call to Order: 855-919-4522 Rating:
5 of 5
Call for best price: Call to Order: 844-946-1712 Rating:
4 of 5
Call for best price: Call to Order: 844-292-4049

The Fast Facts: Alert1’s Equipment and Pricing

Alert1 offers six different systems with two payment plan options. Below is a quick overview of pricing for each system.

System Pay for 1 Month Pay for 10 Months Equipment fees? Shipping fees? Activation fees*
In-the-Home $28.95 per month $19.95 per month + 1 free month No No $19.95
In-the-Home + Fall Detection $38.95 per month $29.95 per month + 1 free month No No $19.95
On-the-Go $38.95 per month $29.95 per month + 1 free month No No $19.95
On-the-Go + Fall Detection $48.95 per month $39.95 per month + 1 free month No No $19.95
On-the-Go Wrist Watch with GPS + Pedometer $38.95 per month $29.95 per month + 1 free month $179 No $19.95
On-the-Go + In-the-Home + Fall Detection $58.95 per month $49.95 per month + 1 free month No No $19.95

*Activation fees waived with 10-month plans

A Closer Look at Alert1’s Systems and Value

Alert1 offers two at-home medical alert systems, three on-the-go systems, and one bundled system. Each has its own unique features, but all six include 24/7 monitoring. That means access to professional help with the press of the button at any time, on any day. Alert1 will call 911, your friends, or your family on your behalf to get you the exact help you need.

Unlike other medical alert companies, Alert1 provides users with most equipment at no charge. (The exception is the On-the-Go Wrist Watch with GPS + Pedometer system.) That means no hefty upfront equipment costs, which is great news if you’re on a tight budget. We’ll dive more into the packages below.


Starting at $19.95 per month with a 10-month payment plan, the In-the-Home is Alert1’s most basic system. It’s perfect for homebodies on a budget. Compared to other basic at-home systems in the industry, Alert1 is quite affordable, around $5 to $10 cheaper than its competitors. For comparison, Medical Guardian’s in-home prices start at $29.95 per month. Keep in mind that Alert1’s prices increase by $9 if you opt for a month-to-month plan instead of the 10-month payment option.

Buyer’s Tip:

Buyer’s Tip: If you’re a veteran, AAA member, or AARP member, you’re eligible for a discount from Alert1. Be sure to ask about the discount before purchasing to access your special rate.

The system consists of a base unit and a shower-proof, wearable help button. The base unit connects to the user’s landline, so it’s an excellent option for seniors in rural areas with poor cell reception. The system has a 600-foot range to keep you covered in and around your home. Whether you enjoy cooking, gardening, or reading on the porch, this system should offer what you need. Alert1 recommends testing the range of the system in your own home upon receipt to ensure it works where you need it most.

Alert1 In-Home System

Alert1 In-Home System

In-the-Home + Fall Detection

Alert1’s In-the-Home + Fall Detection system has the same features as the basic In-the-Home model with a few key differences. Starting at $29.95 per month, this system is $10 more than the basic at-home system.
This system adds a waterproof automatic fall detection pendant with a two-year battery. If you’re at high risk of falling, fall detection offers excellent value, as it can detect a fall and call for help even if you can’t press your help button. You can also add GPS tracking for an extra $10 per month.

Did You Know:

Did You Know: Alert1 offers support to customers in over 190 languages for all packages, which is among the most extensive language support we’ve seen in the industry. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that over 350 languages are spoken in the U.S., so this is an important consideration!

Unlike the In-the-Home system, this Alert1 package uses a landline or AT&T cellular connection. The choice is yours! Just know that the landline base unit offers a range of 600 feet, but the cellular base unit only has a range of 400 feet.

Alert1 Kelsi

Alert1 Kelsi


With prices starting at $29.95 per month, On-the-Go is a great option for older adults looking for a no-fuss mobile system that they can use while out and about. Whether you’re shopping at the store, visiting the grandkids, traveling, or doing any other activity away from home, you’re covered.


FYI: After receiving an Alert1 system, you’ll create a Circle of Care. These are your contacts in case of an emergency, such as family, friends, or neighbors. You’ll also choose the order in which Alert1 will call your contacts or 911 during an emergency.

The package comes with an all-in-one mobile device and a charger. It has a 30-day battery life, so you won’t need to charge too often! Although it’s designed for you to wear around your neck, you can also store it in your purse or attach it to your belt with the included belt clip. Alert1’s On-the-Go systems use the Verizon or AT&T cellular network to connect with the monitoring center.

For a price comparison, On-the-Go is around $20 cheaper per month than Lifeline’s costs for their mobile system, so it’s an excellent deal.

Alert1 Kelsi Pro

Alert1 Kelsi Pro

On-the-Go + Fall Detection

On-the-Go + Fall Detection starts at $39.95 per month with the same features as the On-the-Go system — plus a few upgrades. This mobile system adds fall detection and GPS tracking. The only downside of this system is that you’re only getting a five-day battery life due to the device’s GPS and fall detection features. That’s consistent with industry standards, but it does mean you’ll need to charge your device more frequently.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: To compare Alert1’s prices and perks to other providers, check out our list of this year’s best medical alert systems.

Compared to the other offerings we’ve discussed, this system is approaching the pricey side of the industry. However, you get GPS tracking and fall detection for just $10 more than the basic On-the-Go system. Other companies charge $10 a month just for adding fall detection, so we think Alert1 offers a solid value.

Alert1 Fall Protection Package

Alert1 Fall Protection Package

On-the-Go Wrist Watch with GPS + Pedometer

Alert1’s newest offering includes the same basic features found in its other mobile systems: two-way talk, access to a 24/7 monitoring center, and a connection with either AT&T or Verizon. In addition, it offers GPS location tracking, a pedometer for counting your steps, and a weather app for checking the forecast while out. The watch is sleek, too. No one needs to know that you are wearing a medical alert unless you want them to! The On-the-Go Wrist Watch with GPS + Pedometer costs $29.95 per month with a 10-month plan. The watch also has a $179 equipment fee, making it the only Alert1 system with an equipment fee. It does not include the option of fall detection, but overall this is a high-functioning and cost-effective system.

On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Bundle

Looking for the best of both worlds? Alert1’s bundle combines the In-the-Home + Fall Detection and On-the-Go + Fall Detection devices into one system. The bundle comes with a landline base unit, a home fall detection pendant and wristband, and a mobile fall detection base and pendant.

The bundle starts at $49.95 per month, which is slightly more expensive than LifeFone’s prices for their At-Home and On-the-Go GPS bundle, but we think Alert1’s fall detection technology is worth the extra $10. Plus, the bundle is around $20 cheaper per month than purchasing the two systems separately. That means you’re getting the most bang for your buck possible.

Add-on Accessories: Pricing and Features

Alert1 has a wide selection of add-ons and accessories. Let’s take a closer look:

Add-on Price Description
Spouse and Roommate Protection $10-$30 per month Lets you add a spouse or roommate to your service plan
Medication Reminder and Organizer $149.95 Tamper-proof, can hold up to 28 doses, and can be set for four daily reminders
Voice Extender $99 Extends the range of base unit and features a two-way speaker
Fall Protection Package $200 Comes with two Wall-Mounted Emergency Buttons, two wireless motion-sensing nightlights, 12 corner guards, and adhesive tub grip strips
Emergency Lockbox $39.95 Lockbox with a four-digit pin that can hold up to five keys
Wall-Mounted Emergency Button $39.95 Wireless, shower-proof button that connects to in-home service
Surge Guard $19.95 Protects home from power surges
Monitored Smoke Detector $10 per month Automatically connects you to Command Center if smoke is detected
Kelsi Protective Case and Belt Adapter $9.95 Protective case that is worn around the belt
Silicon Alarm Button Wristbands $9.95 For home emergency button; comes in gray, blue, and purple
Medical Alert Necklaces $19.95-$59.95 Stylish beaded necklaces for medical alert pendants and necklace/bracelet bundles
Medical ID Bracelets $34.95 Stainless steel stretch band with panel for information; comes in large and small
Additional Pendants and Wristbands $19.95-$46.95 Various pendants and wristbands that can be added to select systems
Advantage Plan $8.33 per month Added insurance for devices that will protect against damage, loss, or theft

How To Get the Best Deal With Alert1

When it comes to any new purchase, especially one with ongoing monthly costs like a medical alert system, we’re all about finding the best deal. Check out our tips for getting the best deal with Alert1!

  • You can save up to $9 a month by choosing to pay for 10 months at a time rather than paying month to month.
  • If you buy 10 months of service, you receive one month of service free.
  • Alert1 offers discounts for veterans, AAA members, and AARP members. Give Alert1 a call for more details on these discounts.
  • For every friend you refer to Alert1, you’ll receive a free month of service.
  • If you’re interested in two different Alert1 systems, you can bundle to save up to $20 per month.
  • You can get a discounted price (up to 60 percent off) on a second unit or button to cover a second member of your household. Give Alert1 a call for more details.

Is Alert1 Right for Me?

Alert1’s medical alert systems make aging in place a little safer for older adults, especially those who live alone. They have a system to meet your needs whether you’re looking for a landline or cellular at-home system or a mobile unit.

  • In particular, we’d recommend Alert1 for seniors looking for:
  • An inexpensive at-home system
  • Spouse or roommate monitoring
  • Fall detection
  • A mobile unit with an extended battery life
  • Extra accessories
  • Multi-language support
  • A system built with features for users with hearing loss

If you’re still on the fence, visit our latest Alert1 review for a look at our hands-on experience with this provider.

Final Thoughts on Pricing and Value for Alert1

We’re pleased with the solid value that Alert1 offers. The company’s six medical alert systems and add-on options give you plenty of flexibility as you decide what will meet your needs and budget. We also like that you don’t need to pay for your equipment and aren’t locked into a contract.

Overall, Alert1 gives seniors and their caregivers easy-to-use equipment and peace of mind thanks to their 24/7 U.S.-based monitoring centers. And if you prefer speaking in a language other than English, you can’t beat Alert1’s language support. Knowing that you’ll have someone available who speaks your preferred language in an emergency is priceless.

Watch our video review of Alert1’s medical alert systems to learn more about this company:

Frequently Asked Questions About Alert1

  • Who responds to emergency calls for Alert1?

    Once the emergency button is pressed on a device, the user is connected with an Alert1 operator in the Command Center. The operator will answer the call and access the customer’s information in just 20 to 45 seconds.

  • How much does Alert1 cost per month?

    Alert1’s monthly costs vary depending on the system, payment plan, and add-ons. Without add-ons, the cost ranges from $19.95 to $58.95 per month.

  • What is the return policy for Alert1?

    Alert1 offers new customers a 30-day risk-free trial. To qualify for a refund, you must place a successful test call to the Command Center and mail the device back in its original condition. If you want to return your device in the middle of your service term, you can donate any remaining time to a low-income person or a veteran through the Alert1 Cares Program.

  • Does Alert1 offer any senior discounts?

    Yes, Alert1 offers discounts for veterans, AAA members, and AARP members. The company also offers a free month through its refer-a-friend program. Users who want to add a second unit or button to cover another household member also receive a discount.

  • Is there a charge for pressing the emergency button?

    All of Alert1’s systems allow unlimited button pushes. You will not be charged for accidental pushes either. However, if you accidentally push the bottom, Alert1 advises you to tell the operator that you are testing your system.

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