Alert1 Medical Alert System

$16.95/mo. Starting Price
20-45 Connection Time (in Seconds)
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When it comes to providing the very best medical alert system for yourself or a family member, it's important to learn not just about a company's services and technology, but about the company as well—and Alert1 is worth getting to know. Alert1 has five system options to choose from, including two in-home systems, two mobile units, and one bundle. Starting at just $16.95 per month, Alert1 is one of the most affordable options for medical alert devices. However, their top-tier packages are on the pricier side. Alert1 allows you to choose your contract length, ranging from month-to-month payments to three-year commitments (quite a difference from Life Alert's mandatory three-year contract), so you can find the payment plan and monthly rates that work for you.

In this year's review of Alert1's products, we found that both the quality of service and the equipment is well worth the price. With unique features like industry-leading language support, non-verbal protocol for hearing-impaired users, and mobile units with a month-long battery life, this provider has a lot to offer. Interested in learning more? With a focus on the company's pricing and value, read on for everything you need to know about Alert1.

Alert1’s Pricing Plans and Options

Before we get into the main features of each system, Alert1 has several different ways to pay for their systems that offer various discounts and contract lengths. That way, you can find the price and length of commitment that works best for you. A huge plus with Alert1 is that you can easily add a roommate or spouse to the plan, given that both users reside in the same household, and save money while doing so! Below is a quick overview of pricing options of subscription plans for both 1 and 2 users for each of Alert1's systems.

System Home Medical Alert Home Fall Detection Kelsi On the Go Kelsi On the Go Fall Detection On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Bundle
Monthly (1 user) $28.95 per month $39.95 per month $45.95 per month $55.95 per month $61.95 per month
Monthly (2 users) $38.95 per month $49.95 per month $65.95 per month $63.95 per month $91.95 per month
Quarterly(1 user) $25.95 per month $36.95 per month $42.95 per month $52.95 per month $58.95 per month
Quarterly(2 users) $35.95 per month $46.95 per month $62.95 per month $72.95 per month $88.95 per month
Annually (1 user) $19.95 per month $30.95 per month $36.95 per month $46.95 per month $52.95 per month
Annually (2 users) $29.95 per month $40.95 per month $56.95 per month $66.95 per month $82.95 per month
*36 for 30 (1 user) $16.95 per month $27.95 per month $33.95 per month $43.95 per month $49.95 per month
*36 for 30 (2 users) $26.95 per month $37.95 per month $53.95 per month $63.95 per month $79.95 per month

*Pay the upfront costs for 30 months of service and receive six months free with the 36 For 30 Plan.

Which Alert1 System Is Right for You?

To provide a clearer picture of the overall value that Alert1 systems can bring, below is a rundown of each Alert1 system that details their key features, benefits, limitations and drawbacks.

System 24/7 Monitoring Requires Landline Works On-the-Go Fall Detection Speaker in Button Unlimited Button Pushes
Home Medical Alert X X X X
Home Fall Detection X X
Kelsi On the Go X
Kelsi On the Go Fall Detection
On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Bundle X


Home Medical Alert

Starting at $16.95 per month, the Home Medical Alert system is Alert1's most basic system, which is perfect for homebodies on a budget. Compared to other starter at-home systems in the industry, Alert1 is quite affordable, at around $5 to $10 cheaper than its competitors. The system is made up of a base unit and a shower-proof button. The base unit connects to the user's landline, so it's a good option in areas with poor cell reception, and its two-way speaker utilizes a 433 MHz Superheterodyne frequency (great for seniors who are experiencing hearing loss).1 The shower-proof button is small and compact, and can be easily worn as a wristband or a necklace. During an emergency, the user can press the wearable button or the help button on their base station to call the 24/7 monitoring center. An operator will be there to send whatever help they need, whether it's first responders or a family member. Home Medical Alert offers a 600-foot range and comes in a wall-mounted or tabletop version, which gives you more flexibility for placement. One system can support up to 10 help buttons, so if you need protection for a spouse or roommates, you'll be covered.

Buyer's Tip: If you're looking for spouse or roommate monitoring, you can add another user to your in-home system for $10 a month. While this is a bit pricier than spouse monitoring from other companies like ResponseNow ($3.95 per month), it's still a great option for multiple users.

Alert1 Fall Protection Package

Alert1 Fall Protection Package

Home Fall Detection

While the Home Fall Detection Medical Alert has most of the same features as the Home Medical Alert, it differs in a couple of ways. The system, which starts at $27.95 per month, comes with a base unit, standard help button, and automatic fall detection pendant. Aside from the fall detection pendant, the Home Fall Detection Medical Alert system differs in its base unit's capabilities. Unlike the traditional Home system, this base unit has a cellular option (using T-Mobile's cellular network).2 Just know that the cellular connection shrinks your coverage range to 400 feet. Alert1 recommends upgrading to the On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Bundle (starting at $49.95 per month) if you're looking for a larger range, but you could also opt for a Voice Extender add on for a $99 one-time fee if you don't want to bundle. This extender will ensure that you have solid coverage throughout the house, and you won't have to pay a higher monthly rate since it's just a one-time fee.

Did You Know: Alert1 offers support to customers in over 190 languages for all packages, which is the best we've seen in the industry. The 2015 Census reported that over 350 languages are spoken in the US,3 so this is an important consideration!

Alert1 Kelsi

Alert1 Kelsi

Kelsi On-the-Go

With prices starting at $33.95 per month, Kelsi On-the-Go is a fantastic option for seniors who are looking for a no-fuss mobile medical alert system that can be used out and about. It comes with the all-in-one Kelsi mobile device and a charger. This system utilizes Verizon's cellular network, and although it doesn't offer a GPS feature, Alert1 can still locate the wearer using 911 technology if needed. The Kelsi device itself is shower-proof and about the size of a Tic Tac box (goodbye bulky equipment!). It can hold a charge for 30 days, so you won't have to worry about charging your system every day or during a trip. Since this device doesn't feature fall detection, it doesn't need to be worn around the neck; you can throw it in a purse or attach it to your belt to make it more discrete. For a price comparison, Kelsi On-the-Go is around $5 to $15 cheaper than mobile units from other companies like Philips Lifeline and Medical Alert, so it's a good deal.

Alert1 Kelsi Pro

Alert1 Kelsi Pro

Kelsi On-the-Go Fall Detection

The Kelsi On-the-Go Fall Detection starts at $43.95 per month and has a lot of the same features as the Kelsi On-the-Go system—plus a few upgrades. This system includes fall detection, GPS tracking, and a choice between using Verizon or AT&T's cellular network.4 The only downside we can find is that the 30-day battery life drops to a 5-day battery life due to the device's GPS and fall detection features, but that's a normal drop across the industry.This system is starting to edge on the pricey side, but it's Alert1's most high-tech device, so this is to be expected. You're really paying $10 more than the original Kelsi model for fall detection, GPS technology, and the flexibility to choose a cellular provider. Many companies charge $10 for fall detection alone, so this package offers solid value.

Did You Know: One out of five falls in seniors causes a serious injury such as a broken bone or a head injury. If you or a loved one is more at-risk of falling, we strongly recommend opting for an Alert1 system with fall detection technology.

On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Bundle

Looking for the best of both worlds? Alert1 offers a bundle that combines the Home Fall Detection and Kelsi On-the-Go Fall Detection devices into one system. The bundle comes with a base unit, a standard emergency button, a home fall detection pendant, and a Kelsi fall detection device. The bundle starts at $49.95 per month, which is slightly more expensive than LifeFone's At-Home and On-the-Go GPS bundle, but we think Alert1's fall detection technology is worth the extra $10. Plus, the bundle is around $20 cheaper per month than purchasing the two systems separately, so you're getting the most bang for your buck possible. Added bonus: the in-home system's base unit in this bundle offers a 600-foot range rather than the standalone system's 400 feet.

Ways to Save

There are plenty of ways to save with Alert1, as they offer several ongoing deals and promotions. Check out our tips for getting the best deal below!

  • Save up to $12 a month by choosing to pay quarterly, annually, or selecting the 36 for 30 plan.
  • Buy 30 months of service and receive six months free with the 36 for 30 plan.
  • Buy 10 months of service and receive two months free with the annual plan.
  • Alert1 offers discounts for veterans, AAA members, and AARP members. Give Alert1 a call for more details on these discounts.
  • For every friend that you refer to Alert1, you'll receive a free month of service.
  • If you're interested in two alert different Alert1 systems, you can bundle to save up to $20 per month.
  • You can skip out on the $50 installation fee by opting for Alert1's quarterly, annual, or 36 for 30 payment plans.

Optional Add-ons and Accessories

Alert1 has a wide array of add ons and accessories to choose from. Let's take a closer look:

Add-ons Price Description Home Home Fall Detection Kelsi Kelsi Fall Detection Bundle
Spouse and Roommate Protection $10-$30 per month Add a spouse or roommate to your service plan
Medication Reminder and Organizer $149.95 Tamper-proof, can hold up to 28 doses, and can be set for four daily reminders
Voice Extender $99 Extends the range of base unit and features a two-way speaker X X
Fall Protection Package $200 Comes with two Wall-Mounted Emergency Buttons, two wireless motion-sensing nightlights, 12 corner guards, and adhesive tub grip strips X X
Emergency Lockbox $39.95 Lockbox with a four-digit pin that can hold up to five keys
Wall-Mounted Emergency Button $39.95 Wireless, shower-proof button that connects to in-home service X X
Surge Guard $19.95 Protects home from power surges X X
Monitored Smoke Detector $10 per month Automatically connects you to Command Center if smoke is detected
Kelsi and Kelsi Pro Protective Case and Belt Adapter $9.95 Protective case that is worn around the belt X X
Silicon Alarm Button Wristbands $9.95 For home emergency button, comes in grey, blue, and purple X X
Senior Fall Alert Necklaces $19.95 Stylish beaded necklaces for medical alert pendants, comes in Stained Glass, Elegant Onyx, and Treasure Pearls
Medical ID Bracelets $34.95 Stainless steel stretch band with panel for information, comes in large and small sizes
Additional Pendants and Wristbands $19.95-$46.95 Mobile Fall Protection Pendant ($46.95)
Fall Detection Pendant ($30.95)
PAX Plus Classic Wristband ($29.95)
Alarm Bracelet ($19.95)
Alert Pendant ($19.95)
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Advantage Plan $8.33 per month Added insurance for devices that will protect against damage, loss, or theft

Pro Tip: Interested in the Advantage Plan to protect your devices? Opt for the quarterly or semi-annual payment plan—the annual payment plan will bump the price up to $9.72 per month.

About the Company

Alert1 was founded in 1988 and has since earned acclaim from institutions such as the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. The company is headquartered in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and provides service in all 50 states. Alert1's Command Centers are US-based, provide support in almost 200 languages, and are TMA 5 Diamond Certified5 and UL Listed.

Is Alert1 Right for Me?

With systems and pricing options ranging from $16.95 per month for a Home system on a 36 for 30 plan to $61.95 per month for a bundle system on a month-to-month plan, we find that Alert1 offers the most room for customization and control when it comes to price and equipment.

What We Like About Alert1

  • an inexpensive at-home system
  • spouse monitoring
  • a mobile unit with an extended battery life
  • extra add-on accessories
  • non-english language support
  • a system built with features for hearing-impaired or deaf users

They offer diverse on-the-go and at-home systems, so whether you're looking for a landline or cellular at-home system or a mobile unit, there are some great options for most seniors. All in all, Alert1's systems offer solid value and high-quality equipment for the price you pay.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alert1

  • Who responds to emergency calls?

    Once the emergency button is pressed on a device, the user will be connected with an Alert1 operator in the Command Center, who will answer the call with the customer’s information up and ready in 20-45 seconds.

  • How much does Alert1 cost per month?

    Alert1’s monthly costs will vary depending on the system, payment plan, and additional add ons. Without add ons, the cost can range between $16.95 to $61.95 per month.

  • What is the return policy for Alert1?

    New customers are offered a 30-day risk-free refund policy; however, in order to qualify for the refund, the customer must: subscribe to a payment plan, test the system, and mail back the system within 30 days from the date it was received. If a customer decides to return the device in the middle of their service plan, they can donate their remaining time to a low-income individual or a veteran through the Alert1 Cares Program.

  • Does Alert1 offer any payment discounts?

    Yes, Alert1 offers discounts for veterans, AAA members, and AARP members. The company also offers a free month through its refer-a-friend program.

  • Is there a charge for pressing the emergency button?

    Each of Alert1’s systems comes with unlimited button pushes, so there’s no need to worry about extra charges in case of a “small emergency” or an accidental push. Should you accidentally push the button, Alert1 advises to say that you are testing your system.