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Different Websites for Seniors to Visit this 2017

Different Websites for Seniors to Visit this 2017

Because an exciting new world for the older adults is only one click away

You felt guilty for not making it on Mom's birthday. New York to Chicago is a twelve-hour drive, and with all your deadlines, the kid's recitals and the gazillion things you juggle, visiting your parents slid to the end of your to-do list. So you made sure you to take a leave from work and bring the whole family on the weekend for a surprise visit for mom and dad.

While on the road, you imagine your old parents, sitting on the front porch, watching the sunset, maybe a little teary eyed. Missing you and their grandchildren, thinking you have forgotten them. You feel more guilty. You hurried to the house the moment the car stops. Then you noticed the lights are not on. Your parents aren't there. "Where could they be?”, you thought, “It's past eight?" Then you notice a piece of paper pasted on the door that read "hanging out with friends, be back at twelve." You gasp.. " How is this possible?!"

Yes.  The truth is there's an overflowing opportunity for older people to get out and meet up with their counterparts as well as their juniors. It is not surprising that hobbies, entertainment activities designed for seniors are booming. According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the population of people aged 65 or older will double by 2030. Parallel to this increase, is the need to put up more avenues for them to become healthy, active and fit through various activities.

Website that Helps Older Adults Socialize

Vive health, a Florida-based home health, and medical equipment e-commerce company has opened a new world for older people where they can explore and engage new passions and find boundless and exciting ways to pastime.

The website for seniors has given out their list of "110 Activities for Elderly & Seniors". The list is broken into categories like Getting Out and About, Health and Fitness, Education, Find a Hobby Additional Income and Free Activities.

"Aging is a normal process, we can't stop it but we can help you deal with it and take advantage of it. We [are on] a mission to lead older adults to a happy and productive life", says Joe Fleming, co-founder of Vive Health. "Our list is another way of helping older adults to rise above the difficulties of aging."

Vive Health helps older adults, who are often isolated, to try new things, meet people and not let themselves be restricted by aging. Their website for seniors is designed to aid them in expanding their social interactions and boost their self-esteem and will,  therefore affecting the mood of the elderly and seniors in a positive way.

Dating Websites for Seniors

Dinner dates are now more easy to plan online. Anyone, including older adults can now find a restaurant conveniently through, or choose a movie through Rotten Tomatoes. They don't even have to worry who to date, eHarmony offers a specific community for single older adults.

Through the website and mobile app Meetup, seniors can meet up with all ages. You can find people and groups with the same interests as you.

Websites for Seniors and Caregivers

CareJOY is also an emerging website and app designed to  give elderly family members more personalized housing choices and give passionate caregivers more opportunities to provide loving care. Like a matchmaking app, it connects freelance caregivers to older adults needing their assistance and vice versa. Family of older adults needing care wouldn’t just find a caregiver near them but also someone compatible to the one being taken care of as the app automatically shows and chooses those who enjoy the same music, activities, food and other preference.

And for those of you who are caring for older adults, there is also a website for caregivers, family members, and therapists. Golden Carers is an interactive website which provides many educational and developmental activity ideas, materials, documentations and forums where caregivers can share and discuss new concepts on fun and meaningful activities with the elderly. Created by an aged care industry professional who wanted a thorough and unified way to share ideas and activities for clients, Golden Carers is a website that will benefit both the caregivers and older adults alike.

Hobby and Advocacy Websites for Seniors

Road trips or shopping? Road Trippers will show you the way. Find the nearest senior center through their site and join organizations like Red Hat Society, The American Society on Aging, SCORE or AARP that often offers rewards, discounts, social events, and admission to other resources.

It's never too late to get involved or enhance your gifts in arts. With SignUp, you can learn and enjoy quilting, theater arts, and musical instruments.

If you are one of the 13 million people whose health plan includes SilverSneakers, you can avail health and nutrition benefits like joining a gym to stay fit, getting into group exercises or joining local charity walks. You can access more than 13,000 participating locations nationwide launching these health activities.

Rescue a pet. Animals who needs a home are overcrowding in many shelters. Drop by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and know the process of adoption.

You can still write a letter to make friends. Yes, there are a lot of people who still do traditional mail and the good news is electronic communications are reviving pen pal opportunities and taking it to new heights. Just click here and rediscover communicating through pen and paper.

Teach a class, research your roots and become a mentor through Mentor: The National Mentoring Partnership.

Money Making Websites for Seniors

There are many ways to make money in retirement too. You can get rid of the stuff you don't use anymore by selling them online on eBay, Amazon or Alibaba. You can be a freelance consultant specializing in your previous line of work, become an Uber driver or even start a YouTube channel.

Travel and Trips Websites for Seniors

Choose a place you want to be and an adventure you’ve always dreamed of having. provides countless of skill enhancing workshops, thrilling outdoor trips, relaxing lodge and hut experiences and every advice on outdoors for anyone young at heart, all over the world.

Websites for Seniors Looking for Activities

Elder One Stop welcomes seniors, caregivers, family members, church groups, senior and care centers, activity directors, even teens, and kids. Anyone who knows and cares for seniors can search for ideas on this site for activities they want to do with their parents, grandparents or any senior close to them. The site offers a wide range of activities, retirement concepts, hobbies which highlight fun, health and enjoying life. There are lists of interesting activities for every month of the year.  From art to science to travel and leisure, Elder One Stop provides creative ways to spend time with our seniors.

Elder One Stop also provides articles which discuss mobility, dexterity, nutrition, hearing, vision and other health based activities.

There are "Share" forums where visitors can post and read about concepts on hobbies, recipes, activities and others. Retirement concepts are provided throughout the year.

Freebies, Party concepts, Travel for Seniors, Income generating activities, Nutrition and Exercise designed for the elderly are just some of the countless categories of information that  Elder One stop provides. Games and Outdoor Activities for seniors, and Essential Activities for Dementia Patients are featured in Special pages.

Elder One Stop also offers a section where visitors can examine what field interest them and what they're really good at.  This helps them in considering their future retirement activities and hobbies.

The site recommends countless interesting concepts.  Some of these are furniture making and restoration, interior decorating, woodworking, upholstery, scrap-booking, dollhouse building and decorating, home renovation, gardening, flower pressing, flower arrangement, photography, theater, creative writing, recording memoirs, video and movie making, sports, board games, flea markets, collecting things, ceramics, knitting, quilting, sewing, rug making, pottery, puppetry and creating puppets, jewelry making, metal detecting, bird watching, wine and beer making, sailing, boating, computer  and languages.

Websites for Older Women

There is also a website that focuses on female seniors. Sixty & Me offers ideas for older adult women. In their "List of Hobbies for Women Over 50 – Amazing Ideas from the Sixty and Me Community", some of the concepts for activities and hobbies includes health, games, travel, family, dating and beauty.

"Boomer women possess individualism. And no matter how they present themselves to the world, each of them has secret passions" says writer and entrepreneur Margaret Manning.

"This individuality defines their interests, the hobbies and activities they choose, what they want to do with their time."

Manning says "women always want to create, transform chaos into order" using different art as mediums. "Our personalities can be shaped by the activities we participate in. It can inspire, enlighten, boost self-esteem and connect us with other women who wants to put more meaning to their lives", she adds.

These websites for seniors has no doubt made it more convenient for older adults to pursue their passion, connect with friends, family and meet new people.  There's an exciting new world for the older adults and its one click away from where they are sitting.



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