Corey Whelan Headshot

Corey Whelan

Health Writer and Patient Advocate


  • 10+ years writing and editing medical and health insurance content for seniors
  • Commerce writer specializing in product reviews for older adults
  • Patient advocate for people dealing with reproductive health concerns and menopause
  • B.A., Psychology, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Corey has been writing about Medicare, senior living, and health for over 10 years. Her career spans 20+ years in the nonprofit sector, where she served as an educator and patient advocate for organizations including The American Fertility Association and The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Corey is the CEO at Corey Whelan Writers LLC. She currently writes health and medical content for a wide range of clients, including, Healthline, Verywell Health, and Hearing Health. Much of her work is influenced by the life experiences of her mom, Ruth.