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In 1998, Kiran and Phillip Yocom founded Seniors Helping Seniors with the mission to provide home care for older adults when living independently becomes challenging. The company works under two philosophies: When seniors help seniors, both parties benefit; and older adults can help other seniors enjoy life as they age.

The company, while founded in Pennsylvania, is international and still growing. There is a basic corporate structure and franchise satellite offices around the country and abroad. Seniors Helping Seniors offers several types of services that focus on providing care to seniors at reasonable hourly rates. The company matches senior caregivers with seniors who need in-home assistance. Seniors Helping Seniors pays its senior caregivers so that older adults can earn income while helping other seniors remain in their homes.

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Seniors Helping Seniors Services

Seniors Helping Seniors is unique in the home care industry because all of the caregivers are seniors, just as the name suggests. This is not something we’ve seen from other home care companies we have reviewed, such as Home Instead and TheKey. We appreciate this model, which provides fulfilling jobs for older adults, along with home care and companionship for those who need it. The company offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Companionship
  • Light housekeeping
  • Cooking and shopping
  • Assistance with personal care
  • Pet care
  • Light handyman services for small repairs
  • Yard work
  • Medication reminders
  • Help with household tasks such as mailing letters or bills
  • Safety and fall prevention services
  • Transportation for appointments, day trips, and running errands
  • Specialized care for dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Wellness checks for families that live far away
  • Respite care for families and caregivers
  • 24-hour care and overnight stays

Corporate Headquarters

  • Seniors Helping Seniors
  • 203 Ulrich Lane
  • Leesport, Pennsylvania 19533
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Reviews, Rating, and Complaints

Seniors Helping Seniors is a large corporation, with over 250 franchise locations. As such, there are two important things to understand about reviews, ratings, and complaints.

First, there are ratings and complaints associated with the corporate office and others for individual franchised locations. Second, the level of care and caregivers are different from one franchise to the next, so you can expect different testimonials for each franchise.

You’ll find that reviews and ratings span the worst and best experiences. One resounding trend amid all of the customer testimonials is that Seniors Helping Seniors offers compassionate care and relief for seniors and their families. One of the main complaints we’ve seen is that the corporate office is not as supportive as it could be. Another trend among complaints is that caregivers are sometimes given assignments that are outside of their skill set. For example, a caregiver might be assigned a dementia patient when the caregiver has no training related to memory care. Overall, reviews from both caregivers and those who receive care are quite positive.

Because of the size of this company and the number of franchise locations, has developed a database that allows people to check on the complaints, reviews, and ratings of this company. This directory is privately held so that companies cannot alter its contents. In so doing, SeniorLiving helps provide a complete and accurate picture of each corporation and its locations. If you have questions about joining this company as a caregiver, or you are a senior who needs care, be sure to check out our senior living directory.

How Much Does Seniors Helping Seniors Cost?

Female neighbor helping senior woman with domestic finances

The company and its franchises bill on either an hourly basis or on a shift basis. In-home care costs vary from one type of service to the next, but in general, expect to pay around $28 to $30 per hour. These rates are similar to other home care companies, such as Home Instead. Costs will vary by location and the level of care that is required. For instance, companion care and personal care will be less expensive than care that requires a licensed nurse. If the caregiver is running errands, you can also expect to pay a mileage fee, plus billable wages.

The fee structure is designed so that seniors pay only for the care that they need. If you need just a few hours of care per week, you will pay for that amount of care only. There are restrictions, such as minimum shift hours, which are generally billed in four-hour blocks or by the service.

Locations and Areas Served

Seniors Helping Seniors has hundreds of franchises spread around the United States. This is more nationwide availability than many other home care companies, including TheKey. Each location is generally separated by at least 150 miles. For example, there is one franchise located in West Sacramento, and the next-closest facility is in Reno, Nevada. There are also franchises in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Naperville, Illinois. Those three franchises serve a smaller area than the ones in West Sacramento and Reno.

Finding a Seniors Helping Seniors location near you is simple. The company’s website offers a ZIP code search tool. Be sure to use our database to check out reviews for each franchise that you might be interested in working with for care.

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Written By:
Taylor Shuman
Senior Tech Expert & Editor
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Reviewed By:
Scott Witt
Elder Home Care Managing Partner
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