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1,200+ locations
28 years in business
45,000 clients and families served
100,000 caregivers worldwide

SeniorLiving.org is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews. Read our Editorial Guidelines here to learn more about our review process and to learn more about how we are compensated.

SeniorLiving.org Rating:
4 of 5
Questions? Speak with a Home Instead Specialist:
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Everyone could use a little help sometimes. And the older we get, the more assistance we may need. Have you reached a point where you (or a loved one) could benefit from such help? If so, using an in-home senior care service may be a viable option. But with so many qualified agencies to choose from, where should you begin?

Based on their industry experience, large number of locations, compassionate caregivers, and expert technological support, Home Instead may be a worthy home care provider for seniors who want to comfortably age in place. Read on to learn more about Home Instead, the types of care they offer, costs, and more.

Home Instead in-home care

Home Instead in-home care; Source: In-Home Senior Care | Home Instead | Appleton, WI

Pros About Home Instead

  • International network of over a thousand franchises
  • Hours of care range from hourly to 24/7
  • Tailor-made cost options to fit most budgets
  • Utilizes enhanced technology for virtual care consults
  • 100,000 caregivers worldwide
  • User reviews state that caregivers are dependable and understanding

Cons About Home Instead

  • Customer experience varies depending on location

History and Background

When Paul and Lori Hogan founded Home Instead in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1994, their immediate purpose was to help their family’s ailing matriarch, Grandma Manhart, age well at home. They also wanted to ease their own family’s caregiving struggles. Nearly 30 years after the couple’s founding, their original business venture has evolved into a franchise-based global home care network. In August 2021, it was acquired by Honor Technology, a leading technology and operations platform. The combined organization represents more than $2.1 billion in home care services revenue. As such, it affirms itself as the largest player in the projected $500 billion home care industry.1

Through it all, Home Instead’s core mission has remained the same: to provide compassionate care and improve the quality of life for aging adults and their families.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? The laws governing home care agencies can be very different depending on which state you live in. Check out our comprehensive senior home care guide for more on this and other related information.

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Home Care Services Offered

Home Instead’s caregivers provide home care services ranging from personal care and help with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing and grooming, meal prep, light housekeeping, transportation, and companionship.

Home Instead’s customized – or “person-centered” – approach means that each of their professional CAREGivers is carefully matched with a senior based on their level of need. Further, all CAREGivers are given a comprehensive background check and must undergo ongoing services training. Customer reviews state that the caregivers are reliable, kind, and provide excellent care.

Home Instead services

Home Instead services; source: https://www.homeinstead.com/home-care-services/

Specialized Care

In addition to the services above, Home Instead CAREGivers also offer more specialized support for seniors experiencing chronic conditions and other medical issues. Particularly, when it comes to memory loss as a result of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, their caregivers are specially trained using a one-of-a-kind protocol. This program, called Person-Centered Care Training for Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias*, follows guidelines recommended by the Alzheimer’s Association to help individuals with cognitive conditions. Following this evaluation, CAREGivers can develop a personalized plan that’s designed to ease associated symptoms and improve quality of life.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: Family caregiving can be rewarding, but also very stressful. For tips on caring for the caregiver, read our guide on help for family caregivers of seniors.

They can also offer support for seniors suffering from other ailments, including heart disease and stroke, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and weight-related issues.

*Note: While the program is recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association, it’s not considered an endorsement.

Home Care Technology

Home Instead has the solid backing of Honor Technology, billed as “the world’s largest senior care network and technology platform.” It’s no surprise then that Home Instead makes good use of the latest innovations – all while ensuring that face-to-face interaction remains at the forefront. Among their core technology-enabled tools is a virtual portal that allows family members and caregivers to safely and securely arrange, track, and manage seniors’ care. Specifically, the web-based system allows family members to conveniently coordinate loved ones’ care with office staff, view upcoming schedules, add care notes and review invoices. Combined with in-person visits, Home Instead’s care technology is designed to enhance communication with everyone involved with the senior’s care. This not only increases the loved one’s sense of comfort and well-being, it also brings peace of mind to family members.

Home care technology

Home care technology; Source: https://www.homeinstead.com/home-care-services/

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Finding Care

The process for getting started with Home Instead is pretty straightforward. Simply find a representative in your local area by visiting their website or by calling 402-205-8492 within the U.S. (International callers can contact 888-331-3242.) From there, you can request an in-home consultation. During the initial free Care Consult visit, you can discuss you or your loved one’s specific care needs, service options, and related costs and payment details. Home Instead then matches you with a personal caregiver trained in the skills you need. This can range from hourly care for basic chores to around-the-clock service for hospice support.

Home Instead In-Home Care Costs

Home Instead costs vary depending on need, the amount of care, and location. While cost is only one factor when considering home care, it’s still significant. Fortunately, Home Instead offers personalized plans that are tailor-made and designed to fit most budgets and lifestyles. Ultimately though, it’s the quality and availability of services, among other factors, that should guide your decision about what's best for you or your family member’s unique situation.

Home Instead cites the Genworth Cost of Care Survey on their website to give readers an idea of average national costs for care. For a senior care cost comparison of average national costs listed on their website, see the breakdown below:

  • Average in-home care cost: $2,037 – $4,576 per month
  • Average assisted living facility cost: $4,300 per month
  • Average nursing home cost: $7,756 – $8,821 per month

Just remember that rates will vary for each Home Instead franchise. Some other companies, like Bickford Senior Living, advertise prices online, but Home Instead does not. For a more accurate cost estimate, Home Instead recommends reaching out to your local Home Instead office.

How to Pay for Home Instead

Some of the common ways to pay for Home Instead at-home senior care include self-pay and  long-term care insurance. Coverage will vary depending on your insurer. Medicare generally doesn’t pay for at-home 24-hour care; nor does it pay for personal or homemaker services (i.e., shopping/laundry) if that’s the only care that’s needed. However, Medicare Part A and/or Medicare Part B may allow for certain home health medical services. In-home services may also be covered through your state’s regular Medicaid plan, as well as through Home and Community Based Services Medicaid waivers or Section 1115 demonstration waivers. Military personnel can apply for veteran assistance. For eligible families, Home Instead offers grants to cover in-home care costs for loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? Two-thirds of U.S. adults, and more than three-quarters of those age 50-plus, prefer to stay in their home as they get older, according to AARP's November 2021 “Home and Community Preferences” survey.

Home Instead Locations

There are roughly 1,200-plus Home Instead locations in 14 countries – 600 of which are based in the U.S. alone. Home Instead provides services in all fifty states, so it’s likely that they may offer a home care office near you. We appreciate the company’s widespread availability, as other companies, such as Oakmont Senior Living have limited availability in select states. To find a franchise in your area, go to their website and type in your postal code or city/state under the locations tab.

Final Thoughts on Home Instead

Home Instead is a franchise-based network of more than 1,200 locations worldwide. While reports of client satisfaction can be inconsistent – and largely dependent on location – it generally has a well-regarded reputation for having dependable, skilled, and compassionate caregivers. Throughout its nearly three decades, the company has evolved from a single family-owned business to a leading force within the senior in-home care industry. Backed by the latest technological innovations, the company remains at the forefront by continuing to develop tools to keep at-home seniors, their families, and caregivers connected and engaged. With its specialized support offerings and suitable pricing that fits most budgets, Home Instead will allow you or your loved one the comfort and peace of mind to age safely at home.

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Senior Tech Expert & Editor
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