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Bickford Senior Living provides plenty of living options when it comes to retiring in the United States. Currently in nine states, Bickford Senior Living has independent living, memory care, skilled nursing, assisted living, and continuing retirement communities for you to choose from. The first program opened in Olathe, Kansas, after the family of Mary Bickford decided that there were no suitable living arrangements for their mother and wife who was no longer able to live safely at home. Diagnosed with Altzheimer's in 1989, Mary Bickford was the first resident of the Bickford Senior Living Olathe branch after its completion in 1991.

With 50 facilities in states from Nebraska to Virginia and Minnesota to Missouri, Bickford Senior Living Is growing at a pace where they can continue to provide high-quality care to residents with a major focus on the happiness of all residents that are cared for. Bickford Senior Living understands the importance of putting the needs of seniors ahead of all else. With living options to promote independence and to keep those struggling safe from harm, Bickford Senior Living is an excellent option for you or a loved one who can no longer live at home alone.

Bickford Senior Living employs over 2,000 “Family Members” with the strongly held belief that all employees are treated like family.

Although Mary Bickford has since passed on, her legacy continues. Her three sons that founded Bickford Senior Living continue to honor their mother's memory, providing services to those who want to live in a home like atmosphere but aren't safe at home alone with a loving, caring environment.

Bickford Senior Living is proud to take a careful look at each employee hired to work in one of their facilities. They believe strongly that all employees become part of a working family that adds to the overall atmosphere and success of each residence. With high-quality, compassionate staff, the Bickford family continues to provide great care for seniors in need.

Bickford Senior Living provides senior living options for seniors who need assisted living, through memory care and day programs. With customized care options, it is possible to live in a family environment with the quality care that each person deserves as they get older.

In order to meet the specific needs of the residents served, Bickford Senior Living has designed a number of specialized programs.

  • The Bread Basket is Bickford Senior Living's dining program. Each meal is made entirely from scratch and overseen by a licensed dietician. Residents enjoy a breakfast that is cooked-to-order. Lunch and dinner include a number of entree options to choose from. The home-cooked meals are well balanced to maintain the nutritional health of all residents. Special diets are accommodated, and all meals are served at a family dining table.
  • Mary B's is a specially designed place that allows those living with dementia to reconnect with their Lifesongs. It's a place for residents to connect with the past and provides an intimate setting to help those with dementia remember the past.
  • The Branch Buddies program allows residents to bring their own pet to live within the residence if they choose. In addition, Branch Buddies live at each facility and are always ready for a hug from residents. Bickford Senior Living believes strongly that family pets make a big difference in the happiness of residents. Pets coming in to the residence will receive their own treatment plan.

Bickford Senior Living uses the Enriching Happiness Survey in order to always look for ways to improve the quality of service provided to residents. Surveys are conducted at family meetings and residents can complete a survey at any time. No matter what the problem is, Bickford Senior Living looks for creative ways to address any concerns. Happiness of all residents is important to Bickford Senior Living, and all surveys are reviewed carefully.

Corporate Headquarters

Bickford Senior Living
13795 S. Mur-len Road, Suite 301
Olathe, KS 66062

Reviews, Ratings & Complaints

As a mid-size organization in nine states, Bickford Senior Living receives reviews all the time that range from fully satisfied to unsatisfied. The original community in Olathe has a reputation for providing solid care, although some reviews indicate a need to update the facility. Overall residents enjoy the family style meals, and families are please with the overall atmosphere of the various residences. The commitment to providing well-trained employees is evident in the reviews provided for Bickford Senior Living.

With facilities in nine states, each residence is unique. It is important to remember that Bickford Senior Living provides services for those needing very little care through to those needing extensive care. As the needs of each resident changes, so does the level of care. Bickford is working hard to balance growth with maintaining a family atmosphere at all times.

Residents have had concerns that there aren't enough staff at times, but this is addressed quickly by Bickford Senior Living. As an agency that wants to hire only the best possible care providers, sometimes shortages exist.

Search for further information on our site to learn more about Bickford Senior Living options in your area. We have an extensive database that includes reviews, ratings and reviews that provide you with opinions from families and residents who have been in your exact situation.

Cost & Pricing

With services ranging from assisted living to dementia care, the cost of living at a Bickford Senior Living facility is going to vary according to the level of care. The overall cost of assisted living at a Bickford Senior Living facility is $3,500 a month without an assisted living tax deduction and can be reduced to $3,150 with the tax deduction savings.

Financing for assisted living, independent living, memory care and other senior living options is generally a multi-resource effort. Bickford Senior Living receives compensation each month, and is a 100% private pay senior living provider. Resources for financing include Veteran's benefits, social security survivor benefits, savings, long term care insurance, reverse mortgages and liquidation of assets.

Locations & Areas Served

Bickford Senior Living provides services to seniors in nine states, surrounding Kansas and spreading from Nebraska to Virginia. While currently a regional company, Bickford Senior Living is always looking for new opportunities for growth.

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