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3-Inch Step In
Fast-Drain Technology
Lifetime Limited Warranty
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Taylor Shuman
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If you enjoy the comforts of living at home but worry about a slip or trip in the bathroom, and you're on the hunt for a walk-in tub, you've probably heard of Kohler. Kohler offers premium walk-in baths with all the standard safety features, including a low step-in, sealed door, and handrails. These tubs have plenty of luxury features, too, like hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and a heated backrest. It’s worth noting that Kohler’s walk-in tub isn’t wheelchair accessible, which may be an issue for seniors who rely on mobility aids. Continue reading to learn more about Kohler’s walk-in bath.

Pros About Kohler Walk-in Tubs

  • Lowest step-in height on the market
  • Fits in the footprint of your current tub
  • Fast-drain technology saves time
  • Comes with an adjustable hand shower for easier bathing
  • Several styles available
  • Equipped with hydrotherapy and aerotherapy jets
  • Industry-leading warranty

Cons About Kohler Walk-in Tubs

  • Only one model available
  • No wheelchair-accessible or bariatric options
  • Not available in all areas

More About Kohler

Before we dive into details about their walk-in tubs, let’s learn a bit more about Kohler! Kohler's founder, John Michael Kohler, created the first bathtub more than 140 years ago in Wisconsin. Talk about history! Since then, Kohler has continued to lead the plumbing technology industry, engineering and manufacturing various bathroom and kitchen essentials right here in the U.S.A.1

Kohler prides itself on creating functional designs that match your personal style, a philosophy that carries into their accessible baths. This company also sticks with you every step of the way. You won’t find their walk-in baths in any home improvement stores. Instead, Kohler uses a network of local authorized Kohler dealers and specialists to sell and install their walk-in tubs.

Kohler’s walk-in tubs are great for older adults who:

  • Want a safe, comfortable way to bathe independently
  • Need an extra-wide seat or door
  • Care about the tub’s appearance
  • Would benefit from hydrotherapy and aerotherapy
  • Have a flexible budget

Types of Kohler Walk-in Tubs Available

Kohler currently offers one standard model, which can be customized based on the features and accessories you’re looking for. This model is a soaker-style walk-in bath with a seat, therapeutic jets, and a handheld showerhead. Not every Kohler walk-in tub looks the same, though. When ordering, you get to choose the tub color, the fixture finish, and an optional bath wall. We love that you can match it to your bathroom décor. Plus, Kohler customizes the size to fit your bathroom, which means few to no renovations are needed!

Quick Tip:

Quick Tip: When looking at Kohler’s products, we realized they don’t offer a wheelchair-accessible walk-in tub. If you use a wheelchair or a mobility aid, a brand like Ella or Safe Step might be a better match for you.

Based on the Kohler tubs we’ve seen and tried out in person, the standard model is best for those who don’t want any extra bells and whistles. It comes with all the essential features like a low, three-inch step-in and no-slip handrails. If you’re looking to add some luxury features, a Kohler tub with extra accessories or customizations will be best for you. For example, you can change the wall color to match the rest of your bathroom decor!

Kohler's walk-in tub

Kohler's walk-in tub

Features of Kohler Walk-in Baths: An Overview

Safety features Comfort features Design features
  • Low, 3-in. step-in
  • Handheld, adjustable showerhead
  • No-slip handrails
  • Extra-wide entry door
  • Easy-access control panel
  • Hydrotherapy whirlpool jets
  • BubbleMassage air jets
  • Fast-drain technology
  • Deep, 31.5-in. bath depth
  • Bask heated backrest
  • Extra-wide seat
  • 8 optional Kohler LuxStone Bath Wall styles
  • Brushed Nickel or Polished Chrome faucet finishes
  • White or Biscuit tub color
  • Custom-sized to fit your bathroom

Safety Features to Prevent Slips and Trips

Kohler designed their tubs for the ultimate comfort and ease of use, and it shows. You can access everything without leaving a seated position. Clean your head, neck, and shoulders without having to stand up; just grab the multifunctional handheld showerhead. And, when you do need to get up, an angled non-slip handrail keeps you steady.

>> Compare Features: Safe Step vs. Kohler

What really impressed us is the ultra-low step-in for Kohler walk-in tubs. At just 3-inches, it’s the lowest step-in height on the market. Now that’s what we call safe bathing!

Kohler's 3-inch tub entry

Kohler's 3-inch tub entry

Comfort Features for a Spa-Like Experience

We all need to relax and unwind now and again. If you suffer from aches and pains—or just enjoy the spa, you’ll love Kohler’s comfort features. The ten hydrotherapy jets massage your back, legs, and feet to soothe sore muscles and achy joints. Wouldn’t that feel great after a round of golf or time in the garden? Plus, you can move each jet individually to target sore areas. Its BubbleMassage air jets surround your body with invigorating bubbles too. It’s the ultimate bubble bath!

Kohler also has quick-draining technology. The tub fills and drains in just minutes. Kohler warns that filling and draining times can vary based on your home plumbing system, but you can still expect it to drain faster than a standard tub.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? You can enter your Kohler walk-in tub before it fills with water and sit there until it empties. Kohler’s heated backrest keeps your back and neck warm while you wait!

Design Features for Customization

It’s easier to enjoy your home—and resell your home—when it looks nice. Kohler goes above and beyond to ensure their walk-in tubs fit into any style of home. We appreciate the emphasis they put on the design because oftentimes, accessible products don’t take aesthetics into account. Choose from two tub colors, two faucet finishes, and several bath wall options.

The Kohler installers can also install a LuxStone Bath Wall. This is optional and will add to the overall cost of your tub unless you catch one of their many special offers. But, if your budget is flexible, we’d recommend checking out the different finishes and color options.

Kohler - Customize your tub with a bath wall

Kohler – Customize your tub with a bath wall

How Much Does a Kohler Walk-In Tub Cost?

The cost of installing a Kohler tub in your home varies significantly depending on the tub size, the design features you choose, and your bathroom’s setup. Kohler doesn’t advertise prices online, as they vary significantly based on your home’s layout, plumbing, and electrical outputs. What we can tell you is that a Kohler tub will cost you a lot less than a hospital stay after a fall in the bathroom, which takes millions of dollars from older Americans in out-of-pocket payments each year2. Speak with your Kohler representative for a custom price estimate based on your needs and home.


FYI: Kohler offers seasonal promotions like 50 off professional installation, so keep your eyes peeled while you shop!

To learn more about pricing, you can also request a free appointment to have an in-home consultation with a Kohler specialist. During the consultation, the specialist reviews a 35-point checklist. They check out everything—bathroom plumbing, electricity, and size, along with the size of the tub area, your existing tub, and so on. By the end, you will know the cost of the bathtub, installation, and bath walls (if you want them) down to the cent. Kohler offers a wide range of pricing from $2,000 for a standard tub with no installation to $25,000+ for a premium tub with additional features and installation.3

contact form screenshot

It’s hard to compare the price of Kohler’s walk-in tub to other comparable models because many brands don’t advertise pricing. But we do know that Kohler’s pricing model keeps things simple. The price you pay covers the cost of the tub, installation, and any extra design features. With some cheaper brands, like Endurance, you need to pay for installation on your own, which can be a hefty fee.

Kohler’s Price Promise

Kohler’s walk-in bath Price Promise guarantees you’ll receive an exact quote, including installation, before placing your order. Plus, the price is good for one year! We really like this guarantee because it means you won’t be pressured into buying immediately or losing the rate. That gives you time to shop around if you want.

Financing Options for Your Kohler Walk-In Bath

Great news for seniors on a fixed income! Kohler offers several affordable financing options. During your in-home consultation, the dealer will tell you about your options through GreenSky. Applying for financing through GreenSky is fast and easy. Financing plans vary, but some dealers offer no payments for 18 months. Just read the terms carefully, so you don’t face any fee or interest rate surprises down the road.

Money-saving Tip:

Money-saving Tip: Trying to make a Kohler tub work for your budget? Check out our guide tips for making a budget on a fixed income.

Do Kohler Walk-In Tubs Come with a Warranty?

Kohler backs every walk-in tub purchase with a lifetime limited warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects on all components for as long as you own your home. Run into trouble? The repair and replacement of any manufacturing defect are free. What sets this warranty apart from others is that it includes the pumps, jets, bath door seal, hand shower, and motors. Other warranties, like the one offered by American Standard, only cover certain aspects of the tub for five to 10 years.

Installation for Your Kohler Walk-In Tub

As we’ve mentioned, Kohler walk-in baths aren’t available in retail stores. Instead, you’ll need to work directly with Kohler to get in touch with a local authorized dealer for installation. When you buy a Kohler walk-in tub, you’re also paying for installation, which takes as little as one day, depending on your bathroom and plumbing. Kohler designed its tub to fit into the same footprint as your current tub, so you don’t need to worry about extensive renovations. With Kohler, you won’t need to find someone to remove your existing tub before installation. Kohler’s expert installers will remove it for you! It’s all included in the cost estimate.

Final Thoughts on Kohler Walk-In Tubs

Kohler engineers, sells, and installs walk-in tubs that give seniors a safe, blissful space to bathe and relax. We’re big fans of Kohler’s innovations, including heated seatbacks, industry-leading low step-in, and beautiful designs. In fact, they rank on our list of best walk-in tubs for seniors. Our only hesitation is for seniors who use a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Kohler’s tubs don’t offer wheelchair-accessible features like an outward swinging door or a chair-height seat for lateral transfers. Other than that, if you want a luxury walk-in tub, and your budget can afford it, you really can’t go wrong with a Kohler walk-in tub.

Kohler Walk-In Tub Frequently Asked Questions

Written By:
Taylor Shuman
Senior Tech Expert & Editor
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