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Safe Step vs. American Standard

Safe Step offers a few walk-in tubs to choose from, while American Standard has a larger selection of high-end tubs and features.

Taylor Shuman Taylor Shuman Senior Tech Expert & Editor
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Key Takeaways: Safe Step vs. American Standard

  • Safe Step is best for those looking for just a few options but plenty of discounts to help save money.
  • American Standard is best for anyone looking for many buying options, including luxury features and a higher-end tub.

If you’re thinking of buying a walk-in tub, you’ll need to carefully consider not only your budget but the features that are most important to you. Safe Step and American Standard manufacture some top-quality walk-in baths, but there are some key differences between the two. We’ve done the research — highlighting the essential information about each tub and brand, the installation process, and the costs — so you can choose the best walk-in tub for your home.

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Safe Step and American Standard

Our favorite is Safe Step
  Safe Step Logo American Standard walk-in tubs logo
Starting price Requires a quote Requires a quote
Installation 1-2 days Not specified
Financing offered Yes Yes
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
In-home quote required Yes Yes

Types of Walk-In Tubs

Safe Step

Safe Step walk-in tubs

Safe Step walk-in tubs

Safe Step manufactures two walk-in tubs, both of which have a four-inch step in height. The traditional tub includes many standard features and has a handheld shower wand.

The Hybrid Tub gives you more bathing options and combines tub and shower features. Like the traditional tub, it includes a handheld showerhead. However, the Hybrid also includes a mounted showerhead, so you can sit underneath it for a shower or simply soak in the tub. Up to 10 hydrojets are available. For comparison, you can get 13 to 39 jets with an American Standard tub.

The Arthritis Foundation has granted Safe Step’s tubs the Ease of Use certification; this means the tub makes life easier for those living with arthritis or other limitations.

Notably, Safe Step offers a lowest-price guarantee on its installation costs. The guarantee applies to the work specific during your in-home consultation. If you find a lower price available within 30 days of your written agreement, Safe Step will refund you the difference plus $100.

Head to our Safe Step review to learn more about this brand.

American Standard

American Standard combo massage walk-in tub

American Standard combo massage walk-in tub

American Standard offers three different walk-in tub models, each at a different price point. As a result, this brand may work well for buyers who have varying budgets.

The base model, the gelcoat entry series, is made of fiberglass, is slip-resistant to prevent falls, and includes a hand shower. It has no jets or heater.

If you step up to the gelcoat premium series, the tab includes 13 to 39 jets, as well as a heater. Like the entry series, the premium series is also made of fiberglass and includes a hand shower.

The acrylic luxury series includes more luxuries. It features 39 jets and acrylic construction. It also includes a heater and chromotherapy, or color therapy. While there’s little scientific proof about the effects of it, chromotherapy was used for healing as early as 2000 BC!1

American Standard was founded in 1872, making it one of the oldest bathtub manufacturers in business today. Aging-in-Place Specialists, who are certified by the National Association of Home Builders, work with the American Standard team to help older adults continue to live safely in their homes. American Standard also builds its walk-in tubs to be arthritis-friendly. That’s particularly important because studies have found that people with arthritis who participated in warm-water exercise programs two to three times a week had up to 40 percent less pain.2 You can visit our American Standard review for a closer look at the company.

From the Pros:

From the Pros: Water has therapeutic effects that can help to relieve pain, but it’s just one of many options. Learn more about physical therapy for seniors and what’s involved.

Tub Features

Safe Step

Safe Step’s tub is designed to be easy to use. Its four-inch step-in height allows for easy entry and exit; plus, its no-strength locking handle means those with arthritis or limited grip strength can still lock and unlock the door. A built-in tower wand and floating remote control simplify the tub’s use. It also features 10 hydro massage jets and a handheld shower wand. Upgrading to the hybrid tub gets you all of these features plus the mounted showerhead.

The tub also has essential safety features, like two built-in grab bars for extra security when standing up, sitting down, or maneuvering in or out of the tub. The tub also features an anti-slip floor for enhanced grip. Anti-scald technology allows you to enjoy a warm, soothing bath without allowing the water to reach dangerous temperatures.

American Standard

American Standard’s three tub models are available in numerous variations, so features like the number of jets also vary depending on the specific tub that you order. The base model doesn’t include any jets, whereas Safe Step’s tub comes standard with 10 jets. These variations in American Standard’s tubs mean you can probably find a tub that has the specific features that you want — without overpaying for a tub with features that you won’t use.

The tubs feature easy-touch push-button controls for a simple operation. A fast-fill faucet and rapid draining system help save you time. According to American Standard, the draining pump drains the tub in just two minutes. The built-in seat is contoured to maximize the space available, and most tubs feature a neck rest for comfort.

There are many safety features, too. The floor is textured for maximum grip, while a built-in safety grab bar provides a secure hand hold and helps to minimize the chance of you slipping. American Standard doesn’t publish the height of the entry but calls it a low threshold.

From the Pros:

From the Pros: The risks of slips and falls are high in bathrooms. Learn how to make your home safer for aging adults.

In terms of extra luxury features, you can choose from a great selection of options. Upper-level models come equipped with a chromotherapy light system at the bottom of the bath to create an extra peaceful experience. Water jets and an in-line heater deliver a soothing experience, and many tubs feature a legs-only massage feature. You can also order a tub with the ozone self-cleaning sanitation system to help keep the tub clean and hygienic.

Overall, American Standard offers a wider variety of features and customization than Safe Step. If you’re looking for a basic tub with a low step-in height, we’d recommend Safe Step. But if you want all the bells and whistles, or just want to hand-select the best features for your needs, American Standard is our top choice.

Safe Step vs. American Standard Pricing

Many walk-in tub manufacturers don’t provide specific tub pricing before you complete a personalized quote process. Safe Step and American Standard provide free in-home quotes. A company representative will evaluate and measure your bathroom. They will identify any evident plumbing or electrical installation needs and determine the best tub size for the space.

You can complete a free quote request form on the Safe Step website or by calling to request your quote. American Standard also has an online quote request form — or you can call them.

Safe Step doesn’t publish its walk-in tub prices online, but American Standard is more upfront about pricing. The gelcoat entry series tub is listed for $5,722, the gelcoat premium series tub is listed for $6,099.77, and the acrylic luxury series is available for $14,497. These prices don’t include installation costs, which aren’t disclosed.

Buying a walk-in tub can require a significant investment, but both Safe Step and American Standard offer financing so that you can start enjoying your tub. They also offer several discounts.

If you or someone in your house lives with arthritis, nerve problems, diabetes, sciatica, or other health issues, you might qualify for a Safe Step Helping Hands Rebate. Your household can get up to two $750 rebates for up to $1,500 off the cost of your tub.

Safe Step also offers many other discounts:

  • Discounts, coupons, and credits from partners like AARP
  • Special pricing for military veterans and seniors
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture offers, rebates, and discounts
  • Grants for veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs


It’s common for walk-in tub manufacturers to exclude installation costs from their tub prices. Safe Step and American Standard calculate your installation costs based on the specifics of your bathroom. The company representative can give you more information about installation costs during your in-home quote.

The Safe Step website states that certified installers will arrive at your home and install your tub. According to Safe Step, 95 percent of walk-in tub installations are completed in less than one day.

American Standard’s website reports that factory-trained and certified specialists perform the company’s walk-in tub installation. The installation team will also remove and discard your old tub.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Safe Step

Many reviewers describe a very positive installation experience with Safe Step. Plus, they often praise the installers for their attention to detail and effort to completely clean up after themselves. However, there are a few negative reviews about the installation — including one reviewer who said the process was rushed; plus, she didn’t understand how to use the tub after the installer left. Another negative review described confusion that resulted when they were offered a free shower during the quote process, but were charged for it during the installation.

Many reviewers praised the quality of the tub and its overall ease of use. Jacqueline from Newport News, Virginia, writes, “It’s hard for me to step over and get in and out of tubs. So, the walk-in tub is really great, so that I can take a bath. I can play my music. It has Bluetooth and the jets where you can have the water spiraling around. I feel my skin is soft. I can feel the difference in my skin.”

From the Pros:

From the Pros: Modifying your home with a walk-in tub can make bathtime safer and more accessible. Explore other popular home modifications for safer, more enjoyable living.

American Standard

Many reviewers describe the installation process with American Standard as taking between four and five hours. While reviews of the installation process are largely positive, one negative review detailed several issues after a tub was installed, including leaks that caused electrical problems. A repair person did not arrive for a scheduled repair, and, at the time of the review, the homeowner was still waiting on a resolution.

However, overall reviews of the American Standard are very positive. While many reviewers feel that the price of the tubs is a bit high, they often praise the tub’s ease of use, overall quality, and comfort. Nancy from Bonfield, Illinois, writes, “The tub is a great-quality product. It’s easy to get in and out of, and that’s what I wanted. The price was a little steep, but we knew it was going to be expensive. But when you think that it’s a lifetime guarantee, then you’re really getting a good-quality product.”

Our Final Thoughts on Safe Step vs. American Standard

Both Safe Step and American Standard walk-in tubs are quality solutions ideal for anyone who has difficulty getting into and out of a standard tub. Safe Step offers a walk-in tub and a tub-and-shower hybrid option, so the ordering process is relatively simple. However, Safe Step doesn’t give you as many options in terms of luxury add-ons and jets as you’ll enjoy with American Standard.

Safe Step offers more discounts, though, making it an appealing choice if you’re working on a tighter budget. If you’re ready to indulge in luxurious features, then you may enjoy the options you have with American Standard.

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