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Jeff Hoyt
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Our Expert Review of SingleCare’s Prescription Discount Card in 2024

The high cost of prescription medications leaves many older adults at risk. Roughly twenty percent of seniors reported not taking their prescriptions as directed due to cost in 2022.1 This is especially worrisome when you consider that almost all doctors recommend taking your medications exactly as prescribed. Fortunately, there’s a solution! Prescription discount cards can help older adults save on their meds, so you can say goodbye to skipping or halving doses! One of our favorite discount cards is SingleCare.

SingleCare, a prescription discount program partnered with more than 35,000 pharmacies nationwide, can help you save up to 80 percent on your medications. Some medication discount cards like GoodRx Gold charge a fee for their services, but SingleCare doesn’t. It’s free! And, should you choose to become a member, they’ll even add bonus savings to your account when you purchase eligible prescriptions. Some other options offer more widespread availability; however, we found SingleCare to be a simple and reliable option with some great features, like finding the lowest combined price for multiple prescriptions at once. Below, you can learn more about SingleCare and our hands-on experience.

Quick Facts About SingleCare

  • Save up to 80 percent on your prescription medications
  • Accepted at more than 35,000 pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, and Walmart
  • One card works for the whole family
  • Enjoy extra discounts just for using SingleCare
  • Use the mobile app or website to find local discounts
  • Find the cheapest location to purchase your prescriptions at the lowest price
  • Can be used in place of your insurance

How Does SingleCare Work?

SingleCare negotiates with pharmacies to score savings for its members. Users pay nothing but enjoy savings of up to 80 percent off typical prescription prices. Using it is easy too – just show your SingleCare card to the pharmacist at checkout, and they’ll apply the savings.

SingleCare won’t work in conjunction with your insurance, but you can use it instead of your insurance. In many cases, SingleCare actually may get you a better rate than your commercial insurance does.

Since using the card is so easy, you might wonder, what’s the catch? We thought there’d be a catch too, but there’s not! Signing up for a SingleCare card is super simple, even if you don’t feel confident with technology.


FYI: SingleCare’s blog, The Checkup,2 offers fun health education and wellness articles, including more information about commonly used prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

SingleCare: A prescription discount card that helps you find the best price for your medications

You can save up to 80 percent on your medications with SingleCare’s prescription discount card, making them a top pick in our book.

3.5 of 5

Signing Up with SingleCare

You can use SingleCare with or without an account. No matter which option you choose, the service is always free.

Using SingleCare with an Account

When you create an account, you become a SingleCare member. We tried it out, and it only took about a minute. The only information requested during signup was first and last name, date of birth, and email address. No need to hand over your SSN or insurance info.

Every membership comes with perks like access to bonus savings. You earn extra savings when you fill eligible prescriptions at participating pharmacies. Plus, you can save the discount coupons and your prescription names to your account.

Pro Tip for Members:

Pro Tip for Members: If you want the perks of membership, but don’t want SingleCare filling up your inbox, simply opt out of email communications. There is a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of every SingleCare email.

Using SingleCare without an Account

Don’t want to bother with an account? That’s fine. To use SingleCare without an account, just search for your prescription drug on the SingleCare website or in the mobile app. Choose which offer you want and then click the button to request a discount card. Have the card emailed, texted to you, or prepared for printing. You don’t need to put in any personal information at all.

Finding and Purchasing Your Medications

We gave the SingleCare website a test drive, and we’ve got to say, we were impressed by how easy and user-friendly the experience was. The website is clean, modern, and simple to use. Plus, not only does the site show you which pharmacies offer the best discounted price, but it also lists lots of helpful information about the medications.

First up, we searched for Hydrochlorothiazide (also called Microzide), one of the most popularly prescribed blood pressure medicines for seniors. On, we typed “Hydrochlorothiazide” into the search box located at the top of the page.

The page for Hydrochlorothiazide was chock-full of useful info. At the top, we saw that without insurance, Hydrochlorothiazide costs around $18.00. At the bottom of the page, we found FAQs about the drug, including what it’s for, ways to save, and side effects.

SingleCare showed us four nearby pharmacies that sell this medication. Prices ranged from $0.03 to $4.37 for savings of up to 99 percent. Talk about a bargain.

Pharmacy Price with SingleCare Retail price Savings
Walmart $4.00 $18.00 87.8%
CVS $3.99 $18.00 87.9%
Walgreens $2.66 $18.00 85.3%
RiteAid $0.03 $18.00 99%

After seeing the options, simply click the pink button next to the price that reads “Get free coupon.” A pharmacy-specific SingleCare card will appear that you can text, email, or print for free. It works similarly to other discount cards like America’s Pharmacy. We love that you don’t have to print the card out. (After all, we don’t all have printers at home.)

When we got to the pharmacy, we just showed our card to the pharmacy tech. The savings card had all the info needed to get us the discount. Before heading out to use your savings card, make sure your prescribing physician sends your order to the correct pharmacy.

Savings Tip for Seniors with Insurance:

Savings Tip for Seniors with Insurance: Sometimes SingleCare gets you a lower out-of-pocket cost than your insurance. When you check out at the pharmacy, ask how much you’d owe if you used insurance or SingleCare. Go with whichever saves you more money!

Purchasing Multiple Medications with SingleCare

What differentiates SingleCare from other prescription savings cards is its Drug Basket feature, which helps you find the lowest combined cost for all of your prescriptions. Thirty-six percent of seniors age 65+ take five or more medications each day.3 With Drug Basket, these seniors can find which single pharmacy offers the best price on all of their prescriptions at once. Not only does it save time and money, but it’s safer too. You get all of your medications from the same place, so the pharmacist can check for drug interactions.

Just add the names and dosages of all of your drugs to the Drug Basket on their website. Then, you’ll see the combined cost at participating pharmacies. This feature could save you a lot of time and money.

Using the SingleCare Mobile App

Since 61 percent of seniors use smartphones, we thought we’d check out the SingleCare mobile app,4 which makes SingleCare easy to use on the go. The SingleCare app is available in the Google Play and Apple App Store. We downloaded the Google Play version. When we opened up the app, here’s what it looked like.

SingleCare App Welcome Screen

SingleCare App Welcome Screen

You can sign up for an account or hit “Not right now” to enter the app. We chose the latter, which brought us to a screen where we could search for medications.

Searching for Prescriptions in the SingleCare App

We searched for Amoxicillin to test out the app and see how much you can save on a common antibiotic. The next screen requested some more information—zip code, medicine form, dosage, and quantity.

Searching for a medication on the mobile app

Searching for a medication on the mobile app

We filled those boxes in and hit “See all prices.” Then, we saw that a pharmacy near us had Amoxicillin for the discounted price of $0.12. That’s 99 percent off the typical retail price of $18.98! Savings on an extra expense like an antibiotic make a huge difference over time, especially when you’re living on a limited income.

Comparing prescription prices on the SingleCare Mobile app

Comparing prescription prices in the SingleCare mobile app

Best Features of the SingleCare App

Using the SingleCare App isn’t required, but we’ve found that it does come in handy. But, if you think you’ll be using SingleCare more than once and have a smartphone, we recommend the app. It’s easy to navigate and has several great features. Many of the features are available even if you don’t sign up for a SingleCare account. If you don’t want to use the mobile app, you can just use the company’s website on your phone or computer.


See all of your savings cards in one place. Since SingleCare uses different cards depending on the pharmacy you select, the cards are organized by pharmacy name. You can show the pharmacist the card on the screen or text or email the card to access it on a different device. We were even able to save the card to the Google Pay app on our phone.

Saved Prescriptions

When searching for your prescriptions, you can hit the heart icon to save the search. These drugs will now appear on the saved prescriptions page. That makes finding savings in the future when it’s time for a refill even easier!

Membership Savings

The “Your Account” menu covers the perks of a SingleCare membership. SingleCare adds $5 to your account when you sign up. Plus, you can earn bonus savings each time you fill an eligible prescription. This menu page hosts membership FAQs and lets you know how to get in touch with SingleCare if you have any questions.

Closest Locations

Remember, SingleCare’s discounts are pharmacy-specific. That means you might need to go to a new pharmacy if you want the best deal. SingleCare makes this a little easier by providing a list of the closest locations. On Android, the app even connects to Google Maps. Just click on the pharmacy you want on the map, and a little Google Map direction icon appears.

Searching for nearby pharmacies

Searching for nearby pharmacies

SingleCare Home Delivery Service

SingleCare partners with GeniusRx to deliver popular prescription drugs right to your home. We love SingleCare Home Delivery, especially for seniors who don’t drive or feel safer staying indoors these days. Plus, you still get to enjoy the SingleCare savings! Shipping is always free, and the service is available for around 4,000 different prescriptions.

To use the service, just search for your medications the same way we explained above. Look for GeniusRx on the list of available pharmacies. If you don’t see it, that drug isn’t eligible for free home delivery. If you see it, just click on the “Home delivery” button next to the GeniusRx price.

SingleCare Home delivery with GeniusRx

Home delivery with GeniusRx

Final Thoughts on SingleCare

Overall, we were happy with our SingleCare experience. The website and mobile app were easy to navigate and helped us find the best local prices all in one place. What truly sets SingleCare apart from other discount savings programs, though, is its Drug Basket feature. It’s something we haven’t seen from other popular prescription discount cards, so it’s worth considering if you’re taking multiple medications.

Find out more about SingleCare and other prescription discount programs by checking out our best prescription discount cards page.

SingleCare Frequently Asked Questions

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