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Best Prescription Discount Cards for 2021

Our experts researched and reviewed the 10 top prescription discount cards and narrowed the list to their top 6 recommendations.

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Best Prescription Discount Cards in 2021

The prevalence of discount prescription cards has caused quite a bit of competition between card offers and pharmacy prices, as more and more individuals are finding themselves uninsured or underinsured. Prescription drug cards are designed to help lower the cost of many of the most popularly prescribed medications. Savings will vary depending on the card and the pharmacy, but most users report savings ranging between 20 and 90 percent on prescriptions by simply utilizing the card.

Here are the Best Prescription Discount Cards for 2021

How We Chose The Top 6 Prescription Discount Cards

We identified the top 10 prescription discount cards and narrowed it down to 6 of our favorites based on a number of criteria. We looked at affordability, service, ease of use, and other factors to rank the best prescription discount cards on the market. Take a look at the discount cards we have deemed the best of the best.

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  • 1. GoodRx Gold


    Arguably one of the nation’s most widely used and accepted prescription discount cards, GoodRx Gold makes it easy to find great rates on medications that might otherwise be out of reach—even for the insured. GoodRx Gold has a physical card that one can carry and use at tens of thousands of retailers, big box stores, and grocers. They also have a convenient app that allows users to pull up discount coupons and print them or save them to their online wallet. Patients simply provide the pharmacist with the coupon or allow them to scan a barcode on the smart app, and the discount is automatically applied to the purchase of prescription drugs. Additionally, GoodRx Gold offers free mail delivery. If your prescription is at a brick-and-mortar pharmacy, that isn’t a problem. During checkout in the app, you can provide the name and phone number of your current pharmacy, and GoodRx’s Patient Advocacy team will take care of transferring your prescription. If you have a paper prescription from your provider, they can help you transfer that, too.

    Ease of use Service & Response Pricing
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    • Users receive up to 90% off many prescriptions, with hundreds of generics for $4 or even free
    • Accepted at over 35,000 pharmacies
    • Free Rx mail delivery
    • Higher savings with Gold vs. the free GoodRx product
    • Savings are not confluent between pharmacies and can vary
    • Does not replace insurance
    • Not accepted overseas
    • Monthly paid subscription

    The Bottom Line

    Even seniors with insurance are likely to find times when GoodRx Gold will come in handy. Perhaps a new drug is prescribed with a high copay or your deductible is not met for the year. DrugRx offers an option that might actually cost much less than the price with insurance. Seniors appreciate that GoodRx Gold helps finish prescription names in the search bar, so spelling complex drug names isn’t a problem. Side by side comparisons and super low rates make GoodRx Gold a great standby for the insured and is a great resource for those without coverage.

    To learn more, head over to our latest GoodRx Gold review.

  • 2. WellRx


    WellRx provides a great alternative to insurance for those who rely on monthly medications or just a sporadic prescription for a current condition. Unlike insurance, all one has to do is bring in their prescription savings card to the pharmacy, and many patients get immediate discounts on the final price of their drugs. In many cases, savings ranging between 60-80 percent are available on the most widely used medications, and even more discounts are available for generic substitutes. Accepted at more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide, there is likely to be an accepting pharmacy nearby most patients. Their price comparison tools simplifies the search for the lowest prices available on prescription medications.

    Ease of use Service & Response Pricing
    Excellent Excellent
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    • The program can be used for medications for pets if you ask your veterinarian for a human equivalent.
    • No need to fill out an application or claim form.
    • WellRx has a convenient, side by side comparison tool to ensure patients get the best rate.
    • All medications qualify for discounts under WellRx.
    • There are no limitations on use or maximum spending caps.
    • WellRx cards are currently only accepted in the United States.

    The Bottom Line

    WellRx is great for seniors who seek convenience concerning discounts for prescription drugs. All one needs to do is present their card or pull up their discount code on their smartphone via the WellRx app, and the discount is immediately applied towards the purchase. Everyone in the family can use the same card, and nearly all medications will qualify for some form of discount.

    Want to give it a try? Our in-depth WellRx review covers everything you need to know.

  • 3. America’s Pharmacy

    America’s Pharmacy is accessible and convenient for seniors, as they partner with 62,000 pharmacies across the country. The company’s easy-to-use app and medication search tool are accessible for seniors and their caregivers, even if they are less than tech-savvy. Users can choose to have their discount card mailed, texted, or emailed to them. Participants can save up to 80 percent on their medications, with average savings of around 65 percent. The card has no limit on the number of uses, and a whole household can use the same card. Finding the best discount on your prescription medications is simple with America’s Pharmacy app.

    Ease of use Service & Response Pricing
    Average Average
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    • Receive your card by text, mail, or email
    • Companion smartphone app with useful features
    • Can also be used for pet medications
    • No subscription or enrollment fees
    • No detailed personal information required to sign up
    • Cannot be used in conjunction with insurance
    • Only available in the U.S.

    The Bottom Line

    America’s Pharmacy is an excellent choice for seniors looking for savings and versatility on their medications. Their app is user-friendly, with the ability to “Favorite” prescriptions and pharmacies in the app, which in turn saves users time and money when it’s time to refill a prescription.

    For a closer look at this discount card, read through our hands-on America’s Pharmacy review.

  • 4. Choice Drug Card

    Choice Drug Card allows seniors to save up to 80 percent on their prescription drugs without the hassle of signing up or submitting any personal information. Choice Drug Card is perfect for those who don’t want to mess with a mobile app, or for caregivers who would like to access a discount card for their spouse or adult parent, since no personal information is required. With options to receive a card by text, email, fax, PDF download, or snail mail, older adults can easily access a discount card and instantly start saving on prescription drugs at over 60,000 nationwide locations.

    Ease of use Service & Response Pricing
    Above Average Above Average
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    • No fees
    • Accepted at 60,000 pharmacies
    • Saves seniors up to 80 percent
    • No registration required
    • Cannot be used with insurance
    • No mobile app

    Older adults who are uninsured or find themselves needing medication that isn’t covered by their insurance can find relief with Choice Drug Card. The free card saves users up to 80 percent on medications and is widely accepted. Though there is no mobile app, the company provides a variety of options for seniors to access their discount card. Head to our latest Choice Drug Card review for more information.

  • 5. SingleCare


    SingleCare is a unique cared in the fact that it’s one of the few that actually helps users compare prices on more than just prescription medications. This convenient and free online tool can be used to check out pricing and even find discounts for vision and dental preventive services such as examinations. Pet medications might even be covered under the SingleCare program. There are no deductibles or claim for to content with, and SingleCare even offers discounts on video doctor’s visits.

    Ease of use Service & Response Pricing
    Above Average Above Average
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    • Savings as much as 93% on certain generic medication prescriptions under this plan.
    • No credit card or enrollment forms necessary to join SingleCare’s medication discount program.
    • Membership is 100% free for anyone, regardless of age or location.
    • This is one of the few discount programs with a telemedicine discount program.
    • Certain savings available for dental and vision needs.
    • SingleCare has somewhat limited partnerships with pharmacies, with around 35,000 participating providers.
    • No barriers such as those that often exist with insurance.

    The Bottom Line

    Seniors looking to save money without hassles can rely on SingleCare to offer great discounts through their partnering pharmacies. Use a computer or a phone app to quickly compare prices on prescription drugs, video doctor visits, dental and even vision care with SingleCare. There are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, so everyone has access to these exceptionally low rates on the drugs they need most.

    For more info, take a look at this year’s SingleCare review.

  • 6. ValpakRx

    For seniors who prefer a no-frills prescription discount card, ValpakRx delivers a simple way to save up to 85 percent on prescriptions. ValpakRx’s straightforward medication search tool and mobile app are accessible whether you’re new to technology or a virtual veteran. The ValpakRx discount card is accepted at over 35,000 stores nationwide and saves users an average of $61 per prescription. Partnering with most big-name pharmacies and stores, it is likely that a location near you accepts ValpakRx.

    Ease of use Service & Response Pricing
    Average Average
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      • Discount card is completely free
      • Simple sign up process
      • Accepted at over 35,000 pharmacies nationwide
      • Can be shared among family members
      • Not as widely accepted as other discount cards
      • Can only be used in the U.S.

    The Bottom Line

    Whether you’re insured or not, ValpakRx can still save you money when you buy medications. A ValpakRx card is great for seniors who purchase medications on a frequent or infrequent basis, and want an uncomplicated way to save up to 85 percent on their prescriptions.

    Head to our hands-on ValpakRx review for more details on this prescription discount card.

  • 7. OPTUM Perks


    OPTUM Perks has one goal—to provide users of its free prescription drug plan the absolute lowest rates on their life-saving medications without a lot of hassles. All one needs to do to get their discounts is to print out the card, have a card mailed to them, or download the OPTUM Perks app on any Android or iOS compatible smartphone. This company has negotiated a great deal of large volume discounts on more than 50,000 medications that are available to anyone. OPTUM Perks has partnered with thousands of organizations and pharmacies, so finding a provider on the program is simple.

    Ease of use Service & Response Pricing
    Above Average Average
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    • No information is required to be provided by patients to use OPTUM Perks
    • No claim forms need to be filled out, nor any fees are paid for the card
    • No maximum limitations on frequency of use or prescription discount caps
    • Pre-existing conditions still qualify for discount medications
    • OPTUM Perks discounts are not always as high as other prescription discount cards
    • Discounts are available only in the United States at this time

    The Bottom Line

    Seniors who don’t have insurance coverage or who need to take medications that Medicare doesn’t cover, OPTUM Perks might provide much-needed relief to the pocketbook. There are no limitations on how often the card can be utilized, nor are there any limits on how much one can save annually with their discounts. Seniors can print coupons on the go, show their card at the pharmacy, or allow the checkout attendant to scan the barcode on their smartphone’s OPTUM Perks app.

  • 8. FamilyWize


    FamilyWize is certainly a wise way to save a lot of money on prescription costs, and there is no enrollment process to complicate getting your discounts. The FamilyWise plan is completely free to join and is open to anyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions or their medical needs. Simply present the card or show the FamilyWize app on your smartphone to the provider when picking up or ordering your medications to qualify for savings up to 80 percent—without any need for insurance or filling out claim forms.

    Ease of use Service & Response Pricing
    Average Above Average Average
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    • These discounts can be used on an unlimited basis on any and all prescriptions.
    • FamilyWize offers superior discounts on generic drugs—some are even free.
    • You are guaranteed the lowest price where ever the card is accepted.
    • Their site features an easy search function for both drugs and nearby pharmacies with the best prices on the prescriptions you need.
    • FamilyWise can only be currently used within the United States.
    • There are fewer accepting pharmacies with FamilyWize partnerships than similar prescription discount medication cards.

    The Bottom Line

    The FamilyWize discount card is  great option for seniors who lack traditional health insurance or those who have a policy that has limitations that aren’t ample enough to cover the costs of their primary prescription needs. The card is accepted at tens of thousands of pharmacies nationwide, and there is no need to fill out any forms, offer credit card information or pay anything out of pocket to become a member of this money saving program.

What is a Prescription Discount Card?

Prescription discount cards are widely distributed in medical settings, grocers and pharmacies, and your doctor might even recommend a particular card that will serve your needs the best. These cards can literally help consumers save thousands of dollars each year on the cost of prescription medications which are often priced so high they become out of reach, even with insurance coverage that might require a huge deductible to be met.

Unlike most medical and health insurance policies, a medication discount card typically never caps out, regardless of the cost of any prescription. Furthermore, there will generally never be a cost associated with using any type of prescription drug card, as they are free and there are no deductibles or copays. This is possible because companies who are established as a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) negotiates prices for covered drugs with local and national pharmacies. In turn, partnered pharmacies agree to offer a set range of discounts to patients who present their membership card. Take a moment to watch this video from the Senior Living YouTube channel describing prescription discount cards and other discounts for more information on the topic.

What Do Prescription Discount Cards Cover?

Prescription discount cards are primarily designed to be used similarly to a traditional coupon, except these coupons are applicable toward the price of prescription medications. Many providers offer discounts exceeding 90 percent off the price, and several common generic medications may actually be completely free with a discount card at certain pharmacies. While it’s not a replacement for insurance, it can offer those who are uninsured or underinsured a viable way to get the medicine they desperately need.

There are a few prescription cards such as the two mentioned above that offer a few supplemental perks to using their discount cards. Certain card companies have made agreements with local optometrists and dentists that allow them to offer discounts on preventive annual examinations and other services. Furthermore, if you ask your veterinarian to transfer any medications that your pet may need into ‘human’ dosages, many pharmacies can fill these orders as usual with the discounted price.

How Much Does a Prescription Discount Card Cost?

As a general rule, a prescription discount card should cost you absolutely nothing. The majority of reputable programs such as DrugRx and WellRx will never ask you to pay for anything to use their cards and receive a discount. In fact, the bulk of these companies do not require any type of patient registration, so you don’t need to give anyone personal or private information.

Discount card providers also do not ask any health questions, require co-pays, or ask for credit card details. You simply download the app, print a coupon, or display your participation card and the discounts are yours for the taking—no questions asked. The best part about these programs is that they typically offer a handy search function that not only tells you who accepts their discount cards, but they will offer detailed pricing down to the penny and even compare prices between nearby retailers.

Why is a Prescription Discount Card a Good Investment for Seniors?

Even seniors who have a good health insurance plan may find a discount card to be useful for certain prescriptions. Many discount medication cards have been able to give patients discounts that are less expensive than the copay alone, so with no out of pocket costs to you, there’s no reason to not look into having one or more of these cards on hand. Seniors don’t have to be concerned about bringing their card every time they need to pick up a prescription, as pharmacies you have previously used will keep the information on file just like they do with insurance details.

The cost of prescription medications only seems to get higher and higher as insurance and Medicare coverage rates are lower. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that millions of Americans go without medications they need for better health. Seniors have special needs and concerns, and that often requires one or more daily drugs that can really hit the budget hard. However, by comparing rates with each reputable discount card provider, seniors should be able to find options nearby and within their budget for the medicines they need.

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