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Since 2014, prescription drug prices have increased 35 percent.1 We don’t know about you, but our wallets hurt just thinking about those numbers. Since most seniors are living on a limited income, this can be a significant chunk of change. Fortunately, there are avenues for older adults to get a discount on their prescriptions, making the purchase more feasible.

Whether you take medicine occasionally, short-term, or daily, the America’s Pharmacy discount card can save you up to 80 percent on prescription drug purchases. Unlike some other medication discount cards, like GoodRx Gold, America’s Pharmacy does not charge an enrollment or subscription fee––the card is completely free! We received one of these cards and tested it out to see if it’s all it is cracked up to be. If you’re as curious as we were about America’s Pharmacy, read on to learn about our hands-on experience.

The Fast Facts About America’s Pharmacy

  • Save up to 80 percent on your prescriptions
  • Partnered with over 59,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • Use your discount card as many times as you want
  • No fees or membership required
  • Works for pet medications too
  • Find local discounts on your prescriptions through mobile app or website
  • Can’t be used in conjunction with any insurance plan or government-funded programs such as Medicare or Medicaid

How Does America’s Pharmacy Compare to Other Discount Cards?

These days, if you’re not using some kind of pharmacy discount card, you could be throwing money away on OTC and prescription drugs. Insurance will only pay for so much, and with drug prices continuing to rise, most older adults can’t afford to pay extra for the medication they need. While America’s Pharmacy is a simple and easy-to-use provider, you may be looking for something more. Check out the best prescription discount cards we have reviewed below to compare your options and find the right card for your needs.

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How Does America’s Pharmacy Work?

Unfortunately, over the last few years, prescription drug prices have continued to rise at a staggering rate, while Medicare coverage rates have decreased. In 2020, prices for nearly 500 prescription medications were expected to rise an average of five percent.2 Older adults frequently take many of these medications, including Humira for rheumatoid arthritis and Januvia, which is used by those with type 2 diabetes.

America’s Pharmacy program is designed to give participants a discounted price for their medications; it’s basically like a coupon for your prescription. Who doesn’t love a great coupon to keep some extra money in their wallet? America’s Pharmacy is widely accepted across the country at 59,000 stores, including Walgreens, CVS, and even most small-town pharmacies. Some other prescription discount cards like SingleCare are only available at around 35,000, so America’s Pharmacy is widely available in comparison.

All you have to do is show your card to the pharmacist at checkout, and they will apply the discount. It’s as simple as that! On average, the card saves members around 66 percent, but it could be up to 80 percent depending on your medication. One important thing to note is that you can’t use the America’s Pharmacy card in conjunction with insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. However, the card may offer your medications at an even better price than your insurance.

Quick Tip for those with Medicare:

Quick Tip for those with Medicare: When you have a prescription filled, ask the pharmacist to compare your out-of-pocket expense with your Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan to America’s Pharmacy price. You may find that America’s Pharmacy price is less than your out-of-pocket cost.

You may be asking yourself how America’s Pharmacy makes its money. We were curious as well, so we did a little research. To give participants this discount, the company negotiates a discounted price on bulk medication purchases with the owners of participating pharmacies. When you use your card to pay for your prescription, the pharmacy pays a referral fee to America’s Pharmacy. Since you may not be a regular customer in their store, the pharmacy benefits from the program, America’s Pharmacy gets a small referral fee, and you get a discount on your prescription. We think it is a win-win-win for all three involved parties!

America’s Pharmacy can help you get the best rate on the medications you need to sustain your health and well-being. We found the process of getting an America’s Pharmacy discount card simple; we are confident any older adult can access this savings card with just a few simple steps, which we cover below!

How to Sign up for America’s Pharmacy

Getting a discount card from America’s Pharmacy was super fast and straightforward. We clicked on the “Get Your Card” option at the top of their homepage. Email was our avenue of choice, but they have a text message and snail mail option as well. It took about one minute to enter our information and receive the discount card in our inbox. Talk about crazy fast! All we had to do was provide our first name and email address. Since the discount card was attached to the email as a PDF, we could easily download and print out the card to have a physical copy on file.

If you’d like to receive your card by text message, you’ll need to provide your cell phone number. If snail mail is your preference, America’s Pharmacy will ask for your first name, last name, and mailing address. Keep in mind that it may take a few days to receive your card in the mail, while the other two options are immediate.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: If you get your discount card by email and don’t want to get more email communication from America’s Pharmacy, you can dodge future emails by clicking the opt-out link provided in the initial email.

Suppose you’re like us and prefer not to share your private information online. You’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to give America’s Pharmacy any sensitive information, such as health insurance details, your credit card number, or personal health information. Plus, the discount card is free, so it is excellent for seniors who don’t want to take on extra costs.

Finding and Purchasing Medications with America’s Pharmacy

We found searching for prescriptions on America’s Pharmacy’s website extremely easy and user-friendly. First, we went to America’s Pharmacy website and clicked “Find Your Medications” at the top of the homepage. We used the search tool to look at a few different prescriptions that are commonly taken by seniors.

The initial medication we searched for was Benicar, which our editor’s grandmother uses to treat her high blood pressure. America’s Pharmacy suggested the generic brand, Olmesartan, to us for even more savings. Without insurance, Olmesartan can cost over $180. When we searched the medication, America’s Pharmacy’s search tool showed us six nearby pharmacies where we could get the drug at a discounted price between $14.22 and $86.03 depending on which pharmacy we selected. That’s over $165 in savings or 92 percent! Our small, locally-owned pharmacy had the best price, but even Walmart Pharmacy offered the discounted prescription at a great price. Below is a breakdown of pricing for Olmesartan at a few of our local pharmacies.

Pharmacy Price with discount Card Retail price of Olmesartan
LG Pharmacy $14.22 $180
Smith Pharmacy $14.22 $180
CVS Pharmacy $76.25 $180
Walgreens Pharmacy $86.03 $180

We were impressed with the map feature on the search results page, which allowed us to see how close each pharmacy was. For seniors who have given up driving, the distance to a particular pharmacy can play an important factor. Also, at the bottom of the search results page, users will find frequently asked questions about the medication they are searching for, such as side effects and drug interactions. Of course, you should always talk to your pharmacist or physician about any specific questions you have about your medication. Still, we thought this was a nice resource for seniors who may be unfamiliar with certain drugs.

View helpful FAQs about your medication

View helpful FAQs about your medication


FYI: Once you’ve shown your America’s Pharmacy card at your pharmacy, they will keep it on file for next time, so no worries if you forget it. But if you go to a new pharmacy, you’ll need to show the card again.

When we went to pick up our prescription, all we had to do was show our discount card at the register. The pharmacist applied the discount to our total right away. Easy peasy! Make sure your prescribing physician sends the order to the pharmacy of your choice. You can show the pharmacist a physical card or a digital version on your smartphone to get the discounted price.

America’s Pharmacy App

If you want to navigate America’s Pharmacy website on the go, we recommend downloading the company’s app. It isn’t a must-have to receive your discount, but if you have a smartphone you’re comfortable with, we recommend using the app. It was a breeze to navigate and search local pharmacies to find the best deal on prescription medications. The only downside is that you’ll have to create an account by entering your email address and setting up a password once you download the app. We found this step repetitive since we had already entered our email address on their website to receive a discount card, but it’ll only take an extra minute or two.

Features We Love About the App

My Card

In the app, there is a “My Card” icon at the bottom of the screen. By clicking on the icon, you’ll be able to view your discount card and show it to your pharmacist at checkout. Make sure you’re logged in; if you aren’t, it won’t show your specific discount card with your Member ID number.


There is also a “Favorites” section when you click on the star icon in the app. If there is a pharmacy you visit often or a specific prescription you frequently purchase, you can save them here. That way, you don’t have to search for them the next time you need them; they are already saved in your history! It is also convenient for seniors who take multiple medications and may not recall the names of all of them. Having a personalized list of your prescriptions right in the app is super helpful.

Searching for Medications

Just like the America’s Pharmacy website, you can search for prescription medications to find the best price at a pharmacy near you on the app. Users can toggle between the list and map view to see where each pharmacy is located on a map. Once you select a coupon for the pharmacy of your choosing, all you have to do is show them the coupon or your discount card on your smartphone to receive the discounted price at checkout. You can also get answers to frequently asked questions about your specific medication.

An America's Pharmacy discount coupon

An America’s Pharmacy discount coupon

Blogs and FAQs

We found lots of useful information on the app, such as frequently asked questions, informational blogs, and articles. We recommend these features, found under the “More” tab, if you’re looking for expertly-sourced information you can trust.

More About America’s Pharmacy

Though the name can be misleading, America’s Pharmacy is not a pharmacy. It’s a prescription discount program. The company has partnered with 59,000 pharmacies across the country to negotiate lower prices for seniors like you. Established in 2018, the company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an average review of five stars.3 MedImpact Healthcare Systems, a company with three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, administers the program. Overall, we think America’s Pharmacy is ideal for the following seniors:

  • Those who don’t use their insurance to get medication because they have a high deductible
  • Seniors who need a drug that is not covered by their insurance plan
  • Older adults who are uninsured
  • Users who have pets with expensive medications
  • Seniors who are in the Medicare Part D “Donut Hole”4

Final Thoughts on America’s Pharmacy

Though you can’t use America’s Pharmacy card with other health insurance plans, it is great for seniors who have high deductibles or whose out-of-pocket expenses are still quite steep. America’s Pharmacy makes paying cash for prescription medications easy and affordable. With up to 80 percent savings, no fees or contracts, and easy-to-use search tools, we think it is at least worth trying out to see if you can save a few bucks. To learn more about America’s Pharmacy and other similar discount cards, head over to our best prescription discount cards page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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