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Mutual of Omaha, in business since 1919, takes pride in serving its customers.

Mutual of Omaha provides a variety of Medicare supplement plans that likely meet your needs, including plans that help provide some coverage for senior care and senior living services.

What Are Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans?

Medicare supplement plans offer benefits beyond those provided by original Medicare, filling the gaps in coverage. A Mutual of Omaha Medigap plan offers a variety of benefits that lower health care costs, including some costs associated with senior care and senior living.

Private insurance companies sell Medicare supplement plans. Mutual of Omaha understands the need for lowering out-of-pocket expenses.

A great aspect of choosing Mutual of Omaha to provide your Medicare supplement plan policy is that you still keep all your original Medicare benefits and have additional benefits not offered by every other private insurance provider.

Mutual of Omaha follows all laws and regulations regarding Medigap plans and in fact, was one of the first Medicare providers, selected to administer Part A and Part B of Medicare in 1966.

What Do Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans Cover?

All Medicare supplement plans are standardized policies. This means that you have the same benefits as someone else with the same plan. The difference is in the policy price as well as whether the company offers additional benefits for its Medigap policyholders.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) explains that the front page of the policy must state that it is “Medicare Supplement Insurance.”

If you have both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you potentially qualify for Medigap in your state. It is important to note that the availability of Medicare supplement plans varies by state and insurance company.

Insurance companies must provide Medigap Plan A, along with Plan B if the company offers any Medigap plans. The company also must offer either Plan C or Plan F.

Mutual of Omaha offers a variety of Medigap plans to present the best possibility of every individual finding a plan that suits their needs, including those looking for a Medicare supplement plan that features senior care and senior living benefits.

All Medigap plans offer coverage for Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs up to an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits expire. Most plans also pay your Part B coinsurance or co-payment in full.

Medicare supplement Plan A and Plan B are the only Medigap plans that do not pay at least some portion of skilled nursing facility care coinsurance. Medicare supplement Plans C, D, F, G, M, and N pay 100 percent coverage while Plan K and L pay 50 percent and 75 percent respectively.

Plan D covers the same health care costs and pays the same benefits as Plan N, except that with Plan N, you pay up to $20 for office visits and up to $50 for emergency department visits not resulting in hospital admission.

Mutual of Omaha promotes Medicare supplement Plans F and G, explaining that you “Save even more” if you choose Medigap Plan G. Make sure you understand the benefits and costs associated with each plan, because, in this example, for instance, Mutual of Omaha points out that Plan F and G are identical, with the exception that you pay the Part B deductible if you choose Plan G. Plan F is the only plan other than Plan C that pays for your Part B deductible.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans offer considerable coverage for costs not covered under Original Medicare including some expenses related to senior living and senior care. Additionally, the company features no referrals or networks needed, allows a “Household Premium Discount” for its eligible Medigap policyholders.

How Much Do Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans Cost?

The cost of your Medigap coverage varies by the plan you choose and other factors. All Medigap Plans are rated, which also affects how much you pay for your policy.

If you have a Community-Rated plan, you continue to pay the same rate no matter your age. Age is not a factor in any Community-Rated increases.

With the Issue-Age-Rated policy, your age at the time you purchase your Medigap policy affects your costs. It does not increase with age.

If you select the Attained-Age Rated plan, costs increase as you age.

How Do I Enroll In A Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan?

Enroll in a Medigap plan when first eligible, from three months before you reach 65 years of age to three months after you turn 65.

Mutual of Omaha representatives have the experience and knowledge to help you enroll in your state or by contacting the company through their website.

Make sure to ask about senior care and senior living benefits when making your Mutual of Omaha Medigap plan decision.

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