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Humana Medicare supplement plans offer benefits that pay some costs not covered by your Original Medicare. Discover the Humana difference that the company says makes them stand out from other companies. Learn how your Humana Medicare supplement plan options possibly help you make decisions regarding coverage for senior care and senior housing options.

What Are Humana Medicare Supplement Plans?

Private insurance companies sell Medicare supplement plans, not Medicare. Medicare explains that some plans offer coverage beyond that offered by Original Medicare. One example is that some Medigap plans provide coverage for a health-related emergency while traveling outside the U.S.

Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage Plans are not identical plans. Medigap plans supplement your benefits featured under Original Medicare while Medicare Advantage Plans are ways to get your Medicare benefits.

Every person approved for a Medicare supplement plan has to have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B benefits. If you and your spouse both want to enjoy benefits of a Humana Medigap policy, each of you has to enroll separately because each policy is for only one person.

All Humana Medicare supplement plans meet federal and state regulations. Humana says that the difference in Medicare supplement plans is in the company, the price, and quality of service.

What Do Humana Medicare Supplement Plans Cover?

Coverage offered by Humana Medicare supplement plans depends on which plan you enroll in after discussing options with a Humana Medigap representative. You still receive your Original Medicare benefits because the policy does not replace your Original Medicare. It simply provides additional benefits outlined in the standardized policy information explained by Medicare.

Some companies offer additional benefits, likely an important aspect ofconsidering Medicare supplement plan options.

Every private insurance company offering Medicare supplement plans must offer Plan A and Plan B. Plan A provides basic hospitalization coverage and hospice care. Plan B also provides those benefits, along with coverage for the Part A deductible.

Insurance companies also have to offer either Plan C or Plan F if offering Medigap policies. Humana points out that their Plan C offers more coverage than either Plan A or Plan B. For example, Plan C offers coverage for hospice care coinsurance and skilled nursing services. Plan F offers basic benefits and coverage for Part A and Part B deductible costs. The plan pays 100 percent of Part B excess costs and coverage for skilled nursing, a potential deciding factor for individuals needing hospice or skilled nursing care or considering other senior housing or senior care options.

Choose Plan K or Plan L and receive basic benefits as well as coverage for Part A deductibles, hospital care, doctor's services and skilled nursing care with a lower premium. You pay higher out of pocket costs, but there are annual limits on your costs.

Your Humana Medicare supplement plan representative explains which plans are available in your area and which plans best suits your needs, including available coverage for senior care or senior housing services.

Humana Medigap policies, like other Medicare supplement plans, do not cover long-term care for services such as assistance with bathing, feeding, dressing or other general activities of daily living (ADLs). Plans do not cover prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids, dental care, private duty nursing care or prescription drug coverage.

How Much Do Humana Medicare Supplement Plans Cost?

You pay the private insurance company a monthly premium in addition to the monthly premium you pay to Medicare for your Part B coverage. Medicare does not pay for the Medicare supplement plan.

Policy costs vary from one private insurance company to the next, even for the same policy benefits. Humana points out that it is smart to study Medigap plans before deciding upon the ideal plan for you or your family member.

Consider premium costs, benefits provided by each plan and out of pocket costs. Consider features such as details of Plan F, which has a high deductible option, but potentially results in lower premiums.

How Do I Enroll In A Humana Medicare Supplement Plan?

Humana makes enrolling in a Medicare supplement plan a simple process. You still have to follow rules regarding enrollment. For example, you are generally not eligible until your initial enrollment period, which is three months before you turn 65 to three months after you turn 65 years old. Some people enroll during the annual open enrollment.

Many states offer at least one type of Medicare supplement plan to disabled individuals under age 65 and receiving Medicare.

Contact your Humana Medicare supplement plan representative to learn more about enrolling in a Humana Medigap plan or ask for assistance from your senior care representative.

Learn more about each plan, including whether plans provide benefits for you or your loved one needing coverage to help pay some of your senior housing or senior care costs.

Founded in 1961, Humana is a Louisville, Kentucky-based company that has roots in the nursing home industry, as well as hospital ownership. Today, it has evolved into one of the largest publicly traded health insurance companies in America, with over 20 million members.

Offering eight of the 10 standard Medigap plans, Humana has substantial options, befitting such a large company. But be aware that those options vary greatly depending on your ZIP code. If there is a plan available that fits your budget and needs, Humana places a strong emphasis on accessibility to their agents, seven days a week, and offers easy-to-use online resources for practical solutions as well as lifestyle interests. This Better Business Bureau A+ rated may be the insurance partner that helps you maintain your robust quality of life.

Pros and Cons of Humana’s Medicare Supplement Plans

What We Like About Humana Medigap

  • Licensed sales agents are easy to reach.
  • The online platform and mobile app are clear and navigable.
  • Dental, vision, and prescription plans are often available as add-ons.
  • There are extensive educational and lifestyle resources online for policyholders.

Things to Keep in Mind About Humana Medigap

  • Not all ZIP codes offer plans; check yours before doing a deep dive.
  • Not all states offer the Healthy Living supplement option.

Overview of Humana’s Medigap Plans

Plans Benefits
A, B, C, F, High Deductible F, G, K, L, and N (N has $20 copay for office visits;
$50 copay for ER)
Medicare Part A coinsurance and coverage for hospital benefits
A, B, C, F, High Deductible F, G, K (50%), L (75%), N Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment
A, B, C, F, High Deductible F, G, K (50%), L (75%), N Blood (first 3 pints)
A, B, C, F, High Deductible F, G, K (50%), L (75%), N Hospice care coinsurance or copayment
C, F, High Deductible F, G, K (50%), L (75%), N Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
B, C, F, High Deductible F, G, K (50%), L (75%), N Medicare Part A deductible
C, F, High Deductible F Medicare Part B deductible
F, High Deductible F, G Medicare Part B excess charges
C, F, High Deductible F, G, N Foreign travel emergency (up to plan limits)

Quick Note: Effective Jan. 1, 2020, plan options C, F, and the High Deductible Plan F are only available to applicants who became eligible for Medicare prior to 2020.

Which Humana Medigap Plan Is Right for Me?

Let's take a look at the different Medigap plans and who they're best for so you can decide which Humana plan might be the right fit for you.

Seniors Who Need Basic Coverage but Not Extensive Healthcare Services

Humana's Medigap plans A and B are designed to help cover costs for basic needs not paid by Medicare Parts A and B, such as unexpected medical expenses or extended hospital care. You save money with these plans, as you are not paying for coverage you do not use, but you may have to deal with a few unexpected expenses. Plan B adds a bit more coverage for hospitalization.

Seniors Who Travel and Have the Budget to Pay for More Comprehensive Coverage

Opting for Plan C means your monthly expenses will stay constant, as it covers most Medicare-approved medical expenses. It has all the benefits of Plans A and B plus skilled nursing facility care coinsurance, Part A deductible for hospitalization and Medicare Part B deductible for medical, medical and hospital outpatient expenses, and medical emergency help (up to plan limits) when you're traveling out of the country. Plan G, a very popular choice, covers all the supplements of Plans A, B, and C, with the exception of the Medicare Part B deductible. It's worth doing the math to see if your rate generated for Plan G will save you money.

Pro Tip: Medicare Supplement insurance plans A through G provide benefits at higher premiums with limited out-of-pocket costs. Plans K through N are cost-sharing plans offering similar benefits at lower premiums with greater out-of-pocket costs.

Seniors Looking for the Most Complete Coverage Available

Plan F is one of only two Medigap plans that cover 100 percent of Medicare Part B excess charges. This protects you from additional expenses for treatments that exceed Medicare approval. Plans A, B, and C benefits are covered plus skilled nursing facility care, Medicare Part A and B deductibles, and international travel emergency help. Plan F also has a high-deductible option with a lower premium, but note that the deductible is not fixed and can go up each year.

Seniors on Tight Budgets Who Don't Need Frequent Doctor Visits

Plans K and L offer lower premiums for less coverage. You get the same basic benefits but with less coinsurance and copayment coverage. On the other hand, you are protected by out-of-pocket maximums that limit the amount you may pay each year. After that maximum is reached, the plan pays 100 percent of Medicare-approved costs for the remainder of the year. These plans give peace of mind in case of a serious illness or accident.

Plan K offers a lower premium than Plan L, but it has higher coinsurance amounts and annual out-of-pocket maximums. Plan N is similar to plans K and L in that it maintains a lower premium than other plans, but it offers more coverage than K and L. Plan N covers 100 percent of your Medicare Part B coinsurance costs, but you will have a $20 copay for office visits and a $50 copay for ER visits.

FYI: If a Healthy Living version of your chosen plan is available, it adds on vision and dental coverage.

How Much Do Humana Medigap Plans Cost?

Plan Monthly premium price range (depending on age, state, sex, and if you smoke)
A Approx. $138.15 to $446.68 per month
B Approx. $220.14 to $361.66 per month
C Approx. $275.93 to $457.33 per month
F Approx. $180.59 to $593.14 per month
F High Deductible Approx. $73.29 to $222.87 per month
G Approx. $277.38 to $410.22 per month
G High Deductible Approx. $77.36 to $82.29 per month
K Approx. $93 to $290.89 per month
L Approx. $169.05 to $278.80 per month
N Approx. $117.46 to $375.29 per month

Buyer's Tip: Visit our Humana and senior care guide to learn more about Humana's cost and coverage for different types of care.

How to Buy a Humana Medigap Policy

Humana gets points for having an easy-to-use, complete online process for enrollment, but you can also call a licensed Humana sales agent seven days a week. Online enrollment has advantages, however, as the site makes it easy to compare the plan options side by side. Below is a step-by-step guide to enrolling in a Humana Medigap plan online.

  1. Use the ZIP code search on Humana's website to find what is available in your area.

    Humana - Input your ZIP code

    Humana – Input your ZIP code

  2. You'll be directed to a page that lets you compare all the Humana plans available in your area. Review the plan benefits to zone in on your preferred plans. Once you find a plan that you’re interested in, move on to the next step by clicking the “Get quote” button.

    Humana - Compare plan benefits

    Humana – Compare plan benefits

  3. Next, you'll need to plug in basic information to get a general quote with specific pricing. Once you input this information, you'll be able to see a quote for all of the available Medigap plans for easy comparison.

    Humana - Compare plan prices

    Humana – Compare plan prices

  4. Armed with the knowledge of what your Humana Medigap options are, see what the competition offers in your area.
  5. If you decide to go with Humana, the process is easy to complete, and you can purchase your policy directly online. If you opt for ACH or credit card monthly payments of future premiums, you may be eligible for a discount.

Bonus: Humana’s Savings Center curates a range of available health and wellness discounts for their policyholders.

Final Thoughts on Humana

Humana has competitive rates, and its size allows it to offer a few more bells and whistles compared to smaller companies, such as health and wellness discounts online and the reward programs to help seniors stay active and healthy. Overall, the options and price points make Humana a worthy choice for your Medigap needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Humana

  • What are the eligibility requirements?

    To buy a Medicare Supplement plan, you must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, you must live in the state where the policy is offered, and be age 65 or over. In some states, you may be eligible before age 65 if you have a disability or end-stage renal disease.

  • Does it matter when I enroll?

    Yes, timing matters. The Medicare Supplement open enrollment period starts on the first day of the first month in which you’re age 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B. In some states, you can buy a plan on the first day you’re enrolled in Medicare Part B, even if you’re not yet 65. If you meet certain criteria, such as applying during your Medicare Supplement open enrollment period, or if you qualify for guaranteed issue, a company can’t use your medical history to determine your eligibility. Rules in some states may vary.

  • Before I begin, what do I need to have on hand to complete the online enrollment?

    To complete your enrollment form, you’ll need to have your Medicare card or your letter from the Social Security Administration or Railroad Retirement Board on hand. If you currently have a popup blocker on your computer, disable it before beginning to fill out the forms.

  • Is online enrollment official?

    Yes. By completing the form and hitting the send button, you are sending an official enrollment election to Humana. The enrollment packet and a copy of the completed enrollment form should arrive in your mail from Humana within seven to 10 business days.