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Aetna Medicare supplement plans feature helpful benefits for many people looking for benefits beyond those of Original Medicare. Learn about Aetna Medicare supplement plans, including how to enroll, plan benefits and costs.

Discover how Medigap plans potentially benefit individuals with senior care or senior housing needs.

What Are Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans?

Aetna Medicare supplement plans offer benefits provided by a private insurer that helps supplement the coverage provided under Original Medicare. Aetna explains that the company offers Medigap plans with “freedom and flexibility.” Several factors determine which plan is the right option for you or your loved one.

Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts administer standardized Medicare supplement plans in a different way. Plans vary by state, so you need to speak to a company representative to discuss the availability of plan coverage in your state and which Medicare supplement plans are available in specific areas, such as your local county.

What Do Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans Cover?

Coverage varies from one state to another and from one Medicare supplement plan to another. Coverage for some senior care and senior housing options are a determining factor for some people seeking coverage under a Medigap Plan.

Another crucial factor for some individuals is the fact that Aetna Medicare supplement plans have no network restrictions. You have the ability to see any doctor you wish as long as you pay premiums on time. Therefore, you do not have to worry about having to change doctors when you enroll in an Aetna Medicare supplement plan.

Some Medigap Plans offer emergency coverage even if you travel outside the United States. You still receive your coverage if you move anywhere in the U.S.

Medigap Plans cover basic benefits, such as Part B coinsurance for your doctor visits and other outpatient services, along with the first three pints of blood and Part A coinsurance if you need hospice services. Medicare requires that private insurers offer Medigap Plan A and also offer either Plan C or Plan F if they offer Medicare supplement plans. Beyond that requirement, there are variations in coverage under each specific plan.

Plan A offers no coverage for Part A deductible. Plan C and Plan F are the only plans that offer coverage for the Part B deductible. Plan A, B, G, F, and N offer 100 percent hospice care coinsurance or co-payments.

Plan A and Plan B do not offer any coverage for skilled nursing care. If you or a loved one needs skilled nursing, hospice care or other services related to senior care or senior housing, issues like these potentially become a deciding factor in determining which Medicare supplement plan is right for you or your loved one.

Discuss your senior housing and senior care needs with your Aetna Medigap representative and which Aetna Medigap Plans possibly helps pay costs associated with your necessary senior care and senior housing needs.

How Much Do Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans Cost?

Costs for Medigap Plans vary, based on several guidelines set by companies offering the plans. Medicare reveals that each insurance provider sets their own premium amounts and that costs vary among Medicare supplement plan insurers, even for the same services.

Medicare also explains that there are three ways that Medicare supplement plans are rated, or priced, with each affecting how much an individual pays for Medigap plan premiums now and in the future. Community-rated pricing means that everyone pays the same price, no matter their age. If you are 65 and your neighbor is 80, you both pay the same price for the community-rated policy. Your age at the time you purchase an Issue-Age-Rated Policy determines your premium cost. The price does not increase as you age.

If you purchase an Attained-Age-Rated Policy, premiums increase as you age, with initial premium costs determined by your current age. Other issues such as inflation potentially determine if you pay more for this policy. This is true if you receive senior care services or live on your own in an active living community for seniors, a hospice care facility, skilled nursing care facility or other senior housing location.

How Do I Enroll In An Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan?

Enrolling in an Aetna Medicare supplement plan is easy. You do not have to worry about a complicated enrollment process. An Aetna Medigap Plan representative guides you through the process and makes sure that you understand your options and which Medicare supplement plan is the ideal choice for your needs.

Consider asking your social worker, care coordinator or senior housing representative for help if you live in a senior care or senior housing community.

Enroll during your initial enrollment period to enjoy benefits as soon as you become eligible. Other individuals enroll during the annual open enrollment period. Contact an Aetna Medicare supplement representative to learn more about your Medigap options.

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