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Rexton Hearing Aids Review

Rexton offers a variety of affordable hearing aids for mild to profound hearing loss. is supported by commissions from providers listed on our site. Read our Editorial Guidelines Rating:
3.5 of 5
65+ Years in Business
3 Models
19 Hrs On Single Charge
$1,000 Starting Price is supported by commissions from providers listed on our site. Read our Editorial Guidelines Rating:
3.5 of 5
Jeff Hoyt Brad Ingrao
Jeff Hoyt, Editor in Chief Dr. Brad Ingrao, Audiologist

Rexton has been around for a long time and always had a place in my offerings at the clinic. The company was founded in 1955 and is currently part of the WS Audiology family of brands, alongside Signia and Widex. This cooperation allows Rexton to share technology and offer those with hearing loss a very comprehensive lineup of hearing aids for mild to severe hearing loss at a reasonable price. I also appreciate the wide range of accessories Rexton offers. In my personal experience, I’ve found that the mobile app is adequate, but the user interface could use a bit of a spruce-up to better appeal to tech-savvy seniors.

Because the tech under the hood is the same as Signia’s line, Rexton is comparable to those products, along with Miracle-Ear, which are re-labeled Signia devices. Rexton also compares favorably to other non-WS Audiology products from providers like ReSound and Oticon, as they contain very similar technology and accessories, so they’re worth a look if you’re in the market for a new hearing aid.

I’ll walk you through my recommendations, along with Rexton’s hearing aid styles, technology, and accessories. Let’s get to it!

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Rexton has been around for decades, making it one of the most trusted hearing aid providers on the market. Rexton’s current hearing aid lineup comes with a lot of great features like Bluetooth streaming and music-enhancing technology. Still, it’s always a good idea to compare other options before you invest in a product that could be with you for years to come. So, be sure to check out some of our other favorite hearing aid brands below.

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Rexton Hearing Aid Families and Features

Rexton’s current lineup includes four technology families, called MyCore, BiCore, TruCore, and Motion Core, available in several styles.

Below is an overview of the popular features for Rexton’s hearing aids. They are available at the upper level for most models, but many are also available at lower cost levels. Working with your hearing care professional, you can find the right balance of features and price to meet your needs.

Direct Bluetooth Streaming

This feature allows you to stream phone calls and other audio signals from your mobile devices, like Zoom calls or YouTube videos, directly to your hearing aids. No need for headphones or picking up your phone to take a call while driving! This technology also connects to Rexton’s Smart Transmitter 2.4 media streamer when you watch TV (more details on this later).


One of the most common complaints I hear from new hearing aid users is that their voices sound “funny.” Depending on the type and shape of your hearing loss, it’s possible to resolve this by changing the shape and openness of the dome or earmold. However, if you have hearing loss at all pitches, you’’ll have trouble getting critical speech information. MyVoice is an algorithm that recognizes the user’s voice and makes a few subtle adjustments so that your voice sounds more natural and less occluded.

Voice Ranger

The Voice Ranger enhances speech in every situation. If we strip away the catchy marketing label, this is what’s known as an “automatic scene analyzer.” Based on numerous sampled recordings, the hearing aid “listens” to the environment, attempts to categorize it, and adjusts accordingly. This includes categories like quiet, speech only, speech with non-speech noise, speech with other speech noise (the most difficult for most people with hearing loss), wind, or music. Over the years, these systems have become quite useful in many environments. Because Rexton is part of the WS Audiology family, they benefit from the R&D of the larger Signia brain trust.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? Rexton hearing aids are built tough, and they’re designed to be resistant to heat, chemicals, sweat, accidental drops, vibration, and UV rays. You can visit Rexton’s resource on what makes their hearing aids lifeproof to learn more.

Music Enhancer

This feature maximizes the listening experience for music lovers. Music is one of the most challenging soundscapes for people with hearing aids to navigate. Even though the technology has improved in this department, music and speech are very different, and hearing aids are primarily made for speech. A few programming tricks can improve music quality, which is where the Music Enhancer comes in. This feature makes it easy to access a preset program whenever music is the primary sound or when you select a manual music program. The MyCore line offers up to six manual programs that are great for tech-savvy folks, but they’re not necessary to enjoy your music, so don’t be intimidated by that feature.

Dynamic Extender

When we fit hearing aids, we always try to make sure that loud sounds are not uncomfortable. In some cases, particularly when listening to or performing live music, a bit more “head room” can decrease distortion and produce a more natural sound quality. The Dynamic Extender provides this extra room for the sound to fluctuate more fluidly. That way, you can enjoy a concert or musical without discomfort.

Reverb Reducer

Reverberation, or room echo, is not only annoying, it significantly reduces our ability to understand speech. Long rooms with high ceilings and hard surfaces are particularly challenging, as they produce a great deal of echo. Rexton’s Reverb Reducer identifies the echo and applies some programming and microphone adjustments to reduce reverberation.

XPhone (Cross Phone)

Hearing aids feature an “ear-to-ear” wireless network, which allows your hearing aids to “communicate” with one another. The XPhone feature uses this network to detect when you’re on the phone, and it copies the signal from the telephone ear to the other side, allowing you to hear in stereo. Hearing with both ears (binaurally) is a well-established way to improve speech understanding.

Stereo iLock

When listening to speech in a noisy environment like a restaurant, it’s helpful to “zoom in” on specific speakers. Stereo iLock creates a very narrow “beam” of microphone sensitivity, which reduces the adverse effects of background noise and reverberation, so you can focus on the speaker.

Below, we’ll look at Rexton’s four technology families and my recommendations for each based on my personal experience with Rexton.


BiCore is Rexton’s latest hearing aid family, available in several styles.

BiCore is great for:

  • Seniors who want a custom, rechargeable in-ear model
  • Those who want high-tech hearing aids
  • Seniors who want rechargeable hearing aids with long-lasting batteries
  • Seniors who need hearing aids for complex listening environments

BiCore features:

  • Direct streaming for iOS and Android
  • Speech Preservation Technology for focusing on conversations
  • Binaural link for instant and precise synchronization between both ears
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Mobile app compatible
  • Rechargeable batteries last up to 89 hours (depending on model)


MyCore is available in three technology levels with increasing price points. I’d recommend the MyCore line to:

  • Seniors with wiggle room in their budget
  • Seniors looking for the most high-tech features
  • Seniors who want hearing aids with rechargeable batteries

Rexton’s other two technology families are very similar to MyCore. Below are my recommendations and the feature sets for each. Just refer back to the descriptions above for more details on each feature.


TrueCore is a solid choice for:

  • Seniors who want dust- and water-resistant hearing aids
  • Seniors with tinnitus
  • Seniors who prefer disposable batteries

TruCore Features

  • Voice Ranger
  • Reverb Reducer
  • XPhone (Cross Phone)
  • Music Enhancer
  • Tinnitus management
  • Durable SecureTec IP67-rated construction (making it dust- and water-resistant)
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Mobile app compatible
  • Six programs

Motion Core

I’d recommend the Motion Core line to:

  • Seniors who don’t need extra bells and whistles
  • Seniors who want a simple, straightforward hearing aid
  • Seniors who want rechargeable hearing aids
  • Seniors who don’t have a smartphone

Motion Core Features

  • Automatically adapts to your sound situation
  • Durable, practical, and easy to use
  • Rechargeable option with up to 61 hours of battery (depending on the model)
  • Uses motion sensors to differentiate more than 120 hearing scenarios and adjust accordingly
  • Recognizes 20 times more hearing situations than previous Rexton models

Rexton Hearing Aid Styles


Best for seniors looking for a modern, high-tech design

StyleLine is a true departure from traditional hearing aid design. This rechargeable receiver in the canal (RIC) device looks more like a high-end Bluetooth earphone than a hearing aid, providing discretion for seniors.

Rexton StyleLine

Rexton StyleLine

Receiver In the Canal (RIC)

Best for seniors who want discreet hearing aids

This is the most common hearing aid style today. Rexton offers RICs that use #312 Zinc Air disposable batteries and lithium-ion rechargeable systems.

Rexton Stellar Li 6c RIC

Rexton Stellar Li 6c RIC

Completely In Canal (CIC)

Best for seniors who’d like a customized, nearly invisible fit

CIC is the smallest style available, and for most people, they fit deeply into the ear canal and are nearly invisible. Rexton offers both a custom-molded CIC and three different universal CICs with several sizes of snap-on silicone sleeves to get the right fit. Not only will no one be able to tell that you’re wearing hearing aids, but the different sizing options will make them as comfortable as possible.

Rexton ITC CIC

Rexton ITC CIC

Behind The Ear (BTE)

Best for seniors with severe to profound hearing loss

Rexton’s BTE hearing aids sit behind the ear and connect to a dome or custom earmold with a clear, flexible tube. They won’t be as discreet as the other three Rexton styles, but they’re excellent for those with more severe hearing loss.

Rexton BTE

Rexton BTE

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: Not sure which style of hearing aid is best for you? Our hearing aid buying guide breaks down the different types of hearing aids on the market to give you a better idea.

Need Help Finding the Right Hearing Aid?

Answer a few easy questions to find the hearing aid that’s right for you.

Rexton Apps and Accessories

Even the best hearing aid technology can’t completely overcome the negative effects of distance, background noise, and reverberation on your ability to hear and understand speech. Rexton offers a wide range of hearing assistive technology (HAT) accessories to assist you in more challenging settings and improve the overall user experience. Your hearing care provider can help you find the right accessories to hear your best in difficult settings.

Rexton App

The Rexton App is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity. It’s your all-in-one remote that controls functions like volume, program change, and microphone pattern. The features available to you in the app will depend on the hearing aid that you choose. In my experience, the app is simple, but it could use a bit of a design upgrade.

Rexton App

Rexton App

Smart Li-ion Charger

This contactless inductance charger provides a full 24 hours of use for the Stellar Li hearing aids (a TruCore model) in just four hours. We’re all for a fast charge!

Rexton Smart Li-ion Power

Rexton Smart Li-ion Power

CROS Hearing Solutions

The majority of people with hearing loss have equal impairment in both ears. Some, however, have either asymmetric losses or loss in only one ear. If one ear cannot benefit from direct amplification, a CROS (contralateral routing of signal) system can help. This solution places a microphone and wireless transmitter on the poor ear and a receiver on the better ear. These systems don’t provide true directional hearing, but they significantly reduce the logistical challenges of having a “dead” ear.

Smart Transmitter and Smart Transmitter 2.4

Hearing the TV clearly is often challenging due to poor acoustics and the distance between you and the TV in the living room, particularly in houses with large, connected great rooms. Rexton’s Smart Transmitter 2.4 connects to your TV’s audio output and then streams that signal directly to your hearing aids.

Rexton Smart Transmitter

Rexton Smart Transmitter

Smart Mic

The Smart Mic is a small remote microphone that uses Bluetooth to stream the speaker’s voice to your MyCore devices. It also offers hands-free operation for Bluetooth-enabled devices and provides basic remitted control of the hearing aids.

Rexton Smart Mic

Rexton Smart Mic

Wrapping Up: My Final Thoughts on Rexton

I first encountered Rexton early in my career when working at a small private practice. The owner offered many major brands but particularly wanted to have a high-quality, low-cost option for patients with limited financial resources, and Rexton fit the bill. Overall, I’ve always found that Rexton offers a solid lineup of hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss at reasonable price points.

For a closer look at our other top picks for hearing aids, head to our review of the best hearing aids for seniors.

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Written By:
Dr. Brad Ingrao
As a practicing audiologist since the 1990’s, Brad Ingrao, AuD has fitted thousands of hearing aids to seniors and people of all ages. Brad is the Official Audiologist for the International Committee on Sports for the Deaf and a well-known… Learn More About Dr. Brad Ingrao
Reviewed By:
Jeff Hoyt
Editor in Chief
As Editor-in-Chief of the personal finance site, Jeff produced hundreds of articles on the subject of retirement, including preventing identity theft, minimizing taxes, investing successfully, preparing for retirement medical costs, protecting your credit score, and making your money last… Learn More About Jeff Hoyt