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Rexton Hearing Aids, Pricing and Value

Rexton offers durable hearing aids suited to active, working seniors with mild to profound hearing loss. is supported by commissions from providers listed on our site. Read our Editorial Guidelines Rating:
3.5 of 5
40+ Years in Business
4 Models
19 Hrs On Single Charge
$1,000 Starting Price is supported by commissions from providers listed on our site. Read our Editorial Guidelines Rating:
3.5 of 5
Jeff Hoyt
Jeff Hoyt, Editor in Chief Read About Our Panel of Experts

Since 1955, Rexton has provided individuals with durable hearing aids they need to continue living an active lifestyle. Great for seniors who are still in the workforce, or those who enjoy socializing and being outdoors, Rexton is known for providing quality, reliable hearing aids. Their three families of hearing aids offer choice and variety, with both behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-canal (ITC) styles available, as well as multiple color options. Let’s take a closer look at Rexton and the value their hearing aids offer to seniors!

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: Unfortunately, Rexton doesn’t currently offer hearing aids for online purchase. Want a  pair of hearing aids that you can buy from the comfort of your home? Check out our top three picks on our best hearing aids list.

Rexton Stellar Li 6c RIC

Rexton TruCore Stellar Li 6c RIC

Pros About Rexton

  • IP67-rated technology for moisture and dust resistance
  • Available for purchase at independent practices as well as Costco Hearing Centers, making them easily accessible for seniors with a Costco membership
  • Treats mild to profound hearing loss with BTE, RIC, and ITC styles available.

Cons About Rexton

  • Though their website is very informative when it comes to their hearing aids and accessories, there is little contact information available for customer inquiries.
  • Rexton hearing aids are only available in-store, not online. You’ll need to find a local distributor to test out a Rexton hearing aid and make a purchase.

Are Rexton Hearing Aids Right for Me?

Rexton provides durable hearing aids in a variety of styles, but they don’t come cheap. If you’re looking for affordable hearing aids that you can purchase online, check out some of our favorite over-the-counter brands that we’ve reviewed below.

We may receive compensation from the brands listed here. The compensation we receive from our partners impacts the products and services shown here, but it does not impact our ratings in any way. Our ratings are chosen through comprehensive research, clear methodologies, hands-on testing, and input from our team of experts. Rating:
4.8 of 5 Rating:
4.7 of 5
Call for best price: Call to Order: (800) 422-9380 Rating:
4.3 of 5
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Rexton Products and Accessories

Rexton has a catalog of Bluetooth-enabled, rechargeable, and functional hearing aids. Suitable for mild to profound hearing loss, Rexton hearing aids are an ideal option for any senior who has noticed their hearing isn’t quite what it used to be. The company’s accessories and app allow for seamless sound streaming between smart devices and hearing aids and easy adjusting.

Rexton’s three families of hearing aids include Motion Core, MyCore, and TruCore. As far as prices go, you’ll need to speak to your local audiologist or hearing care professional to get an accurate estimate, as prices vary depending on your location and the provider.

Rexton App

Rexton App

Motion Core

Designed to automatically recognize and adjust to sound environments, Motion Core BTE and ITC hearing aids are practical and require little fiddling. The hearing aids even have a built-in motion sensor to detect your movement, therefore better adapting to your hearing environment as you move about. If you’re looking for rechargeability, the Motion Core lithium-ion rechargeable batteries can run for a whole day on one charge, and the travel charging station lasts up to four days for on-the-go recharging. This is perfect for seniors who travel often or spend a lot of time on the job.


Rexton’s MyCore hearing aids come in a plethora of styles and are the most customizable option. No matter what kind of hearing aid you’re looking for, you’ll probably find a MyCore one that meets your needs! This family of hearing support was designed around the eight key functionalities that deliver a superior hearing experience. The MyCore hearing aids connect to iPhones for easy sound streaming. This feature makes calls to the grandkids or streaming music straight from your phone a breeze. MyCore devices also recognize the wearer’s voice, delivering a natural sound, and the built-in intelligent feedback preventer gives wearers whistle-free listening. A rechargeable battery option is available in receiver-in-the-ear (RIC) and behind-the-ear (BTE) styles.

The MyCore hearing aids connect to iPhones for easy sound streaming. This feature makes calls to the grandkids or streaming music straight from your phone a breeze. MyCore devices also recognize the wearer’s voice, delivering a natural sound, and the built-in intelligent feedback preventer gives wearers whistle-free listening. A rechargeable battery option is available in receiver-in-the-ear (RIC) and behind-the-ear (BTE) styles.


Rexton’s TruCore hearing aids focus on providing the optimal sound you need with innovative technology. The device’s voice ranger targets speakers and reduces background noise, while the music enhancer gives music lovers a crisp sound so they can savor every note. The TruCore BTE and RIC models are also resistant to moisture, sweat, and dirt, making them reliable even in harsh environments. All in all, the TruCore hearing aids are high-quality and durable, even if you’re tough on your devices.


FYI: TruCore BTE and RIC hearing aids are manufactured with IP67-rated technology. That means they are protected against dust and sand, and they’re moisture resistant.1


Rexton offers quite a few accessories that boost their hearing aids for an even more effortless sound experience. As with their hearing aids, you’ll need to speak with your local Rexton distributor for pricing.

CROS Hearing Solutions

Every year in the U.S., about 60,000 people acquire single-sided deafness, also known as unilateral hearing loss.2 Not only does single-sided hearing loss make it challenging to follow a conversation at a dinner party, but it can also make simple tasks such as crossing the street a risky activity. Luckily, Rexton offers CROS (Contralateral Routing Of Signal) hearing solutions for seniors experiencing single-sided deafness. The innovative technology sends the sound that reaches the deaf ear to the hearing aid on the functioning ear, allowing the wearer to hear sound coming from their deaf side. The CROS solutions are compatible with Rexton’s MyCore and Motion Core hearing aids.

Rexton App

Available for both Apple and Android smartphones, the Rexton app uses Bluetooth technology to turn your smartphone into an all-in-one remote for your hearing aids. From the app, users can adjust the volume and sound settings of their hearing aids and check the battery status.

Rexton Audio Streaming

Rexton has multiple sound streaming solutions to choose from. If you’re an avid TV watcher, their Smart Transmitters are great for delivering sound from your favorite shows right into your hearing aids. If you want to amplify sound from a specific speaker, their Speech Connect device can be worn by a designated speaker. The wearer’s voice will be delivered directly into your hearing aids, facilitating optimal listening and easy conversation.

Remote Controls

If you’d rather not try to adjust your hearing aids manually and don’t want to download the Rexton app, you’ll want to consider purchasing a remote control. Rexton’s easy-to-use remote controls allow for simple adjusting of volume, sound settings, and programs.

Charging Stations

If you opt for rechargeable hearing aids, you’ll want to select the Rexton charging station that fits your lifestyle and hearing aid model. Their Slim-RIC Charging Case is perfect for a long weekend getaway and mobile charging. On the other hand, the traditional Charging Station has a 30-minute fast charge feature as well as a built-in automatic drying function to keep your hearing aids moisture-free.

Rexton StyleLine Mobile Charger

Rexton StyleLine Mobile Charger

Money-Saving Tip:

Money-Saving Tip: Disposable batteries for your hearing aid could cost you over $100 a year. In the long-run, rechargeable hearing aids can save you time, money, and hassle. They are definitely worth considering!

Choosing the Right Rexton Hearing Aid

Ultimately, a licensed Rexton distributor will be able to fit you for the hearing aid that is ideal for your needs. However, as you browse online, you may begin to wonder which Rexton hearing solution is a good fit for yourself or a loved one. We’ve taken the three families of Rexton hearing aids listed above and determined which solutions are generally a good fit for various seniors.

Rexton Hearing Aid Best For Notable Features Styles/Colors Available
Motion Core -Seniors who don’t want to change batteries
-Seniors who travel
-Those with one-sided deafness
-Rechargeable batteries
-Integrated motion sensor
-CROS accessory available
Available in BTE and ITC styles; 15 color options
MyCore -Seniors who want custom hearing aids
-Users who want nearly-invisible hearing support
-Seniors who use their phones and TV a lot
-Rechargeable batteries
-Easy Bluetooth streaming
-Discreet and customizable
-CROS accessory available
Available in BTE, RIC, and ITC styles; 5 color options
TruCore -Seniors with tinnitus
-Those who are active and spend time outdoors
-Music lovers
-Built-in Music Enhancer
-Tinnitus Function
-Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt
Available in BTE, RIC, and ITC styles; 2 color options

Need Help Finding the Right Hearing Aid?

Answer a few easy questions to find the hearing aid that’s right for you.

What to Expect When Purchasing Rexton Hearing Aids

Unlike online hearing aid providers like MDHearingAid or Eargo, Rexton doesn’t give consumers the option to purchase hearing aids online. To get your Rexton hearing aids, you’ll need to schedule a one-on-one visit with a licensed hearing care professional. Since hearing aids are an investment, this personalized, in-person service is highly valued by Rexton customers. Plus, it ensures that you’ll find the right hearing solution for your needs with an in-person fitting and evaluation. Seniors seeking this hands-on assistance will appreciate the Rexton buying process.

Rexton has distributors all over the globe. To find a Rexton distributor near you, you’ll want to log onto the Rexton website and click “Contact.” You’ll be asked to submit your name, email address, and a brief message. A Rexton representative will contact you with a list of licensed hearing professionals near you to assess your hearing and fit you for a Rexton hearing aid.

At your appointment, you can expect to complete a painless hearing assessment and answer a few questions about your medical history. You’ll be fitted for a Rexton hearing aid that accommodates your diagnosed level of hearing loss, lifestyle, and cosmetic preference. From there, you’ll return to the same office for in-person tune-ups and maintenance a few times a year.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? Rexton hearing aids are available at Costco. You can contact your local Costco Hearing Aid Center to schedule an appointment and get a free product demonstration.

How Does Rexton Compare to the Competition?

Rexton is one of a dozen global hearing aid companies. With so many options out there, you may be wondering how Rexton compares to competitors, like Phonak and ReSound. Rexton’s catalog of hearing aids is very similar to these providers, offering BTE, ITC, and RIC styles. Rexton stands out when compared to the competition for their hearing aids’ durability and unique features. TruCore’s music enhancing feature and Motion Core’s motion sensor are unique technologies that cater to the specific needs of individuals with hearing loss. Also, the IP67-rated technology of Rexton’s TruCore hearing aids provides a level of protection from the elements that you rarely see in hearing aids.

Though the Rexton website is easy to navigate, it does fall short in customer support compared to other providers. Hearing aid providers typically have a phone number listed on their contact page and a “Find a Provider” tab on their homepage for quick access to customer support and local hearing professionals; that is something that Rexton is missing.

The Bottom Line

Rexton hearing aids are ideal for seniors looking for durable, practical, and easy-to-use hearing aids. Whether you have mild or profound hearing loss or want a BTE or ITC fit, Rexton hearing aids can accommodate your preferences. The face-to-face service provided by the company’s global distributors is valuable for seniors, or their caregivers, who desire the extra support that online hearing aid distributors can’t provide. As far as pricing goes, we recommend contacting your local hearing specialist to see how Rexton compares since prices can vary depending on the region where you live.

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  1. DSM&T. (2020). Sample IP Rating.

  2. The Hearing Journal. (2020). Single-Sided Deafness.

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