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Beltone Hearing Aids Cost and Pricing

Beltone hearing aids offer innovative designs and personalized care with the price tag to match. is supported by commissions from providers listed on our site. Read our Editorial Guidelines Rating:
4.3 of 5
80 Years in Business
1,500 US Locations
3-D Sound Environment
30-Hour Battery Charge is supported by commissions from providers listed on our site. Read our Editorial Guidelines Rating:
4.3 of 5
Brad Ingrao
Dr. Brad Ingrao, Audiologist Morgan Redding, Writer and Editor

Beltone hearing aids range in price from around $2,800 to $7,000 per pair. The company stands firm on its foundational mission of providing innovative hearing devices coupled with personalized care. The hearing aids are accompanied by support from a licensed hearing instrument specialist or audiologist who will provide input and ongoing care for your hearing aids and hearing health.

You can purchase these hearing aids in-person at a local hearing center, so prices may vary by location, and Beltone doesn’t list prices online. Some of their hearing aids are expensive. If a more wallet-friendly option is preferable for you, you may want to consider over-the-counter options, like Eargo’s cost-effective hearing aids, instead. Still, if Beltone fits in your budget, it’s an excellent option for all levels of hearing loss.

In this guide, we’ll cover Beltone’s hearing aids and the value they offer to help you decide if they’re the right fit for you!

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: Visit our list of the top hearing aids in 2024 to compare Beltone to other leading providers.

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Beltone offers advanced technology and quality customer service. That said, it may not be the best option for budget-conscious seniors. If you’re shopping for the most affordable hearing aids, there are plenty of less expensive products out there. Be sure to check out some of the top-rated hearing aid brands that we have reviewed to learn more.

We may receive compensation from the brands listed here. The compensation we receive from our partners impacts the products and services shown here, but it does not impact our ratings in any way. Our ratings are chosen through comprehensive research, clear methodologies, hands-on testing, and input from our team of experts. Rating:
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Pros and Cons of Beltone Hearing Aids

Pros About Beltone

  • Offers live remote care when needed
  • Solutions for mild to profound hearing loss
  • Online hearing test is available
  • Most Beltone hearing aids can be connected to the Beltone HearMax and Beltone Tinnitus Calmer apps (Tinnitus Calmer is only compatible with Apple iOS devices)
  • Available styles include micro receiver-in-ear, receiver-in-ear, completely-in-canal, and behind-the-ear. Customizable hearing aids are also available.
  • Award-winning technology
  • Free hearing aid inspections and cleanings are included for the lifetime of your hearing aids
  • Over 1,500 Beltone stores nationwide

Cons About Beltone

  • Some models are more expensive than other brands
  • Hearing aids can’t be purchased online
  • Repair times may be long, since they typically require sending your hearing aids back to the manufacturer to fix
  • There may not be a Beltone Hearing Care Center close to your home

Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone Styles

Beltone offers several types of hearing aids. Determining the right one for you will depend on your lifestyle, severity of hearing loss, and visibility preference. One of Beltone’s licensed hearing specialists can guide you toward a style that matches your budget and level of hearing loss. The chart below provides details on the styles offered. Like other providers we’ve reviewed, including Oticon, Beltone doesn’t offer every style in every device.

Style Pros Cons Beltone hearing aids available in this style
Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Budget-friendly; accommodates any level of hearing loss Less discreet than some styles, may be available in colors that match your skin or hair tone Serene, Achieve, Rely (in three power levels), Boost Ultra (in two power levels)
Receiver-In-Ear (RIE) Exceptional sound quality; for any level of hearing loss Less discreet than some styles; more expensive than traditional BTE Serene, Achieve, Rely
Custom Rechargeable Discreet style is designed to look like earbuds Requires making a mold (impression) of the inner ear; improper fit due to laboratory error may cause occlusion (hearing your own voice) Serene, Achieve
Completely-In-Canal (CIC) Affordable; can sync with a smartphone; very discreet Small size can be difficult to handle; may make the ear feel plugged Serene, Achieve, Rely
Micro or Mini Receiver-in-Canal (RIE) Provides the same sound quality of RIE hearing aids in a smaller size Typically has a shorter battery life than standard-sized RIE hearing aids Serene, Achieve
Important Note:

Important Note: The price of Beltone hearing aids may vary based on geographic location and prescriber. The best way to find out how much your devices will cost is to visit your local Beltone center, which you can find by using Beltone’s locator tool.

Beltone Hearing Aid Models

Below we’ll take a closer look at each of Beltone’s hearing aid models.

Beltone Achieve

Beltone Achieve

Beltone Achieve

Beltone Achieve hearing aids are available in five styles. According to the company, the receiver-in-ear (RIE) is the most popular version of this hearing aid. It can be worn by people with any size inner ear canal, including those with unusually shaped or hard to fit ear canals. Achieve RIE hearing aids won the Consumer Technology Association 2023 Innovation Award for superior hearing aid technology. That means they offer excellent value!

If you’re concerned with cost, the Achieve BTE hearing aid is a more budget-friendly option. It’s more visible than the other styles, but comes in a wide range of colors that match multiple skin and hair tones.

Fun Fact:

Fun Fact: Beltone hearing aids are manufactured by the GN Group, a global company that also manufactures ReSound and Jabra Enhance hearing aids.

Every Achieve style is constructed to provide superior speech clarity in noisy environments. They also isolate sound that’s generated out of your sight range, so you’ll know if a person is approaching you from the side or behind. They’re weatherproof and sweatproof, but not recommended for swimming or bathing.

These rechargeable hearing aids have Bluetooth and can connect to Beltone’s HearMax app. You can stream telephone calls, music, and podcasts directly to your hearing aids through your phone. Not every device is compatible; you can check your compatibility status here. Beltone has a variety of remotes and TV streamers that can be used to connect your hearing aids to your TV as well.

Beltone Boost Ultra

Beltone Boost Ultra

Beltone Boost Ultra

The Beltone Ultra Boost is a rechargeable Bluetooth BTE hearing aid. It’s designed for those with severe to profound hearing loss. Two power levels are available — high power and super power. The Ultra Boost is limited to BTE, since this style is best for those with higher levels of hearing loss.

The Ultra Boost is weatherproof, sweatproof, and comes in four colors. It seamlessly connects to smart devices for easy sound streaming. If you have tinnitus, the Ultra Boost may be a great fit since it has a built-in tinnitus breaker. Users can easily adjust their device settings through the Beltone mobile app, or, if you need more support, you can livestream with a hearing professional for instant advice and recommendations.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: Do you have tinnitus? Check out our list of the best hearing aids for tinnitus to find the right solution for your needs.

These hearing aids are designed to lessen the hearing impact of sudden, loud sounds like a car door slamming. They filter out extraneous noise so you can focus more easily on conversational speech. Like Phonak, another trusted brand, these hearing aids produce rich, clear sound. You can visit our Phonak and Beltone comparison guide to see these two providers side by side.

Money-Saving Tip:

Money-Saving Tip: Check out Beltone’s purchasing options. They offer hearing aid leasing for lower monthly rates and a buyback program to help you save.

Beltone Rely

Rely is Beltone’s most affordable hearing aid. The Beltone Rely comes in five styles, as indicated in our chart above. Rely can be used by people with any level of hearing loss, from mild to profound. It’s weatherproof, sweatproof, and comes in a wide range of colors.

This model is rechargeable and has a battery life of up to 30 hours. It also has direct streaming to compatible smartphones, and a mobile app you can use to adjust and control your hearing aids. We’re big fans of mobile apps that make it easy to remotely adjust your hearing aids. (More on mobile apps later.)

HearMax Noise Filter

Adjusting settings in Beltone’s HearMax mobile app

If budget is your main concern, you may want to compare Rely to affordable over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid providers. For example, MDHearing, a well-known, affordable brand, offers hearing aids for just a few hundred dollars. Just keep in mind that these OTC hearing aids will only be suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Beltone Serene

Beltone Serene

Beltone Serene

Beltone Serene comes in styles that range from small and discreet to more visible, as outlined in our chart above. There are both rechargeable and disposable battery options available. The micro-RIE is the smallest RIE style offered by Beltone. You can also opt for the custom rechargeable style, which look like earbuds rather than hearing aids.

Serene hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled through Beltone’s proprietary Auracast broadcast audio technology. Auracast allows you to connect directly with public audio sources, like televisions and public address systems, in the same way that you seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi. The goal here is to eliminate the need for special accommodations at public events and for closed captioning on TV sets.

Need Help Finding the Right Hearing Aid?

Answer a few easy questions to find the hearing aid that’s right for you.

Beltone Mobile Apps and Add-Ons

Beltone’s wireless accessories and apps make their hearing aids even more convenient and versatile. Their apps provide discreet adjusting of hearing aids, remote care video chats, smart device control, and tinnitus relief. Accessories use a 2.4 GHz frequency band to quickly adjust the volume of televisions, phones, and face-to-face conversations.

Beltone’s mobile apps are free, and they’re compatible with most iOS and Android devices. You can expect to pay between $300 and $815 for remotes, microphones, or link devices, including bundled packages. Unlike their hearing aids, Beltone accessories have set prices. They can be purchased online or at Beltone Hearing Care Centers.

Beltone Phone Link 2

Beltone Phone Link 2

App/Device Functionality Best for
HearMax App Control and adjust your hearing aids and participate in live remote care with your hearing specialist Those who have trouble adjusting hearing aids manually
HearPlus App Control and adjust older Beltone hearing aid models Those who have trouble adjusting hearing aids manually and have an older Beltone model hearing aid
Tinnitus Calmer App Users can be distracted from their tinnitus symptoms with relaxing, customizable soundscapes Those who have tinnitus
Beltone MyPAL Micro and Pro Solutions MyPAL microphones can be placed near a television or person to better capture sound. The sound is sent directly to your hearing aids Those who want to amplify sound without having to turn up the television or sit closer to a speaker
Beltone TV Link 2 and TV-Streamer+ These devices wirelessly stream stereo sound from the television to your hearing aids. Those who watch TV and need the volume turned up. May be helpful for people who watch TV with others
Beltone Remote Controls Easily adjust the volume of your hearing aids, TV, or stereo through this remote Those who aren’t comfortable using a smartphone app
Beltone Phone Link 2 Users can hear their phone ring in their hearing aids, as well as continue the conversation by answering the call with the Phone Link 2 Those who have trouble hearing phone conversations or hearing their phone ring
Beltone DirecTV Link

Beltone TV Link2

How to Purchase Beltone Hearing Aids

Unlike other low-cost options, such as over-the-counter hearing aids that don’t require a prescription, you’ll need to visit a hearing professional to purchase Beltone hearing aids. The first step is to visit the Beltone website and locate a hearing center near you. You can also call Beltone to schedule an appointment.

At your appointment, you can expect to take a lifestyle assessment questionnaire, go over your hearing and health history with a licensed hearing specialist, take a hearing evaluation, and review your results.

Lastly, you’ll be able to explore various Beltone hearing aids and even try them on to see what you think. The hearing aids you select will be customized to support your specific hearing loss and ear anatomy. You’ll get a detailed introduction to your new hearing aids, and you can follow up with your hearing specialist anytime after your appointment with questions or adjustments.

Helpful Tip:

Helpful Tip: It can take several adjustments to get your hearing aid to work for you. Follow up with your hearing specialist two to four weeks after your initial appointment to get them fine-tuned if needed!

In March of 2020, Beltone began offering convenient live video visits with hearing specialists via the HearMax app. Beltone customers can also purchase batteries, cleaning supplies, and accessories for their hearing aids through the Beltone online store. We appreciate these online resources for hearing aid adjustments and purchasing options for accessories! The hearing aids themselves still need to be purchased through a local hearing store.

Beltone Warranty

BelCare is Beltone’s warranty program. It supports your hearing health and provides protection coverage for the life of your hearing aids. We found it to be one of the most comprehensive protection plans in the hearing care industry.

A few highlights of the BelCare benefit program include:

  • An annual hearing evaluation
  • Follow-up care at over 1,500 Beltone Hearing Care Centers
  • A 30-day refund policy
  • Two-year protection for a change in hearing loss
  • Replacement hearing aids for lost or stolen devices for one year, minus a deductible

When you visit a Beltone Hearing Care Center, ask the hearing specialist for more details on Beltone’s BelCare benefit program

Are Beltone Hearing Aids Right for Me?

If you’re unsure whether you have hearing loss or how severe it is, getting started with Beltone may make sense. Each Beltone hearing aid style can be programmed to address any level of hearing loss, from mild and moderate to severe or profound. Beltone also offers an online hearing test that can help provide answers.

Like many brands, you’ll need an in-person exam and hearing assessment to purchase Beltone hearing aids. But this will give you the opportunity to meet with a hearing professional and ask questions about your hearing loss and potential solutions. Beltone hearing aids are sold only in Beltone Hearing Care Centers nationwide. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure there’s a Beltone office near you.

If you’re shopping in person and haven’t decided on a brand, talk to your local hearing professional. Many audiologists carry multiple hearing aid brands for you to choose from. These may even include well-known options like Signia hearing aids and Phonak devices.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? Beltone has won multiple awards for its innovative technology, including the 2020 and 2023 Customer Service Organization of the Year award from the Business Intelligence Group.3

If you’re feeling disconnected from your friends and family because of hearing loss, Beltone hearing aids may help you reconnect with the world around you and the people you care about. Whether you’re diagnosed with mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss, Beltone provides hearing aids in various styles to meet your needs.

Final Thoughts

Beltone is all about personalized service and providing seniors with quality hearing solutions. We appreciate the company’s online offerings for accessories, repairs, and convenient remote care.

Though their hearing aids are more expensive than some others on the market at upward of $7,000 per pair, these innovative devices are worth the investment. A Beltone hearing aid purchase comes with valuable support, including a professional hearing test, custom fitting, and follow-up maintenance and cleaning. With solutions for mild to profound hearing loss and styles ranging from behind-the-ear to completely-in-canal, most seniors will be able to find a Beltone hearing aid to meet their needs. Want more information on Beltone? Take a look at our in-depth review of Beltone.

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