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Ruth Reisman
Dr. Ruth Reisman, Audiologist Sarah Goldy-Brown, Writer & Researcher

Arthur Garber founded Audien in 2016 after he had trouble finding affordable hearing aids for his grandmother.1 During his search, Garber realized that the hearing aids that sold for $3,000 to $4,000 per pair were made for far less — around $100. He decided to shake up the industry by creating and selling accessible hearing amplifiers and hearing aids that any senior could afford.

For this review, I wanted to see how Audien’s budget devices performed, so I tested out the Atom and Atom Pro ITE hearing aids. Below, we’ll dive into my experience with the hearing aids, including ordering, setup, and testing. Then, we’ll take a look at Audien’s entire product lineup.


FYI: While Audien offers inexpensive hearing aids, they lack customization, advanced features, and follow-up care with a hearing expert. Want to learn more about the features you might miss out on with Audien? Check out our list of the best hearing aids.

Audien Atom and Audien Atom Pro

The Audien Atom (left) and Audien Atom Pro (right) are dime-sized.

Comparing Audien to Top Hearing Aid Brands

Audien provides basic over-the-counter hearing aids for those on a very tight budget. However, it’s important to note that these devices have limited features and customization. If you’re looking for an affordable hearing aid with more advanced features, check out some of the best OTC hearing aid providers we’ve reviewed below.

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Pros About Audien

  • Affordable prices: Audien makes simple hearing aids starting at just $89 per pair. No matter how tight your budget is, buying or saving up for a pair of Audien hearing aids is doable.
  • Easy to use: Setting up your Audien hearing aids is as simple as charging them, choosing your volume, and putting them in your ears. There’s no mobile app to download or audiology appointments to attend.
  • Discreet, comfortable fit: Audien’s hearing aids are nearly invisible and fit comfortably, thanks to a variety of earbud sizes that are included in your purchase.
  • Simple online ordering: You can order Audien hearing aids online; no in-person hearing test or audiologist appointment or prescription needed.
  • Charging case with Atom Pro: This model comes with a portable charging case that holds up to four days worth of charge. Charging solutions like this are often reserved for more premium hearing aid brands such as Oticon.

Cons About Audien

  • Only sold in pairs: Even if you only need one hearing aid, you’ll have to purchase two.
  • Limited styles available: Audien only sells beige in-the-ear hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss. If you want a different style or need a solution for severe to profound hearing loss, you will have to turn to other popular hearing aid providers.
  • Not tuned to a specific level of hearing loss: Unlike other direct-to-consumer hearing aid brands we’ve tested, such as Lexie, Audien doesn’t offer customization aside from a simple volume adjustment. You can’t tune the hearing aids to address your specific level or frequency of hearing loss.
  • No Bluetooth: Bluetooth technology is becoming more and more common in hearing aids. Audien’s hearing aids forgo the fancy features like Bluetooth that you see from other brands.
  • No hearing test or medical evaluation: While this might be considered a pro for some, the lack of a hearing evaluation means that you could purchase hearing aids that aren’t suitable for your hearing loss. It could also leave underlying medical conditions related to your hearing loss undiagnosed.

FYI: Choosing a hearing aid can feel overwhelming. Check out our hearing aid buyer’s guide to learn more about the different types of hearing aids and how they address different levels of hearing loss.

The Buying Process

Buying Audien hearing aids is pretty straightforward. Since Audien sells directly to consumers online, I didn’t need a hearing test or prescription to get my hands on their devices. I shopped directly on the Audien website, but Audien’s hearing aids are also available for sale on Amazon.

To shop on the Audien website, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Select “Hearing Aids” at the top of the website.
  3. Click “Add to Cart” beneath the hearing model that you’d like to purchase.
Adding the Audien Atom Pro to my cart

Adding the Audien Atom Pro to my cart. Source: Audien website.

  1. Click “Checkout” to begin filling in your delivery and payment information.
Checking out on the Audien website

Checking out on the Audien website. Source: Audien website.

And, before purchasing, you don’t need to take a hearing test or answer any questions about your hearing loss. From start to finish, it took less than five minutes to complete the order. While the process is simple, keep in mind that hearing tests are designed to help you find the best solution for your hearing loss. Without a hearing test or medical evaluation, you may choose a device that’s not the best fit for your needs.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids or the related exams.2 Luckily, Audien’s budget-friendly devices shouldn’t break the bank.

Helpful Website Features

While on the website, I checked out the other resources Audien provides to make purchasing, tracking, and setting up your hearing aids as stress-free as possible.

  • Track order status: Audien hosts an order tracker page on its website. Simply put in the email address you used when making a purchase to get tracking updates. I liked how easy this feature was to use. It’s a lot simpler than trying to locate an order number in an email.
  • Customer support: Audien is available via phone call, live chat on the website, and email to answer your questions. I tried out the live chat feature, which ended up just being a chatbot. However, the chatbot can provide information on setting up your hearing aids, maintenance, troubleshooting, and returns.
  • Tutorial videos: Each hearing aid model has its own tutorial video. The video walks you through how to properly set up and wear your Audien hearing aids.
Savings Tip:

Savings Tip: When you visit Audien’s website, a pop-up lets you play a spin-to-win game for a chance at 10 or 15 percent off your purchase. You just need to enter your email address.

Unboxing and Setup

Audien sent me its new Atom and Atom Pro hearing aids models to test out. Both came in a sleek white box filled with everything you need to care for and charge the hearing aids. My mom and I gave both pairs a test run to see how well they fit, as well as their ability to improve our hearing.

What’s Inside the Box?

Audien Atom Hearing Aids Package

Everything that came with the Audien Atom hearing aids.


Audien Atom Pro Hearing Aids Package

Everything that came with the Audien Atom Pro hearing aids.

Model Box contents
Atom Carrying bag

2 hearing aids

6 sizes of silicone earbud pairs

3-point brush with screwdriver

Wax guards

Charging dock

Atom Pro Charging case & charger

2 hearing aids

6 sizes of silicone earbud pairs

3-point brush with screwdriver

Wax guards

Hearing Aid Setup

Don’t let the common myth that “hearing aids are difficult to use” stop you from giving hearing aids a try.3 With the Atom and Atom Pro hearing aids, there isn’t much setup involved at all.

After unboxing, I charged both hearing aids. The Atom has a wireless charging dock, while the Atom Pro has a rechargeable case. After a few hours, a green signal light lit up, indicating that the hearing aids were fully charged. Since these hearing aids don’t utilize Bluetooth technology or custom programming, there isn’t an app to download or any settings to program.

You can, however, adjust the volume on both models. To do this, you’ll need to grab the small screwdriver that comes with your hearing aids. Use it to turn the volume control dial on each hearing aid. Audien recommends starting with the lowest volume setting and adjusting as needed.

Adjusting the volume on the Atom hearing aid.

Using the brush/screwdriver combo tool to adjust the volume on the Atom hearing aid.

Adjusting the volume is simple, but it might be a struggle for those with arthritis or dexterity problems. If that’s you, consider asking a friend or family member to help you set the volume. Once you have it adjusted to where you need it, you shouldn’t need to change it often.

Next, I looked through the different silicone tip sizes and opted for the smallest ones because my ears are on the small side.

Audien Atom and Atom Pro silicone earbuds.

The Atom and Atom Pro each come with 6 different pairs of silicone earbuds.

Need Help Finding the Right Hearing Aid?

Answer a few easy questions to find the hearing aid that’s right for you.

Testing the Hearing Aids

The Atom Pro

Wearing the Audien Atom Pro

Sarah’s mom is wearing the Atom Pro hearing aids.

Side view of person wearing Atom Pro Hearing Aids

You can hardly see them!

After I had the silicone tips secured, it was time to test out the hearing aids. I found the Atom Pro hearing aids to be the most comfortable of the two models. They went into my ears easier, stayed in place better, and had a shape that fit my smaller ears better. I have sensorineural hearing loss (hearing loss caused by faulty sensory nerves), and while these differ drastically from my custom hearing aids, they still gave my hearing a boost.

One thing worth noting is that the Atom Pro hearing aids turn on as soon as you remove them from the charging case. If you hold them in a certain way, they make a high-pitched whining sound. You need to be careful with how you handle them to avoid making the sound while inserting them into your ear.

The Atom

Person wearing Audien Atom hearing aids.

Sarah’s mom wearing the Audien Atom hearing aids.

Compared to the Atom Pro hearing aids, the Atom model is bulkier and a little heavier. This pair doesn’t fit as well if you have smaller ears. Plus, it sticks out a little further than the Atom Pro. The Atom still provided amplification, but the quality didn’t seem as impressive as the Atom Pro. One feature that I did like better about the Atom hearing aids, though, is its on/off switch. You can put these hearing aids in before turning them on. That means there’s no chance of triggering the high-pitched whining noise. Plus, you’re able to preserve battery life.

Audien Hearing Aid Lineup

The Atom and Atom Pro aren’t Audien’s only hearing aid options. In total, Audien sells four ITE hearing aids designed to improve seniors’ hearing without breaking the bank.

EV1 Hearing Aid: Best for Budget-Conscious Seniors


Audien’s most affordable hearing aid, the EV1, costs $89 per pair with a 45-day, money-back guarantee. This makes it one of the lowest-priced hearing aids on the market. Other affordable hearing aid brands such as Otofonix or MDHearing have devices starting at $297 per pair after discounts.

The features on the EV1 are extremely limited. This device primarily amplifies sound with no customization options or smartphone connectivity. However, at just $89, it’s a great entry-level device that can help you decide if a hearing aid is right for you.

Equipment and features

The EV1 is a one-size-fits-all ITE hearing aid that comes with four different silicone tip sizes. This rechargeable hearing aid is nearly invisible and is close to the size of a dime. Other features include an on/off switch, volume adjustment control, and a 20-hour battery life with a six-hour charging time.

Your purchase includes a carrying case, two hearing amplifiers, silicone earbuds, a screwdriver for volume adjustments, three- and five-point cleaning brushes, and two chargers. Since the EV1 has two chargers, you will need to plug a charging cable into each individual hearing aid and then into its own outlet.

EV3 Hearing Aid: Best for Comfort on a Budget


The EV3 hearing aid model costs $199 and comes with a 45-day, money-back guarantee. If you’re okay with limited features at a low price-point, the EV3 is a good starting place. Just know that the technology is far less advanced than custom manufacturers like Phonak.

Compared to Audien’s other offerings, we’d recommend spending the extra $50 for the convenience of the Atom Pro’s portable charging case and enhanced sound processor.

Equipment and features

Like the EV1, Audien’s EV3 ITE hearing aid model is rechargeable. However, this device offers more features and better comfort, including Clear sound+ technology and six different silicone tip sizes to choose from. It’s Audien’s second-smallest hearing aid and is 26 percent smaller than the EV1, making it smaller than a dime. These hearing aids come with a wireless charging dock and charging cord, and they last 24 hours on a single charge. You’ll also receive a carrying case and three-point cleaning brush with a screwdriver.

There’s no on/off switch on the EV3. Instead, the hearing aids automatically turn off and back on again when they’re placed into and removed from the charging dock.

Audien Atom: Best Budget Option With Wireless Charging

Audien Atom hearing aids inside and outside of the charging dock

Audien Atom hearing aids inside and outside of the charging dock.


Think of the Audien Atom as the new and improved EV1. If you’re considering Audien, we’d recommend splurging and shelling out an extra $10 to get the Atom vs. the EV1. It costs $99 per pair, making it a fraction of the cost of other budget hearing providers like Otofonix, whose prices start at around $500 per pair.

Equipment and features

The Audien Atom is an ITE hearing aid that’s 22 percent smaller than its predecessor, the EV1. It uses Audien’s new Atom sound technology to deliver better amplification for wearers. Other features include a 25-hour battery life and a wireless charger. I also liked that this hearing aid has an on/off switch. That makes preserving battery life a bit easier. Plus, you can wait until the devices are in your ears to turn them on. This prevents the static whining noise that I noticed these hearing aids emitted when handled.

Audien Atom Pro: Best Overall and for On-the-Go Seniors

Audien Atom Pro hearing aids inside and outside of the portable charging case

Audien Atom Pro hearing aids inside and outside of the portable charging case.


The Atom Pro ITE hearing aids cost $249 per pair, making them Audien’s most expensive offering. Even at this price point, they’re far cheaper than other direct-to-consumer brands. Given the rechargeable case, discreet design, and comfortable fit, they’re a good deal for what you get. Just know that the technology is limited and you’re not able to make adjustments like you can with hearing aids from other brands.

Equipment and features

These ITE rechargeable hearing aids are comfortable and discreet. They’re easier to insert into your ear than the Atom model. They also stayed in place well while I walked around and went about my day. This model provides crisp, clear sound and enhanced feedback cancellation, so there’s less wind noise and whistling.

My favorite part about their design is the portable charging case. Even my custom rechargeable hearing aids didn’t come with one of those! The charging case holds up to four days worth of charge, so you can easily keep your hearing aids charged during a weekend getaway or camping trip without needing to plug in the case.


You can enhance your hearing aids with Audien’s lineup of accessories.

Accessory Price What’s included
Audien Hearing Accessory Pack $12 1x Accessory case

12x Replacement earbuds

1x Cleaning brush + screwdriver

8x Wax guards

EV3 Charge + Dock $14 1x Charging block

1x Wireless charging dock

1x Charging cable

EV1 Accessories Pack $10 1x Accessory case

8x EV1 replacement earbuds

1x Cleaning brush

1x Volume adjuster

EV1 Charging Kit $14 2x Charging blocks

2x Charging plugs

Atom Pro Charge + Case $24 1x Charging cable

1x Power block

1x Atom pro charging case

Atom Charger + Dock $14 1 x Charging cable

1 x Charging block

1 x Atom dock

Protection Plan

Accidents happen. Hearing aids can get lost. That’s why Audien offers customers a subscription-based protection plan to cover defective, lost, broken, or water-damaged hearing aids.4 The protection plan costs $4 per month for ongoing protection or $24 for a one-year protection plan.

If Audien determines that your hearing aids are defective, you will get a free replacement pair. If you need replacement hearing aids for another reason, you will pay a reduced replacement fee:

  • EV1: $19 replacement fee
  • Atom: $24 replacement fee
  • EV3: $29 replacement fee
  • Atom Pro: $34 replacement fee

Audien’s protection plan only allows for three hearing aid replacements per year per protection plan. We’d say this protection plan is affordable and offers great value, especially if you’re prone to misplacing things.

Did You Know?

Did You Know? It takes time for your brain to adapt to wearing hearing aids. Fortunately, Audien’s hearing aids come with a 45-day, money-back guarantee. That gives you ample time to test out the device and decide if it’s right for your hearing needs.

Final Thoughts on Audien

Overall, Audien fills a necessary spot in the hearing aid market. They sell affordable devices that are easy to use and comfortable to wear. Reviewers on their Amazon pages and website seem to love the hearing boost that Audien hearing aids provide and how they make holding conversations and watching TV more enjoyable. In my hands-on review, I found that setup is easy too. There’s no mobile app to download or a hearing exam to take. No matter your comfort level with technology, you’ll have no trouble getting started with Audien.

Just keep in mind that Audien’s devices are very basic and only suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. If you experience profound or severe hearing loss or hearing loss only at certain pitches, these devices won’t work as well for you. You also don’t get features like advanced noise cancellation, telecoil, or Bluetooth. However, these devices are a great choice if you’re on a limited budget or simply want to give hearing aids a try.

Frequently Asked Questions About Audien

  • How long do Audien hearing aids last?

    Audien’s rechargeable hearing aids last for 22 to 28 hours on a single charge, depending on the model.

  • How do I return Audien hearing aids?

    Audien offers a 45-day return policy. You can request to return your hearing aids on Audien’s website, where you will be given a USPS return shipping label. Your package must be dropped off and accepted at the post office by the 45th day to be eligible for a refund.

  • What is the difference between Audien Atom and Atom Pro?

    The Atom Pro hearing aid is smaller, more discreet, and more expensive than the Audien Atom. Additionally, the Atom Pro offers enhanced noise cancellation, making it easier to hear conversations in noisy environments.

  • Which Audien hearing aids turn off while charging?

    The Audien Atom Pro and Audien EV3 hearing aid models automatically turn off while charging. The Audien Atom and Audien EV1 devices need to be switched to the OFF position before charging if you want to speed up the charging time.

  • What comes with Audien hearing aids?

    Each pair of Audien hearing aids comes with slightly different starter supplies. However, all of the devices come with the equipment and cords needed for charging, a small cleaning brush, and a small screwdriver to adjust the volume on the hearing aid.

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