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In the past few years, online hearing tests have become more common and accurate. The increased availability of well-designed online tests makes getting help for early hearing loss more accessible and discreet. These tests do not replace those administered by a licensed hearing care professional. However, for many, particularly those with mild hearing loss, they can provide a good enough picture of your hearing to get started on your journey toward better hearing and improved quality of life.

Here at, we’ve designed our own hearing test to help kick-start your hearing health journey. All you’ll need is a pair of earphones and a quiet room.


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Getting Started: An Online Hearing Test Checklist

To test your hearing, you’ll need a few pieces of technology and a space that’s conducive to listening to very quiet sounds. Review the checklist below before taking your test to get the most accurate results possible.

Choose a Quiet Room

Select a quiet room with a low ceiling and carpet or throw rugs on the floor. If possible, windows should have drapes that you can close during the test.

Check Your Internet Connection

Your hearing test will send signals over the internet. The better your connection, the lower the risk of distortion of intermittency that might interfere with your test. When picking your room, check the Wi-Fi signal strength. This is usually shown in the toolbar of your computer or tablet as a cone of concentric arcs, like the image below. The more arcs you see, the better the Wi-Fi signal.

Windows Wifi SymbolChecking your WiFi signal before taking your hearing test

WiFi Icons
Windows iPad or iPhone
Quick Tip:

Quick Tip: Not sure if it’s time for a hearing test? Here are five signs you should get your hearing checked.

Grab a Pair of Earphones

The closer the sound source is to your ears, the better and more accurate your results will be. For this reason, you’ll need a pair of earphones to take the hearing test.

Once you’ve found a quiet room, checked your internet, and grabbed a pair of earphones, you’re all set!

Video Breakdown

More of a visual learner? Watch the video below with our Editor-in-Chief, Jeff Hoyt, and audiologist Brad Ingrao to learn more about online hearing tests.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: If you do discover that you need hearing aids, there are plenty of ways to purchase them on a budget. Learn about ways to get free hearing aids and improve your quality of life.

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