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Planning your next vacation? You can save on airfare with AARP flight discounts. These discounts include gift cards and money off a flight, making it easier for you to stay within your travel budget. We’ve included the essential details on multiple AARP flight discounts and how to take advantage of these AARP membership discounts for your next trip or vacation.


AARP members can score discounts on flights and other travel-related expenses.

Does AARP Have Flight Discounts?

AARP offers several flight discounts to help members save on their airfare.

AARP Travel Center Packages

The AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia offers AARP members a $50 gift card when they book a flight package through the travel center. You can book your flight online or by phone to take advantage of this gift card offer.

British Airways

AARP members can get discounts from $65 to $200 when they fly with British Airways. Discounts include $65 off of World Traveller (economy) and World Traveller Plus (premium economy) flights. You can also save $200 on Club World (business class) fare. To get these discounts, you must buy your round-trip transatlantic tickets online; the discount is not available by phone. Choose from many destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Grand European Travel

Grand European Travel offers discounts on vacations and sometimes offers discounts on airfare. AARP members can save up to $100 on a guided vacation to destinations throughout the world. Check back regularly, because Grand European Travel runs limited-time specials that can help you to save money on airfare when you book a land/air guided vacation package.

How to Use an AARP Flight Discount

The steps to get your AARP flight discount will depend on the airline that you choose. Some airlines offer discounts when you book via phone, while others, like British Airways, require you to book online to get the discount.

To start, determine the airline you want to use and your desired flight. Then follow the instructions for that specific airline. Be ready with your AARP card and member number when you book the flight, and specify that you would like the AARP discount.

From the Pros:

From the Pros: Lost luggage, canceled flights, and other unexpected events can add stress and even cause you to lose money on your trip. Learn more about how travel insurance can pay off with extra protection and peace of mind.

Enjoy Additional Vacation Savings with the AARP Travel Center

Booking your flight is just one expense that comes with planning a trip. The AARP Travel Center can help you save not only on airfare but also on other travel expenses like rental cars and vacation packages.

From the Pros:

From the Pros: It’s important to choose the right transportation options when you’re away from home. Learn more about transportation for seniors.

In addition to getting these AARP senior discounts, there are several other ways to keep your travel costs down. To get the best prices on flights, try to book far in advance and avoid peak tourist seasons. You might also find deals by being flexible with the number of stops or flight arrival time. Then, be sure to check the AARP Travel Center to see what other travel discounts might save you money on your trip.

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