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When you book a cruise, costs can quickly add up, but did you know your AARP membership could save you money on your trip? AARP members can access senior discounts and credits on certain cruises and cruise lines, so it’s important to do a little research before booking if you want to get the best deal. We’ll highlight AARP’s cruise discount options, how to book, and even how to save on related travel, like your flights, with AARP.


AARP Cruise Discounts for Seniors

AARP members can access numerous cruise discounts, credits, and other perks. Since cruise prices vary widely, these savings can make a more expensive trip more affordable. For example, a May seven-night Alaska cruise can cost $250 to $1,700 per person, while you can expect to pay $270 to $2,600 per person for a November seven-night Caribbean cruise.1 AARP’s cruise discounts can help you save on many cruise destinations.

AARP Travel Center Onboard Credits

AARP members can get up to $100 in onboard credit by booking their cruise through the AARP Travel Center or by phone. Credits are available for cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, and other destinations. The AARP Travel Center offers additional ways to save on your vacation; we cover this more in depth in the last section.

Collette Cruise Tours

Collette Cruise Tours offers AARP members $50 to $100 off of select river cruise reservations to destinations like the fjords of Norway, China’s Yangtze River, and the Nile River in Egypt. To save, you can call Collette to book your cruise. Remember to mention you’re an AARP member to get the discount.

Grand European Travel Cruises

Grand European Travel offers AARP members up to $100 off their all-inclusive luxury river cruises. Destinations include Europe, the Nile in Egypt, the Mekong River in Vietnam, and India’s Ganges River. You can book by calling Grand European Travel or completing your reservation online.

Holland America Line

AARP members can receive up to $200 in onboard credit per stateroom with Holland America cruises. The discount amount depends on the length of your cruise and the stateroom that you choose. Holland America cruises visit all seven continents, so you can get this credit whether you want to explore Alaska, Mexico, Europe, or the Caribbean. You can get the credit if you book through Holland America or a travel agency.

HX: Hurtigruten Expeditions

HX offers AARP members a 5 percent discount on their cruise fares, as well as a €100 per person onboard credit. Even better, non-AARP members who book and travel with the AARP member can also access this benefit. To get the discount, you’ll need to book the cruise through HX or a travel agency.

Vacations By Rail: Cruises

Vacations By Rail offers more than 40 rail and cruise vacations, and AARP members can save 5 percent on their cruise booking. Explore France’s waterways, Alaska, trans-Atlantic crossings, and the RHine and Danube Rivers. You can get the discount when you buy the cruise through Vacations By Rail’s website or phone.

How to Use an AARP Cruise Discount

Since every cruise line has their own policies and booking system, you’ll need to follow each cruise line’s instructions to get your AARP cruise discount. Many cruise lines allow you to book directly through them online or by phone. Some cruise lines may also apply the discount when you book through a travel agent. Before you book, be sure to follow the company’s guidelines.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: As you plan your trip, it’s worth considering the best form of transportation to get you to your cruise. There are many local and long-distance transportation options for seniors available.

To get your discount, decide which cruise you want to book and then follow that cruise line’s booking instructions outlined in the previous section. Be prepared with your AARP card and number, and mention you’d like to receive the AARP discount.

How to Get Additional Savings with the AARP Travel Center

The AARP Travel Center offers more than just credits on cruises. You can use the Travel Center to book your entire trip, including flights and flight packages, accommodations, car rentals, and activities. To get the best deals, try to book your flights in advance. You can also potentially save more by scheduling your travel so that the dates fall outside of peak tourist season.

From the Pros:

From the Pros: Travel insurance can help you prepare for the unexpected when you’re away from home, like canceled flights or lost luggage. Learn more about finding the right travel insurance for your trip.

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