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Taylor Shuman
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A proudly American-based, veteran-owned company, PureTalk has a lot to offer seniors. Along with several straightforward and affordable cell phone plans, PureTalk offers flexibility with no contracts. Plans are prepaid, and you can change up your plan anytime. Plus, you can bring your own phone and number if you’d like, or choose from a variety of popular phones sold on PureTalk’s website.

Unlike Consumer Cellular and T-Mobile, PureTalk doesn’t offer phone plans specifically for seniors. But the company offers many features and perks older adults might appreciate, like 5G coverage. Veterans can also get a sizable discount on their bill, and PureTalk offers customers the option to round up their bill amount and donate the difference to America’s Warrior Partnership, a suicide prevention organization for veterans.

Many PureTalk customer testimonials mention appreciation for PureTalk’s support of military veterans and their US-based customer service. Keep reading to learn about our experience with PureTalk, including info about the company’s plans, phones, and customer service.

Pros and Cons


  • No long-term contracts (but note that some deals come with service agreements)
  • No activation fees
  • No overage fees
  • Multiline discounts
  • Military service discount


  • No brick-and-mortar stores to shop in person
  • No senior discounts
  • Must cancel service by phone
  • Customer service might be time-consuming
  • Throttles speeds after certain level of high-data usage

The Buying Experience With PureTalk

PureTalk’s website is user-friendly, guiding you through the process of purchasing a plan and making sure PureTalk is right for you. I also like that PureTalk directly addresses the needs of seniors, so you don’t end up paying for data you don’t use.

Checking Compatibility and Coverage

On the bottom of the main webpage, scroll down to the two important boxes with buttons to check your current phone’s compatibility and network coverage. I started with the compatibility check. I appreciated the step-by-guide to figuring out whether my iPhone was unlocked (mine was not!) and compatible with PureTalk service.

I could easily check my phone's compatibility and PureTalk coverage in my area using PureTalk's website.

I could easily check my phone's compatibility and PureTalk coverage in my area using PureTalk's website.

I filled out the customer service form on the website to ask how to unlock my phone and received a prompt response from PureTalk. (Check your junk mail folder for a reply to the online form, because that’s where I found mine.) A service agent instructed me to contact my current carrier to unlock my phone and answered several other questions I had as well.

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Once I unlocked my phone, I was able to enter its IMEI number on PureTalk’s website and found it is compatible with their service. I wouldn’t have thought to check this, so I appreciated the prompt to do so. If you’re not sure where to find your phone’s IMEI number in your settings, PureTalk says to type *#06# on your keypad to find it — easy peasy!

Next, I entered my ZIP code in the other box on the home screen to see if there was network coverage in my area. I’m in an urban area of Florida and discovered I have 5G coverage where I live.

Selecting Your Service Plan

I tested a few different options for setting up service with PureTalk and found that they were pretty seamless. Note that there are no brick-and-mortar PureTalk stores or authorized PureTalk retailers. Seniors who want to try out phones and get help with SIM cards in person might prefer Cricket Wireless, which you can shop for at Walmart, or Consumer Cellular, which you can check out at Target stores.

But signing up for service on the PureTalk website is a breeze. You can call a PureTalk sales representative and make your purchase over the phone. To buy online, you first choose a phone plan, then click “add to cart.” I picked the $25 5 GB data plan. It’s slightly confusing that clicking “add to cart” takes you to a “pick out a phone” page rather than a typical shopping cart page. But to set up service, you first need to specify whether you’re going to bring your own phone or pick out a new or refurbished phone. So it actually makes sense, but was momentarily confusing.

At the top left of the phone page, there are options to select an eSIM or physical SIM card if you want to keep your own phone. eSIMs are free, but physical SIM costs $3, plus $4 for two-day shipping. For comparison, Straight Talk, another prepaid cell carrier, charges $1 for a physical SIM.

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Note that one of the customer service specialists I spoke to recommended a physical SIM card rather than an eSIM. She said the eSIMs can be “hit or miss,” and suggested it’s easier to help you on their end if you have a physical SIM card. Tech-savvy seniors (or the impatient!) might prefer the eSIM, however, which can get you up and running with PureTalk within hours.

Either way, you can always call customer service to walk you through putting in your SIM card and starting your phone service.

Device Protection

If you don’t want to bring your own phone and you choose to finance a new one, PureTalk requires you to sign up for device protection. This fee can be a few dollars a month for a cheaper phone or up to $10 a month for a more expensive one. Since I was bringing my old phone, I didn’t opt for device protection.

A sales rep told me device protection covers accidents and function breakdowns but not phones that are lost or stolen. She also said customers can remove the device protection option after 30 months of service. I don’t love this required plan, but at least your device is protected.

Trade-Ins and Discounts

You can also trade in your old phone and put that trade-in value toward your account. After you check out, PureTalk will send you a kit with detailed instructions for trading in a phone. Once your phone is inspected, they’ll credit the trade-in value to your account. The whole process takes about three weeks, a PureTalk rep told me.

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When I called and spoke to Kimberly, a helpful PureTalk sales representative, she told me that adding a family member to my account would get me a 10 percent discount on my bill. Keep in mind that discounts can’t be combined. So if you take advantage of a current deal on the website, you can’t get the multiline discount too. But you can get the multiline discount after that first discounted month. Adding a third line gets a 15 percent discount, and four or more lines gets you 20 percent off. Also important to note: PureTalk’s 15 percent military discount can’t be combined with a multiline discount.

I requested a physical SIM card be sent to me, as Kimberly suggested. Once I entered my payment information, I was ready to roll!

You won’t receive a bill from PureTalk, and the company will charge a $5 fee if you opt to not start autopay. Your payments will be deducted automatically each month, and you can check your data usage and billing information via the PureTalk website anytime.

Chatting With Customer Service

Despite some negative online customer reviews about long wait times, I was able to connect with a PureTalk customer service representative in a little over eight minutes. And when I did, I could hear her clearly, and she answered most of my questions promptly and quite capably. After answering my questions, the sales representative asked if she could email me some information about PureTalk’s most popular plan, which I appreciated.

You can also fill out a contact form on PureTalk’s website, and someone from the carrier’s Support Team will respond via email. I received a response to all my questions in a matter of hours. The customer support rep told me that PureTalk was established in 2004, is headquartered in Georgia, and is veteran-owned. She taught me how to unlock my current phone, told me that the carrier does not offer a discount for AARP members, and explained the details of PureTalk’s money-back guarantee.

PureTalk Phone Plans at a Glance

Plan name Price Talk and text Data Extra features
3 GB Plan $20** Unlimited 3 GB 2 GB hotspot
5 GB Plan $25** Unlimited 5 GB 2 GB hotspot
10 GB Plan $30** Unlimited 10 GB 5 GB hotspot
Unlimited* Data Plan $55** Unlimited Unlimited* 20 GB hotspot

*Speed will be throttled to 256 kbps after high-speed data is used.

**Excluding taxes and fees

PureTalk Plan Details

PureTalk offers seven straightforward, prepaid cell phone plans that can be great options for seniors, depending on their individual needs. Unlimited talk and text are pretty standard in cell phone plans these days, and PureTalk provides most of the same features and functionality in all of its plans. Here are the details about some of PureTalk’s popular plans that I think are perfect for seniors.

3 GB Plan

Data and Features

A PureTalk sales rep told me that the 3 GB plan is the carrier’s most popular plan, particularly for seniors. PureTalk points out that typically, older adults use less than 2 GB of data, so the 3G data cap should be plenty. If you mostly use your phone while connected to Wi-Fi, you can easily send emails, browse the internet, stream music and video, and post on social media. And if you go over your data limit, you won’t be charged overage fees, which I appreciate. Your service speed will just slow for the remainder of the billing period.

I like that this plan offers a good amount of data while still being very affordable, even for seniors on fixed incomes. Other companies might offer cheaper low-data plans, but 1 GB of data, for example, can be skimpy. If you’re interested in a very low data plan, Boost Mobile offers a 1 GB plan for $8.33 per month, but keep in mind that you only get that price if you pay for 12 months of service in advance.

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You’ll also get quality video streaming at 1080p on all PureTalk phone plans, and this carrier doesn’t practice data prioritization, like a lot of other carriers do. That means your service won’t slow when the network is busy. This is a nice plus, especially at such a low cost.

All PureTalk plans come with free international talk and text to more than 70 countries. You can use your phone overseas, too. If service is slow, you can go online and select an international add-on to your account. PureTalk plans also include $5 international calling credit credits (Note: Credits do not carry over to the next month.)

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The 3 GB plan costs $20 per month, making it an affordable option. PureTalk plans are prepaid, with prices that are similar to or cheaper than other cell phone companies, such as Consumer Cellular and Straight Talk. PureTalk will not send you a monthly paper bill. You can check your plan details and data usage anytime on the website, and bill payments are automatically deducted each month with autopay. You can make one initial payment outside of autopay when you sign up, but PureTalk will charge you a $5 fee to do so.

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Also note that plan prices listed on PureTalk’s website don’t include taxes or other fees, such as a “recovery fee,” which can vary by area. This fee helps cover PureTalk’s costs incurred for compliance with federal and state programs, taxes, and fees. To figure out what your recovery fee is, just plug your ZIP code into the box on the purchase page. My recovery fee in Florida was just $1.

You can find higher data plans that are cheaper per month, such as with Mint Mobile, but they require you to pay for three or more months of service up front. Paying as you go with PureTalk might be preferable for older adults who are leery about paying far in advance for service.

10 GB Plan

Data and Features

Like the 3 GB plan, you get the best data speeds available in your area without having to worry about data prioritization or overage fees. This plan is best for those who use data pretty heavily. If you frequently use GPS, stream shows on the go, or play online games when not connected to Wi-Fi, it’s a great option.

Extra Perks:

Extra Perks: PureTalk offers a deal for existing subscribers to the conservative news site The Daily Wire. Members of The Daily Wire who sign up for PureTalk service receive a complimentary Daily Wire Plus membership for one year. 

Plus, you get 5 GB of hotspot data if you, say, like to use your phone at a coffee shop or the park where there’s no Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi is slow. The rest of the plan’s features are similar to the 3 GB plan, including international talk and text and 1080p streaming quality.


The 10 GB plan costs just $30 per month. This is pretty affordable for a 10 GB plan. For comparison, Consumer Cellular’s 10 GB plan costs $5 more at $35 per month.

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Unlimited Plan

Data and Features

The Unlimited Data Plan might be the best option for seniors with a bigger budget, those who work or travel frequently, and heavy data users. It comes with 20 GB of hotspot data for high-speed service when you’re away from home, along with international talk and text and 1080p streaming.

Like most carriers, high-speed data on unlimited plans isn’t actually “unlimited.” Once the data threshold is reached, service can noticeably slow. After using 60 GB of data, speeds will slow to 256 kbps, which is less than 3G speeds. That might not be fast enough to stream video on your phone. But, note that PureTalk has a higher threshold of data usage before they slow speeds, compared with other cell phone carriers. For example, Consumer Cellular throttles speeds after 50 GB of data, and Mint Mobile slows speeds after 35 GB of use.

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The Unlimited plan costs $55 per month, which is pretty solid for unlimited data. It may be the plan for you if you’re in the market for a new phone, because you can get $200 off a new device with this plan. Just remember that discount means you’ll need to agree to 30 months of service and device protection.

Another plus: PureTalk doesn’t charge an activation fee, whereas Verizon’s fee for new customers is $35. Straight Talk is a little more expensive than PureTalk and is prepaid rather than postpaid. For comparison, Straight Talk offers a $65 per month unlimited plan, but PureTalk includes an additional 10 GB of hotspot data (30 GB vs. 20 GB with Straight Talk) for $10 less per month.

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Choosing a Cell Phone

PureTalk offers over 20 phones to choose from on its website. That’s a little fewer than Consumer Cellular, Mint Mobile, and AT&T, for example. But I found plenty of great options from top cell phone manufacturers. Here are two of our favorites.

Schok FLIP Classic

Schok FLIP ClassicI like the Schok FLIP Classic for a compact and simple flip phone. It weighs less than 5 ounces and has big, sturdy buttons, a backlit keypad, and a sleek, 3.2-inch, easy-to-read screen with vibrant color. Another nice feature is the sound. The Schok FLIP Classic has good speakers for clear calls. It’s also Wi-Fi ready, has a decent (but not great) camera, and is hearing-aid compatible. One important thing to note is that this phone only has 4G, so you won’t be able to connect to 5G if it’s available in your area.

It also has a virtual mouse feature that might be helpful for seniors who have trouble pressing buttons. One drawback is that it can take a while to charge (over two hours, but I like the light on the top of the phone that clearly shows you when your phone is fully charged.

For comparison, Lively’s Jitterbug Flip2 costs $79.99 and comes with medical alert features. The Schok FLIP Classic retails for $109, so it’s a bit more expensive. However, the Schok has internet capability and the Jitterbug Flip2 does not.

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Moto G Power 5G

Motorola Moto G Power 5G

Motorola Moto G Power 5G

If you’re more interested in a 5G smartphone, Motorola's Moto G Power 5G is an excellent phone for a great price. Priced at $300, the Moto G has 256 GB of storage and 6 GB of memory, which is plenty of storage for most users.

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It’s noticeably faster than Motorola’s previous 4G version and has a whopping 38 hours of battery life. This phone has a lot of features that make it easy to use for older adults with dexterity and vision difficulties. It swipes open quickly and easily, the fingerprint sensor works well, and the bright, 6.5-inch screen is a nice size for video chatting and reading articles.

Plus, The Moto G Power 5G is hearing-aid compatible and has solid speakers on the top and bottom of the phone to improve sound and clarity on calls. I also appreciate the flashlight feature, which can be helpful in a pinch!

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The one drawback of this phone is that like the Schok Flip, photo quality with the phone’s camera can be a bit fuzzy. But it is capable of taking great photos outdoors in daylight. And the Night Mode feature does improve nighttime indoor photo quality.

Nationwide Coverage

PureTalk runs on AT&T’s GSM network to provide the same reliable nationwide 5G+, 5G, and 4G service (depending on your area) as the bigger carriers. PureTalk offers 5G access with all plans, if it’s available in your area and is compatible with your device. If you check out PureTalk’s coverage map, you’ll see how extensive its network coverage is, save for some parts of Idaho and small areas in the Northwest and Northeast.

PureTalk offers widespread nationwide coverage.

PureTalk offers widespread nationwide coverage.

Something to consider if you want to bring a phone to PureTalk is that generally, if you have a phone made for T-Mobile and Verizon, which run on CDMA networks, it may not be compatible with PureTalk service. Consider chatting with a customer service representative at PureTalk to make sure the phone you want to bring will be compatible before signing up.

Contracts, Warranties, and Refunds


Like Lively and T-Mobile, PureTalk doesn’t have long-term contracts. However, keep in mind that if you finance a phone, you will be subject to a 30-month service agreement and will have to pay for device protection during that term. But if you bring your phone or buy a phone outright from PureTalk, you are free to cancel service anytime.


PureTalk does not manufacture its own devices, but phones purchased from PureTalk come with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty. For extra peace of mind, you can add a few dollars a month to your bill for device protection from Allstate, which covers mishaps beyond the manufacturers’ warranty, such as if you drop your phone and crack it, or if you experience water damage.

PureTalk’s Money-Back Guarantee

You have 30 days to request a full refund if you’re not happy with your PureTalk service, but there are some conditions.

To qualify for a refund, you need to cancel anytime before your next bill date, or before you use 500 minutes of talk or 500 MB of data, whichever comes first. Within two weeks, your refund will be issued to whatever card you used to pay for service. Note that you need to call PureTalk to cancel your service (you can’t do it online), so make sure you do so before the deadline if you want to take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

PureTalk vs. Other Phone Carriers

Although PureTalk doesn’t offer discounts specifically for seniors, their monthly fees are cheaper than many other carriers’ senior phone plans, including Verizon, which has an unlimited 55+ plan starting at $62 per month. But seniors who would prefer shopping for a phone and plan in person might prefer a carrier such as Consumer Cellular, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Cricket, or Verizon. PureTalk phones and plans can only be purchased online or via phone.

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PureTalk doesn’t offer extras that might appeal to some older adults, such as medical alert options from Lively, or free streaming services from T-Mobile. If you’d like access to an urgent response team, on-call nurses, and features to keep caregivers and loved ones in the loop, you may want to consider Lively’s mobile plans.

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PureTalk’s phone plans are easy to understand, competitively priced, and offer access to one of the largest networks in the U.S., AT&T. The carrier also contributes to veterans’ causes and might appeal to veterans, their loved ones, or those who enjoy supporting veterans.

The Bottom Line on PureTalk

PureTalk is a great option for seniors who just want a straightforward phone plan with unlimited talk and text. It’s also a good choice for older adults who are more comfortable with prepaid plans that you pay for month-to-month with no contracts (unless you’re financing or buying a discounted phone). And we’ve found PureTalk’s customer service team to be super responsive and helpful when I had questions and needed help. With plans starting at $20 per month, PureTalk offers a range of plans to suit the needs of seniors.

Frequently Asked Questions About PureTalk

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