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Boost Mobile, the cell phone carrier we’ll be reviewing today, has been around for more than two decades. It offers several phone plan options, no contracts, and free hotspot data. On top of that, Boost uses T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network, so you’ll have access to one of the largest wireless networks in the country. Keep reading to learn more about Boost Mobile, so you can decide if this is the right carrier for you!

Pros and Cons

Pros About Boost Mobile

  • Wide range of plan options
  • No contracts
  • Discount for new customers
  • 99 percent nationwide coverage
  • Unlimited talk and text across all plans
  • Great discounts

Cons About Boost Mobile

  • No senior discount
  • Limited phone options
  • Unlimited data plans slow down after 35GB of data usage

Boost Mobile Versus Other Cell Phone Carriers

Boost Mobile is a great cell phone carrier, particularly if you want nationwide coverage, no contracts, and plenty of plans to choose from. And, unlike some providers, Boost Mobile offers unlimited talk and text with all of its plans. That said, Boost Mobile is not the most senior-friendly provider, as it does not offer any senior discounts or senior-specific plans. Check out our top-rated cell phone carriers below if you want to compare your options or find a company that offers senior plans.

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The Buying Experience With Boost Mobile

The buying experience with Boost Mobile is a seamless process. When deciding on a phone, you can make a purchase through Boost’s online store. It is very easy to browse phones, check perks and features, and connect to the purchase page. Plus, two-day shipping is free! Boost’s order status page makes it easy to track the status of your delivery. You can also go directly to a Boost store to purchase. Boost has its own stores across the country, along with locations in select Walmarts.


FYI: Not all phones will be compatible with Boost Mobile. If you plan to bring your own phone, be sure to look up your device through the Boost Mobile online directory (you can access that here), or talk to a customer service representative before getting your SIM card.

After selecting a phone, the website automatically takes you to the phone plan options. I called Boost’s customer service representatives to learn more about their plans, and they recommended the featured $25 per month plan for new customers (more on that later!).

Chatting With Customer Service

Chatting with Boost Mobile over the phone was a great experience. The representative I spoke with was helpful and friendly, and he filled me in on all the plans and current deals. Trying to speak to a representative on the website’s live chat feature, however, wasn’t as helpful. I needed to sign in with an email or number to speak to someone, but since I was a new customer, I didn’t have any login info. However, making a call to customer service instead was quick and easy!

Choosing a Cell Phone

We’ll going to look at two popular phones you can buy from BoostMobile  that are excellent options for older Americans.

iPhone SE for Smartphone Users

Apple iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE

The iPhone SE gives seniors all the advanced features and perks you could want from a smartphone, including a large retina HD touch screen, high-quality cameras, FaceTime video chatting, and lots of storage. It’s one of Boost’s featured phones and comes with a discount of up to $50. With starting rates of $379.99, this is one of Boost’s best-value smartphones for seniors.

TCL Flip for Those Who Want to Keep It Simple

TCL Flip

TCL Flip

For seniors who want a no-frills, reliable phone with some additional features and perks, the TCL flip will not disappoint. The TCL Flip has a 15-day standby battery time and 11 hours of talk time, ensuring that your phone will be ready if you need it in case of an emergency. You can also download some popular apps, so you can get the convenience of your favorite apps without the hassle of a complicated smartphone. At only $29.99, this is one of Boost’s most affordable options. The TCL Flip makes the list of our best flip phones for seniors.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: Looking for more phones to choose from? Check out our complete guide to the best cell phones for seniors in 2024.

Nationwide Coverage

T-Mobile’s network provides the service for Boost Mobile, giving Boost customers access to one of the largest and most reliable network providers in the country. Boost has unlimited and limited data plans for both 4G and 5G networks. The Boost extended 5G coverage is within reach for more than 320 million Americans.

Contracts and Warranty


Boost Mobile has no contracts, which means you can go month to month with your phone plan without any long-term commitments. The best thing about Boost’s no-frills plans is that you still get all the discounts, new-customer perks (like free shipping), and other benefits.


FYI: If you are looking to forego a monthly payment and get a prepaid phone, read more in about the best prepaid phones for seniors.


You get a 90-day limited warranty with Boost Mobile, which covers mechanical or electrical issues with your device within the first 90 days. If your phone needs to be replaced within your warranty period, Boost will replace it with another remanufactured, pre-owned, or refurbished device. If you have any issues with your phone and need to file a claim, you can reach a representative at My Phone Guardian 24/7, or call a representative from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. CST, seven days a week.

Boost Mobile Phone Plans at a Glance

Price Talk and text Data Extra features
$15 Unlimited 2GB Mobile hotspot

New customers only

$25 Unlimited 5GB Mobile hotspot

New customers only

$35 Unlimited 10GB Mobile hotspot
$50 Unlimited Unlimited (data speeds slow after 35GB) 12GB hotspot

Add a line for $30 per month

$60 Unlimited Unlimited (data speeds slow after 35GB) 30GB hotspot

Add a line $40 per month

While these are some of Boost’s most common plans, the phone provider is always coming out with new deals for customers, so be sure to speak to a customer service representative to find the latest discounts and plan options.

Boost Mobile Plan Details

Boost has straightforward plans for straightforward users. Its main features include unlimited talk and text, mobile hotspot capabilities, and access to both 4G and 5G networks. If you’re a new customer, you will have a few more opportunities to save. For example, Boost has a unique 1GB per month new-customer plan for only $8.33 per month. This is ideal for older adults who are on a tight budget and don’t intend to use a ton of data to surf the web, watch videos, or use apps.

Our recommendation for the best all-around plan is the $25 option. It gives 5GB of data per month, which is a fair amount for most users at a great value. This is a good option for seniors who want to watch apps and videos occasionally but don’t plan on being on their phones for hours a day.


When it comes to price, Boost Mobile has some affordable options for low-data plans and average prices for high-data options. For example, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, the three largest providers in the country, have entry rates starting at $35 to $45 per month compared to Boost’s $15 price point.

Learn More:

Learn More: Want more info about T-Mobile to compare providers and plans? Check out our complete T-Mobile cell phone plan review.

Another bonus for Boost is that it does not have any hidden or extra fees. Plans are prepaid, so what you get is what you pay for. Although Boost doesn’t have any senior-specific discounts, it does have a host of new-customer discounts and other saving opportunities.

Plan Features

All Boost Mobile plans come with unlimited text/talk and at least 1GB of data. In terms of your text, talk, and data needs, Boost has all the essentials compared to its competitors. Although it doesn’t have eye-grabbing benefits like T-Mobile’s one year of free Paramount+ streaming, it will give you everything you need for basic calling and internet usage.

You can pay $5 for the Todo Mexico PLUS add-on, which gives you unlimited call and texts to landlines in Mexico and Canada, unlimited text and calls to the U.S. and Mexico while roaming in Mexico, and up to 8GB of data when in Mexico.

The Bottom Line on Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile offers a great line of phone plans for seniors looking for the essentials. I love Boost’s no-frills, no-contract approach, and Boost is a great option for older adults who want a basic plan at an affordable price. While Boost does have options for unlimited data, its plans with 1GB to 10GB may offer the most value for seniors. Boost is also a great choice for new customers. It has a number of new-customer incentives and discounts, like its $8.33 per month 1GB data deal. Plus, with no contracts, there is no risk to giving Boost a try!

Want to know more about phone plans and compare Boost Mobile to the competition? Check out our picks for the best senior phone plans.

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