Lively vs Consumer Cellular 

Lively and Consumer Cellular are both geared more toward seniors than most other cellular carriers. Each company offers features and devices that make it easier for seniors to stay connected to those they love, especially if they are on a fixed income. While Lively only offers two phones the Flip and the Smart, Consumer Cellular offers several different phones for users to choose from. Lively is one of the few cell phones that is affiliated directly with a medical alert company.

Lively vs Consumer Cellular: What’s the Difference?

Lively phones use Lively’s cellular service which is normally purchased by clocks of minutes and data. While Consumer Cellular is similar, it allows for multiple phones to be put on the same plan. Because of Lively’s association with Lively, their phones include an emergency call button the back of the phone a link that connects the subscriber to an urgent care service. Lively phones also offer fall detection. Consumer Cellular offers the GrandPad which is ideal for seniors who want the convenience of a tablet with the features of a cell phone.


Lively phones, when used in conjunction with Lively’s medical alert system offer several unique features. This includes fall detection, round the clock access to urgent care providers, five-star urgent response, and the Lively Link that allows you to stay in contact with your friends and family. The phones also have brain game apps to help keep you alert and mentally sharp.

Consumer Cellular’s features include talk/text/data plans and the ability to choose any of their available phones. One of the most popular features offered by Consumer Cellular is their technologically advanced camera that allows for better quality pictures with higher resolution and the option for video.


There are two Lively phones, the Lively Flip and the Lively Smart. The Flip phone is a great choice for individuals who are interested in all of the features associated with advanced technology. It does offer the emergency call button on the back and the fall detection option. The Lively Smart offers all the bells and whistles that a smartphone has to offer included advanced messaging and internet.

Consumer Cellular allows subscribers to choose from the Link II flip phone or any of the most popular smartphone options, including both Androids and iPhones. Smartphones are capable of connecting to the internet and sharing files. They also have the option to download healthcare apps to connect the subscriber with caregivers and family members.


When using the Lively network, Lively phones have nationwide coverage. This includes Hawaii. There are areas where service may be weak but that can be expected with most cellular carriers. Lively’s service does not extend to Alaska at this time.

Consumer Cellular offers coverage across almost 99% of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Plans & Contracts

Lively does not require a contract or service agreement. You can choose from plans that include minutes for talking or texting, as well as plans for the smartphone that include talk, text, and data. Talk plans start at $14.99 for 200 minutes and go up to $39.99 for 3,000 minutes. Text plans start at 300 texts for $3 and increase to 2,500 texts for $15. Data plans for the smartphone starts at 40MB for $2.50 and goes up to 500MB for $15. They also offer more advanced plans.

With Consumer Cellular you can choose a single line or you can choose to add lines for $15 a month extra for each. Talk plans start at $15 a month for 250 minutes or $20 a month for an unlimited number of minutes. You can also choose to add date for 250MB/$5 a month, 2GB/$10 a month, or 5GB/$20 a month. They also offer more advanced plans with a higher number of GBs.

Comparison Table

Comparison Lively Consumer Cellular
Contract Length No No
Equipment Costs Flip $30-$75/Smart $75-$125 $30 and up depending on the phone you choose, EasyPay options available
Talk/Text/Data Talk/Text or Talk/Text/Data Talk/Text or Talk/Text/Data
Discounts Offers free merchandise and the Refer-A-Friend discount AARP Members

What We Think

Lively is a popular choice for people who aren’t concerned about the selection of devices but are more interested in the medical alert aspect of the service. Read the Lively review here to find out more.

Consumer Cellular is the best choice for individuals who want all of the benefits of actual cellular service and the option to choose from a variety of phones. Read the Consumer Cellular review here to find out more.

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