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For many men and women, getting older and being alone can be a challenge. For those who are ready to interact with other singles, it may be time to consider a new place to call home. Retirement communities for singles are growing in popularity because they provide residents with an ability to connect with others who share the same interests and ideas.

What Are Singles Retirement Communities?

A singles retirement community is just what it sounds like. It is a location where those who are unmarried or not in relationships to live in shared housing. Many times, seniors do not want to move into retirement communities if they are not married because that does not seem like the normal thing to do. However, these specific communities open the door for new experiences and relationships. They are not necessarily designed for individuals to meet a new significant other, though that can happen. Rather, they are meant to reduce the stigma of having to be a couple and live in such a retirement community.

How Are Singles Retirement Communities Different Than Traditional Retirement Communities?

Often, there is not as much difference in a singles retirement community as a traditional retirement community. Most of these communities are designed for those who are over the age of 55 and want to live in an area with others about the same age. There are various styles of retirement communities available to singles. This includes those that are full single-family homes or condos owned by the individual. Others are in skilled nursing or assisted living communities. The amount of care an individual needs determines what type of living space he or she should choose. However, there is a great deal of flexibility here, which gives seniors the ability to choose what is right for their needs.

Many singles retirement communities have numerous built-in programs to help encourage individuals to interact with others. As a “single” individuals who are older may not have a lot of social interaction. However, in these communities, events, social activities, and a lot of one-on-one opportunities are available. This helps to keep the mind sharp and the quality of life of seniors higher.

Most often, seniors will find that these locations provide a wide range of onsite amenities. Many facilities offer tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, and other types of active senior amenities. They often host a variety of social events and provide seniors with a range of activities. Seniors can also pursue their own interests in many of these communities. Unless it is a medically necessitated location, seniors can visit local restaurants, go to the movies, or spend time doing other things they would like to off campus.

Where Are Some Places for Singles to Retire?

There are dozens of places throughout the United States for seniors to retire. For those who want to move into a singles community that is in a brand new location, options exist in just about any community across the country.  Many individuals like the idea of moving to the south so they can avoid the winter snow and cold temperatures. Living in Florida, for example, is an excellent choice. Some seniors want to move along the coast to enjoy a resort-style life on a daily basis. All along the Eastern Coast as well as in California provides plenty of retirement options. Some seniors want to move into the mountains or into a more natural location.

Some major retirement cities for seniors include: San Francisco, Boston, Baltimore, St. Louis, Minneapolis – St. Paul, and New York. Nevertheless, singles retirement communities are located throughout the country.

How Much Do Singles Retirement Communities Cost?

The cost of a singles retirement community varies significantly from one location to the other. The first determining factor in cost has to do with the type of accommodations selected. For example, it is possible to live in a singles retirement community in which individuals own their own condos. The costs here include the price of the home, homeowners association fees, and any additional types of services offered. Those who live in nursing homes assisted living communities, or an area of shared living will pay costs associated with renting their apartment or room as well as costs associated with the type of care given.

In addition to the type of care obtained, location matters, too. Locations in larger cities tend to cost more than those in smaller locations. Seniors who are looking for specific facilities or amenities will find that this can impact costs as well.

How Can I Pay for Singles Retirement Communities?

The investment in single retirement communities is often paid for by the individual. It is possible to use a mortgage to purchase a single family home, condo, villa, or other individually owned property. Seniors may also wish to rent such a location. Rental costs will need to be paid out of pocket for any type of senior retirement community including those with a focus on singles. Seniors may wish to tap into their services, sell an existing home to pay for a new one, or turn to a third party for help financing these types of purchases and living expenses if they cannot afford to pay using their current income.

For those who choose to live in a senior retirement community with assisted living services or full medical services, there may be an opportunity to get some financial health for these services. State Medicaid programs may provide a portion of funding to support this type of care when it is considered medically required care.

Where Can I Find Singles Retirement Communities?

As noted, it is possible to find singles retirement communities in just about all locations. Many times, these locations will be a part of a larger senior community. However, they are also stand-alone locations in most larger cities with a singles-focused community. For those who may be looking for them, it is often possible to find this type of retirement community with help through a local senior center or with support from a medical provider.

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