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Many seniors today want to maintain the highest quality of life possible no matter what their physical abilities are. And, that's just fine. It all comes down to finding the right location to call home. Equestrian retirement communities can offer an exciting opportunity. They allow you to enjoy your passion for equestrian activities while also getting the support and services that you need. The good news is that there are more and more equestrian communities becoming available today.

What Are Equestrian Retirement Communities?

Equestrian retirement communities provide living accommodations near to home but usually in an area or in a community where there are equestrian amenities. For those that love horses and the type of lifestyle they offer, this is an important consideration. The amount and type of care provided at these locations differs significantly from one to the next. The good news is that there are numerous options available today giving individuals the ability to choose the location that is right for their unique needs.

In short, an equestrian retirement community is one that combines the lifestyles and features of a true equestrian community – from the stables to the open space – with the services of a retirement community. This unique blend of services can be a powerful choice when it comes to creating a long life filled with the things you love.

What Are the Benefits of Equestrian Retirement Communities?

Not everyone will enjoy the benefits of this type of community. Those that love horses and want to live in an area that seems much more remote and natural than the big city will appreciate this community. Equestrian retirement communities can provide for all of an individual’s needs. This includes providing a relaxed, slower setting along with the amenities and medical care that an individual needs. However, every location is very different – not all can provide the medical services or assistance desired.

Among the benefits of these locations and communities included:

  • A relaxing, more serene setting to call home – who doesn't want to enjoy the beautiful hills of equestrian life?
  • It allows for seniors to get the type and amount of help they need. This could include help for housekeeping or personal care. It may include just outdoor maintenance. You choose the level of care that you need now.
  • The relaxing atmosphere ensures a senior's long-term high quality of life. You will feel as though your loved ones are in the best place for their needs, but for those living there, these locations offer the comforts desired.

For those that love horses and do not want to leave them, equestrian retirement communities can work very well. They can be an exceptional option for those in need. They can create peace, happiness, stress-free living, and a pleasant place to call home. All the while, they provide the services that individual seniors need including long-term care and compassion.

How Much Do Equestrian Retirement Communities Cost?

The cost of equestrian retirement communities ranges widely. Some communities are senior neighborhoods. The homeowners there are older than 55 years of age (in most cases). They own their own home. In other cases, they own their own condos. In these situations, the cost of living in the community depends on the cost of purchasing a home. In some situations, the equestrian amenities, such as horse riding services and equestrian trail maintenance, are included in the homeowners association fees.

Other locations offer a much different setup. They can help individuals to rent or live in the horse community with varied amenities. Rented condos and single family homes are one option. Another is a smaller retirement community in which each person has his or her own room or smaller apartment. These may include some assisted living services. These services are dependent on the layout of the location.

From buying or building your own home in an equestrian community to renting a location to live, individuals have a wide range of options available to them. Costs depend on the location, size, and features of any location.

How Can I Pay for Equestrian Retirement Communities?

The investment in equestrian retirement communities will vary by location. For those purchasing a homesite or a home, the costs will often be funded with retirement savings as well as mortgage loans. Some individuals tap into the equity of their existing home to purchase a second home in this type of retirement area. Though there is unlikely to be any financial support from government assistance programs for this type of living area, there are various opportunities for keeping costs down. They are often smaller locations, which can make property very valuable in some areas.

What Amenities Are Found at Equestrian Retirement Communities?

The biggest component of an equestrian retirement community is, of course, the horses and the stables. Many of these communities will offer available land for trails for the horses. And, they may provide covered areas as well. The equestrian facilities can range from just one horse to numerous animals. In terms of the care provided, this depends on various factors. Individuals may be able to choose from housekeeping, personal care, and hygiene care. In addition to this, you may find that these services may include care for the home itself as well as the landscaping. For those providing medical assistance, there are numerous options to consider here, too. The range of care provided ranges widely.

Where Can I Find Equestrian Retirement Communities?

Equestrian retirement communities are a newer type of place to call home. They are growing in popularity, though. Many seniors today want a higher quality place to live, one that allows them to do the things they love doing on a daily basis. And, for those who want privacy, beautiful, natural areas around them, and a way to get some help with retirement needs, these locations tend to work very well. This could be the ideal place to call home for your future. Take a careful look at horse communities in your area – they are in virtually every state today. You can use our search feature to find an equestrian retirement community near you today.

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