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Finding the perfect retirement community that caters to your quirks. This morning, you woke up and realized you are old. Yesterday, you were busy working hard to fulfill the needs of your family and today, you are done.
For most baby boomers, retirement is a new stage of life that means settling down in a retirement community at par with their lifestyle. These are the communities that are commonly designed for older adults in retirement.

There are many unique retirement communities today that provides the needs of baby boomers and help them to meet their expectations of living in an environment that provides them a good quality of life. More often, these retirement communities offer a wide range of recreational activities, health care services, luxury homes, high-quality amenities and the best local attractions perfect for people with different lifestyle choices.

With a wide range of the retirement communities across the country, you may find it impossible to choose the perfect one that suits you and your spouse’ way of living. To make matters simpler, we  have compiled a list to help you figure out which retirement community suits your peculiar taste. We do hope this list will help you find the unique retirement community that perfectly fits your desires.

  1. “Toy” friendly community at Lake Weir Living. Lake Weir Living in Florida is considered a “toy-friendly” retirement community because they have little to no restrictions when it comes to residents having fun with their big-boy toys – Harleys, Big Bikes, RVs, Boats and old school Buicks. The resident’s lives usually revolve around doing what they love the most – a Sunday drive whizzing around the town their amazing toys. Lake Weir living provides customizable houses with a leeway to expand their garages into a five-car garage fit to keep their toys safe. In addition, the retirement community is just a few minutes away from the beach, rolling hills, and national forest perfect for riding the road with the beautiful scenery.
  2. NoHo Senior Artists Colony. In a trendy neighborhood North of Hollywood California, a recently opened retirement community is catering for older adults with passion in the arts. The NoHo Senior Artists Colony was solely created exclusively for artists. Most of the residents in this posh retirement community are mostly Hollywood writers and actors, and anyone into the artsy business. Adjacent to NoHo is a performing arts theater where the Road Theatre Company often play. The theater is open to be used by retirement community residents whenever there are no shows scheduled. NoHo also offers a wide variety of educational programs designed for the arts, theater, and film.
  3. Active Lifestyle at The Villages. The Villages considered America’s premier Active Adult Community (AAC) lies in the sunny central of Florida. The hotel-style amenities they offer are perfect for those looking for a retirement home that feels like you’re always on vacation. They boast their enormous indoor and outdoor swimming pools,  spacious fitness center, relaxing areas for aerobics as well as a racquetball court. With these diverse recreational amenities, one thing is for sure – you’ll definitely enjoy living in a hotel-style community 365 days of the rest of your life if you choose to live in an active retirement community like The Villages. Get a quote from their site on how much of your nest egg you’d have splurge to keep living in this type of retirement community.
  4. RV Stopover at Escapees CARE. For people who chose to live on the road in their RVs, here’s the retirement community -slash- stopover for you. Escapees CARE is a facility that provides services to people, especially older adults living on the highway in their RVs. As most of avid RVers do not want to be tied in a single place, Russ Johnsons created a program specifically designed for them to visit the community from time to time whenever they need nursing care, medical needs and good food. So if you feel those arthritis coming or you’ve had an injury while riding the highway, do stop over at Escapees CARE. They will help you with your medical condition in your own RV and they will not force you to settle down. But if you decide to do so, the community is also open to let your RV park in their lot for a long period for a price.
  5. Mountainside Living at Victory at Verrado. Victory at Verrado is a retirement community just outside of Phoenix, Arizona that can be found in the foothills of the White Tank Mountains. Its spectacular amenities include spacious porches and perfectly designed front yards for friends and family to bask in the astonishing view of the White Tank Mountains. You can shop easily at convenient stores located just within reach in their own Main Street Shopping district. Maracay Home’s Victory at Verrado also offers various recreational amenities like spacious resort-style swimming pools, yoga lawns and fitness centers that guarantees you an ultra-convenient lifestyle. You can easily have access to health and medical needs as Victory at Verrado is just a few minutes away from its nearest hospitals – the West Valley Hospital and Western Regional Medical Center.
  6. Lifelong Education at Lasell Village. Retirement communities in college campuses have become popular. This one is located in Newton, MA. What’s different with Lasell Village is, they do not just invite you to attend college classes, they require you to attend at least 450 hours of classes a year. And there are some serious study geeks who dig this type of living. Aside from the fact that studying in retirement is a good way to pass the time, the academia is also good for our health and longevity. Aside from studying, the residents also enjoy other amenities provided by the institution like heated swimming pools and Pilates classes.
  7. Posh Life at Encanterra Resort Community. Encanterra Resort Community is located in Arizona. It has access to its own golf resort which offers many recreational activities. They feature high-quality amenities like private tennis courts for baby boomers who love to play outdoor tennis. On top of its list, is the fitness and spa center that caters daily to different massage and beauty treatments. Encanterra Resort Community can also satisfy your taste buds with its classy restaurants that would surely make you crave for more.
  8. Largest Retirement Community at Sun City in Summerlin. Sun City in Summerlin is located at the downtown of Las Vegas and is considered one of the largest Active Adult Community (AAC) in Nevada. It offers enormous space with a total of 5 swimming pools, 3 golf courses, 14 tennis courts at 3 different locations, 3 restaurants and 4 community centers. The local infrastructure is located nearby convenient shopping and services. Sun City in Summerlin also offers a grand ballroom that can accommodate a total of 300 people. They also serve foods during breakfast, lunch and dinner at their full service restaurant owned by the community association.
  9. Pickleball at Sun City West Festival. Sun City Festival is located in Buckeye, AZ and it’s known as the “Pickleball Community” that offers many pickleball clubs which includes SCF Pickleball Club with an excellent pickle-ball facilities. Playing miniature golf has also become a favorite pastime in Sun City West Festival. It has beautifully designed patio in the front and back of your home which are best for leisure times. The community also provides a variety of spaces for you to enjoy the astonishing scenery in Arizona and the cozy comfort of desert evening from your home.
  10. Racquetball at On Top of the World. Located in Ocala, Florida is a unique retirement community that has two recreation centers. It offers fully-equipped facilities which includes racquetball courts where you can get easy access in a broad  of fitness programs that provide various classes and recreational activities. “It is a privilege to develop program that can positively influence the quality of people’s lives.” says Cammy Dennis, Fitness Director of On Top of the World Communities, Inc.
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