The Best Assisted Living in Tucson

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As the second-largest city in Arizona and the home of the University of Arizona, Tucson is a thriving city with plenty to do and see. As of 2022, Tucson has a population of 546,574, with more than 80,000 residents who are 65 or older.1 There are dozens of quality assisted living communities throughout the city, particularly in central and eastern Tucson. These communities can help older adults manage daily tasks and enjoy a wide range of amenities and social benefits.

If you or a loved one live in Tucson and you’re struggling with daily tasks, it could be a good time to consider an assisted living community. With so many options in Tucson, you may be unsure how to start your search. We’ve researched the options and narrowed them down to our top picks for the best assisted living communities in Tucson, Arizona. Continue reading to see which community could be the best fit for you or someone important in your life.

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