Freedom Guardian Review

Medical alert systems come in all shapes and sizes these days. While the standard, wearable pendant is still widely available, many companies have enhanced their offerings to provide more features and products. Medical Guardian has created a wearable medical alert watch called Freedom Guardian.


The Freedom Guardian looks like a regular wristwatch but certainly doesn’t function as one. While you can certainly keep time with this smartwatch, it does so much more. The Freedom Guardian allows the wearer to contact emergency personnel with one-touch on their watch. It also includes other features like GPS that can let family and caregivers know where the person wearing the watch is at times. The watch is lightweight at just 2.1 ounces making it popular among those who wear it because it’s not clunky.

Cost & Price

The Freedom Guardian itself costs $99 as a piece of equipment. But, you do need to pay a monthly fee to access the monitoring features. The plan costs $44.95/month. Text-speech messaging with reminders and alerts costs an extra $5/month. You can also add the protection plan for another $5/month. This can be paid monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. You can save a few dollars on the monthly monitoring fee if you choose to pay for the entire year up front.


The watch itself is the only piece of equipment you need along with the USB adapter and cable to charge the watch, which comes with the watch. There are no home boxes needed for monitoring because the Freedom Guardian uses AT&T’s cellular network to connect to the emergency response center. Wi-Fi and GPS are used to pinpoint the exact location where help needs to go.

There is a red help button on the side of the watch that the wearer presses in the case of emergency. This triggers a call to the emergency response center. There is also an alternate easy-to-push HELP screen. The monitoring center is U.S. based for local dispatch anywhere.

A companion mobile app can be downloaded by caregivers and family to keep track of the person wearing the watch. This enables them to send and receive text messages any time of the day as well as gives them a location tracker so that they know where their loved one is at all times. There is also a day planner that allows the caregiver to schedule reminders for medication and other appointments. A history of alerts is also available so the caregiver can keep track of any issues that may arise.


The Freedom Guardian comes with an advanced location tracking system that transmits the wearer’s exact location to the call center, even if they’re unsure of where they are. There is also a reminders and alerts function that serves as a planner to give reminders of appointments and when to take medication.

No need to worry that you need to be able to text to use this watch. There is a text-to-speech messaging feature that allows the wearer to easily receive and respond to text messages. The weather forecast is also available as well as an analog watch face so the wearer always knows what time it is.

The Freedom Guardian lets you know when the battery is running low with low battery notifications. Typically the battery holds a charge up to 48 hours depending on the usage. The large touch screen icons and hi-resolution color screen help to make the watch easy to use and see. The audible feature allows for the date, time, messages and calendar reminders to be read aloud.

It’s also important to note that there are no limits on the number of text messages you can send and receive or the number of emergency calls you can make.


In summary, the Freedom Guardian is a viable medical alert option for seniors who are on-the-go. It does not include fall protection, so if balance is an issue, you may want to consider another product. The monthly monitoring fee may be expensive, but for some, the convenience of having a watch that also serves as a medical alert system is worth the cost. The system is also known for its quick response time (the time it takes from pressing the help button to being connected to a live agent) of under 30 seconds. The accompanying app is also helpful for family members who want to keep track of their loved ones.

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